Surprise at the Office

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This had started out to be one of the worst days of my life. It was one of those typical ‘if there’s anything that can go wrong, it will’ days. It was Monday and I forgot to turn on my alarm so of course I overslept. Then, of course, after I got in the shower, I discovered the empty shampoo bottle and the new one was still on the counter, out of reach.

In my frantic rush to get dressed, my blasted nails ruined two pairs of black stockings before I was able to successfully pull a pair on run-free. I cursed my boss and his old-fashioned dress code. Then of course, my decision to skip making my coffee at home came back to bite me in the form of a stain on my shirt. And it was disgusting drive-thru coffee, so it wasn’t even worth the stain. At least once at work, I could button my rose-pink jacket over my pale shirt so you couldn’t see the stain.

One thing I didn’t notice, was that the garter belt I chose for the day showed its outline through my matching, rose, tightly-fitted skirt. I hate pantyhose, so stockings with garters were my little private compromise. At least they had the benefit of making me feel sexy for having to wear them. Thanks to my rush of getting dressed, I didn’t pay attention to the frills on the garter and now everyone at work was going to know my secret, even though I wasn’t aware of my blunder.

My jacket was short, only coming to the waist of my skirt. I thought it was a cute, chic outfit that showed off my legs. I even wore my three-inch, pencil heels to make myself feel better about the day. I finally had a moment to breathe in the elevator ride to the eighth floor and I took a moment to check myself in the mirrored wall.

I’d pulled my shoulder length, dark-blond hair into a pony tail to save time and only had one loose tendril of hair hanging out. As I tucked it behind my ear, I noticed smudged lipstick on my full, pink lips. A quick fix there, a swipe at the flake of mascara under my green eyes and I felt I was ready for the day. Finally.

When the door to the elevator opened, I hurried across the hall to the my office. Pushing open the door, I threw a smile at the receptionist. “Good morning Glenda. Are the guys in yet?”

“Hey, Melanie. Only Steve and Todd are in so far. Jack and Jacob are in court already.”

“Did Jacob get the brief I typed up?”

“Sure did. Although, I believe Jack left you something to work up for him.”

“Thanks. Let me know if Mr. Collins calls, I have the information he needs.”

Glenda gave me a quick nod and I headed for the room that I worked in. Amazingly, I was the only paralegal that had arrived and had the place to myself. I’d worked for the lawyers Garmon, Garmon, Peterson and Thacket for three years. I’d outlasted every other paralegal hired and now had the senior position.

Three of the lawyers were incredible asses, but Todd was okay. In truth, he was probably the only reason why I was still there. He was the only one able to give a kind, encouraging word instead of harsh criticism. He was also the youngest and rather cute- even if he did have a bad habit of marrying utter bitches that divorced him after only a few months.

On my desk was a big pile of instructions from Jack. In typical lawyer fashion, he had abominable handwriting. The paralegals were expected to decipher it and follow the instructions to the letter. It took several minutes of squinting at the notes before I figured them out. Gathering up my notepad and pens, I headed for the law library.

My high heels clicked on the tile floor as I hurried down the hallway. The law library was quite a large room, ringed completely with shelves of books. There was an unknown system set in place long before I arrived as to the way the books were grouped on the shelves. Only time allowed a person to figure it out (somewhat) and luckily I had done that fairly well already.

It took only a short look before I found what I needed on a bottom shelf. As I was bending down to get it, I heard footsteps come into the room and stop abruptly. Looking over my shoulder I saw Todd standing in the doorway. The book I wanted was wedged in tight and it took a bit of a struggle to pull it out.

I didn’t notice that Todd stood staring at my rounded ass and the outline of my garter under my rose skirt. I also didn’t realize that he held his briefcase in front of him to hide the boner he got from taking in the view. Once I had the book free from the shelf, I turned to face him giving him a booby shot down the front of my shirt as well. “Hi there. Need something?” I asked innocently.

Todd blushed. I was totally blown away. What had I said to cause that? “Uh, I need the Anderson files. We go to court this afternoon.”

“Oh sure. I have it ready.” I set the book down on the table and headed for the door to go back to my desk to get the file. Todd still stood in the doorway and didn’t move. We stood awkwardly for a minute before I mumbled an ‘excuse me.’

Todd blushed again and hurriedly stepped back. He followed Bostancı Escort me to my desk and waited while I picked the files out of a holder on my desk. I slid them together into a larger file case and handed it to him.

“Thank you.” He stood staring at me. “You look very nice today,” he finally managed to say.

“Oh. Thank you. I was running late this morning and was afraid of not meeting Mr. Garmon’s standards.” I pulled at my jacket a bit. Todd had never seemed to pay much attention to me before, so this was very unusual.

“No, you look really good.” He smiled at me before turning and leaving my office.

At his smile, my stomach gave a flutter. That was really new. His compliment and my reaction to it were unexpected. Frowning, I was afraid that this was a bad thing. He was one of my bosses and having feelings for him was simply not allowed.

Shrugging it off, I went back to work. The other paralegals made it in and we all worked steadily. Monica was a friendly, plump brunette and Sharon was a gray- haired grandma that threatened to quit at least once a day, making Monica and I wish she’d just do it already. Monica and I got along just fine and we both disliked Sharon, so it all worked out.

I felt like I’d put in a full day before lunch time finally rolled around. Even though Monica and I headed out at the same time, somehow I ended up in the elevator alone with Todd. He leaned back against the wall with his arms crossed over his rather nice chest and stared at me.

I was starting to feel self-conscious and squirmed a bit under his scrutiny. Nervously brushing a hand over my hair and tucking in the loose strand I asked, “Is something wrong?”

He gave me a wicked smile before answering, causing some seriously cute dimples to flash in his cheeks. “How long have you worn garters to work?”

My eyes grew huge and I could feel my face turning bright red. Struggling to remain calm I leaned back against the wall and mirrored his pose. “Who says I wear garters?”

Todd chuckled and looked pointedly at my skirt. “You do.”

Frowning, I looked down and could now clearly see the outline of my garter belt under the snug skirt. Closing my eyes I cursed quietly and viciously and then frantically prayed for the elevator doors to open and let me escape. Instead the elevator stopped at another floor and picked up two more women. To make more room, Todd moved from his spot against the wall and stood beside me.

I whispered as quietly as I could, “Is my choice of underwear a problem for the firm?”

Todd leaned in close and I caught a whiff of expensive, musky cologne. “Not at all. I quite enjoy wondering about your underwear.”

Tingles shot through my body and my pussy was immediately wet. Here was the cutest lawyer of them all very obviously flirting with me. I also knew perfectly well that his last divorce was final only two weeks ago since I had typed the damn thing up. Which also meant I knew how much the ex-bitch was getting paid from him each month.

Thankfully, the elevator stopped at the lobby floor and we all exited. I met up with Monica and we grabbed a quick lunch before heading back to work. I spent most of my time squeezing my thighs together, seeking some little relief from the fires Todd had started.

It was very late in the day before I saw him again. Everyone else had left for the day and I was in the law library alone, trying to finish up gathering the information Jack needed. When Todd walked in, my pussy seemed to automatically gush a bit of juice and I knew I was in trouble.

He closed and locked the door then came over and leaned against the table, just watching me for a minute. Finally I couldn’t stand it anymore and looked up at him questioningly. He only smiled that killer smile with the dimples and I squirted a bit more cream into my panties. Reaching out he plucked the pen from my now nerveless fingers and using it to mark my place in the book, slid everything further down the table.

Taking my hand, he pulled me from my chair and into his arms. He pulled me close, his hands rubbing up and down my back, one sliding down to give my ass a squeeze. Closing my eyes and nearly moaning I whispered, “Mr. Thacket I don’t think…”

He shushed me with a kiss. My toes curled in my black high heeled shoes and my heart raced. Oh god, the man could kiss. His firm lips moved over mine, his tongue flicking out to lick and taste me. I shuddered and surrendered, opening up to meet him. My arms wrapped around his neck and I pressed tight against him.

His hands roamed my body, cupping my full, pert breasts, following the outline of my garters down my legs. I could feel his rock-hard erection pressing into my belly and could only hopelessly grind against him as my pussy wept for attention. No matter how wrong it was, boss or no boss, I was lost to the sudden intense passions between us.

Todd shrugged out of his jacket and let it fall to the floor. He then quickly unbuttoned mine and Kadıköy Escort began pulling it from my shoulders. I dropped my arms to help him and then nearly ripped my blouse from the waist of my skirt and started to unbutton it. We barely stopped kissing at all while we struggled to undress each other.

When my skirt hit the floor, Todd stopped me from going further. His shirt was gone and he stood in his unfastened pants. I could see the bulge just waiting for me and was frustrated that he has stopped us. We were both breathing hard and a little sweaty.

Todd reached up and very gently pulled out the band holding my hair. It fell around my shoulders in soft blond waves. He ran his fingers through the silkiness to fluff it up a bit. His fingers traced down my neck and followed my bra straps to the lacy cups. Little trails of electricity seemed to flow from his fingertips into my soft skin.

He stood staring at my breasts and the dark pink nipples visible through the white lace. Flicking his thumb over the hard nubs made me gasp and arch my back. Todd smiled at my reaction and his fingers continued their way down my body. My stomach quivered in response as he crossed down to my matching white lace panties.

Bending down a little, Todd slowly slid my panties down my legs, leaving me in only my white lacy bra, garters and black stockings. His hands traced my long shapely legs on their way back up my body whispering across the well trimmed patch of hair above my clean shaved pussy lips, making my knees so weak I had to reach out and grab the table to keep standing upright. I couldn’t stop the little whimpering noises escaping from me as I waited for his next move.

“Beautiful,” he whispered, his mouth dipping into the valley of my breasts. I gasped as he tongued across my breast to lick at my nipple through the bra. He took me around the waist and lifted me up onto the table where we kissed again. Long, hot, wet kisses that made the fire inside me burn even hotter.

I ran my hands over his chest, finding only a light furring of hair. He was strong and muscular, obviously working out on a regular basis. His back fascinated me with its ridges of muscle and the way those muscles quivered when my hands stroked over them. Reaching between us, I cupped that hard bulge still encased in clothing. It was hot to the touch and I heard his quick indrawn breath.

I pushed at his pants and underwear, my fingers frantically seeking him. Finally his rod sprang free, long and fat and iron hard. Moaning I stroked his length, feeling the small drops of pre-cum oozing from the end.

“Dammit. I wanted to do this slower. God you’re so hot. I’m sorry baby but this one’s going to be quick.” Todd’s rough voice rasped over my sensitive skin.

His fingers dived into my sopping, wet pussy causing me to nearly scream. One expert flick of his thumb was all it took to send my first orgasm ripping through me. His lips closed over mine, our tongues dueling frantically as I writhed against him.

“Now. Fuck me now.” I whispered. Pulling on the rod I still held in a tight grip, I urged him closer. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I ground my pussy against his hand, still buried inside me.

“Fuck!” Todd exclaimed. His mouth latched onto my nipple, sucking hard as his body curved into me. His hands holding me tight, he pressed his hard cock against my wet slick valley. When he only slid through my nearly dripping juices instead of entering me I nearly cried. Reaching down, I grabbed him and pointed him in the right direction.

When he finally entered me, it was a kind of relief but also the beginning of yet another frantic effort on my body to nearly swallow him whole. It was a tight fit, but I was so freaking wet he just slid right in. Stretching me tight, filling me up, sending millions of tingles and causing near shrieks of joy to race through me.

It was the animal-like coupling of two people overwhelmed by lust. Flesh slapping against flesh, groans and grunts, bodies straining for release. Todd pounded his body into mine, driving my passion to heights I’d never known. No man had ever taken me to this point, where all I wanted was his cock slamming into me until we both lost complete control.

The pressure built to the most amazing high. There was a hard hot ball of fire in my belly. My hips were rocking against him, my lips seeking his flesh, nipping and biting. He was squeezing my breasts, pinching my nipples while trying to hold me so my hips didn’t slide across the table out of reach.

Our bodies were so hot, sweat slicking our skin. I could feel the rush coming and urged him on. Just as the pressure built so hard I thought I’d shatter into a million pieces, Todd gave a rough shout and came hard. His hips jerked hard against me and I could feel the hot jets of cum splashing inside me.

It was all I needed to finally push me over that last edge. I did scream that time as I came. My pussy convulsed and squeezed down on his cock, milking Göztepe Escort the cum from his body. Waves and waves of wondrous pleasure washed over me. My head fell back and my legs tightened even more around Todd, holding him as close as I could.

We did nothing more than breathe heavily, panting for air for several minutes. As I came down off the greatest sexual high I’d ever had, I simply felt too good to be embarrassed to be sitting on the library table with my legs wrapped around one of my bosses. Right now, I simply didn’t care of I lost my job for this. It had been amazing, so hot and wet and hard.

Todd buried his face in my neck, licking the light sheen of salty sweat and making me shiver. “God girl, I knew you’d be good but damn, you just rocked my world.”

I gave a weak laugh, finally unwrapping my legs from around his body. Scooting back farther on the table so I could sit more comfortably, I eyed this man who held my job in his hands. “This was uh… a bit unexpected.”

Todd leaned back and smiled. His brown eyes held a lazy sparkle and a satisfied look. “You’ve been making my mouth water for months now but finding out you wear garters was the last straw. I really didn’t mean to just fuck you on the table like this. I was going to wine and dine you a bit and then take you back home with me.”

I moved to close my legs to keep the slow trickle of cum I felt from oozing out. “Oh really? Wine and dine huh? As amazing as this was I kind of think I deserve that now.”

Todd raised his eyebrows in question. “Deserve it?” he asked smiling.

“Well, I am going to have to do the walk-of-shame out of the building now. Not to mention, just how do I get from here to the bathroom to clean up without staining my skirt?” I crossed my arms over my breasts, pretending to be all uppity.

Todd laughed and began gathering clothes. When he got to his jacket, he pulled a silk handkerchief from the front pocket and handed it to me. I looked at the pretty blue swatch of fabric and nearly cringed.

“This is pure silk. I can’t use this.”

“Trust me, I have more.” He gave me a quick kiss before jerking on his pants and shrugging into shirt. “I’ll step outside while you dress. There was no one in the office when I came in and I’ll make sure of it before you come out.” Todd slid a hand over my black stocking and played with the garter while planting a slow hot kiss on me. He pulled back and smiled at me again before quietly leaving the room.

Looking down at the silk in my hand I shrugged. It took only a few short moments to clean up and get redressed. I stuffed the now soiled silk handkerchief in my pocket. Not just because I didn’t want to leave behind evident of the encounter, but some sort of silly sentimental female thing inside me wanted to keep it. Just as I reached the door, it swung open. Todd stood waiting for me.

“All clear.”

“Thanks. I’ll just be a minute.” I clipped down the hall and after a quick detour to grab my purse, popped into the bathroom and did another quick fix there. With my hair tied back up and my make-up freshened, the only thing noticeable about my appearance was the slightly rumpled jacket and skirt.

Todd was once again waiting for me outside the door. “Ready to go?” he asked.

I hesitated. “I hope you do know that I’ve never…” His finger over my lips stopped my words.

“I know. Would you come to my place?” Licking my lips nervously I started to worry about my job for the first time since this whole weird encounter started. Before I could even voice my worry though, Todd spoke again, “Give me a little credit and a little trust please. Nothing will happen with your job. I’m going to place a huge amount of trust in your hands and tell you that I’m leaving the firm and opening my own practice. No one will ever know about us unless you tell them and there will be no uncomfortable after-sex issues either.”

My mind whirled. Todd was leaving? After what just happened I really wasn’t sure how I felt about that. I know my eyes were huge when I looked up at him. “You’re leaving?” I whispered.

“We’ll talk about it later.” He held his hand out to me. “Come home with me tonight?”

Fighting through disappointment and insecurities, I placed my hand in his and nodded. We went down to the parking garage and Todd handed me into his shiny sports car. We were both silent, lost in our own thoughts for the short five minute drive to his extremely nice, uptown apartment.

Todd’s apartment building was very exclusive. A valet met us and assisted me from the car and opened the building door for us. Inside, Todd paused at a desk that looked like one in a fancy hotel and told the guy there to send up a light supper for two. Wrapping an arm around my waist, he led to a bank of elevators. We flew so swiftly and silently to an upper floor, that he had barely any time to nuzzle my neck with his lips before the elevator stopped and the doors opened.

There were only two doors in the small hallway, one on each side. Todd opened the one on the left and ushered me inside. I stood amazed at what I saw there. Everything was black and white, chrome and simply beautiful. A wall of windows gave me a view of the city that I had never seen before.

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