Stripper Duo Fantasy Ch. 01

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Awkward would be an understatement for the way the date had gone. I’m by no means ugly, but compared to the goddess next to me I might as well be a troll. Her raven black hair stands out in sharp contrast to her pearly skin and glittering blue mini skirt. The top barely contains her massive tits and she continually gives me a look that shows she knows what I am thinking and enjoys it. We stand in front of a low budget movie theater in a less than perfect part of town. She’s a low budget film star and I’m the guy who helped her fix a flat tire.

The entire date was her way of thanking me. I swallow hard as the man at the booth asks me what adult movie we want to see. I stammer having never been so openly sexual in my entire life. She smiles and leans forward, calling the clerk by name as she tells him, “We’ll see my new one.” With a recognizing nod he hands us the tickets, envy in his voice as he returns to his menial job. Barely able to contain my excitement and panic from the raw sexual power Raven has over me, I default to what I know about movie theaters and purchase refreshments. The woman behind the counter looks at me as if I had lost my sense completely as she eyes my date. The clerk seems to have an almost clairvoyant knowledge of what is going to happen as does everyone around me it seems. My date giggles at my gesture; taking my hand she leads me into the theater.

As we prepare to enter the theater a busty blonde in a red skirt and matching thong top skips up. Both women escort bursa squeal like school girls and share a long kiss. I nearly explode in my jeans at the passionate display in front of me. Soon they begin talking, and after a few minutes my head calms enough to hear what they are talking about. The blonde woman starts examining me like a piece of drying meat. “So do you think there’ll be enough for two?” She smiles like the cat that ate the canary and all I can do is stare in awe at her emerald eyes and large heaving tits.

Now a trio, we enter the theater and I sit down between them, my knees no longer able to keep me moving. Holding the pop and popcorn absently in my hand I am almost trembling with anticipation trying to maintain self control but desperately needing to lose it. Trying to calm my jaded nerves I examine my surroundings. The row in front of ours has been removed, as has every other row, leaving a lot of leg room. The blonde woman reaches over casually, intentionally missing the bag of popcorn to rub my groin. “Hmm… cute” I turn red at the accusation.

“Honey, if you don’t want in I’ll take it all. I like cute, and besides if you had seen him jacking my tire…”

“Sugar, I’m just playing,” the blonde named Honey says coyly. “Don’t be a bitch.” Acting very insulted, Sugar grabs Honeys top and pulls, ripping her tits free. Not one to be outdone Honey lunges forward as her knee accidentally spills my pop all over my jeans. The two women topple to the bursa merkez escort ground as the sound of spilling ice scatters on the floor.

From her perch on top of Honey, Sugar looks back and Honey looks over at me, her shirt is also ruined. “Oops,” Sugar smiles gliding over to me on all fours with feline grace. Her breasts sway triumphantly side to side with a knowing purpose. “I’m so sorry I spilled your drink…” grabbing my jeans she begins to unfasten them. “Let me help you out of these sticky pants,” with a hard motion she pulls down the zipper and adds, “and into mine.”

“Not until after I have him,” Sugar demands coming over in the same fashion. She reaches into my pants and retrieves my penis from its prison like a surgeon removing a bullet from a patient. “Looks like your tire iron needs some pumping.” Her rosy lips fall like rose petals around my penis and my heart skips a beat. Her lips and tongue are like liquid magic on my enraged member.

Honey leans back and spreads her legs showing off her clean shaven pussy. She rubs her pussy tenderly with her finger tips and I can just see her juices flowing as she waits in fading patience for a chance to dive in. After barely another moment’s wait the buxom blonde scales me. The seat reclines into an almost horizontal position as she buries her moist vagina into my waiting face. My tongue reacts before I even know what has happened. At that moment the movie starts, but our moans bursa yabancı escort drown out the sex on the screen. None of the other patrons are watching us as they have already started their love sessions. Honey reaches her third orgasm, and coats my face in her warm sticky love.

Moments later I can hold on no longer and I feel myself explode into Sugar’s mouth. I can feel her make an ‘mmm’ sound as she swallows every drop of my cum. I pause in my licking for only a moment to bask in the tremendous feeling of joy.

Honey becomes jealous and increases her gyrations on my lips. Soon she is fucking my face like a bucking bronco. I start to pant under the strain, but keep working as hard as I can. My reward is another warm orgasm from the buxom woman.

Sugar answers this new challenge swiftly. From the edge of my vision I see her rise up from my penis and come forward. She gradually sits on my cock, taking care to let it slide in inch by inch. Her velvety lips and tongue pale in comparison to the warm softness of her waiting pussy. I almost feel myself die in ecstasy at that moment.

Honey grinds her pussy harder and screams out primally. Her voice carries through the entire theater and I can feel all eyes suddenly focusing on us. I feel Honey cum again, as hard as ever, but her warm juice seems distant as the raven-haired woman riding my cock climaxes long and hard on my penis.

Then there is silence, save for the screams of the movie. Honey and Sugar remove themselves from me, liking their lips as they kneel before my cock. I look down knowingly as they gaze up at me as if asking permission for another round.

They share a long kiss once again, and rise as I nod in excitement. I almost burst as they swap positions the fun begins anew.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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