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A hot summer day where your only choices are to swim or to stay in the shadow. Obviously you can’t wear anything but swimming suits and there are times when even a bikini is a drag. I’m talking; hot!

On such a day, I was cooling myself at the bar with a drink. I had only black bikinis on. My dear friends were at the mall, shopping for bikinis or whatever. I was thinking of keeping my skin dry until they arrived, but it just got too hot and I had to get into the sea.

There were familiar guys in the sea. I guess they were playing water-polo, they didn’t notice me, not even Josh… He’s the hottest guy around here and always busy with ladies. Being totally ignored, I decided I’d swim a little and reach the boat that belonged to a neighbor. It wasn’t far away and I had plenty of time, so I was taking my time and swimming slowly.

It was then I felt somebody’s hand on my leg. I turned around to see who it was; what a surprise: Josh! He got onto the surface and grinned at me. I would’ve slapped him if he was just a guy, but I didn’t… He had a questioning look, which I knew exactly what it meant. As I nodded, he pressed his body against me in the water and we started kissing. Then he dived and I felt his hands wandering all over my body. He pulled me down also and we hugged each other underwater. I wrapped my legs around him, making it impossible for him to step back, not that he wanted to… He slid his hands onto my back; he was about to untie the knot of my bikini, but I stopped him. He said ok and his hands went down on me, from my back to my ass, slowly going down my cheeks. A second later, his fingers found their way inside and split my lips, reaching deep down inside of me.

I was really enjoying it. Rubbing my body at the level of his crotch and seeing his expression told me he was also having fun. I hugged him tightly and kissed him. Then my hands were going down his body. I reached inside his shorts, finding exactly what I wanted. He stopped kissing and asked if I’d ever done it underwater. I have done it a few times, but I didn’t want to spoil it, so I said “No, but I’m really curious about it actually. ” That caused both of us to grin. The boat was only a few yards ahead, but we were hesitating, whether we should swim to it, or just stay where we were.

He reached to my ear and slowly whispered: “Let’s continue where we’ll have more privacy.” My friends could arrive any minute and I had to be with them. So I said:

“I think it’ll be better if we waited until it got dark. Nobody would notice we were gone then. Plus girls will probably be out, so you can come over and stay as much as you like. What do you say?”

“Sounds great baby. What time will you be free? “

“How is nine? I’ll send the girls out; hopefully make up an excuse…”

“O.K. then, I’ll see you at nine o’clock.”

He gave me a little kiss and then swam by his friends. I smiled after him, then got out to dry myself. Soon the girls came. As usual, my lovely girlfriend Natalie showed up first, wearing that totally revealing bikini of hers. She has this amazing body, with great boobs and perfect hips. I would know what other greatness she has, but it’s irrelevant at the moment. She knows she’s got it, so she shows it off.

“Hey there, girlfriend, what’s with the suit? Are you checking somebody out? ” I asked.

“Of course not, who here is worth to be checked out, except for Josh, but he’s old news now… No, I was actually hoping I’d run into you before the others arrived.”

“Why? Haven’t you had enough shopping?” I said, chuckling.

“I’ve had enough of shopping, finally; but there’s something else I need, which I can get only from you baby.”

“Oh yeah?”

With that, we walked to our house. Our whole gang lives in the same house; don’t get me wrong though; we’re only six girls, not a huge number or anything… There’s me *Nicole*, Natalie, Christina, Katie, Jennifer and Samantha. Shortly to the point, we’re all bisexuals; not that it stands out too much. We avoid exposure as much as possible.

Because of my little encounter with Josh, I was already turned on, so I didn’t really stand a chance of resistance against Natalie, not with a body like hers. Even the sight of her excites me and usually I get the same kind of response from the people.

As soon as we got to the house, we locked the door and turned on some loud music, to prevent the neighbors from disturbance. It pays off to take precautions. The next instant Natalie was coming over to me. We actually didn’t care where we were. In the living room she got hold of me and her hands immediately began moving over my body, up and down constantly. As we began kissing, we untied the knots of our bikini tops. In seconds, they were off and Natalie lowered her head, licking my nipple and almost swallowing it in her mouth. This really drives me crazy and is the best trick to turn me on. While still standing, she fondled and kissed my breasts, rolling her tongue gaziantep escort bayan over my nipples. They got as hard as stones really quickly as they got wet in her mouth.

My lips never get enough of hers, so I invited her up for a minute. As we were kissing, I slowly pushed her into the bedroom and onto the bed. I watched her, for a second before leaning on her. She only had a small, thong-like bikini bottom. I slowly got on top of her and pressed my body against hers. Our boobs were rubbing each other and only a little fabric stood between our common targets.

As she spread her legs, the little fabric seemed to shrink even more and I could actually feel every curve of her. My hand slowly made its way down on her, wandering over her sexy body and slowly reaching inside her. Her lips were already wet and inviting. She closed her eyes as my fingers entered her. I was going deep in her and she started moaning. As I started to rub my fingers harder on her walls, I felt them slightly shaking. In a matter of seconds I reached her G-spot which was the peak for her. After a little more shaking, she quietly came, getting so wet that I could slide my hand inside. However I didn’t stop until she came one more time. That took a little help of my tongue, but in the end, she was relieved and entirely happy.

Afterwards we both just lay on the bed as she tried to save her breath. Two times is not such an easy thing, you know, though it’s harder to handle it when you’re a guy. Gee, most of them are spent after only one session. I’m real glad Josh knows how to control himself. I actually remember a time when he held himself back to come at the same time with me. The feeling is really great if you manage to synchronize it.

Anyway, just after we sat up on the bed, so she could work on me in return, the girls arrived. When they busted into our room, they were disappointed having missed the show. Sure, there have been times when we helped each other out but watching is the best turn-on ever; especially if I’m the one who’s going down. I don’t really understand what special thing I do, but they seem to enjoy it really much.

Another thing I don’t understand is why my beloved friends always get so turned on after shopping… If I didn’t want to rest myself until Josh came, I could’ve gotten together with all four of them. Natalie was in no condition either. Thus they left us alone and got lost in their own rooms to try on the things they bought and have a little fun in between. I could actually hear their giggles as they moved on. Somebody remind me that I should warn them about the noise they make…

In thirty minutes everybody was ready to go out. I went out with them and joined the dinner. We don’t really cook much in the house and that night wasn’t going to be an exception. After having Chinese cuisine for a change, I wished them a fun night and begged them to go to their friends’ houses. They grinned, eventually, but promised not to bother me; what a luck! Though I know better than that, as soon as the house is available, they’ll come to me asking to help them out with a little “problem”. Guess I can handle it, if they leave me and Josh in peace.

When I got home, it was already 8. Just enough time to tidy up the house and get dressed. Actually the house was already tidy, but I hadn’t the slightest clue about what to wear. It wouldn’t really matter in the end, but still I wanted something to make him stop and stare before jumping over me. In the process of searching, I messed up the room a little, but we had nothing but rooms in the house anyways, so it wasn’t much of a problem. Finally I found my black skirt that is only 4 inches long and the top that matches with it. I found a large and long black dress to wear on top of everything and I was ready.

A little after nine the door bell rang. I invited Josh inside. He looks real handsome as he is and he wasn’t wearing anything special anyways; just the shorts he wears to any occasion and a normal shirt over them. Nothing seems to hide his sex appeal, so it doesn’t really matter what he wears. With a boyish grin he walked in.

“How’s my sexy girl doing?”

“She’s pretty fine, now that you’ve mentioned it. Feeling really energetic also…” I couldn’t help grinning as I spoke these words.

“Mom, well yea, she’ll need that energy. I was kind of hoping we could test drive something. Do you think she’ll be up to it?”

“I’d be rather disappointed if she wouldn’t…”

Just then he came up to me and pressed my lips with his index finger. In the meanwhile his other hand went down, sliding under my large dress. I actually saw the lust shining in his eyes when he figured my actual skirt was almost non-existent and that the large dress was just camouflage. I took off his shirt, admiring his muscular body. The kind of body I’d really prefer to get together and sleep on. The figure doesn’t tell much about sex drive, but you can get a lot of clues about comfort at least.

We were standing in the hallway when we started like this. Slowly, even in the action, we stepped back going into the large living room. We have a cozy, nice couch there and it’s the ideal place to get it on; it doesn’t come handy on role-play situations though, it’s not that big after all. Then he lifted me up easily and put me onto the couch. Before getting over me, he helped me get the large dress off. As soon as it was off, a big grin lightened his already lustful face. My efforts weren’t for nothing; he actually took a good, long look at me.

He started with my ankles. He kissed his way up my legs, started to lick my inner thighs, making it hard for me to stay still. As I invited him up, he rubbed his dick over his pants against my slit, which was starting to get slippery. We started kissing and he took off my top, kissed my breasts. I hate having to stay still, so I pushed him off and got on top. I was rubbing my body against him when I noticed he was already getting hard. This was a bit unusual, but to my surprise I was quite wet, too. I’m not sure if I ever got wet this soon before. He must’ve noticed our abnormally early arousal, but I guessed it made everything easier and more enjoyable for the both of us.

Slowly I removed my skirt and, to make it easier, I haven’t worn any kind of underwear, so I was completely naked on top of him. He complained that when I came it’d be all over his so-precious shorts… I knew he was just joking, but that meant he was going to get on top again. In seconds I was proven right. We rolled again on the couch, this time for him to take control. He took off his shorts and his boxers completely revealed his hard-on.

“I want to go down, now, am I allowed?” He asked me.

“If you don’t want me to beg, please do.” I said laughing.

He lowered his body and leaned on my wet pussy with his head. First it was only kisses and small touches, and then he slid 3 fingers inside me and added another fourth when he saw there was enough room. I felt them on my walls and as he was getting deeper, he only left one finger inside me to reach my G-spot more easily. When he found it, he did everything to help me come in seconds. I started with a slight shaking and my body felt all warm and hot, right from the tip of my toes to my brain. Finally he actually grabbed the little spot, which was the peak for me. With my body temperature rising even more, I felt relief as my juice flowed inside and going out. Once I started to come, Josh stuck his tongue inside, licking every drop of me. His tongue was all over me; on my walls, on my lips and on my clit which was still protruding. I enjoyed every second of this pleasure session, which lasted longer than it usually does. But still, it was over in a minute or so.

After the visual effects of my orgasm were destroyed, I was pretty much relaxed and relieved. Josh brushed his hand over his mouth, as he leaned all over me again. He still had his boxers on which drove me quite crazy, actually. I helped him get it off and felt his hot body completely. We started moving together… First only rubbing our upper bodies, then we were inseparably connected and wrapped to each other. He spread my legs wide, making it an easy entry for the both of us. My pussy was so wet by then, it wouldn’t matter if his dick was four inches thick, and anything could’ve passed through me. At first he sat up on me, just making me feel his hard-on. As he leaned over me, I guided him towards the target. I felt it on my lips, on my clit teasing me with not going inside when I was practically begging for it. I was so turned on… When he saw I was really needy, he showed mercy and roughly shoved his dick into me. He hit the bottom many times and I moaned with extreme pleasure.

Then it was getting even wilder and faster. I crossed my legs to apply more pressure; my walls hugged his dick, in each and every time taking it deeper. I told Josh I was very close, but that didn’t make him stop, on the contrary perhaps. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer, so him being so rough on me was actually quite good. Just about the time I was going to tell him to hit it one really rough time, I realized I was already coming and I wasn’t alone. He laid over me, letting his juice just fill me until I was full and dripping. We were both out of breaths. For the first time, I felt I wasn’t going to be able to do more rounds before some rest. Luckily, I had showed enough intelligence to spread a cloth underneath us, on the couch, so that our juices wouldn’t make stains on it. Not that anyone would mind, but it really is not a pretty sight when you’re not turned on.

After two minutes of rest, Josh asked if I was ready for the next lap. I was completely rested, so I cheerfully answered and watched him as he stood up. His dick was still not limp, but the hard-on had already gone, just after he had stopped coming. He helped me get up also, and then led the way into the bathroom, where we have the largest bathtub in the area. While opening the taps, he asked me to put on a robe. I didn’t question it much, but I had no idea where he was going with that; still, I put on my robe. After the tub was full, he went inside and opened some jazz music to create a mood and it was working really well, to be honest. When the music filled all the rooms of the house, he got into the tub and comforted himself there. In the meanwhile, I was still standing with my robe on. I was still confused, but finally he spoke his mind:

“Now, strip for me.”

“Excuse me??”

“Listen to the music and let it take control of you. Dance to the rhythm and slowly take that robe, right there, without getting closer to me.”

This was something I’ve never tried before, but it sounded like a lot of fun. In a matter of seconds, I’d got the rhythm and was dancing to it. Slowly I unbuttoned the robe; one button in every 30 seconds. Before I reached the lowest buttons, I slid my hand down the robe, petting my clit and once more realizing I was unbelievably wet. The sight of me touching myself did a great job on Josh; his hands dived underwater and then he started telling me what he was doing down there. It was so fun; I forgot about the buttons and just concentrated on my pussy and told him exactly how I was arousing myself. I told him down to the last detail; how hot my pussy feels at first and how soft it is inside when I insert my fingers.

After I was finished telling, he stood up in the tub and his boner was back in place. He looked amazing; so wet and so handsome… Next thing I know is he was coming at me. I still had the robe on with half of the buttons closed. He hugged me tightly, and then pulled the sleeves of my robe up. I was caught off my guard when he roughly got his dick inside me; I wasn’t expecting the move until I was in the tub. But anyways, with his boner inside me, he told me to jump and wrap my legs around his waist. I did so and completely covered his hard-on. We started moving back and forth with rapid pace. His hands were busy, holding me to keep my balance, so it was up to me to unbutton the rest. I did a quick job of that, then encircled his neck and started kissing him, while he completely conquered my pussy.

Just before things were getting hot, I suggested we got into the tub. Putting my feet back on the floor, I walked and got into the tub, comforting myself with the heat there. Actually my timing was pretty awful; we were just about to come, but I wasn’t that comfortable so I needed to break it off. Besides, why do it standing when you have the biggest bathtub in the village?

Josh joined me in a few seconds. He sat, facing me, and I moved onto his lap. He didn’t need any hand jobs at the moment, but I still like to touch and feel his boner. As he spread my legs, I was totally in control and took it so slowly inside. However I felt something pressuring me; it was not my ass, it was my pussy all right, but why the pressure? I figured the reason in a second. Josh was stretching my entrance from the back to add a little spice and it worked its charm. With his other free hand he could also control my clit and therefore apply the stimulation it required for me to come. It was unbelievable. For the first time I was completely full and on every inch of my walls I felt the pressure, squeezing me until I was coming. Truth be told, it was actually also a little painful; reminded me of my first time. I felt all weak and lay down, taking the missionary position which meant that Josh was on top again. At that exact moment, my hands happened to be right over his ass and I grabbed his cheeks just as I was coming. It hurt like hell, before he managed to take his hand out. The water also made everything more slippery but that didn’t change much for us.

That was one big orgasm that I had. It was amazing and was nothing like I’ve lately been through. I looked up to see Josh was also spent, but since we were feeling both alike, we didn’t tease each other much. Normally coming so easily would be a huge issue and laughter. Then we both took a shower, cleaning ourselves together.

“That reminded me of my first time.” he said.

“Yea, me too. The pain was so real, but it’ll never be the same again, will it?”

“I’m not sure, depends on how much more you can be stretched, I suppose. Though I’m not really supporting the idea. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Guess so… My hymen was torn quite a while ago and I hadn’t really cared about it, but I don’t want to risk my muscles or anything.”

“I’m glad we talked this over. Now about our early arousals… Do you think that might have meant something?”

“It goes to show that we feel different about each other than about any other person, I guess… Whatever the hell that means…”

“I know it’s going to be a little awkward, but would you ever consider going steady with me? I mean, dropping this whole bisexual act and just being with me? I know I wasn’t the most loyal guy ever, but we can actually make things change and I’m willing to take some challenges. What do you say?”

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