Summer Belle

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It was a stifling summer day that tested the will power of air conditioners across the city. As Belle walked to the station she was sure she could hear the faint buzz of the straining machines. Pushing the whirring sound from her mind, she made her way up the ramp to the platform. The hot wind whipped her black silk skirt around her stocking covered legs as she stood alone waiting for her train.

Squinting as the bright sun almost blinded her bright green eyes, she looked down the tracks, watching the outdated train speed towards her. The closer it got, a little faster her heart beat, the nearer the time got that she would be home and in his arms once more. Teetering on her stiletto heels the heat from the paved surface travelled up her flesh as the vibrations of the train shook the ground beneath her.

Suddenly the red rattler stopped, perfectly positioned, a door directly across from where she stood. Once it automatically opened she confidently stepped upon the old train. Scanning the interior, seeing the graffiti stained and torn seats she decided to walk over to one of the open windows, to watch the weather, to feel the air against her face.

Looking out the train window, gazing upon the sky she saw nature begin to work its magic, a sudden feeling of peace flowed through her being. The vivid blue hue that was the sky was now darkening to a heavy black. Swift winds pulled the clouds over like a blanket, taking the sky as theirs.

The movement of the train against the tracks jerked her body against the wall of the rattler as she continued her stare into the brewing storm clouds. Placing a hand against window edge she balanced herself, her thoughts barely shifting from him, while she repositioned her body.

Station after station the rattler passed, her mind flashed another image, another memory. She was growing impatient waiting for the train to finally stop. Her eyes averted now to the cars on the road, seeing the familiar signs telling her she was close.

Seeing her station up ahead she picked up her bag that was wedged between her feet, and placed it over her shoulder. When it made its stop, she crossed the threshold of the automatic doors once more.

The air had changed from when Belle first stepped onto the train that short time ago. Taking a deep breath she took the cool air into her lungs. Lifting her arms to the sky, letting the now cool wind whip around her body she felt the first drops of rain hit her upturned palms.

Taking her first steps along the path to home she continued taking deep breaths, feeling the drops of water fall onto her face and shoulders. The smell of the cold rain hitting the hot pavement filled the air. Looking across at the tarred road you could see the light breath of steam rising from the black. What a magically eerie sight in this overpopulated, car ridden city, the vision erasing all the city noises and aromas from her mind.

The clicking of her stilettos as she avoided the small puddles now forming on the path, her now wet skirt and cami top was clinging to her small, muscular frame. She turned on her heels facing the white painted wooden gate, hearing it creak as she opened it, taking her to her house.

The bright red door of her small brick house welcomed her every day. Placing the brass key into a black antique lock that she’d happened upon one winter’s day at the local trash and treasure, she let herself in to her inviting home. Walking down the long hall and making her way toward the bathroom, removing her shoes and wet clothes with every step. Not caring where they landed, just flinging them off haphazardly.

Picking up her favourite vanilla candle, she lights the wick, placing it back on the side of the basin, Şerifali Escort the scent immediately filling the bathroom. With the shower already running she stands under the steaming water, closing her eyes as the pressure of thousands of beads hits her skin washing away the heat and stress of her day.

Taking the violet soap in her hand she runs it over her body, leaving a glistening trail of suds on her flesh in its wake. Over her chest, grazing her nipples as she moves down to her stomach. Small sighs escape from between her lips as her hand travels lower making her way to the centre of her pleasure.

Dropping the soap from her hand she leans back on the shower wall. Her body jumping as the coolness of the tiles runs through her flesh, causing a thousand goose bumps. Closing her eyes she slides her body down till she is sitting with legs outstretched, the water pounding on her tired limbs. Spreading her legs apart, bending her knees, she lightly traces her fingers over the silken lips of her pussy. Moaning lightly she delves deeper, pushing two fingers into her heat, her muscles clenching as her body quickly responds to her own touch.

Pulling her fingers out, she spreads her juices over her lips, drawing them up to her clit, slowly circling, feeling the bud tighten as she lightly touches the edge of the rosy bud. Feeling the ache grow deep within her she adjusts her hand so her thumb is now rubbing it over the top; first in circles then from side to side.

Lifting her other hand from her thigh she plunged her fingers deep in her sopping pussy. Groans echo through the room, as her body grinds against the shower wall. Curling her fingers, her G spot teased as she continued to thrust into her heat, her other fingers still tormenting her aching clit.

Moving her hands faster, fucking her fingers, caressing her clit. The ache building deep within her being, her groans turned to silent screams as the pressure of orgasm was building in her stomach travelling down to her pussy. Her ample tits heaving as her breath became laboured. Pulling her heels inward to her arse, rocking her hips against her hand she felt the climax take hold, sitting on that edge of release waiting to be tipped over.

One more thrust and she would be there, then a reminder flashed through her clouded mind. Pulling her hands away from her body, she felt her pussy scream in anguish as she left it empty. Wriggling forward so her head was now directly under the shower, she let the water run over her face waiting for her breath and heart to return to normal pace.

Placing her hand on the wall she raised to her feet. Running her hands through her long black hair, she lifted her face and took a mouthful of the warm water. Sighing deeply, she reached forward and turned off the taps. Standing for a moment she let the water drip from her naked body.

Gripping the sides of the glass shower screen, she carefully steps through the opening placing one foot at a time on the red bath mat. Reaching over for the matching king sized towel, wrapping it around her wet shoulders with a corner in each hand she pulls it back and forth down her back, over her body till dry. Dropping the wet towel on the floor, she makes her way to her bedroom.

Scanning the mess that is her room, Belle quickly scampers around and collects all the clothes and shoes off the floor and throws them into her wardrobe. Making her way to her bed she straightens the pillows, folds the crumbled quilt and places it on the wooden blanket chest at the foot of the bed.

Hearing the swirling wind outside she makes her way to the French doors and opens them wide, allowing the cool air to fill her stuffy bedroom. Standing in the Ümraniye Escort doorway watching the wind dance through the bows of the gum tree, an instant gust hits her naked body. Drawing a deep breath, she takes the aroma of the coming storm into herself.

As she lay down on the bed the first crash of thunder took over the skies, a sudden downpour hit the roof. A smile crept across her face as the weather she craved had finally taken over the heat and made it into her soul. Her skin hummed, her soul soared as the sounds of the violent weather filled her.

Closing her eyes, the stifling heat of the day long forgotten and the night ahead almost upon her. Fighting no longer an option, with the hypnotic sound of the rain on the roof above her and the thunder rolling through the sky, she started to drift off to sleep. Thoughts of him mixed with the storm, as dreams took over.

Curling over and facing the middle of the bed, she opens her eyes and smiles as she sees him lying on his side watching her. He raises his hand, lightly touching her cheek. She moves, leaning into his hand and looking into his green eyes, never breaking his stare.

Tracing over her skin with soft caresses; taking in all her features with his fingertips, her high cheekbones, her small nose, lightly tickling across her full lips. Down her neck, toward her chest, he makes his way over the fleshy mounds. Lightly touches her soft full tits, over her skin, lightly flicking her hardening nipples. Her breath now raspy she feels the ache between her legs as the warmth flows throughout her. His effect on her body has been instantaneous from the first time their eyes met, so many months ago.

Breaking his stare Belle looks over at his naked, muscular body. With one hand she reaches out to him. Now with both touching the other; hands tracing over skin, down shoulders, across chests, over torsos, finding the places that were most sensitive, reacting to the other’s touch.

The exploration of one another was incredible. Lips occasionally finding the others, kisses from soft to deep, always full of passion. When they weren’t kissing, they were watching and filling their eyes with each other. Listening to their pulses quicken with the increasing pace of their movements, she felt the juices build within her pussy. The hard rain on the roof only amplified their needs. Both breathing heavy and trembling, they moved slightly apart to admire one another. Seeing his hard cock just made her lust increase all the more.

Leaning into each other, they kissed as if it was their first time. Her body tingled all the way to her toes. The kiss deepened, their bodies melting into one. He moved in closer, placing his arm around her back. He pulled her beneath him as he rolled on top of her. With one swift movement, he impaled her wanting pussy with his throbbing cock, as a bright flash of lightening and a loud clap of thunder filled the room. She moaned involuntarily as her body arched, taking her closer to him.

Her body was in bliss. His cock was in deep and hard. Her pussy tightened, holding him where she needed him. He kissed her again and their bodies melted together, his kisses took her away from everything. All her walls were down. Just open to their pleasure — giving, taking, feeling every touch, every motion. His hard cock thrusting in and out of her, the moment lost to their desire.

His hips grinding into hers, she thrust instinctively under him, synchronised with every stroke. She was caught up in the motion when he suddenly pulled out of her. She cried out, feeling so empty with him gone. He sank back on his knees, moving down the bed. He lay between her legs and licked the inside of her thigh all the Üsküdar Escort way up to the opening of her pussy.

His tongue moved through the folds of her skin. His mouth danced over the swollen lips of her pussy, lightly sucking, taking in all that he could.

Using his teeth to tease her clit till it ached. Biting, scraping as she lifted her hips, pushing her swollen pussy hard against his mouth. The edge of his teeth guiding back the hood, releasing the hard bud, flicking his tongue across the rosy flesh, causing massive waves of pleasure to crash through her body.

The ache that had being building all day from the very thought of him was finally allowed release. His mouth not letting go; Feasting on her heat as climax after climax rolled through her. Taking her hand down to his shoulder, trying to push him off as the sweet agony of the orgasms caused overwhelming pressure in her clit. But he was relentless in his task, taking her there over and over. Not letting her body rest for a moment.

Screams filled the room as the storm outside was growing in violence. Mixed with Belle’s guttural sounds they could hear the wind howl through the trees and feel it rush across the bed coating their naked bodies with the moisture filled air. Feeling her body tremble and quake under the pressure of his mouth, he knew that she couldn’t take much more.

Pulling one more orgasm out her body before taking his full mouth off her sensitive pussy, licking his lips he takes the taste of her into his mouth. Craving more he tilts his head back to her pussy and lightly licks her with the tip of his tongue, calming her hot flesh as her breathing slows back to normal. Still squirming under his touch, she feels her cum leak from her empty pussy. Down to the sensitive skin between her arse and pussy he laps up her juices hungrily.

Moaning out loud, lifting her hips without thought. She felt his hot breath against her flesh, the climax building once more. His strong hands push her body back down on the bed, while still using his wet tongue to lap up her sweet taste. Her sensual sounds fill his ears, the storm no longer heard. With one swift move, he pulls himself over her body and thrusts his hard aching cock deep into her heat.

Instantly she screams as his thick shaft plunges into her. Wrapping her lean legs around his arse she pulls him in a hard as she can. The need to feel him deep within her was overwhelming. Gazing into his eyes as he pounds her body without mercy, he drops his head and kisses her possessively.

Screaming into his mouth as the walls of her pussy grip his cock, she pulls his tongue into her mouth, sucking it hard. The taste of her own juices increasing the sensations running through her being. Arms around his neck her whole body covered with him. Feeling his arse tighten beneath her calves, she can feel his need to cum.

Bucking her hips against his, riding from beneath as he plunges over and over again. Breaking the kiss, he moans out loud, his hips tilt and he pushes himself as hard as he can into her wanting body. Screaming with him, the climax rolls out of their bodies simultaneously. Ecstasy takes hold, moaning, panting, and gasping for air.

Falling against her sated body he nuzzles his face into her neck. She purrs as her body starts to slowly come down. Keeping her legs and arms around him she hears the storm still raging out side. Laughing aloud as huge crash of thunder echoes through the room. Her mind, body and soul at peace as she lies with her man, in bliss together as the wondrous weather possesses the sky.

Gently rolling off her, out of her grasp, he lies beside her. Just looking at the gorgeous creature, that is his. Tracing his fingers over her, from her hairline down her neck and then swirling over her heaving chest to the edge of her mound. Smiling at her, basking in what is them. With the stormy air floating over their naked, tired bodies, closing their eyes, they slowly fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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