Studying with Sarah

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It was about 8:00 on a Saturday night. I struggled to close the door of my car. It was an old piece of junk. I had gotten it as a present from my parents for my eighteenth birthday only a few months earlier. I had been expecting something a little nicer, but I couldn’t complain. My best friend Sarah had laughed at me when i got it. She was older then I, and had turned 18 about 4 months before I had. Her present had been a brand new Porsche. It was nice, but I was not usually one to be jealous. Besides, she would let me drive it sometimes. I walked up the path that led to her house.

Finally, I closed my car door, and gave the tire a kick. Slowly, I opened the gate in front of my parked car. I rounded a corner and opened the door of Sarah’s house, quietly. I was going over to her place to study for a history test on Monday. Her parents were in Las Vegas for the week, so we had a quiet house to study in. Maybe I should’ve called to tell her I was there, but I had not. Sarah’s house was very small, so I could hear anything from any part of the house. The TV was on. The news. Sarah wasn’t there.

I poked my head into her bedroom, and saw that the bunk bed was shaking slightly. I was very careful as to not let my presence be known; I wanted to know what she was doing. I peered, ever so slightly, into the top bunk. I could not believe my eyes. There on the bed lay Sarah, surrounded by stuffed animals and lying on her purple duvet, with one hand on her crotch, playing with herself, and the other on her breast, gently massaging. She was completely naked, her clothes in a neat pile next to her. I ran my eyes over the length of her body, a thing I had dreamed of doing. It was more beautiful then I had imagined. She was very pale and had no tan lines, and nice, thick thighs. Her blonde pubic hair was neat, and her breasts were bigger than I had expected, with small round nipples, fully erect. Her head way flung back on the pillow. Her glasses were on, and she made slight moaning noises as she rubbed herself.

I couldn’t help but gasp. She screamed in surprise and as soon as she noticed what was going on, she screamed at me, “Get out of my room! GET OUT!” I got out as quickly as I could and closed the door behind me. I was nervous, and afraid that I had done something terribly wrong. Would she ever forgive me? Did this mean the end of our friendship? About 10 minutes later, she came out with a thin fuzzy blanket wrapped around her. She still appeared to have put no clothes on underneath that. She sat down next to me and turned off the TV.

“You shouldn’t have done that. You Anadolu Yakası Escort know always to let me know before you come in!” She sighed and relaxed a bit. “Well now you know, I guess. There’s no way I can cover that up.” She smiled slightly at that. “How long were you watching me?”

“Only a minute…or two,” I replied.

“Perv,” she giggled.

“It wasn’t for very long,” I assured her.

“Whatever. You do it, too…don’t you?”

At this I blushed slightly. I wasn’t going to deny her any answers after seeing her masturbating. “Yeah, I do. Probably way more often than you though.”

She began to laugh. “You’d be surprised, really.”

“Well-,” I began to say, but was interrupted.

“I’m going to go shower,” she said casually as she got up. “Don’t get any ideas about coming to join me, either.” She had a flirtatious smile on her face.

Again, my cheeks reddened. “Oh, no. Of c-course not. W-wouldn’t dream of it,” I stuttered. She giggled and went into the bathroom. I heard the water turn on and I sat down on the couch. I was sweating, and was amazed how relaxed she had been. I had expected to be kicked out of the house and shunned for the remainder of our senior year. But she seemed totally cool with it, and even (was I imagining this?) happy about it! I pushed this thought out of my head and got out my notes for studying. The water stopped, and I heard the bathroom door opened. Steam filled the room, and for a moment all I could see was Sarah’s silhouette, dark among a cloud of white. As the steam cleared, I stared in disbelief. In all her beauty, a naked Sarah began to walk towards me, a few water droplets still clinging to her skin and freshly clean. What was going on? No way this could really be happening. I felt a lump begin to rise in my pants, and I wasn’t the only one who noticed.

“Wow!” giggled Sarah as she continued walking. “So happy to see me!”

I didn’t know what to say. And then, as though the situation was perfectly normal, Sarah sat down on a chair, crossed her legs, picked up my notes, and began to quiz me on our last history lesson.

“Name and describe the four prominent varnas in the Indian caste system.” She said calmly. She now had her glasses on, and looked at me sternly, expecting an answer.

“Uh…um…well…” I mumbled. How was I supposed to focus with her sitting naked right in front of me?

“Listen,” she said. “I know it’s distracting, but this technique makes our studying all the more effective. The more questions you get right, the better I will reward you.” She Bostancı Escort winked as she said this, and I sat upright, trying to recall everything I had ever learned in history class.

For about an hour, she quizzed me on ancient Indian society, while I tried to stay focused on the material. I did all right, but missed a few questions. At the end of our quiz session, she put down my notes on the table beside her.

“Out of thirty questions that I asked you, you got twenty-two right.” She took out a calculator and did something on it. “That’s a seventy-three percent. You passed!” she said excitedly. My stomach did a somersault of joy and nervousness. Did this mean I would get my reward?

She stood up, and before I could say anything, she had straddled me and our lips were interlocked. I could feel her bare breasts pressed against my t-shirt, I could feel her soft lips pressed against mine, and I could feel the warmth given off from between her legs at the top of my jeans. My dick sprang to life inside my pants, and she broke the kiss at last.

“Wait,” she said. She got off of me and led me into the other room, where she then lay down on the bottom bunk of the bunk bed. She then motioned for me to come over to her, and robotically, I obeyed. Were we going to have sex? I knew that she was no longer a virgin, but I was. I was nervous, but I was too excited to think about that. She struggled with my belt, but soon undid it, and proceeded to strip me bare. I was never very muscular or tan, but at that point, my self-image didn’t even enter my mind. She pulled down my checkered boxers to reveal my cock, fully erect. She smiled as she took it in her hand and began to jack me off. My breathing became heavier as I neared climax, but Sarah was not going to let me.

“Not yet!” she said with one of her sexy smiles. Sarah took my hands and placed them on her breasts. I felt their warmth in my hands, softer than I could ever imagine. Her small pointed nipples protruded into my palms as I squeezed and played. I had never been this intimate with a girl before. Sure, I had felt boobs and gotten a couple hand jobs, but this was way out of my league. Strangely, though, as if guided by some unknown force, my hands knew exactly what to do. As my right hand attended to Sarah’s right breast, my left journeyed downward, across her soft stomach and belly button, and down into the soft curls of her pubic hair. I could feel the warmth and the moisture on my fingertips, and began to finger her slowly. The soft folds of her pussy enveloped my fingers. I found the clit, and Ümraniye Escort made small circles around it, causing her to moan in pleasure. Her breathing quickened and her hips began to thrust forward, but I quickly withdrew. If she wouldn’t let me, I wouldn’t let her. She looked up at me with a playfully grumpy look. Now hornier than before, she did something unexpected. As fast as a bullet, her lips were at my cock. She kissed it several times, and then began to take it into her mouth. The feeling of her soft lips and hot, wet mouth on the length of my shaft was too much, and I began to come. I expected her to withdraw, but she didn’t. She swallowed it all, then looked up at me and smiled. God, I loved her. Feeling suddenly tired (it was now about 11:00 at night), my eyelids began to close. I pulled the cool down covers over our naked bodies and pulled Sarah close to me. She didn’t object, and I fell into a blissful sleep.

I woke up the next morning alone, and I heard the shower running in the bathroom. The door was open, and I walked in to see Sarah in the shower, smiling and soapy.

“Good morning,” she said, over the sound of the water. “Care to join me?”

“You read my mind,” I mumbled. Still naked from last night, I stepped into the stream of water. Sarah’s shower was large, despite her small house, and both fit in it easily. The heat felt good on my skin, and I reached for the soap. Sarah’s hand beat me to it.

“Allow me,” she smiled. I obliged happily. She cleaned me from head to toe, and I proceeded to do the same to her, lingering on her crotch enough to get a small moan out of her. She then embraced me and we began to make out fiercely. I had never been happier. Her soft skin seemed even softer because of the water, and we slipped our bodies around each other, exploring every corner. She then looked me in the eye and gave me the kind of look that said ‘It’s time.’ She grabbed my shaft, rubbed it a bit until it reached full erection. She then lay me down on the floor of the shower and then began to mount herself on it.

“Wait!” I said. I was no sex expert, but I knew something was missing. “Don’t I need a condom or something?”

“Silly boy!” she laughed. “I’m on the pill!” I was glad to hear this, and took my last breath as a virgin. As I entered her, an overwhelming sensation took over me. It was like nothing I had ever imagined. At first I lay there, motionless, shocked at the feeling. Then I began to move. Our bodies moved together, and I began to pump in and out of her faster and faster. She began to moan, and her moaning turned to scream.

“Ohhhhh yessssss,” she shouted as she came. I followed soon after, and it was the best orgasm of my life up to that point.

On Monday, I ended up getting an A on the history test. Our “study session” had proved quite effective, and there would be many more to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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