Susan and John’s First DP

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I have arranged to meet Susan and John in the bar of the hotel where I am staying near their home in the UK. We have been corresponding for a while and they were interested in a threesome and maybe DP; they have agreed to meet for a drink and see what happens.

John tells me Susan is shy but has some fantasies, I ask him to let me know what she is wearing and to sit at a table toward the rear of the bar, so I can recognise them.

I am looking for a man in grey trousers and a light blue shirt and woman with short tight black skirt, high heels and a tight somewhat transparent blouse unbuttoned a little accentuating and showing off her lovely big tits.

I am a little late to let them get settled… a little nervous hoping they will turn up, I go to the bar and buy a beer as I check out the room… I spot a couple that matches their description and my excitement level increases; I can see a free table a couple away from them, so I can check them out.

As I approach my chosen table they are looking around and noticed me, they both looked nervous and excited, but unsure and disappointed as I went to my chosen table. As I approached I noticed that as Susan moved nervously her dress was delightfully short and rode up a bit and as she turned to John to say something , her legs opened a bit and I had a glimpse of what looked like a bare pussy… my cock reacted accordingly. I was now excited and took a sip of my beer and got up and walked toward them, with anticipation.

As I got closer I noticed Susan’s nipples were hardening and showing through her sexy blouse and she just opened her legs a bit more showing me she was not wearing panties and I could clearly see the outline of her pussy lips… mmmm that got my attention. I quickly introduced myself as Greg Smith… the usual formalities etc and they asked me to sit down, I sat next to Susan who was between us. We were sitting against the back wall allowing us some privacy.

The atmosphere was a mix of excitement, uncertainty but definitely sexually charged we made the usual small talk but soon changed tack as I whispered to Susan, loud enough so John could hear that I loved the way she had flashed her cunt at me and that I wanted to caress and finger her, I heard her let out a small moan and she put her hand on mine and directed it to her smooth warm thigh. I reciprocated by taking her lovely hand and placing it on my thigh close to my hardening cock.

I noticed that John had a smile on his face and his hand was caressing Susan’s right breast as my fingers were sliding closer and closer to Susan’s moist excited pussy. As I made contact and began to stroke her outer lips and rub the length of her lips and her clit, she let out a sigh and her hand grasped my cock through my trousers.

As I reached up to caress her neck my hand brushed and left a lingering caress on her magnificent left breast;… mmmm… it felt wonderful and I made a mental note to spend some bursa escort bayan time pleasuring her breast s and nipples. Just as I was going nuzzle and kiss her behind her ear she turned toward me and our lips met… a hot kiss ensured, starting with soft lips nibbling lips and then mouths opening and tongues playing with a passions… it was one hot sexually charged kiss.

As we broke apart we all had the same idea and started to say let go up to the room… we all knew we were going to fuck ourselves into exhaustion… A bit of settling down and clothing adjustment; we got up and headed for the elevator, as we went past the bar the barman had a knowing smile as he bid us goodbye.

Luckily the elevator was empty and we only had a couple of floors to go… I was deep kissing Susan with John pressed up behind her and our hands were all over each other. We entered the room which had a king-sized bed and Susan quickly grabbed each of our hands and led us into the centre of the room.

She turned to her husband and whispered something in his ear… a smile beamed on her face and she kissed him deeply and passionately , she then kissed me the same way… I knew this was going to be a memorable night of discovery for them and another exciting experience that I would enjoy and remember for the rest of my life.

Susan dropped to her knees and began to open our belts and zippers and reached for our cocks… we quickly discarded our trousers and she began to kiss, lick and suck our now hard cocks in turn. Her mouth felt so good and warm with soft lips and her tongue licking and swirling around the head of my cock. John and I were unbuttoning her blouse and reaching inside her see through bra to caress and fondle her big tits and now hard nipples. The bra was now gone and those big tits jiggled as they became free hanging nicely, a lovely weight in my hand… I heard her moan as I squeezed and pinched her hard nipple between my thumb and forefinger, and she sucked my cock a little deeper. She seemed to be paying me more attention and I saw John move and being to finger fuck her hot pussy…

I loved the way she was sucking me and she loved having her nipples pulled, tweaked and pinched I continued to do this as she got more of my hard cock into her mouth, my hand reached for the back of her head and I proceed to push deep into her mouth… Susan began to gag a little so I did not force her, just let her find her own depth… she surprised me by reaching around my buttocks and pulling me into her hot mouth… and sucking me hard… I guess she was super excited and wanted my cum… I was excited and she kept sliding her lips up and down along my cock pulling me in a little deeper… Susan pull back to the head of my cock and I heard her say, cum in my mouth… as she sucked me hard and pulled me deep into her… I began to cum spurt after spurt of hot cum deep into her sucking lips, as she began to swallow my cum… bursa anal yapan escort I said keep some for me and pulled her up to a standing position… and we kissed… mmmmm… it was a hot kiss and she transferred my cum from her mouth and we shared it… This, I discovered later was a first for her, and it really turned her on… It always turns me on.

Unbeknown to Susan and John I learned some years ago how to have multiple orgasms and stay hard, it takes a bit of exercise and practise at first, but is great for you and your partners as they cum and cum an you don’t have to hold back.

We got Susan to lay on the bed with her legs up and her head near the edge of the bed so John could kiss and play with her great tits and hard nipples, as he began she reached out and directed his hard cock into her mouth… I think she wanted more cum.

I knew Susan was hot and needed to cum the moment my mouth came near her sweet pussy to kiss and suck it she arched up to meet my tongue… Her juices were sweet and flowing… they tasted so nice… mmmmm I wanted to make her cum with my mouth and fingers and also open up and lubricate her tight ass for our DP.

While she continued to suck her husband John, I was busy licking her labia and running my tongue along the inside of her lips, while I gently squeezed and massaged her clit with my fingers by gently pinching and rubbing the folds that protect her clit… mmmmm this really had her squirming she was on the point of cumming hard when I inserted two fingers deep inside her vagina… finding her g-spot and massaging it… as I began to gently suck on her clit… this sent her over the edge… her cunt was flowing freely and she was pushing up hard into my mouth… mmmmmm… that was so good.

As she settled down some she went back to sucking her husband and I continued to lick and clean up her sweet pussy juice. I now moved my tongue to her tight rosebud asshole… as I began licking and tonguing it I heared an intake of breathe at the moment I touched it and then a moan as my tongue began to work inside. I could tell she was enjoying that stimulation as she began pushing back on my tongue trying to get more inside… As I removed my tongue I got some lube from her still juicy pussy and some saliva and inserted… first one finger and then two and three fingers into her ass… while I fingered cunt and found her g-spot… she was starting to really get off…

So I pulled out my fingers and put her legs over my shoulders and plunged my cock deep into her pussy in one thrust… I heard her moan as I began to thrust deep into her pussy… a few more strokes and she would be over the edge… I pulled out of her pussy and put the head of my cock on her asshole and gently pushed… she gasped and then her ass opened and I felt the head of my hard cock slide in… I gave her a moment to adjust and stated to push deeper bursa rus escort inside… I was rubbing and massaging her clit and knew she was close to cumming… I kissed her deeply and as I continued to go deeper into her tight ass… I nibbled on her earlobes and tongued her ear… I pushed deep into her ass and rubbed her clit and Susan started to scream… Yes fuck my ass… Yes fuck my ass… and she was orgasming intensely. I gently kissed and sucked her hard nipples as her intensity slowly faded.

Now was the time for their first DP, I got John to lie on the bed , his cock was rock hard as he had not cum yet and Susan tuned over and crawled up to him gave his hard cock a quick sucking and then climbed on board and lowered her opened pussy down on his cock , he slid in easily and began to move, as did Susan as she wiggled her ass around to create the friction he liked… on his familiar cock… I positioned myself behind Susan and pushed forward to her rosebud opening… I leaned forward and… ,,… Susan and John both moaned as I buried my cock deeper and deeper into Susan’s hot ass.

John was not going to last long… so as soon as we got into a rhythm we began to pound Susan’s cunt and ass in unison… Susan was in heaven moaning and gasping… one moment yelling… yes fuck me harder… fuck my cunt and ass… give me all your hot cum… Oh yes… Oh yes… Ahhhh Yes… I’m cumming… That feels so good… I could feel John tense and begin to pump his sperm deep into Susan suctioning cunt… so I pushed in hard a couple more times and began to pump my own cum deep into Susan hot ass.

After we pulled out we just lay there together shattered for a while but deliriously happy savouring the intense orgasms of the moment. As we began to stir Susan reached over and felt her husband’s cock it was still wet from a combination of sperm and pussy… she decided she was going to get him hard so she got on her hands and knees and began to suck off their juices as she easily deep throated his deflated cock .

The site of her sucking him and her hot pussy and ass soon had me hard and I came up behind her rubbing my cock all over her juicy pussy, she glanced behind her and gave me a smile and a wink, I slid my cock deep into that hot pussy… and began to pound her doggy style… one of my favourite positions… I was pounding her hard and she was pushing back into me… I reached around and grabbed her hot tits and nipples and pulled her hard back onto my cock on each big stroke… I could feel her pussy clenching my cock and I knew it would not take much to make her sensitive cunt cum again… So I began to massage that hard clit and as I felt her excitement rise I stuck my thumb deep into her ass… that sent us both over the edge.

I know when I started to pound her hard she had stopped sucking John but he was hard as a rock and was now pumping his cock hard… just as we came… he erupted his sperm shooting all over Susan’s face and big tits… As I pulled out of her she collapsed on the bed on her back and all three of us worked on cleaning her up and deep kissing her… mmmmm.

We decide to have a shower and go and get some food and have a drink… we discussed what happened and ended up spending the night together… for more raunchy fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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