Substitute for Dad Ch. 05

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Set in the 1980’s, this continues the events ahead of my father’s funeral. Where my mother has an important announcement and confesses her sins.


I woke up sometime later bursting for a pee and realising that no one else was about just wandered out of my room stark naked to the bathroom. After a satisfying piss I caught sight of myself in the bathroom mirror, cock hanging down from a mass of spunk matted gingery pubic hair and dried lube with brown streaks staining one thigh. I needed a shower and also to change the bed clothes as no doubt they were spunk stained and potential a little shit stained too.

After stripping my bed, I noticed it was already past midday, so I piled the dirty laundry on the floor and headed for the shower. Refreshed, shaved and dressed, I skipped breakfast, then quickly drove to the pub. Mum was sitting table on the raised patio in the furthest corner of the pub garden talking to one of the barmaids, as I got there the girl turned showing off a large round pregnant belly.

“Hello, Sean, you’ve grown,” the girl said, “I haven’t seen you since junior school!”

“So, have you, Patty Bailey,” I replied grinning recognising one of my earliest girlfriends, “You didn’t have that before,” I pointed at her bump. I would also have mentioned the huge titties that were bulging in her tight t-shirt but thought the better of it even though my cock twitched at the sight.

“Well I was only ten, but I recognised your Mum when she arrived, she still looks as young,” she explained, “So I thought I’d have a chat before some of the dirty old buggers that come in here started harassing her! As you’re here now she should be pretty safe, what do you want to drink, I’ll bring it out?”

“No, you won’t,” piped up Mum, “He’s big enough to carry his own beer, you should be taking it easy! Sit down and keep me company and Sean can get the drinks and order me one of those corned beef sandwiches and a lemonade.”

Patty laughed, “Okay, I’ll stay until he gets back, but I’ll have to go as Barry can’t even butter the bread properly.”

As duly ordered, I went off to get drinks and order the food. When I returned, Patty wearily stood up from the bench seat, and waddled back into the pub.

“Doesn’t she look well?” said Mum as I sat down, “Not long before she has the baby by the way it looks.”

“Well as long as she has time to butter the bread!” I laughed, “But she does look really well, pregnancy seems to suit her.”

“But you men, don’t know the pain we go through,” said Mum, much happier than this morning, “Just to make you Daddies!”

“Some pleasure beforehand, if we do it right,” I replied.

“Well you definitely do, my little baby boy,” mumbled Mum just as she sipped her drink.

Mum crossed her legs and I heard the familiar swoosh of nylon stockings rubbing together and her skirt slid up exposing a little flesh.

“That’s a nice sound,” I murmured, “and sight,” I added.

“I’ll need to call Patty,” laughed Mum, “I think a dirty young man is harassing me!”

“Anything to oblige, Ma’am!” I smiled.

“I glad you seem happier now,” I continued, “Did the Doctor’s appointment go okay?”

“I feel a lot happier,” said Mum, “But the appointment depends on your point of view?”

Worried I said, “You’re not ill are you,” slightly too loud.

“No Sean,” she replied touching my hand, “But I have a decision to make and you need to help!”

“What is it?” I asked intrigued, “and how can I help?”

“Well you know Patty looks really well,” Mum replied, “Do you think I’ll look as good in seven months’ time?”

“You’ll look great as always!” I said, “What’s happening in seven months?”

Smiling, Mum looked at me, “For a grammar schoolboy you can be slow sometimes. I will be having a baby if you want me to.”

“What,” I sat back stunned for a second, before stupidly asking “Are you pregnant too?”

“Yes, I can’t have a baby any other way,” she slowly explained, “But I’ll only stay that way if you want me to!”

I couldn’t think straight at first and just took a deep gulp of beer, “But didn’t the Doctors say you shouldn’t,” I finally said, “Won’t it be dangerous?”

“I’m not worried about that, the doctors will keep an eye on me as an older mother,” said Mum, “But I need you to agree, Sean!”

“Of course, I agree, but I don’t want anything to happen to you,” I said fearfully, then suddenly realising the full implications, “What about the baby? Will it okay because its mine?”

“We can only hope so Sean,” she said, “But I think either way you’ll be a good Daddy.”

“I promise I will, Mum,” I said, and tears rolled down my cheeks for the second time that day, but not with any anger this time.

“Thank you, Sean,” cried Mum, handing me a handkerchief, “Now dry your eyes before Patty comes back, or she’ll think something is wrong.”

I wiped my eyes and then dabbed hers just as a couple of business suited older men walked out from the bar holding canlı bahis pints, followed by Patty carrying two plates of sandwiches. The men looked at her and sat down without offering to help, so I waved and called to tell her I would come and get them.

When I took the plates from her, she said, “Sorry to hear about your Dad, I didn’t want to say anything before to your Mum as she seemed worried and a little bit on edge when she arrived. But she seems happy now you are here.”

“Thanks, there has been a lot going on lately,” I replied, “But the funeral is tomorrow and perhaps it will gradually get better after that’s over. Good luck with the birth, I remember to pop by to find out how it goes.”

“Imagine,” Patty grinned, “If you hadn’t been caught kissing Julie Baines in class 3B, this could have been yours.” With that she chuckled and waddled back to her bar duty.

I was smiling when I got back to our table and told Mum what Patty had said. Mum patted the seat beside her indicating I should sit there so that we could both look back down the garden. The old guys were looking the other way, so I quickly stole a kiss on Mum’s neck as I sat down.

“Sean, you have to be careful, Patty may be watching from the window,” complained Mum, “It would be fine if no one knew us.”

“Sorry, but I’m in a good mood,” I said, “It’s the first time I’ve been told I’ll be a Dad.”

“Well there is a long way to go and things sometimes go wrong,” she said cautiously, “We never really talked about this as a family but I have lost babies before so we will need to be careful.”

“It’s a bit late for that,” I joked, then stopped realising how stupid I sounded, “Sorry Mum, I didn’t mean that.”

“I know, but that’s what we need to talk about it properly,” said Mum quietening her voice, “In the early days I’ll need you to be gentle when we make love, or only do it up my bum, when I lost babies before one of the doctors explained that sometimes even later on getting carried away and being rough can cause problems, especially if the woman is a bit small or the man is longer than normal.”

“Like you and your Father,” she continued, “Sometimes when you do it, I can feel you very deep.”

She paused and ate some of her sandwich letting her words it sink in. I nodded and suddenly feeling very hungry wolfed down my own sandwich and drained my beer.

“That’s another thing, eating so fast will give you indigestion, or worse you’ll choke, I want this babies’ father to be around for a long time!” she smiled at me lovingly. Then her free hand slid under the table and she squeezed my cock while checking no one was watching.

“Now I don’t want to say anything to Davy and the girls until after the funeral tomorrow,” she smiled again continuing to squeeze my now solid cock, “So you need to stop acting like the cat who’s got the cream and act like you don’t know.”

“Well I do feel like that, sitting here having my cock squeezed by the mother of my first child,” I grinned, surreptitiously sliding my hand over her stocking clad thigh.

Mum squirmed slightly, gave my cock a harder squeeze and uncrossed her legs to allow me access all the way to her silk covered crotch.

“Hmm,” I murmured, “Your best French knickers for seeing the doctor?”

“Umm,” she cooed, “I wanted to look my best, and I know he appreciates the effort I put in.”

“So, you show off for the doctor too?” I asked smiling so that she knew I approved.

“Well I always have before, so I thought it best to be true to form,” she smiled back, “It helped to distract him when I told lies again!”

“I have told him that I think I’m three months gone, and with all the problems with the inquest and funeral didn’t go to see him before,” she explained, “He would have suspected something if I said it was only eight weeks, as he knew your Dad was having trouble again. I persuaded him we had made a mistake because we got carried away when your Dad had managed to get hard one time.”

“Do you think he believed you?” I asked, “Don’t they have special tests that gives exact dates?”

“He did seem to believe me; I don’t think he thinks I’m some old slag who fucks men as soon as her husband can’t get it up!” she suddenly snapped, releasing her grip on my cock, “Even though I am!”

“Beth,” I said quietly but firmly, “Don’t say that again, you are my beautiful sexy mother, who shouldn’t care about what others might think!”

She stayed silent, but I felt more confident in what to say than earlier in the day,

“The only person that matters is you. You just need to accept you have desires which may not be conventional in a sleepy little town, so stop putting yourself down, at least you enjoy your sex life as best as you can, without the outdated inhibitions of rural England,” I preached, “A few lies to keep the peace is fine!”

“There is another little person inside me that matters too, and you should know the truth about the mother of your child!” said Mum, squeezing my cock bahis siteleri again, “But are you sure that you will feel the same when I tell you all the sordid things I’ve done?”

“Why should the past make any difference to our future?” I stated, “I love the mother I know, and the woman who is carrying our baby, what you did is of no consequence.”

“But my sort of urges may never go away, I will probably do the same again, I could never be sure of being faithful to anyone,” she insisted, “Your Dad understood and accepted that as he had similar urges that I had to accept, but can you do the same?”

“I intend to try,” I promised, “We both know we cannot be a conventional couple, and I’m not sure I ever wanted to be conventional.”

“Okay, but I tell you about something that happened, and you must be honest and tell me immediately what your feelings are towards me!” she challenged.

“I will be honest,” I agreed, “just tell me.”

Mum began relating the incident, “You see the taller of the two men drink over there,” I nodded.

“Well about twelve years ago when you were all still at school, probably when you and Patty were playing kiss chase, I used to walk ‘Tommy’ the dog in the forest after walking you and the girls part way to school. Sometimes I would be out as far as the Old Mill car park, most of the time it would be empty during the week, but sometimes a few insurance sales reps would meet up normally Friday mornings in the summer.”

She paused and laughed, “That dog was always a menace, I spent more time chasing him through the undergrowth than walking the paths, anyway the first time I ever spoke to any of the sales reps was because I had chased that dog all the way to the car park shouting his name and telling him I would get him neutered if he didn’t come back. It turned out that the man over there was one of the reps and his name is also Tommy, so his two friends started cat calling him and telling him to obey.”

Pausing again to sip her lemonade, Mum then continued, “Well Tommy, the rep, decided to join in the fun and came running up to saying, “Here I am!” just as Tommy, the dog took notice and came barrelling out from some bushes and clattered into me from behind as the other Tommy reached me. I collapsed in a heap at his feet and reached out to steady myself just to grab his trouser leg and pull him over too. The other two reps jogged over laughing at the two of us scrabbling to get up, one of them hoisted me up and proceeded to try to brush bits of earth and leaves from me and copping a feel of my bum. Tommy the dog had run off again, and Tommy the rep was on all fours in pain. Somehow, I must have kicked him in the groin when we fell, his other friend, was taking the mickey and telling Tommy he should ask me to kiss it better.”

At that point she squeezed my cock and noticed that the two men were looking our way, I thought she would move her hand, but she began stroking my cock instead, and wriggled forward in her seat pressing her pussy against my hand, “Don’t worry, they can’t see what I’m doing properly,” she said, “Touch me, whilst I get back to the story.”

So, I pressed my fingers into Mum’s gusset and felt the silky material of her knickers push a little inside and immediately dampen with juices, I just had enough angle to rub her button with my thumb without twisting my arm and being too obvious.

Mum sucked in a breath then continued,

“The rep who had been groping my bum then said he was sure that Tommy could sue for damages, so I replied it was an accident and would he kindly stop touching me. Well you could at least show Tommy you’re sorry he insisted, so I bent over the now prone Tommy and started to say sorry when I felt a finger run up my calf. The other rep pointed out I had a ladder in my tights, when I corrected him that they were stockings not tights he said it must be their lucky day as no ordinary dog walker wore stockings when tramping through the woods and I was probably looking for a bit of action. I tapped his hand half-heartedly, but already felt excited by the situation. I tried to say I wasn’t looking for anything except my dog, but he slid his hand further up my leg and then the arse groper grabbed my bum in both hands. Trying to turn away from his hands just allowed the other one to push his hand right up where you have yours now.”

Mum wriggled more in her seat, then said, “I need you to take me somewhere less obvious in the car, before I finish this story.”

I stood up awkwardly and draped my jacket in front of my groin to hide the bulge created by my mother’s groping, then taking her arm I led her down the steps passed ‘Tommy’ the rep and into the car park. Patty waved as we passed the open door to the bar, without thinking I raised my hand and gave her a quick view of the tent in my trousers.

I hurried to the car and opened the passenger door for Mum letting her wriggle into the seat, before going around to the driver’s side. When I sat down, I had to adjust my groin before bahis şirketleri putting on my seatbelt.

“Where to?” I asked, eager to find a quiet spot to hear the rest of the story and as I suspected indulge in some mutual pleasure.

“Scene of the crime will do nicely,” replied Mum slightly out of breath. I noticed she had one hand pushed between her legs with her handbag covering her lap from view.

Less than five minutes later we swung into the Old Mill car park, which was deserted as lunchtime had finished for most locals. I parked over in a shaded corner as Mum unbuckled her seatbelt pointed to the back seat. We were out of the front and in the back within seconds and Mum was unzipping my jeans to free my cock. She bent over and sucked on the end eliciting a long low moan from me, “Beth,” I groaned, “You can’t finish the story with your mouthful!”

Reluctantly she lifted off, sat up and wriggled out of her knickers and lifted her skirt over her hips, “Make me feel nice, while I finish the story,” said pulling my hand to her exposed pussy allowing me access for two fingers, then gripping my cock she began a slow hand job, saying, “Now where was I, oh, when the reps hand touched my pussy I moaned, but tried to resist saying I was a married woman and didn’t do things with other men. They ignored me and both reps continued to grope me, and they started to unbutton my blouse. I did try to protest but the one with his hand on my pussy could feel my dampness, like you can.”

She paused, “Sean finger me gently, remember the baby.”

I eased back on my excited thrusting, then she continued, her voice raspy as her impending orgasm built,

“‘She’s ready for it, the pussy groper said, I told you she’s one of those bored housewives wanting a bit of excitement. Come on darling just relax and we will play with you, no one will hear about it and we all get what we want.’ He had fished his thin cock out of his pants and grabbed my hand making me wrap my fingers around it (she gave my cock a squeeze to emphasise the words). He thrust into my fist a couple of times until I started tugging it myself. ‘See love it’s easy, just go with the flow,’ he said, ‘show us those tits.’

I slowly undid my blouse and shrugged it from my shoulders swapping hands to get it off. Arse groper switched his attention to my breasts and pulled them out of the cups and started tweaking my nipples. Tommy seemed to have recovered enough to help strip my skirt and pussy man yanked my knickers down. There I was just in stockings and suspenders when Tommy pushed down on my shoulders to make me kneel and pushed his chubby cock in my face. To far gone to resist I sucked it in my mouth and let him push it to the back of my throat, I was still tugging on pussy groper’s cock. Arse groper knelt behind me still fondling my titties and pushing his cock into my arse crack. Pussy man kept up his commentary as I tugged him and sucked Tommy, ‘go for it girl, suck him dry,’ he egged me on crudely, ‘I bet you want a cock up your wet cunt’. I pulled off Tommy’s cock to protest, ‘you mustn’t, I’m married, only my husband can go there, please just use my mouth I don’t have protection.’ Tommy grabbed my head and pushed his cock back in my mouth moaning, ‘I’m almost there darling, don’t stop now.’ I sucked him hard and he started jerking and sped up a bit then pumped his cum in my mouth. He held my head tightly and I choked a bit as he forced me to swallow, ‘Good girl, you’re a swallower too, now me’ demanded pussy groper pushing Tommy to one side and grabbing my head. Tommy staggered back as arse groper tried to push me on to all fours, pussy groper popped out of my mouth temporarily then knelt down in front, knowing what arse groper intended. ‘Please don’t put it in me,” I pleaded dribbling the last of Tommy’s cum from my mouth and reached one hand back to try to grab his cock to stop him entering me.

‘Don’t be a tease,’ arse groper replied, ‘You know this is what you want!’

‘But I don’t have protection!’ I moaned, ‘Please don’t come in me.’

‘So, you do want it then,’ laughed arse groper and grabbing my hand made me line up his cock with my entrance then he pulled my hips back and impaled me.

‘Oh god, yes!’ I groaned as he began fucking me roughly and I reached out for pussy groper’s cock and put him in my mouth to help stifle my moans.

Pussy groper exclaimed, ‘All right, I’ve only seen this in a porn mag, never thought I get to try it!’ then started pumping his cock in my mouth.

Arse groper couldn’t keep going for long and declared he needed to come so pussy groper told him to swap quickly. When they changed positions, pussy groper began fucking me even rougher than arse groper who only just knelt in front of me and spewed his cum in my face. By that time, I was almost ready to cum myself and just lay my head on the ground and met pussy gropers thrusts with my own.”

Mum suddenly hesitated, then her head flopped back, her pussy flooded juices and she cried out, “Oh yes baby boy, oh fuck that’s good.”

Her hand on my cock pumped faster and I groaned and shot spunk up in the air hitting the car door panel and leaving a trail over the back-seat Mum’s nylon clad thigh, and her hand.

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