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He grabbed my hips and pressed against me from behind. Without turning around I could tell he was much taller than me. His hands were large and hot with long fingers that dug into my flesh. I stood paralyzed pressed against the bar with the crush of bodies crowding the place.

I had been waiting 15 minutes for a drink and was ready to give up and head home. The night seemed a bust since none of my friends had shown and there was little male talent to speak of. I’m quite pale and have glossy dark brown shoulder length curls. At 5’7″ with ample C cup breasts and long shapely legs I looked pretty hot crammed into a tight miniskirt that stretched precariously across my generous ass. I wore a slinky tank top minus bra since gravity hadn’t yet taken it’s toll. Wearing so little was risky but felt deliciously bad. Thus far I had avoided many unwanted advances already finding no males to my liking. I hate crowded places anyway and now someone was taking advantage of the situation invading my personal space with an insulting level of confidence.

He unabashedly pressed his massive erection into my lower back. Despite the potential I felt in the size of the organ burning hotly against me I prepared to elbow him squarely in the balls.

“You want a drink?” he breathed into my ear with a voice deep and velvety that managed to halt my violent plans.

I finally looked back to confront this cocky prick and was met with the cool gaze of the most beautiful black man I’ve ever seen. I shook off the tremors I felt throughout my body enough to direct a level glare at him that I hoped displayed my disapproval of the liberties he was taking. He responded with a smile as he turned me around to face him. My eyes were barely level with his lips despite my 4 inch heels and any protests I might have made were silenced when he laid a finger against my lips.

“Shhhhh, just follow me.”

Palming my ass with one massive hand he led me through the crowd to a door hidden by a shadowed corner. With a motion he opened the door and pulled me through into a storage room.

“I work here usually but I’m bursa escort off the clock tonight” he told me as I heard the unmistakable click of a lock sliding into place.

Finally I found my voice, “So where’s my drink?” I asked trying to stay calm despite being locked in a room with a stranger in a very noisy bar that would certainly hide any screams.

“Look around.”

My eyes adjusted to the dim overhead light and I realized there were stacked boxes of beer and liquor. The room was even slightly chilly as if the AC was purposely turned up. My nipples became hard as rock as a shiver passed over me from the combination of temperature and apprehension.

“I’ve been watching you sulk at the bar for a while now, you get stood up by your boyfriend?”

I debated telling him I was newly single but maybe an imaginary boyfriend would lend some protection since I had no intentions of rewarding his behavior so far.

“He ended up having to work late.” I stammered as I grabbed a nearby bottle of flavored vodka and cracked it open.

I took a deep swig and said, “Thanks for the drink but I need to get home.”

“I think you can stay a bit longer,” he said stalking towards me.

Realizing I had managed to stick myself in the far corner, my eyes darted around looking for an escape. He was broad shouldered and outweighed me by at least 80 lbs. Maybe I can talk my way out of this. He stood directly in front of me eyeing me up and down like a meal.

“I don’t know what you think you’re going to get from me but I assure you it’s not…”

He closed the distance grabbing me around the waist while pressing his lips to mine silencing me and taking advantage of my open mouth to dart his tongue in. I kissed him back briefly before planting my hands on his chest pushing him back. He didn’t budge just kissing me deeper and sliding his hands down to squeeze my ass.

I got my mouth away enough to say “I can’t.”

“Oh I think you can” he said as his hands moved to the top of my thighs sliding back up under my skirt to my bare ass finding a lack of panties. bursa türbanlı escort

“I won’t,” I stammered.

“I think you will.”

He growled as his fingers delved lower between my ass cheeks grazing my pussy lips feeling the moisture gathering despite myself. His mouth closed over mine again silencing my protests. One hand moved deeper and lower, fingertips parting my swollen pussy lips as he moved the other hand between us up under my shirt finding my nipple already hard. I caught fire under the assault of his hands and sighed into his mouth pressing my body to his. The bottle slipped from my hand and poured its contents on the floor without breaking. A similar deluge was pouring between my legs as he gathered my juices with his hand and used the lubrication to circle my clit until it swelled before pushing 2 fingers into my slick hole feeling my tightness. Now a moan escaped his lips as he lifted me up onto a stack of boxes with my skirt around my waist spreading my thighs.

Dropping down between my legs he pressed his tongue to my dripping slit and delved in licking me hard and deep before sucking my pussy lips into his mouth making my body convulse. i didn’t notice he had undone his pants until he stood back up pressing his swollen black dick head against my opening. The head was as big and purple as a juicy plum and he rubbed the precum leaking from the tip all over it before pushing forward inserting 2 thick inches causing me to shriek at the invasion. There were 8 more and I knew he intended to bury the whole thing into my quivering cunt. He slid back and forth teasing me with the tip and getting himself fully lubricated. My hands reached out to unbutton his shirt, delaying the inevitable. His sculpted chocolate torso distracted me from the fact I was letting a strange man penetrate me unprotected.

He pulled my flimsy shirt over my head in turn lowering his mouth to suck a nipple making me unconsciously push forward taking more of him in. As his teeth bit down he pushed deeper and my head rolled back. I had never felt so full. He reached kestel escort the deepest parts of me and kept pushing. My head snapped up and I took in the sight of his black monster cock stretching me farther than I thought possible. 3 inches were still outside of me as he started to thrust in and out. There was pain as the forcefulness of his pounding increased and I was amazed that each time he moved forward I was able to accommodate more until his heavy black balls rested on my ass.

He stayed like that for a moment reaching back down to lick and nibble at my breasts. My pussy muscles started clenching and releasing making him forget my chest as he braced himself with his hands on the wall behind me and began to fuck me in earnest. An orgasm that had been building crashed over me as I released torrents of pussy juices all over him.

His dick shone wetly as he said “That’s what I wanted to see”.

My legs wrapped around his waist and his hands went back to my ass as he slowed his strokes.

“I’ve never felt a wetter, tighter pussy than you got.”

My pussy had never gotten so wet.”

“This pussy is mine now.”

I came again screaming “YES, YES, it’s yours, I’m yours!”

I felt him getting thicker and knew he was close.

Reality hit me.

“You can’t cum inside me, I’m not using anything!”

Just then he pushed all the way in and I felt him start to pulse as he groaned releasing hot torrents of potent sperm right into my womb. I felt it filling me and he started thrusting again pushing the cum as deep into my body as it would go. The feeling of his thick cock shooting pushed me over again screaming unintelligibly. I felt my pussy milking the last drops as he finished emptying his balls holding himself deeply again. He pulled out slowly and I felt the cum dripping down my ass. Even softening his dick was impressive and I couldn’t take my eyes off it as he tucked it back into his pants.

“Come back tomorrow night” he said and kissed me again deeply. He tossed me my shirt before leaving and as I put it on I realized I didn’t even know his name. The door open as I pulled my skirt down standing on shaky legs hoping I could still walk.

He stuck his head in “I’m Demetrius.”

“Chloe” I answered.

“Pleasure meeting you,” He purred, then with a quick smile and a wink, he disappeared back into the bar.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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