Stuart and Angela Meet Again

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Even if I had said yes to her, I was not that sure if to get back with Angela for further fetish experience would work out, my mind played with me, wanting and not. She had sent me two messages and replied to the second one telling her, see you at your place this evening. Submissive nature gets the better side of me, accepting the invitation.

Shower and comfortable weekend clothes and made my way to Angela´s, rang the bell and the door opened.

“Hello Stuart, come on in.” Angela said with a beautiful smile in her face.

“Hello Angela, good to see you.” and kissed her cheek on my way in.

“Would you like to have a coffee or drink?”

“Coffee would be fine, thank you.”

“I´ll join you with that.” Angela said and got it going. We moved into the living room and there we spoke about week events and other stuff. It was just like friends catching up and one would never guess who is woman behind the coffee cup, until she decides to show herself, then a beautiful dominant unfurls for a waiting submissive. It’s a privilege to meet the true Angela, yes the dominant, and can only fall for her, guessing she knows it more than I do.

“Stuart, first things first.” Angela did not change the tone of her voice but did lead the way towards the reason of us meeting up today.

“Yes Angela?” Not knowing how it was going to go.

“Would you be interested in going deeper into this possible relationship?”

“Are you always so bold?”

“Yes I am. Your answer?”

“Yes, Angela”

“Then, you address me as Mistress when we are in this mode and I will call you subbie, slave or a name fit for your role. Now that you have accepted the role I´ll add that when I call you or message you, reply promptly or have a reasonable excuse not to, do you understand me?” Angela now clearly showing who is in charge.

“Yes Mistress.” I answered in a sub tone.

“Subbie, even if you do not acknowledge it, or say no, you will see you are not be able to let go from me. That is a fact, so fighting it will get you nowhere, just surrender to it. You are mine already, it is just a matter of time until you openly admit it to yourself and then to me. I know you were hesitant to come here today, but now that you are here, it is clear to me that you belong to me as I belong to you as your Mistress.”

“How did you know about my hesitation?”

“You did not answer my first message, but the second one.”

“Let´s have some fun and make our relationship go deeper. Now get undressed and go to the bathroom. I know you are showered, anyway do it and I will follow.”

Got undressed as ordered, then went to the bathroom and waited. She took long to get back to me. Sound of heels coming my way, the clicks of them were not fast or slow, but just the right speed you could say a sensual speed.

When she, – my now Mistress according to her – appeared, made the waiting worth it.

Four inch pumps, latex leggings a beautiful shaven pussy, a sexy leather belt round her waist, leather bra and gloves. Her hair tied in a pony tail style, make up and a perfume which identified her.

“You look sexy Mistress.”

“Yes, Stu. I look good for you, so do not let me down.”

“No, Mistress”

“Will you want to have access to my pussy?”

“Of course I do, Mistress.”

“Well Stu, it is up to me to decide when and how. Currently it is out of bounce for you, but we can start a path in order to see if I will allow you to even touch it. For the time being consider yourself privileged to see it.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“My pussy is to be well appreciated and worshiped, I will teach you to treat it as the treasure it is to you from now on.”

“Yes Mistress.” I answered horny not knowing how far it could take to have access to her treasure.

“Your pussy Mistress is like money in a bank, to which I have no access to.” In an attempt to find out how much to go until access is granted to me.

“Do not worry subbie, Onwin you have already started earning your money and going the correct way for it. Carry on accepting my ways and your savings will soon be good enough to give you access to the vault.”

“I might have to become a thief to enter sooner.”

“No subbie, remember that I´m the bank and even if you have an account with me, I own you thus the account also.”

“Yes Mistress.” Knowing I have to go her ways.

“Now as you can see my pussy is neatly shaved and as a first step I want you to match me. I understand that you do not need more explanation, the lather and razor are waiting.”

“Yes Mistress.”

I looked at the equipment, looked at my cock and balls, and repeated the movement. I also saw Mistress smile at my bewilderment.

“Subbie, what is wrong, are we having a problem following my order or are you defying me?”

“No, Mistress, I´m not, just that it is strange.”

“Come on and get down to it, if I have to pick up the lather, it will have consequences.” Mistress said in a strict way.

“I will, Mistress.” But still blank, just stood lost in the process.

Mistress Ela picked up the lather, which would bring consequences to me. Then as soon as she handed it to me, I started putting it on all over the body part in question.

The razor did its purpose but, since the hair is long it took a while to smooth it out. The balls were quite more difficult to shave. All that time, Mistress was watching and seemed entertained with my doing. Once finished and clean, she inspected me and found some section not well shaved and it was pointed out to me, and went over them and inspected again. The look was strange, it made me feel even more exposed in every sense, certain humiliation feeling set in.

“Ok then subbie, now that you are clean, you are available to my gloved hands” As she touched my balls and then my cock stroking it a little.

“Now I want you to get into this latex bodysuit which I had made. It has an opening at the back, it might take a little time to get into, it has been powdered, which makes it easier.” Mistress Ela said, looking serious but enjoying the moment.

I did as told in silence and once the legs were in, the arms followed. Mistress Ela, placed herself at my back and fitted the zipper lining correctly and pulled it up, which closed high enough to cover up to the chin, seen from the front.

“Yes it does fit you well, I like it” She said to me and started kissing me obviously turned on. She ordered me not to touch her, which made it impossible to hold back. The hands, yes mine, just had to touch her.

“You are not to touch me subbie.”

“But it´s impossible not to, Mistress. Please?” I pleaded.

“No. Again you are defying me.”

“No I´m not, I´m requesting Mistress.”

She looked at me for a moment, just thinking. Her mind deciding something, then she said, “Follow me Subbie.”

We went to the kitchen she got a tall glass out and a jar of water, and served a glass.

“Drink subbie, I want to see how you feel in the suit.”

A second glass followed.

“Good You are learning to obey. Follow me”

In the bedroom, she had a number of latex hoods and gags and other toys, also a set of pulleys with ropes ready for play.

“Come here subbie and give me your wrists.” As I did the leather cuffs went over them. “Now come here so that you are bound to the pulley” The D rings and rope got tied up.

“Mistress.” I called but was ignored.

“Kneel subbie.” I did.

My arms were pulled up high and still in a kneeling position. Then Mistress Ela came with the latex hood which went over my head, with mouth and eye openings. Once on, she moved my head backwards and kissed me.

“Now, should I put an inflatable gag and blindfold on you, or a hood with only nostrils.” Mistress Ela said as if talking to herself but looking at me at the same time.

I kept quiet. Onwin Giriş

“Open your mouth subbie and the inflatable gag went in. I must say your behaviour is the one expected, you did not tell me what to do, I like that in a subbie. I will let you suggest when in the mood.” As she finished hooking the buckle on and started pumping it up very slowly, looking at me playing with the hose and pumping in long intervals, very slow sensual and sexual way as she did it, until I made a muffled sound. She touched my cheeks softly, checking her work and satisfied with it, dropped the pump and hose.

In the meantime my bladder was starting to claim the need of release, but knowing it was not going to be soon, and the bodysuit I have on is a one piece outfit excepting for the zipper at the back. It felt warm within, sweating.

“Now subbie by this time I think you are starting to get an idea of what is happening. Here a small bell on your finger in case you need me to stop.”

“Hmm, hmm.” Now getting scared of her.

“Yes I know.”

“Hmm, HHMMM.” I tried to get a louder sound.

“I take it you are yelling at me, am I right.”

Nodded affirmatively. Too late to go back, I should have not said it, instead deny. Consequences I thought.

Mistress Ela held my chin and slapped me twice, not hard, but enough to make a statement, which I duly took notice of.

“You are never to yell at me, never. Do you understand?”

Nodded. Helpless.

“Of course dear, if anything is truly wrong you are allowed to. I do care about you. This relationship will be good for us.” Mistress Ela added cooling down the moment.

“I think we do need some way to teach you some humbleness towards your loving Mistress, would you agree?”

“Hhmm, hmmm.” I said, trying to accept fate.

“Good. Your bladder is rather full by now, if possible I would like you to retain your need for release, which will be after some spanking you deserve.” looking at me straight into the eyes and holding my chin.


“The reason for it, is you did not answer my first message and since you are my subbie that is taken into account, you over delayed in getting to shave your parts. This goes as a part of your complete and utter obedience to me from now on.”

“Hmm, mm.”

“I will not be hard on you, because it is your first time. I know that maybe you will not be able to hold your bladder and I´m not going to go faster so that you can release yourself. But if you happen to pee on yourself it might teach you to be humble before me, and if you do, well you still have to clean the suit after.”

“Hmm, hmmm, hmmm.” I looked at her desperately trying to say something she would understand.

“Yes subbie, it is difficult to understand word for word, nevertheless your need is understood, it will have to wait until I´m done.” With that the blindfold was put on me then my arms were pulled further up and had to stand until I was nearly on the tip of my toes, then it stopped.

My ankles were cuffed. A spread bar was added.

A moment of complete silence came by, tied helpless. Aroused, sweating and awaiting the next move from her.

I felt her hand touching my encased cock, which twitched as she caressed it, then a hand on my back side also smoothly running over the latex.

“Are you ready subbie?”


First spank was on the soft side and glad about it, then another and got harder by the fifth one. Then four more which made my backside sting.


She stopped a short while and again, the same treatment.

Just before the last spanking, my bladder was desperate for release. I was trying to move my arms, although helpless some sort of movement was there, but it accounted to nothing really, except to entertain Mistress Ela, in my futile effort.

As I felt the second wave of spankings and just before the hard part, the bladder was not able to hold any longer and started Onwin Güncel Giriş peeing myself. The release and the hard spank on the bottom became a confusing feeling. Could not understand what I was feeling.

“Now three more and it ends.” Mistress Ela said.

As the burn of the last spank on my hurting bum is applied, the pee still was running. My feelings were irrational.

Mistress Ela, unhooked the spread bar and let the arms down, then the blind fold. The gag deflated and withdrawn, the tongue felt alive again. My hands were still attached to the ropes.

“You did good Stu, I like you.” Mistress Ela looking satisfied and with a sort of smile resembling happiness.

I just looked at her sort of lost.

“I think you might have gone into sub space at least slightly, although you do not look that lost.”

“Kneel.” I did as ordered.

“Good, now eat me as she put her nest before me, you have earned it.”

I went wild. “Hold it there, subbie, go slowly, kiss and lick in a worshiping way.”

Did as requested and held the wildness in place, licked and savoured her pussy and clit in reverence, she was so wet, loving it and soon heard her squirm softly and then it happened, fantastic to feel her vibrating body on my lips and tongue.

After that she untied me and unzipped the bodysuit and told me to shower and clean the suit there also, which I did getting all the pee out of myself and the suit. Once finished I went back to her clean and dry.

“You look so nice and clean. Good Stu, now help me out and undress me, it´s not much but it will help train you.”

So kneeling my hands took her shoes first, then the leggings, got up on my feet and unbuckled the belt, lastly the gloves.

“Stu, you have it in you.”

“What Mistress?”

“The submissiveness I seek in a man.”

“I want to go a little further with you. Eating you, knowing you are horny as hell and need release is a way of showing my appreciation to you. You are to let me kiss you with my mouth full of cum, if you cannot hold having an orgasm for two minutes as I eat you. That is the condition.”

“Dominant she is, there´s no question about it, but swallow my cum. Damn I need release and she knows it. Damn again.” I thought to myself.

Mistress Ela looked at me as if knowing what was on my mind.

“Stu it´s only a bit more, just stretching your limits, but because I know you can do it.” As she said this, Mistress Ela had a finger in her pussy and then put it before my mouth, which I sucked happily.

“You are so sexy and sensual Stu.”

“Ok, I´ll accept.”

“What did you say, subbie?”

“I accept your offer Mistress.”

“Hmmm, yes darling, lie down and let me eat you.” She put an alarm for two minutes.

I saw those sensual lips go down on my shaft, her saliva lubricating it, her tongue toying and slowly eating me away but then eagerly working it up. She is so sexy and truly knows how to go there. I’m so horny and do not know if I can hold

“Ggggrrrr, hmmm.” trying to hold.

She went fast, damn.

“No, no, no, please stop.” She just would not and went for it.

“Please, no, pleeeease.” As I said the last please, the process had gone too far and just could not hold back, the burning bottom with the orgasm combined together.

“Huuu, hmmm, hmmm, ahhh.” And let go. The alarm did not go off.

Mistress Ela immediately was on my face and made me open my mouth and as we kissed she passed on my juice. I thought she would let me go in the same hurried way as she came up to me, but she made me stay and we kissed for a long time in such a way that after a while it was saliva, the other taste sort of disappeared. In the process the alarm went off.

“You are a good kisser too.” Mistress Ela, added as she unlocked from kissing, then turned the alarm off.

“If I would have delayed myself in passing on your load, you would have had a hard time trying to kiss me and I did not want to punish you again today, so I took that precaution and did it quick.”

“Thank you Mistress?” I said thankful but confused.

“To correctly thank me, kiss my feet.”

I did in a tender way as ordered.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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