Strange Dreams

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“English not being my usual language, please excuse me for grammar and translation errors. Have the pleasure.”


It arrives me from time to time to make very strange dreams. These dreams have always place when the moon is found in its peak. I go under to tell the last dreams that I have had.

I am a single woman, free enough sexually of or my celibacy. I sleep with that I want, man or woman, that depends on the moment. At this time this would be rather nothing at all, a rest well come after an adventure tumultuous enough. That made the well from time to time.

Come in to my dream.

It was an afternoon Sunday. I was drowsy in the sofa. I carried a white shirt closed by a button to the level of the chest and a long white skirt. I was naked under, as always to the house. I adore to take a nap the afternoon Sunday, the body slightly reheated by autumnal sunbeams. I was totally slacked.

That begins always the same manner. I feel to leave my carnal body. I float to the over it and looks it.

I know that I please to men as well as to certain woman. In order that it is necessary to be a bit @@narcissique and a lot to like.

When I am to the over it, I feel a violent desire to make it the love to this body but I am only a specter. I would want so to touch this escort izmit chest arrogance, to caress this body.

I have then heard a noise on my right. I turn the head and remark that one of drawers of the dresser is opened. I was surprised to see that because in this drawer, I tidy condoms and especially the necessary equipment for my solitary pleasures.

It is while I live three condoms different sizes to exit this drawer. I hallucinated serious. They directed to me. Two of gaze them some to have to make ascend my skirt the long of my legs while the third came to admire my chest by raising the opening of my shirt.

I had withdrawn my legs in height. They arrived to pass my knees. One two kissed my knees with fervor.

That that had seed my chest, climbed on my mouth so as to to kiss it.

The most bizarre and that I felt on my body their work.

They continued to repel the low of my skirt. The former was conquered by the weightlessness and their efforts and slipped to my size.

This while I put on the side, naked buttocks. One of condoms inflated by seeing my small pussy. It calmed thanks to the intervention of the its accomplices. They untied then the bond that maintained the skirt to my size. BY DINT OF perseverance, they succeeded to release me the skirt.

They wanted to izmit escort give me on the back now. It is while that that had seed my chest came to cause me in the ear. I know only it tells me but, I made what they waited, slightly open thigh.

That seemed to be the chief of the band, installed ahead my pussy and licked to lubricate it.

Its accomplice finishes by making jump the button that closed my shirt. It released my chest the cloths and kissed and licks my suckle with fervor.

Even so that my body did not want by reacting. The chief whistled and I live my vibrator to approach. It asked it to wake my senses. It is while it switch on the way and rubbed on my intimate lips. My body did not delay to reply.

The condom that kissed my chest was found took between my breasts. I held each them and practiced a tie of notary to the condom. I played with my suckle and groan under the nascent pleasure.

The chief declared me ready and thanked the vibrator. My body swayed now under wave of the pleasure. I caressed breasts and groaned more beautiful.

The chief asked the finest of condom to slip in me. It tried but I was not humid enough in order that it could enter and it hard enough. his was then to the tour of the chief to tempt its chance, but it was outstripped by my hand. It izmit kendi evi olan escort stumbled on the former while I caressed languishingly.

The small condom that had lacked its first knock, was found on my chin. I the taken and sucked it as if it was concerned a dildo. It seemed to angels.

The chief did not arrive always for these purposes. It whistled again.

My leopard dildo arrived to its tour. I liked it although there. The chief of condoms asked it to penetrate me. I raw to burst laughter in the clairvoyant to run on its two spheres, but the pleasure was too important. I groan stronger when it penetrated me.

It persisted between my thighs for my greater happiness. I groaned more beautiful.

I enjoy a first time under the assault of the dildo.

I knelt then on the sofa and caressed warmly the intimacy. My chest was again accessible but be no longer was the case of my humid cat. A condom nibbled me deliciously suckle them while my dildo leopard jumped to try to reach my pussy.

It was without counting on my imagination. The condom that I had sucked arrived overlapping a flying dildo. The former dived in my ass. I shouted under the assault. They found an other more long utensil to attend to my pussy. I seized the dildo leopard and sucked it avidly as if it was concerned a beautiful tail.

I had finally my orgasm. I crumbled on the sofa.

I woke then, totally naked, my gadgets of pleasure strewing around me, vibrator, leopard dildo, and… three condoms, green, red and blue.

What strange dream!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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