Student and Teacher Ch. 16

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Vera moved into Iris’s house in early April. She had made a few preliminary visits, during which she found herself marveling at the unity and harmony of the assembled residents, both young and old; and they in turn welcomed her with open arms. Iris in particular seemed gratified at the presence of another “older” woman—indeed, one who was more than a decade older than herself—in the household. Vera had not fully believed in her daughter’s stories of how the various men and women got along, in bed and out of it, but she quickly became convinced that this was at least an “interesting” place to be—one where she could not only get reacquainted with Nan but also become familiar with the others.

Brad made no secret of eyeing Vera with a kind of awe mingled with desire. Her first night at the house was of course spent with Damon, and they had enjoyed themselves hugely. But when Nan calmly announced to her mother that Brad would be her bedmate for the next night, both of them gave an anticipatory shudder.

Nan was a bit naughty for failing to tell her mom about Brad’s unusual member, and Vera registered unsurprising fascination—tinged with just the faintest hint of alarm—at its length and girth. But as a married woman of long standing she took it in stride. In fact, it was Brad who, with his customary respect for his elders, seemed somewhat tentative in his lovemaking. He was well aware that some women found his organ a bit difficult to take in, so he held back a bit during their first copulation; this led Vera, lying on her back, to snap at him, in her most commanding You-Listen-to-Mom voice:

“Young man, you put that thing in me all the way if you know what’s good for you!”

Brad had no recourse but to comply.

The next morning, he seemed in a kind of daze. Damon, smiling broadly, took him aside.

“So what did you think of Vera, guy?”

In a dreamy voice Brad said: “She’s fabulous . . . incredible. Such a wonderful lady.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” Damon agreed. “You did a lot of stuff with her?”

“A lot of stuff.” Brad paused pensively. “But—sometimes she got a little odd.”

“She got a little odd? What do you mean?”

“Well, she . . .” Even though they were alone, Brad felt the need to whisper into Damon’s ear: “She kissed and licked my butt!”

“Oh, yeah. She has kind of a thing about men’s butts.”

“She did that to you?”

“Sure. I kind of liked it. In fact,” Damon went on philosophically, “I’m thinking I might do that to the girls. It sounds like fun.”

“Yeah,” Brad said with a grin, “maybe I will too!”

But with the distribution of men and women being what it was—two men and four women—and the fact that only three bedrooms were available for the six occupants, the time inevitably came when two women would have to lie down in bed together while the other two were tending to the men. And so it came that Vera and Iris found themselves in the second guest bedroom while Damon and Sylvia were in the master bedroom and Brad and Nan were in the first guest bedroom.

Even though she had been in the house only a few days, Vera had already bonded strongly with Iris. In some ways Iris seemed like the younger sister Vera never had; but mostly they shared a tremendous bond in their love for Damon and Nan, although Vera’s fondness for Brad and Sylvia was increasing every moment. And yet, in spite of the “crazy” escapade with Nan and Damon at her apartment, Vera wasn’t in any way expecting to do anything with Iris beyond cuddling. She had no problem with Lesbian sex, but it just hadn’t entered her consciousness until recently.

So the ladies slipped into bed, wearing thin but longish nightgowns, and fell a bit uneasily into each other’s arms, as Vera lay on her back and Iris snuggled up on one side of her.

“You’re such a breath of fresh air around here, Vera,” Iris said. “I mean, having all these young people here is great, but I do yearn for the companionship for someone who, um, has been around the block a few times.”

“Well,” Vera said with a laugh, “I qualify for that, I guess! I was married for nearly twenty years.”

Iris cuddled Vera more tightly, nestling her head in the crook of Vera’s neck. “You poor thing—having your husband leave you after all that time! What was he thinking? Didn’t he knew what a treasure he had?”

“Well,” Vera said ruefully, “I’m not sure I was the best wife I could have been to him.”

“Don’t you say that!” Iris said hotly. “You weren’t to blame for what happened.”

“That’s very sweet of you, Iris, but you weren’t there—and you only know about it from what Nan and I have told you. I guess poor Wallace would have a different point of view.”

“Poor Wallace! He ought to be taken over someone’s knee and spanked!”

Vera laughed heartily. “That would be a sight!”

“On his bare bottom too!”

A shudder passed through the older woman. “He has a nice bottom,” she said reverently.

“Damon and Brad have nice bottoms too, don’t they?” Iris said.

“Mmm. They feel so soft against my face.”

Iris started. “Against görükle escort your face? You—you rub your face against their bottoms?”

Vera flushed to the roots of her hair. “Um, yes. I like to kiss them too. Is that awful of me?”

“No, no. It’s just—I never thought of doing that to a guy.”

“They like it; believe me, they like it.”

Iris paused before speaking. “What about women’s bottoms? Do you like them too?”

“I’m sure I would.” She had not told Iris about her tussle with her own daughter.

Iris’s eyes were shining. “Well, there’s no way to find out except by trying, right?”

And with that, she rose up, pulled the nightgown over her head, and tossed it away across the room.

Vera gasped at the spectacle revealed to her eyes. For years she had found it irritating when her husband had given other women the once-over, and so she had regarded such females as her natural and implacable rivals; but here things were very different. Since there was such a resolute “share-and-share-alike” policy, nobody could really feel jealous, and there was not even much in the way of feminine rivalry in terms of who had the better face or breasts or bottom or pussy or thighs or whatever. Sure, the younger women might have seemed a little fresher and more delectable to the standard male, but both Damon and Brad had made it emphatically clear that the “older” women were so utterly desirable that no one needed to feel inferior.

So now, as Vera got an eyeful of the undraped professor, all she could do was admire her oval face, exuberant breasts, flat stomach, thickly furred delta, elegant thighs—and (so far as she could see them from this angle) firm and rounded bottom.

Licking her lips, Vera rose up onto her knees, doffed her own nightgown, and looked with justifiable pride at her own magnificent physique. Iris made no secret of her own admiration of the overall picture of female beauty that Vera represented.

They clasped each other tightly, glorying in the gentle pressing of their breasts together as their mouths spontaneously came together in a long, fervent kiss. While that kiss went on and on, Vera was not shy in probing Iris’s frame—her shoulders, back, hips, and finally that lovely posterior that she had secretly eyed even when Iris was fully clothed. And the feel of it didn’t disappoint in the least. Iris wasn’t shy in running her hands all over Vera’s body, finding it fascinatingly different from her own but with enough similarities so that she realized how easily a man could become entranced by it. And that silly Wallace had let it slip out of his hands!

Vera gently urged Iris to lie flat on her back, for she found those breasts of hers so compelling that they deserved careful study all to themselves. And so she licked and kissed them, sucked on the nipples, and pressed them against her face—in short, paid them the homage they were due. She then turned Iris over onto her stomach and, beginning at the shoulders, painted a thin line of saliva from neck to back to those heavenly nether globes. When her lips and tongue encountered them at last, she let out a deep sigh that expressed her thorough satisfaction at their rondure and heft. They were slightly less muscular than the men’s bottoms—but that was only fitting. True to form, she rubbed her face all over them, causing Iris to moan with the delightful but unexpected sensation.

Then Vera had Iris turn over again, and now paid full attention to her hairy pussy. Parting the labia tenderly, she licked up the juices that were already flowing out, inserting her tongue as far into her crevice as she could. Then, with Iris’s moans getting louder and more agitated, she flicked her clitoris with her tongue, then nuzzled it with her lips and even her teeth, at which point Iris clutched the bedsheets spasmodically while looking down at the sight of this beautiful woman servicing her. Vera reached underneath Iris to seize her bottom with both hands while she glued her lips to Iris’s sex, and in short order she had coaxed a bone-shaking orgasm out of her.

Vera continued to lick Iris gently until the younger woman’s paroxysm gradually subsided, and Iris pushed Vera’s head away from her groin. She wanted this climax to go on forever, but after some minutes she simply couldn’t endure the ecstasy anymore and had to take a break. But she knew that it was now her turn to repay Vera in kind.

Iris largely duplicated Vera’s actions, placing her head between Vera’s breasts and pressing them against her face before turning her over and stroking her curved bottom with hands, lips, and tongue. She too rubbed her face against Vera’s butt, delighting in the sensation of mingled softness and firmness, then turned Vera over so that she could fasten her lips onto Vera’s sex. The orgasm Iris squeezed out of her was as thunderous as her own, and the two women collapsed in happy exhaustion, with Vera lying on top of Iris, her head nestled between the other woman’s breasts.

They both knew this wouldn’t be the end, and after they revived they kissed and licked each other raptly while familiarizing themselves bursa sınırsız escort with every inch of the other’s body. Then, without the need of words, they simultaneously decided on a session of sixty-nine, with Iris on top to start with. The exercise was a strange fusion of gentleness and intensity, as each woman drank in the other’s flowing juices while using their hands to stimulate as many parts as they could reach. Orgasm followed orgasm for each of them, until they both reached that rare state of continual climax—a state that seemed to last an infinity. Time lost all meaning, and they continued for well over an hour; for both women, their entire world had become the other’s sex, and that was the only reality they cared to envision.

At last, they just fell asleep in that sixty-nine position, each head resting between the other’s legs. The feel, smell, and taste of each other’s cleft was all they needed for a deep and restful sleep.


It was Brad who unwittingly caused a new and unexpected development in the lives of the women living in Iris’s house.

The time was approaching for the next installment of Iris’s entertainment of some of the members of the baseball team. There had been three such events in the past, and Damon had somehow managed to get the other women out of the house on the Saturday afternoons when Iris would be the focal point of the proceedings. He wasn’t at all sure how they would react to the goings-on, and he didn’t want to risk having to call the whole thing off if they protested that it was somehow undignified for Iris to exercise her sexual talents in this manner.

But, on the Thursday ahead of the event, while everyone was reposing comfortably in the living room after a fine dinner, Brad blurted out:

“Say, is Josh going to be part of the group that’ll be here on Saturday?” Josh Givens was one of the starting pitchers on the team.

Damon scowled furiously at his friend and literally hissed him to silence. But Nan idly asked: “Who’s Josh? And why’s he coming over here?”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Damon said, grinning sheepishly. He also noticed that Iris had gone white with alarm.

Nan gave him a peculiar look. “Well, it has to be something. What’s this ‘group’ that Brad’s talking about?”

“Oh, just some of the guys on the team,” Damon said, proud that he hadn’t uttered an actual lie.

“Okay,” Nan persisted, “but what for? That’s the time you guys wanted us”—looking at Sylvia and her mother—”to go to a movie.” Damon had recommended a particularly long movie that would get them out of the house for three or four hours.

“Just . . . getting together,” Damon said lamely.

“And what’s Iris supposed to do?” Sylvia interjected. “Wait on these guys hand and foot? She’ll have her work cut out for her!” Looking over to Iris, she went on: “You’d better prepare a mountain of food. These guys’ appetites are pretty huge.”

Iris went even whiter, if possible, but said nothing.

“Something’s going on,” Nan said, frowning. “This doesn’t sound right. Iris, you’d better give us the straight dope.”

“They—they’re just going to be here,” Iris stammered.

“What for?” Sylvia said.

Iris was unable to respond, looking down at her hands in her lap.

There was an uncomfortable silence.

Nan, who was pretty swift on the uptake in spite of her relative inexperience, went a little white herself. “Oh, you gotta be kidding me,” she said in a low voice.

“What? What?” Sylvia said. “What’s happening?”

“Oh, don’t you see, Sylvia? Iris is going to—you know . . .”

“I don’t get it!” Sylvia cried.

Nan was exasperated at her friend’s naïveté. “Sylvia, she’s going to service them. All by herself.”

“Oh, no!” Sylvia moaned, putting a hand on her chest.

“Oh, yes,” Nan said acidly. “And this is probably not the first time. Is it, Iris?”

“No,” Iris whispered.

“And how many are there going to be?” Nan spat. And when Iris didn’t answer, she stared ferociously at Damon.

“Nine, I think,” Damon said, admitting defeat. “Ten, if Josh shows up.”

“Ten guys,” Nan said flatly. “And Iris is going to do them all?”

“Well, not all at the same time!” Damon said with a nervous laugh. “One at a time. Well, maybe two at a time.”

“She’s done three at a time,” Brad put in, not wanting to deprive Iris of credit for her dexterity.

“So these guys are going to fuck her ten times?” Nan said accusingly.

“Well,” Damon said, wincing at Nan’s use of the profanity, “if you want to know the truth, most of the guys go back for seconds.”

“Some come back for thirds!” Brad added helpfully.

Nan looked back and forth between the two men. “So let me get this straight. There will be ten guys, and they’ll do her twenty, twenty-five times. That’s not humanly possible.”

“Oh, sure it is!” Brad said, coming to the defense of the older woman. “She managed it pretty well with eight of us last time. It was no problem.”

“No problem!” Sylvia said. “What would you know nilüfer escort about it? You’re not a woman, and you have no idea what it means to be penetrated that many times.” She shuddered to think of it.

“She seemed okay,” Brad said a little resentfully.

“Listen, girls,” Damon said earnestly, “these guys are super-respectful of women. They would never do anything Iris doesn’t want to do. They always ask her politely, and if she says no, that’s it—they don’t do it.”

“I very much doubt that!” Nan almost shouted. “I think—”

“It’s true,” Iris said with quiet emphasis. “They’re all very nice boys. They don’t force me to do anything against my will. I—I actually think they’re kind of sweet.”

Another silence descended on the group.

“Well, then,” Nan said, licking her lips, “what I want to know is: why aren’t we invited?” She looked pointedly at Sylvia but ignored her mother. “Are we chopped liver, or something? You don’t think the ‘boys’ would like us? We’re pretty desirable, aren’t we?”

“Of course!” Damon said harriedly. “You—you’re magnificent! If you want to join in, I guess you could.” But he sounded more than a little uncertain.

“I’m game,” Sylvia said, even though her voice trembled as she spoke.

A wicked smile slowly dawned on Nan’s face. “You don’t think we’re too ‘delicate’ to handle these guys? You don’t think we have to be ‘protected’ from their manhandling?”

“Hey, there’s no rough stuff!” Damon said heatedly. “You heard what Iris and I have said.”

“Yes, of course,” Nan said dismissively, “you’re all very respectful of women. Right.”

“It’s true!” Brad cried.

“Okay, I believe you,” Nan said. “Well, then, that’s resolved.”

Then, turning abruptly to Vera, she said: “Mom, you’d better stay out of this.”

All this time, Vera had been listening to the conversation raptly, shifting her gaze from one person to another as if watching a crazy kind of tennis match. When her daughter finally addressed her, she flushed.

“What’s the matter with me? Don’t you think the guys would like me?”

“They’d like you real fine!” Brad enthused with a grin.

Nan gave him an icy look. “I’m sure they would, but this really isn’t something for you, Mom. It’s way beyond your pay grade.”

Vera bridled at that. “And you’re telling me it isn’t beyond yours? Have you ever done anything like this?”

“No, of course not. But I’m sure Iris will tell you that this isn’t exactly a walk in the park.”

“That’s true,” Iris said. “There’s a lot more to it than just lying back and staring at the ceiling. The guys expect you to be a pretty active participant.”

Vera virtually ignored Iris, her attention fixed on her daughter. “Young lady, I’ve had a lot more sexual experience than you have. I was married for almost twenty years, and had a fair number of guys before that!” In fact, she had only bedded down with five men before her marriage.

“Okay, fine, but I’ve been in this house longer than you have—and we’ve done some stuff here.”

“Have you had more than Damon and Brad at the same time?”

“No. Have you had even those two guys at the same time?”

“Yes. Once.”

“You did? When?”

“Never mind. We did it once. It was—it was nice.”

“Nice, huh?” Nan gave a withering glance to the two men in the room. “You seem to have done a little more than I thought.” She let out a weary sigh. “All right, Mom, if you want to join in, I guess you can.”

“Thank you for your permission,” Vera said tartly.

“That’s great!” Damon exclaimed. “If all four of you ladies want to participate, that means we can have a lot more guys over! In fact, maybe we can have the whole team.” Looking over to Brad: “How many are on the team right now, guy? Twenty-five?”

“Twenty-six, I think,” Brad said, frowning in concentration.

“Twenty-six,” Sylvia said with a kind of awe. “And you say these guys like to come back for seconds—”

“And some for thirds!” Brad added enthusiastically.

“And some for thirds,” Sylvia said. Doing some quick mental calculation, she went on. “That means the guys would come sixty, sixty-five times. So each of us would be poked fifteen or sixteen times. Are we up for that, gals?”

“Iris could do that with ease!” Brad said.

“Yeah, sure, with ease,” Nan said. “I guess I can manage. Mom?”

“I suppose so,” she said in a half-whisper.

“Fine,” Nan said. “It looks like we’re all set. When does this shindig get going, anyway?”

“I told the guys to be here at one o’clock,” Damon said. “Of course, now I gotta contact all the other guys. But I figure they’d be available.”

Nan looked over to the other women, as if saying: What exactly have we gotten ourselves into? Or, should I say, what is going to get into us?


There was a fair amount of prep work to do before the guys arrived at 1 p.m. on that Saturday. A single bed had to be dragged up from the basement and placed in a third guest room, and to her displeasure Sylvia was relegated there, with Iris getting pride of place in the master bedroom (with its king-size bed), Vera in the first guest bedroom (with a queen-size bed), and Nan in the second guest bedroom (also with a queen-size bed). Nan offered to switch with Sylvia at some point in the proceedings, and Sylvia gratefully took her up on the offer.

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