Summer Fun

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It was a bright sunny afternoon and the waves were calmly rolling in along the shoreline. A hot pink Frisbee slides along the packed sand, and just as it’s about to stop, a chocolate lab bites it and trots through the incoming wave. The water splashes around his feet as the waves roll back out again. He drops the Frisbee next to tanned feet, with bright red toenail polish on. Spencer bends down and picks up the Frisbee. Bernard jumps up and down waiting for her to throw it. She winds up and throws the Frisbee. It sails through the air, Bernard is already off running.

Spencer walks into the water splashing water up her toned tanned legs. Her red and white polka dotted bikini absorbs the water as her skin creates a barrier from the sunscreen she applied earlier. She walks out of the water as a slight breeze brushes her dark brown bangs into her eyes. She shakes them out of her eyes and head back to her towel to dry off. She sits down as the Frisbee is dropped at her feet once more. She pets Bernard and throws the Frisbee into the oversized bag next to her towel. She grabs her shorts and tank top, throwing them on over her bikini. Spencer throws her bag over her should and makes her way to the boardwalk. Bernard chases after her.

Spencer slides her sandy feet into her flip flops as Bernard trots alongside her. They walk home along the crowded streets as tourists fill shops and restaurants getting ready for dinner. Spencer walks right to the backyard, and flings her bag onto the porch. Bernard lies down in the grass grabbing his chew toy. Spencer slides into the outdoor shower, throwing her shorts and tank over the wall. She shimmies out of her bikini bottoms revealing her intense tan lines. She pulls the strings of her top, unleashing her beautiful breasts. Her pale skin contrasts the sun-kissed lines creating triangles around her breasts. The tanned portion of her skin matches the light brown of her nipples.

She turns the cool water on. It runs down her body washing the tiny pieces of sand off her glistening body. She lathers the soap by rubbing it along her body, making sure to get all the sand off her body. She washes her hair and shaves as the sun begins to set. She pulls the towel off the hook outside the stall wrapping her body up as the water drips off her the ends of her hair. She picks up her clothes and throws them into the bag and walks into the house. Bernard follows her through the kitchen and into the living where Kali sits with her legs thrown over the arm of the chair. Spencer walks into her room as Bernard lies on the floor next to Kali.

“Hey what are we gonna do tonight?” Kali yells from the living room.

“Oh I don’t care, as long as it’s worth doing.”

Kali watches the food network while petting Bernard. Her frayed cut off jean shorts stick to her thighs from the heat.

“I guess I should start getting ready too… hmmm,” she says to Bernard. She gets up, her beer and pulls her t-shirt off as she walks down the hallway to her room. She stops opening Spencer’s door. Spencer wearing only a strapless white bra and a black lace thong is rubbing lotion on her legs.

“So how about dinner at El Dorado, and then we can head to the Purple Parrot?” Kali asks as she checks out Spencer’s ass.

“Yea, alright, I’ll see if Chels and Ross wants to join us at the Purple Parrot.”

“Okay, I’ll see if Leonard and those guys want to meet up too.”

Kali, closes the door, and heads into her room. Spencer turns on some music and throws her wet hair up off her shoulders.

Spencer pulls on jeans and a cotton black tube top. She treks to the kitchen grabbing a beer. She heads back to her room, this time Bernard follows her, hops on the bed and lays down watching her, as she does her makeup. She dries and straightens her shoulder length hair as she dances to music. Kali steps into her open doorway with a short jean skirt and a lace tank top on. Her sun-in blonde hair is thrown up into a messy bun with a poof. He subtle makeup makes her green eyes pop.

“Aren’t you ready yet? Geez.”

“Alright, alright I’m almost ready.”

She glides chapstick along her thick lips, takes a last swig of her beer, grabbing her phone, cash, and id off the dresser.

The girls leave the house and walk into town.

“Okay Chels and Ross are meeting us later, what about Leonard,” Spencer asks.

“Yea Leonard is coming to dinner with his boy, and Alyssa, Jenn, and Milo are meeting us at the Purple Parrot around 9.”

The girls reach the outside of the restaurant and find Leonard and Charlie walking toward them. They give each other hugs, and head into El Dorado. The Mexican restaurant is filled Latino beats, and the smell of margaritas and salsa.

They get seated right away since Kali’s brother is a waiter. They get a pitcher of strawberry margaritas and a pitcher of mango margaritas to share. As they talk about their days, food comes and goes, as the pitchers empty quickly. bursa escort They find themselves taking a shot of Patron, and a round of peach margaritas. Spencer, works her body on the bench, she is getting antsy.

“Alright, are we ready to get our drink on, cause it’s 8:45, and were are meeting everyone else around 9. Plus I have to pee before we head out,” Spencer says.

They pay the bill as Spencer goes to the bathroom. Kali says goodbye to her brother, gives him a kiss on the cheek, and tells him to meet them later once her gets off work.

The four of them walk to the Purple Parrot, Kali and Spencer arm in arm singing Juanes as Leonard and Charlie hold hands, laughing at their attempt to sing Spanish. There’s a line outside of the Purple Parrot, where they find Chelsea and Ross. Spencer pulls Chelsea and Ross out of line, and the group heads to the front of the line. A large muscular man stands at the door as music pours onto the sidewalk. Spencer walks right up to him, stares at him for a second, and then jumps. He catches her giving her a big hug. She kisses him on the cheek.

“Ahh Benny, you are always gonna be a softy aren’t you?”

“Only for you gorgeous,” he says, as he outs her down.

“Alright guys, time to get my drink on,” Spencer says as she makes her way into the bar.

The bar is filled with people listening to the live band. She makes her way to the bar, and orders everyone a shot. Kali slides up next to her and they twist their arms around each other and take the shot. Kali bangs the glass on the bar, and orders two long islands. The girls now filled with more alcohol than food make their way to find Alyssa and Jenn. They find the two girls making out underneath the rainbow colored bar logo.

“Oh would you knock it off already. Some of us don’t have girlfriends,” Kali states jokingly.

“Well if you actually stopped being scared of relationships that would help to get you a girlfriend,” Jenn clearly states.

“Eh, I prefer nothing too difficult, or attached. A few dates and some fucking is all I need.” Spencer rolls her eyes.

“Yeah, I’d be great with that if you didn’t bring home the loudest fucking girls on the planet. Seriously, how do you manage to find only the screamers,” Spencer questions.

“It’s a talent,” Kali smirks. She sips her drink. “And I think I’ve just found another one.” Kali leaves them to follow an olive skinned girl, who trails after her friends.

Spencer finds Milo, and the two take another shot at the bar before getting another drink. The two of them talk and make their way to the dance floor. They find Leonard and Charlie grinding on each other. Milo spins Spencer around. As she dances she notices a brown curly haired woman standing by the bar. She watches Spencer as she dances with Milo. Spencer laughs as she holds Milo’s hand with her drink in the other.

All of a sudden Spencer feels a set of hands on her hips. Assuming its Kali, she pushes her butt out and grinds against her. Milo smiles and lets go of her hand, as a shorter man steps in to dance with him. Spencer smiles and finishes her drink, setting it on the table next to her. She doesn’t stop dancing rocking her hips back and forth, as Kali’s hands run down her hips, onto her thighs, and back up again. Spencer puts her hands on top of Kali’s as they both feel up and down her thighs. Spencer finally turns around, to find not Kali, but the curly haired woman she noticed earlier. Spencer taken by surprise laughs and grabs the woman’s hands and pulls in close to her.

“Hi, I’m Spencer.”

“I’m Elise,” she says with a soft voice, her warm breath brushing past Spencer’s ear.

Spencer pulls away to see her whole body and smiles at her grabbing her hips. Their legs straddle each other as they pull in close again. Elise brushes the hair off Spencer’s face, revealing flecks of gold in her dark brown eyes. Spencer closes her eyes and throws her head back, letting the lights drift across her face and collarbone. Elise doesn’t let go of her, and glides her fingers down Spencer’s neck to the side of her breast, tracing down her side to the top of her jeans. She slides her fingers along the inner top of her jeans, and pulls Spencer toward her. Spencer picks her head back up laughing and holds Elise close. Elise lets go of her jeans moving her hands to caress her sides again. Spencer moves her hands to Elise’s thigh and slowly moves her hand on top of her pussy. Spencer pushes her hips into Elise, making her hand push harder on Elise’s mound. Spencer hears a moan slightly escape Elise’s lips as Elise pushes her hips toward Spencer.

Elise works her hands up to Spencer’s neck pulls her in close and kisses her deeply on the lips. Spencer’s hand doesn’t stop as she and Elise make out. Spencer already feels the pulsing of her pussy. Elise pulls away from Spencer and starts to leave the dance floor. Spencer watches her ass as she stops and turns around. bursa escort bayan She holds her hand out and Spencer walks over to her takes her hand and pulls her outside.

The girls hold hands as they stumble over all the people still waiting in line. Benny looks at her and shouts, “Yeah, get it girl,” as they walk down the street.

“So Elise, where are we going?”

“I was feeling too hot, and thought we could cool off for a bit,” she says with a grin.

“I like it hot.”

“Well I guess you don’t have to come then,” she says as she drops Spencer’s hand. Spencer grabs her hand, stopping her, and pulls her in to kiss her.

“I’m up for anything,” she whispers.

They walk to a nice white house with a dark blue door. Elise opens the door and pulls Spencer inside.

“Nice house, how long are you renting the place,” Spencer questions. Elise turns on the lights in the living room.

“I’m not renting, my family owns the house,” Elise smiles and hasn’t let go of Spencer’s hand. They begin to make out. Spencer immediately moves her hands to feel Elise’s tight body up and down. She pulls Elise’s t-shirt off revealing a filled peach colored bra. Spencer starts massaging her breasts that fill just over the cups. Spencer feels the aching between her legs and kisses Elise deeper. Elise pulls the black tube top up over Spencer’s head and throws it on the floor. Elise pushes Spencer onto the dark blue sofa and begins kissing her tight tanned stomach. She makes her way to the top of her bra undoing the clasp with her one hand. She releases the triangle shaped pale patches of Spencer’s breasts, kissing each of them. Spencer moans, and undoes Elise’s bra, letting her D-cups free. Her nipples are pink and perky from all the stimulation. Elise makes her way to the top of Spencer’s jeans and undoes the button, slides down the zipper all with her teeth. As she does this, her hands massage and flick Spencer’s now up right nipples.

“That’s fucking hot,” Spencer utters. Elise looks up at her and smiles.

Elise slides Spencer out of her jeans and throws them next to the nautical floor lamp. Spencer’s lace thong no longer holds in her aroma, letting it fill the air as Elise smiles. Spencer opens her legs as Elise teases her through the thin strip of fabric acting as a barricade to the only thing Spencer wants right now.

“Someone seems a little wet,” she says as she licks her lips. Spencer, so aroused can do nothing but moan in agreement. Elise throws Spencer’s legs up into the air, pulling the thong off and throwing it behind her. He pale skin contrasts against her bronzed skin. She watches as the pink lips unfold as Spencer brings her legs down and open them. Elise watches as they glisten from the reflected light. He shaven pussy looks good enough to eat. Elise moves her head between Spencer’s legs, blowing cool air on her lips. Spencer’s pussy tightens and realises against the air. Spencer’s lips are slightly parted revealing her inner folds. Elise pulls her lips apart and finds her clit swollen with desire. Elise puts her mouth onto Spencer’s mound. She moves her tongue all around tasting her salty juices. She circles her clit, but is careful not to touch the bud. Spencer moans and touches her breasts, massaging them and pinching her nipples. Elise works her tongue all over her pussy, and finally flicks over her clit. This sends vibrations through Spencer, and she gasps. Elise flicks her tongue back and forth over her clit as Spencer grabs the back of Elise’s head. Elise slows her tongue down, as Spencer moans. She brings a finger to her mouth licks it seductively as she watches Spencer’s face. And she slides her finger into Spencer’s very wet hole. She moves her finger up to her knuckle moving in a circular pattern along her inner walls. She pulls her finger slowly and gets to the tip of her finger before moving back in. Spencer pushes her body down to meet Elise’s finger. Elise does this a few times and but finally removes her whole finger. She quickly moves two fingers into Spencer as she lights up again with the sudden thrust into her hole. Elise keeps this going and puts her head back down. She licks Spencer’s juices and plays with her clit. Spencer thrusts her body to meet Elise’s long fingers as they keep a fast rhythm. “Oh yes, oh right there. Don’t stop. Oh god.”

Elise can tell that Spencer is ready to cum, and slows her thrusts down. She circles around her clit again avoiding the throbbing bud.

“Oh don’t stop, make me cum. I want to cum so hard. Fuck me.” That was all Elise needed. She starts thrusting fast, and keeps going faster and faster as Spencer’s breasts rock in motion with the pounding coming from between her legs. Elise does circle patterns rubbing her tongue back and forth over her clit.

“Oh, Oh, Ohhhhhhhhhhh…” Spencer screams in delight, as her pussy muscles tighten around Elise’s fingers that have stop thrusting to stimulate bursa merkez escort her g-spot. Spencer is over ridden with pleasure and breathing heavy. Elise doesn’t stop she keeps going beginning to thrust her fingers again. Spencer opens her legs wider and grips the sides of the couch.

“Oh yeah, fuck me. Mmmm… Oh god, I’m gonna cum again.”

Elise flicks her tongue over Spencer’s clit as her fingers feel the tension of her pussy muscles. This time Elise removes her fingers just as Spencer squirts her juices over the couch. Elise licks up the wetness from her pussy.

“Now that’s hot.” Spencer gets up and moves toward Elise, kissing her.

“Mmm, I taste good, but I’d rather taste you instead.”

Spencer stands Elise up and undoes her tight jeans leaving them in a heap on the floor. Elise’s ass sticks out the bottom of her pale yellow boy shorts. Spencer wastes no time taking them off of her showing her tan lines. Spencer kisses Elise and works her way down to her large breasts, carefully paying equal attention to them both. She swirls her tongue around her nipples before moving downward. She kisses along her thighs pulling them Elise to her knees. Spencer works her way to the floor and positions herself under Elise’s shaven pink pussy lips. She’s delighted that her inner lips stick out and wastes no time licking her already wet pussy. She grabs hold of Elise’s hips from beneath her and Elise rocks her body in time with Spencer’s licks. Spencer holds her still as she opens her lips with her tongue exploring her trench. She finds her way to the top of her pussy where her clit awaits to be teased. Spencer slightly glides over her clit and back again but quickly moves on to pulling her long lips into her mouth. Elise moans with desire. Spencer knowing that moan all too well and moves back to her clit. Her pussy tastes sweet and she can’t get enough. She delves into each fold before beginning to tease her clit. She rocks her tongue back and forth applying more pressure each time. Elise moans and starts to rock again. Spencer moves her hand to Elise’s hole and doesn’t mess around. She plunges two fingers into Elise. They slide right in from all of her juice. Spencer’s hand is soaked. Elise stops rocking and bounces up and down making each thrust of Spencer’s deeper and deeper. Spencer goes for her clit teasing it over and over as Elise meets her fingers.

“Ahhhhh, right there baby, right there.”

Spencer continues flicking her tongue across the swollen bud until she feels the tightening of Elise’s body.


Spencer doesn’t slow down and moves her fingers faster and faster, Elise’s body shakes as she immediately cums again. Spencer removes her fingers and finds juices rolling down her hand and onto her arm. Elise bends over not moving her pussy from Spencer’s mouth. She finds Spencer’s legs already wide open. She moves her lips to Spencer’s pussy and begins to eat her out again. The two girls eat each other out as they stifle each other’s moan with the mounds. They continue until the both cum again. Their bodies hot with sweat from sex mixed with the humid summer air. The girls lie on the floor next to each other. They kiss. Spencer moves away sprawled naked on the floor.

“Ugh it’s to hot to cuddle,” Spencer states.

“I told you it was getting too hot. Let’s go cool off.” With that Elise gets up off the floor and struts through the dining room to the backyard. Spencer slightly behind her hears a splash before stepping outside to see a huge pool.

“Oh thank god,” she exclaims as she runs and jumps into the pool splashing water right into Elise’s face.

Spencer floats her naked body over to Elise as they stare up at the night sky. She stands up and kisses Elise deeply.

“Now we can continue,” Spencer says, a grin spreading across her face. Elise’s eyes light up from the lights in the pool. Spencer pulls Elise’s legs apart and finds her hole. She trusts into them as Elise moans. She keeps the pace slow but deep. All the while she makes out with Elise. Elise holds her face kissing her. Spencer speeds up wanting Elise to cum yet again. And since Elise is still so horny from earlier is ready to cum, she grips Spencer’s body as Spencer continues her fingers to plough in and out of her hole. Elise throws her head back biting her lip and shudders against Spencer’s fingers. They kiss as Spencer removes her fingers from Elise’s pussy. The girls swim in the pool as stars fill the night sky. The roll of thunder is heard in the distance. Elise and Spencer get out of the pool and dry themselves off with towels from the cabinet. The girls walk into the house. Elise stares at the clothes scattered around the living room. She drops her towel on the floor and starts up the steps. Spencer watches her toned body reach the third step before she stops.

“Aren’t you coming? We have many more rounds left, and my room has all kinds of goodies.” That was all Spencer needs to hear. She dropped her towel and ran up the steps after Elise.

After a long night of double digit orgasms, strap-ons, vibrators, whipped cream, and every position imaginable, Spencer kissed Elise goodbye.

“You better call me,” Spencer yelled as she walked down the sidewalk toward her house.

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