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You have been gone for two weeks and my pussy is ravishing for your touch. The sweet, long, beautiful stride of your tongue against her wetness makes her ache for you.

Today at 4:00 is our anticipated reunion. Our chance to taste and savior each other for hours.

I knock on the front door and you open it within seconds. I am more than certain you have been standing there watching me walk up the drive from the window that is on the door.

“Hi lover.” I say as I walk through the doorway opening you are holding open for me.

“Hello, how have you been?” You ask.

“Good, but I have been missing you.” I say as I walk up the steps to your apartment.

You follow right behind me. The top step of the staircase leads right into the front room. You come up on me from behind and hug me. “I’ve missed you too.”

I notice you are squeezing me a bit hard, but I don’t move. The thought of you missing and wanting to be with me turns me on. Since we haven’t been together for two weeks, there is only one way this scenario is going to end up, me fucking your brains out.

Still holding me, your face buried in my hair, “I like what you are wearing.”

I’m so flattered you even noticed, I think to myself. My jean skirt is short. I have on new wedge sandals to accent the muscles in my calves, and a new blue flowered shirt that is very low cut, so you can see my breast bulge out of the push up bra I am wearing. You start to kiss and suck on my neck from the position behind me you still occupy. Your hands slowly move down my back, over my ass, along the side to my hips and up to both breast. I can tell you are getting turned on because the kissing is getting harder and the massaging you are doing to my tits is getting rougher.

“Time to play.” You whisper in my ear. Our code words for role-play.

I understand without saying a word. I can tell you want to lead the scenario, which is fine with me.

My arms come up to embrace you and make you bite my neck harder, but you capture them in mid air and hold them tight.

“Leave them up, right there”, you order. I do as I am told.

You grab my shirt right in the middle, where it is in the low cut “v” and rip it so it comes off like a button down shirt. I don’t flinch. Then you unsnap the bra and slide it off me.

You go back to devouring my neck, but as you do you pull my hair to the side. It yanks my head to the right, which bursa escort makes my neck open to your punishment. Your other hand is on my tit squeezing and torturing my nipple.

You whisper into my ear, “You’ve been a naughty girl, haven’t you?’

“No, I haven’t.” I answer innocently.

You force me around to look into your eyes. I melt in your blue ocean gaze.

“I know what you do without me, now you have to pay for your hidden pleasures.”

Your hand is buried in my red locks of hair. You pull it and force me to my knees.

Never taking your hand from my hair, “unzip my pants, take them to the floor and suck my cock you naughty bitch, you know how I like it.”

I fight against my restraint, but underneath I am devouring every minute of it.

When I get your pants down your cock is hard and straight, at the perfect angle for my mouth. I take in just the head, to taste the bit if juice you have already created for me. “Take it all bitch, don’t tease me.” You say.

Hand still in my hair you push my head forward, until I deep throat your whole prick. As you guide my head back and forth you are watching the whole show in a mirror that is sitting against a chair, which just has not made it to the section of the wall it will claim home soon. “That’s it baby, I like the way you suck my dick.”

Watching this show from two different angles, and the intense feeling because it has been two long weeks, you are ready to explode sooner than you thought. You can’t stop the intensity, it’s too much. As you start to blow your load, you pull it out of my mouth, so it shoots all over my chin, neck and tits. I stick my tongue out to get a taste. You put your dick back into my mouth so I can suck off the remaining droplets of cream and clean you up.

You go over to the couch and sit down. I sit back on the floor and start to caress and play with the cum that is all over me. I spread my legs apart and slightly lean back. You can see that I am wearing no panties under my little skirt. I can tell by the look on your face that you are enjoying the view. As my finger glides into your cum I then take it down to my clit. Not that it needs to get wet because the juices are flowing out of my cunt already.

“Play with it. I want to see how you do it when I’m not around.”

I am more than happy to give you a show. I pull my skirt up around my waist to give you a better view. I lean back gürsu escort against the recliner behind me and spread my legs. I slide my middle finger from the tip of my pussy down deep into my cunt to get it all wet and slick. I bring my finger out and stick it into my mouth to taste my own juices. As this is happening you are watching me in a very intriguing way. Then my finger finds it’s way down to my juices again and gets it all wet. Then I glide it up to my clit. You know how that really turns me on, so you study me. My finger slides up and down on the bud very slowly. Within a few minutes it starts to engorge. I start to massage quicker, but remember you are watching so I show down again. I am watching you watch me. I stick my finger deep into my wetness to fuck myself. My hips actually start to move slightly to try to keep rhythm. I bring my finger back to my clit, spread my legs apart even farther and explode. At this moment I don’t care that anyone is watching, my head is thrown back and my eyes closed. After the moment expires itself I look back to you. You seem pleased at the show you just beheld. I crawl on my hands and knees to the sofa you are sitting on. You spread your knees apart so I can make my way between them. I lick up your thigh, starting at your kneecap to your balls, on the left side, then the right. When I have finally arrived at my treasure and start to really taste it your hands go into my hair and pull my head up. ” I don’t think so. Get up and turn around.” I do as I am told. From out of nowhere you have a scarf and are blindfolding me. “Take off the skirt”. I do as I am told.

You grab my hair and force me to turn right, then quickly left. I know this is leading to your bedroom. Approximately ten steps I am at the edge of your waterbed that has a ledge around it.

“Climb up on the edge.” You tell me. Once up on it, I am on my knees and bent over with my hands on the bed. My ass is in the air. You spread my legs apart even further. You get on your knees off the side of bed and start to kiss and lick the inside of my legs. Then your tongue finds the crack of my pussy and you suck and fuck it intensely. Your hands have come up around my ass and your middle finger enters my forbidden hole. My body is rocking back and forth to the rhythm my hips want to create. I feel your kiss strong and sensual on my neck while you are cupping and teasing my nipple. All these sensations orhangazi escort at the same time have me about ready to erupt when I realize there is too much happening.

“Oh fuck, what’s going on?” I ask sternly.

“Be quiet, this is my show.” You tell me. “It’s going to go the way I want it.”

By the laugh I can tell it’s another girl. OK, I think, I ‘m not having a problem with that.

As she continues to glide her tongue from my slit to my clit I moan louder with every breath.

“I knew you would like it baby. I only want to make you happy.” You say in my ear as I explode all over this unknown female’s tongue. You kiss me deep and hard.

You get up and get behind me. Your rock hard cock is rammed deep into my cunt. You grab my hips to control my rhythm. Slow and deep you penetrate me. I feel every bit of your shaft as my lips embrace you. At the same time the unknown girl is maneuvering under me. She positions herself to where my face is right above her engorged clit.

Favor for a favor, is the thought that runs through my mind. I am happy to oblige. Her nectar is already running out of her slit. As you are pumping my pussy you watch me bury my face in her cleanly shaved girlie-ness.

“That’s it baby, make her scream for it.” You tell me.

As I am enjoying my task of licking and sucking her bud you are watching and pumping me harder. The girl is moaning in delight and you are following suit. My pussy is so wet just from knowing the two of you are being turned on. Within moments she is grabbing my hair and pushing my face into her treasure because she is cumming all over me. As you watch all of this you start to slam my cunt faster and harder. The girl gets up, goes behind you, gets on her knees and starts kissing and licking all over the back of your legs and ass while one finger goes up your ass and the other hand goes to your balls. She is not there for two minutes and you are struck by the excitement. You pull out of me and shoot your wad all over my ass and lower back. I feel your warm juices on my skin and I am pleased, my hands slide out in front of me and I collapse on the bed. I need to rest for a few moments.

“Do you want something to drink lover?” you ask me.

“Yes, please.”

I turn over on my back, still blindfolded. I get a deep throated kiss and listen to you walk down the hall. After a moment I realize it wasn’t your kiss. I take off the blindfold and look around. No one is there. A few moments you come back with something for both of us to drink.

“Are you ok, I hope you are not mad at me, but I thought we would both enjoy that”, you say.

“No, I’m not mad, that was quite the surprise.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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