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The couple lay sunbathing on the deck of a secluded beach house hidden among the sand dunes. The muffled rumble of the surf and the delicate call of seagulls drifted to them on the ocean breeze that weaves its way through the dunes. They rest on a tattered comforter, having long since given up on beach towels and blankets to insulate them from the weathered, splinter-laden wood of the deck. She lay to his left on her stomach, arms bent at the elbows with her face resting on her hands. He lay on his back, arms at his sides, and eyes closed beneath sunglasses.

The gentle breeze, although comforting, did little to diminish the heat of the sun. He rolled up on his right side, resting on his elbow, and reached his hand into the ice bucket situated just above their heads that held an empty bottle of wine and the melting remnants of ice cubes. He rubbed his wet, ice-cooled hand over the back of his neck and around under his chin feeling the cold travel down his spine and drip over his chest. He took a moment to admire his companion. Eyes closed she faced him, her long hair pulled back in a ponytail draped to the side to avoid blocking any of the sun’s rays. He followed her long elegant neck, across the smooth lines of her shoulders, down her back. Her tan was dark and rich and was uninterrupted until it reached the top edge of her bikini bottom, then continued again down her legs. She always sunbathed topless, as he noticed the soft silhouette of her breast tucked underneath her. He reached into the ice water once more to rewet his neck. He had discussed the point of sunbathing totally nude with her on occasion and her argument had always been that certain tan lines added to one’s appearance rather than diminished it. He definitely understood her point.

Sexually the understood each other perfectly. Right now, they were in the process of exploring each other’s likes and dislikes as well as sexual limits. On more than one occasion had the words “That doesn’t feel too good,” or “That’s not working,” been uttered. And, at least one time, had their attempt at passion become so comical that both had fallen off the coffee table, laughing uncontrollably, only to incur rug burns in the most interesting places from wild sex on the floor.

“Now is as good a time as any,” he thought, dipping his had again into the ice bucket. He plucked an ice cube from the bucket and held it just an inch or two above maltepe escort the nape of her neck. A few cold droplets of water fell to her neck. She flinched only and did not open her eyes. He smiled. She had heard his hand in the bucket and had anticipated his actions. He brought the cube down, holding it like a piece of chalk, and began to draw lines, circles and designs, up her neck to her hair line and down to the small of her back. He watched as goose bumps rose in contrast to the beads of perspiration already dotting her skin. As the ice cube melted, he cupped it in the palm of his right hand and caressed her entire back with it following closely behind with the fingers of his left hand, feeling her muscles tense and contract as he slid over them. Rearming himself with a fresh ice cube, he knelt beside her and began use it on her ass through her bikini bottom. He rubbed more firmly than he had on her back, using his left hand to massage and knead as the cold water soaked into the bikini bottom. When the cube had melted completely, he slid his cold right hand inside the bikini to rub and caress, skin on skin. He could make out an almost inaudible moan coming from her. He continued on his mission, repositioning himself for easier access to each body part. He rubbed each leg with an ice cube, from the top of her thighs, inner and outer, down over her toned calves out her toes.

Just as he finished the last toe on her left foot, without saying a word, she automatically rolled over to her back, resting her arms at her sides, spreading her legs just a bit. She had no sunglasses on so her eyes remained closed. He positioned himself just the left of her head and took another ice cube. He began to trace the features of her face with it, starting with her forehead. He traced the oval shape of her face, clockwise, down just to the outside of her eyes, across her temple, down her cheek, around her chin, back up the other cheek, across the opposite temple, back to the starting point on her forehead. He took another cube so that he had one in each hand and began to rub each temple, softly, the melting cube sending trickles of cold water through her hair and behind her ears. He circled her eyes simultaneously, and then traced her cheekbones. He then traced the bridge of her nose from between her eyes, down over the tip of her nose to her lips. He handled the ice cube in a pendik escort manner now as if he were applying lipstick to her lips. He traced the outline of her lips, then their fullness. She slightly parted them and he allowed her to suck gently on the ice cube. She opened her mouth further and he rolled the cube around on the inside of her lips and just lightly touched the tip of her tongue. He took the cube now and started at the bottom of her chin. Sensing what was happening; she tilted her head back to allow him to trace down her neck. He drew a line down her neck, across her chest, between her breasts, over her stomach, through her belly button, until his hand came to rest between her legs. He gently pressed the cube into her pussy through her bikini bottom and held it there until it melted.

He now concentrated on her breasts, her nipples already swollen and erect. He began by circling the ice cube just outside the areola and making larger circles and then smaller ones to cover her breasts completely with ice-cold droplets of water, not touching her nipple at all. He put an ice cube in his mouth and chewed it. He placed his mouth over her nipple and began to lick it, flicking the bits of ice in his mouth all over it. He did this to each breast in succession. Now he rubbed her stomach with an ice cube in the palm of his hand, large and small circles, until the cube melted. He positioned himself at her feet between her legs. He placed an ice cube on her bikini bottom, just above her pussy, on her pubic mound, for it to melt and the cold water to soak through. As this cube melted, he rubbed and caressed her legs, from the tops of her thighs down to her toes again. Finished with this, he gently bent her legs at the knees; spread them wider and laid down between them. The ice cube still melting above her pussy, he took another cube and began to trace her pussy through her bikini bottom. Circling her lips, down to just above her ass, then back up to her clit, he ran the cube. She began to moan a little more audibly and wiggle just a bit as the cube hit its mark. When the cube had melted, he continued the tracing with his tongue, getting a hint of her juices starting to soak through.

He reached both hands under he hips to the top of her bikini bottoms, she rose up and allowed hip to remove them, revealing those wonderful tan lines, dark brown, changing into creamy kaynarca escort white. He placed another cube in her neatly trimmed pubic hair and popped another into his mouth. He chewed it completely, feeling his tongue freeze. The cube started to melt and send freezing rivulets of cold water running down over her pussy, across her clit and sliding over her lips. Seeing this he used his tongue to catch them and trace them back to their source, tasting her juice mixed into the ice-cold water. He got more intense and concentrated with his licking, around and around her lips, up and down the groove between them, stopping and concentrating on her clit, licking, nibbling and sucking it. He dipped his index and middle finger into the ice bucket to chill them and plunged them inside her as he licked her clit. She jumped initially, and then began to time her motions with the pumping of his fingers. Her clit swelling in his mouth, he felt her pussy squeezing down on his fingers as he moved them in and out of her. The faster he licked and finger fucked the tighter she squeezed.

Not able to stand it anymore, he pulled off his swimsuit and knelt between her legs. Noticing the cube above her pussy had melted, he replaced it with a fresh one. As it began to melt, he teased her pussy with the tip of his cock, tracing her lips and tapping her clit with it. He then slid it inside her tight swollen pussy and began to pump slowly, putting her legs over his shoulders. He reached with his right hand and held the melting ice cube directly on her clit as he fucked her. Faster and faster, he fucked, pounding his cock deep inside her. His cock on fire, but feeling the ice water trickle down over it each time he thrust. She began to squeeze her pussy down on his cock each time he pulled out to thrust in, intensifying the throbbing he was feeling. He knew he was ready and she was not far. He dropped the cube, grabbed her hips with both of his hands, and lifted her up a bit allowing deeper penetration. A half dozen more thrusts and his cock exploded deep inside her. She came too, her pussy contracting repeatedly, milking his cock, forcing her juice out around it, and dripping down on the comforter. With every muscle tensed, he knelt over her, his cock pumping the last drops of his come into her pussy. Exhausted, he collapsed next to her, rolling to his back, each of them breathing hard, eyes closed.

They found each other’s hand and grasped tightly. She brought his to her lips, lightly kissed the back of it and let them fall back between them. The gentle breeze, still transporting the soft ocean sounds to them, now had a more cooling effect as it blew across the perspiration covering their bodies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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