Surprise on Business Trip

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I was in Dallas on a business trip, it wasn’t in the best of neighborhoods, but not the worst by any stretch it was actually more of an industrial district, mostly factories and warehouses, but an occasional hotel or burger joint.

I was staying in one of those hotels, not a bad one either. They had clean rooms and a well lit parking lot. One of my employees (Jim) and I were staying in one room and another employee (Mike) was staying in another due to his excessive snoring.

I always figured these two held something against me because at one point we were all on an equal level in the company, but I moved up the ranks quickly and soon found myself as their boss.

My meeting that day had finished and I heard that Mike and Jim’s meeting was going to be dragging on longer into the evening. I thought this would be a great opportunity to get back to the hotel room and catch a quick nap.

I went back to my hotel room opened the door and walked in. I didn’t pay any attention to the door figuring that it would close on it’s own like most do, boy was I wrong. Apparently it didn’t completely close. I flopped down on the bed closing my eyes for a nap, a few moments later I heard the door open and someone jumping onto my lap.

“What the fuck?” I said as I sat up just to see a beautiful black woman sitting on my lap. She had long black hair, probably weighed about a hundred pounds, easily had C cup breasts and tiny little waist that would get any mans attention.

“Hi” The woman said.

“Any services we could perform for you today, sir?” A large black man said from the door as he stepped inside and closed the door behind him. I didn’t know what to think, I had heard of things like this happening in this area before. I looked over at the man and smiled.

“I might be able to think of a few things”

“I can do a lot of things, what did you have in mind?” As she said that she started to thrust her hips around causing me to quickly grow a huge erection.

“Oh god I wanna’ fuck the hell out of you girl.”

“Oh yeah baby” she hollered as she started pulling off my clothes. The large black man took a seat at the nearby table. The woman pulled my shirt off and then undid my pants.

“Yeah baby, you are so hot.” I said as she pulled my pants and boxers down, exposing my rock hard cock.

“Look at that!” she said as she grabbed onto my cock with one hand. She started to jerk me off with one hand and lift up her skirt to show she wasn’t wearing any panties. This pair was obviously professionals. She grabbed my cock and slipped a condom over the head and down the length of my shaft. With a hop she had her feet up on the bed and glided my cock into her hot wet pussy.

“Oh my god!” I yelled out feeling how nice her pussy felt. After a few thrusts we quickly found a rhythm. The black man with her remained noticeably silent, I was thankful for that. I put my hands on her hips to help with my thrusting into her hot wet pussy.

“Yeah, fuck yeah baby!” she screamed as she arched her back and pulled her shirt up and off, tossing it to the man at the table.

“Oh god fuck yeah baby!” I yelled as I fucked her harder and faster. I reached up and grabbed onto her big beautiful tits and gave them a good squeeze. As I continued I could feel that need to cum welling up within me. Harder, faster, harder and longer I fucked her. I was trying to concentrate on not cumming too fast. I wanted to enjoy every minute I could in this hot wet pussy. But I just couldn’t last that much longer.

“Yeah, baby yeah I’m gonna’ cum!” She ground her hips in tight against me and I clutched onto her hips and gave a few final hard thrusts. I collapsed limp on the bed, she got up next to the bed.

“That’ll be a hundred bucks.” The man said as he stood up from the table and walked in front of the door.

“No problem.” I said as I reached down next to the bed to find my pants. Finding them I reached into the back pocket for my wallet. As I did I discovered that it wasn’t there, it’s still in my car. “Oh Shit! My wallet is in my car, let me run out and grab it.” I got up off the bed and pulled my pants up as I walked to the door. The large black man stepped right in front of me.

“You’re not going anywhere till I get my money.”

“I just need to run out to my car and get my wallet.”

“You’re not running anywhere.” He said as he took a step closer to me. I could tell by the tone and look on his face that there were serious consequences to that.

“Hey man, my car is right outside in the parking lot. You can see it from the window.”

“I don’t give a fuck! And I don’t see nothin’ but a cheap assho’ who ain’t payin’!”

“But, I…What else can I do…..I don’t have any cash on me.”

“Well…. You better start workin’ it off then.”

“Working it off? How would I….” As the words left my mouth I knew exactly what he had in mind. This was like some kind of scam that he makes more money off me being some type of whore for him.

“Twenty dollar blow jobs is what I would suggest” interrupted the woman still sitting on the bed.

“What……….What other options do I have?” I said looking between the two of them.

“Fifty 1080 porno bucks for a fuck in the ass.” She piped in.

“Are you serious?”

“That’s what I charge.” The man responded.

“Look man, My car is right outside my wallet is in it, I have your hundred bucks in it. I wouldn’t have agreed to this if I didn’t have the money.”

“I don’t know if you have the money or not, so if you don’t, you better start suckin’.”

“But I do have the money, it’s out in my car.” The man said nothing but grabbed me by the back of my head and pushed me to the ground in front of him. I looked back up just in time to see his big black cock bouncing out of his pants. I was shocked, I wanted to say something but as I opened my mouth to speak he moved his cock almost directly to my lips. I looked at his growing cock in front of me. I don’t know what came over me, but sure enough I opened my mouth and his cock slid into my mouth. It was so intense, the feeling of a cock in my mouth. It was warm and smooth and I soon closed my eyes and ran my mouth up and down the length of this big black cock.

“Suckin’ cock like a bitch.” The woman said as I continued to slide my lips up and down the big black cock.

“Oh yeah” The man said, “I should start chargin’ more for a good blow.” I slid my mouth up and down the length of the giant cock, it was bigger then I had ever seen in the shower at the gym. I started to forget that I was doing this for money, and started to just enjoy feeling the huge black member in my mouth. He put his hand on the back of my head and started to thrust into my mouth.

“Fuck that white boy in the mouth baby.” The woman said as she started to play with her pussy.

“Oh yeah suck my cock” The man said as he guided my head up and down on his cock. I can’t believe I am sucking this guy’s cock, but I keep sucking, enjoying every second of it.

“Keep going, oh yeah, fuck yeah.” As I start sucking faster and faster his moans got louder and louder until finally.

“I’m gonna’ cum I’m gonna’ cum!” As I heard that I pulled his cock out of my mouth and started to jerk him off until finally he started to cum. He sprayed two big streams at first that shot right out onto my face. The hot white sticky cum ran down my face as I gave him a few more strokes. I without thinking leaned out and licked the last bit of cum off the head of his cock.

“What a good slut!” the woman at the bed yelled out. “He can finish his work with me.”

“What do mean?” I said as a swallowed a bit of the cum in my mouth, “Finish my work?”

“You like suckin’ so much that you forgot you owe me money!” He said in an angry tone.

“I….I thought if I sucked you off you would trust me enough to go to my car.” I pleaded with him hoping to get out of this with only sucking him off and paying him his money.

“Trust? I would never trust a ho!” He fired back at me. “And if you really had the money you wouldn’t be suckin’ dick would ya?”

“What do you mean? I am doing what you told me to.” At that the man grabbed me by the shoulder and threw me down on the bed. He pulled out his cell phone and started to dial.

“Yeah, it’s me, yeah, yeah I got a guy. He is in the Sun Suites Motel…..Yeah I’ll give ya’ two blow jobs for the price of one, what ya’ think ’bout that? ‘ight we gotta’ deal, ya’ room 210.”

“What the fuck man? I got your money out in the car. I thought this would convince you to let me go out to my car.”

“All that convinced me of is that you ain’t got shit, and you wanna’ be my bitch anyway. And so you are officially one of my bitches.”

“What do you mean I’m one of your bitches?”

“I mean that if I tell ya’ to suck, you suck.” He smacked me across the mouth and I fell to my knees.

“Yeah, smack that bitch!” The woman yelled, “He’s got my next cock suck!”

“He sure does baby, no more cock in your mouth for a bit.”

It was probably 20 to 30 minutes before there was a knock at the door. The black man answered the door and two Hispanic men stepped into the room. They looked like the stereo typical Hispanics that you find in someone’s flower bed. Judging from the dirt on their clothes that very well might be where they came from. They were both fairly thin, the shorter of the two was maybe 5’5 and the taller was closer to my height of 5’9.

“Yeah Julio, it’s about time.”

“Ehh’ you said you would give me two for the price of one ese’

“Ya’ that’s right, two BJs for twenty”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, let’s get it on then.” Both of the Hispanic men stepped forward toward me and unzipped their flies.”

“Start suckin’ bitch” The taller man looked at me and said. Knowing what the other alternative would be I dropped to my knees. I didn’t know exactly what I was doing until both of the men stepped up to each side of me. Again I didn’t know why I did what I did, but sure enough I reached out and opened up their pants and grabbed onto each cock pulling them free and I quickly let one slide into my mouth. With one hand on a cock and another cock sliding deep into my mouth I was quickly lost in pleasure.

“Fuck ya’ ese’ suck tha’ motha’ fucka” one of the men said 2 k porno as he thrust his cock into my mouth. Jerking off the other guy I could feel his thrusts, I let the one cock slip out of my mouth and turned to take up the other guy. Jerking and sucking the two of them I realized how much I enjoyed doing this. It wasn’t long before one of the guys shouted,

“I’m cummin’ I’m cummin’.” He pulled his cock from my mouth and sprayed his hot creamy load across my lips. I licked it up quickly and swallowed as much as I could. The other guy then grabbed me by the hair and shoved his cock into my mouth and fucked my head like I fucked that black girl earlier. He gave no notice and finally thrust his cock deep within my throat to finally cum. I almost choked on the huge amount of cock and cum in my mouth.

As he pulled his cock from my mouth I slumped back exhausted from the whole ordeal still gasping for breath. The large black man stepped forward,

“Anyone interested in seconds? Half price?” he said with a large grin on his face.

“Do I still get half off with her?” the shorter guy said as he pointed to the girl.

“nah’ you pay for a fuck with her.”

“Eh how about my boy here gets off for free then?” he snapped back.

The black chick piped up, “Not in my pussy he don’t!” The black man stepped in front of her “How ’bout hit the white boy.” The two of them started speaking Spanish to each other for a minute before they both nodded their heads in agreement. I opened my mouth to speak, but the black guy smacked me in the mouth before I could, “Yo’ ass aint worth a shit.”

The two guys split up one moving the black woman to the head of the bed the other reached for me, still a little disoriented from the smack in the mouth the man grabbed me and easily bent me over the edge of the bed, before I knew it my pants were at me knees. He probed his hard cock against my asshole and started wiping the last of his cum on me, before he jammed it into my virgin asshole. I screamed in pain as the cock went in, I had never felt something so large in all of my life. The man clutched onto my hips immediately went into a humping rhythm. The pain of the huge cock inside me was subsiding, and now I was really starting to enjoy the feeling of the big cock slipping in and out of me. I would of liked him to be a little more gentle with me, but there was something about his rough excitement that made me feel even more like a submissive whore that I had become.

“ese’ you should feel how tight this white boys ass is.” I looked up to see the other man on top of the black chick fucking away with her legs spread wide.

“You should feel how nice this pussy is.”

“Hey, we should switch off” With that said the man pulled his cock from my ass and moved over to the woman, the other man moved over to me, stopping at my head briefly.

“suck that sweet pussy juice off my cock.” I opened my mouth not even thinking and in the cock went. My lips immediately wrapped the cock as it slid back out. That familiar cock with the taste of her wet pussy just added to my excitement of what was happening. The man moved around behind me and with one hand on his cock the other on my hip he slowly slid his cock into my ass. His cock not being as large felt much better when he found a rhythm. It seemed like only a moment before I found myself moaning with every thrust. He now had both hands on my hips as he pulled me to meet his hard thrusting cock.

“Oh my god.” I moaned out and looked up at the other two on the bed fucking like there was no tomorrow. I was being fucked so hard I couldn’t comprehend if I could hear them moaning or if it was just me I was hearing. The man fucking me with his oh so sweet cock started humping me harder and faster and I knew that at that speed he wouldn’t be long before he would be cumming. Almost as soon as I thought that, he wrapped his arms around my waist and jammed his cock hard into me. I thought I was going to cum myself when he did that and soon I felt his cock throbbing and releasing his man seed into me. As he relaxed his grip I slumped down onto the bed exhausted.

I woke moments later to the big black guy slapping me in the face, “Wake up! You got work to do!” As my eyes came into focus I realized I must have passed out on the floor. I was lying on my back with my pants around my ankles. As I sat up I heard the man say “You still owe me eighty bucks!”

“Eighty!” I said shocked “I just took one in the ass for fifty! Plus two blows for twenty each!” I took a gasping breath before continuing “I owe you ten!” Without a second to spare he smacked me across the face with enough force to put me on my back again.

“Spoken like a true bitch! Not that I have to, but I will recap the events!” He stepped closer and leaned down to me still on my back. “You blew two, but it was two for the price of one! And the ass shot was a freebie!”

I felt crushed. I now knew why women always seemed mad at their pimps. I thought I was almost done, and in reality I had hardly started. I was snapped back to reality when I heard a card key slide into the door. “Shit, its Jim!” The black man covered ground quickly and before the 4 k porno door was even open he was standing behind it.

“Somethin’ I can help you with?”

Jim looked at all of us clearly confused. “What’s going on?”

“Is he a friend of yours?” The black guy pointed at me.

Jim hesitated, but finally spoke “Yeah, well he is my boss.”

The black guy started laughing, “Oh man, that’s good shit. So he tells you what to do and bitches at you an’ shit?”

“Yeah I guess.” Jim was obviously still confused by the what was going on.

“How would you like to turn the tables a little bit?”

I watched in horror as Jim’s eyes began to light up, “I’m listening.” Is all he said as he stared at me across the room.

“See your boy here owes us some money, and he has been working it off here and there. So it breaks down like this 20 buck for a BJ and 50 a fuck.”

“Fifty for a fuck?”

“He is grade A man, from what I hear he is good.”

Jim paused longer then what I cared for, I was hoping I would get the opportunity to tell him to go get my wallet, but something told me that my pimp wouldn’t like me mouthing off. Wait….did I seriously just think that?

“Mind if I bring a friend?”

“Another fifty, but go ahead.”

A FRIEND!?!? He couldn’t be thinking about Mike could he? The three of us where all here for business I know the two of them never really cared for me bossing them around, but I didn’t know they were looking for a chance to get even. Jim walked over to the hotel phone and dialed a couple numbers, I could tell by how many numbers he dialed that he was in fact calling Mike.

“Hey, you’re never going to believe this.” I sat and listened as Jim gave Mike a brief rundown of the events including telling him that I must have left my wallet in the car. He hung up the phone smiling. He then walked over to the black guy and handed him a hundred dollar bill from his wallet. Jim walked over to me, “Alright bitch, you have had this coming for a long time. Now get naked you little whore!” Without a pause I immediately started stripping the rest of my clothes off. I could feel myself starting to get aroused at the idea of my co-workers fucking me. Is this going to become a regular thing with these guys now? Feeling myself becoming their little whore, I kept telling myself that I couldn’t let this happen, that this will ruin my authority over these two. But the thoughts of them spreading this around the office and my pimp kicking my ass told me I better just play along and live to see the other side.

Only a few moments passed before there was another knock at the door, Jim opened the door and met Mike in the doorway to explain what was going on a little more. I heard the two of them laugh and enter the room to see me on my knees in the middle of the floor naked. The two of them looked at me like a pair of hungry wolves. They started walking toward me and taking off their shirts. They finally reached me and tossed their shirts on the bed. “Get to it slut!” Jim commanded at me strutting his newly found authority.

I looked over at my black pimp and he gave me a look that told me I had better get started or I would suffer the consequences. I took a deep breath and looked up at my two employees standing in front of me with their shirts off. I rose up to my knees and grabbed onto Jim’s belt and unbuckled it.

“That’s right” Jim said softly clearly enjoying the idea of making me his bitch. I opened up his pants and grabbed onto his waistband and pulled his pants down to his ankles. Before me sat a huge bulge in his pants that really made me wonder if he had ever thought of this before. I knew that there was no real turning back now I pulled his boxers down and sent his cock springing free. I turned toward Mike and quickly dropped his pants and boxers in the same fashion, only his cock was not fully erect yet.

Jim’s cock was a good 8 or 9 inches fully erect, Mike’s was only 4 inches but wasn’t fully erect it would probably get to 6 or 7.

“Get Mike’s cock hard now bitch!” Jim commanded at me.

“Yeah” Mike agreed almost laughing at me. I turned and figured there was no hope in fighting the idea and took Mike’s cock into my mouth. I could feel it start to swell almost immediately, but I slid my lips up and down a few times anyway. I took Jim’s cock in one hand and Mike’s with my other and began going back and forth between the two cocks. I began to let my inhabitations slip and just enjoy the feeling of these two big strong men towering above me and their big hard cocks in my mouth.

“Enough of this!” Mike said as he stepped around behind me. I knew what was coming next and complied like the submissive slut that I have become. I arched my back to give him easy access to my willing and wanting ass. He wasted no time and rubbed his cock up and down my now sloppy asshole before sliding easily inside. I immediately felt a love for the feeling of his cock inside of me. I was overjoyed at the feeling when his warm hips finally met my ass cheeks. Jim apparently was feeling a little forgotten and shoved his cock hard down my throat almost gagging me. I did my best to keep up the sucking of Jim’s cock, but had a hard time not thinking heavily about Mike’s cock buried deep inside me. Mike and Jim found a rhythm and had me rocking back and forth from cock to cock. I was in pure bliss listening to the two of them moan and their glorious cocks penetrating me over and over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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