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I had moved back home after my four-year hitch in the army. I didn’t have a job yet so my parents said I could stay in a spared room in the basement until I got on my feet. I couldn’t use my old bedroom because they had turned it into a den. The first Friday night I saw mom and dad dressed up. My mom was wearing and very nice tight fitting red dress that showed a lot of her legs and ample amounts of cleavage.

“Wow, where are you two going all dressed up?” I asked.

“We are going to a party at one of our friends homes.” Mom answered.

I couldn’t help but to look at mom from the back as dad escorted her to the car. When she sat down, I could see that she was wearing black garter belts under the dress. My parents had been couch potatoes the whole time I was growing up so it was nice to see them going out. After I had been there for two months, I noticed like clock work they went out every Friday night. Every time they would say it was a different house party and every time mom would be dressed to kill. I had also noticed that both of them had joined a local gym and both of them would work out 4-5 times a week. I decided to check out the gym with mom one day. When we got there it seemed, all the guys knew her, dad was already there working out and helping two older females also. He didn’t seem to mind the way mom was talking to all the other guys even when some of them were giving her hugs. I went back to where dad was and he introduced me to Dawn and Cathy. Both of them had to be in their forties but both had a body to die for. I was blushing when Cathy walked up and gave me a hug.

“Is this the Army stud I have been hearing about for the past year?” Her hands were rubbing my arms as she pressed those firm tits into my chest. “Wonder if he is a chip off the old block?” She giggled.

I looked at dad with a puzzled look and he just smiled back.

“Don’t know, never got to see him in action.” Dad joked back to Cathy.

I started doing the leg workout with them, as the girls were doing squats my dad was right behind them with his hand on their hips helping them. When they were done, he would help place the barbell back and his cock would be pressed into their ass. I looked around to se if mom was watching but she was too engrossed into her workout and workout partner. He was about my age or a little older and he was spotting her the same way dad was spotting his partners, he would also press into mom’s ass with his cock. Sometimes it would look like mom would even give him a little wiggle and then smile. When it was my turn to do squats, Cathy moved in behind me. I could have done a good 15 reps but her tits pressing into my back caused me to do only nine. When I was done, she patted my ass and said.

“Don’t worry baby we will get you up to 15 reps.” She gave my ass a slight squeeze and added. “Maybe even more with the right encouragement.” I felt something slid into the top of my shorts. “Call, me.” She whispered in my ear.

One the ride home form the gym with mom I flipped open the note and it had a phone number on it. Mom looked over.

“ I see Cathy got to you quick.” She laughed.

“Yea, I guess so. Isn’t she married mom?”

“Yes, she is married to Jack. He was my workout partner today.”

It had been a couple of days since Cathy gave me her phone number when the phone rang. I heard mom talking and saying Oh he didn’t. Then she came into the front room and handed me the phone. I grabbed the phone.


“Hi stud, it’s Cathy and I was wondering why you haven’t called?”

“Well.” Then she cut me off.

“Come over and lets talk about it, your mom will tell you how to get here.” Then she hung up.

I was sitting with a stunned look on my face when mom came in and handed me a note with the directions to Cathy’s house. I looked up at her and she just smiled and walked back out of the room. I got to Cathy’s house and when the door opened I was greeted by Cathy and she was wearing a very tight cheerleading outfit. Her long firm legs were exposed under the very short skirt. Her big nipples were poking thru the sweater that clung to her big tits.

“Hi ya, stud.”

“Ummm . . . Hi.” I stammered.

“ I figured you thought I was too old, so I dressed young for you.” She said with a smile.

Jack walked into the room.

“Well, canlı bahis hello Chad.” He shook my hand firmly.

“Glad you made it over.”

He was still gripping my hand.

“Well I’m off to the gym for my workout, Cathy said she was in the mood for an aerobic workout today.”

He looked her up and down, then patted my back.

“You two have fun.” He laughed and left the house.

Cathy turned and started skipping like a girl into the other room. Her skirt was bouncing and exposing her bright colored thong as she went around the corner. When I walked into the room, she was on her knees in the middle of the room. Her hands went to my zipper and quickly pulled out my cock which hadn’t had time to get hard. It hung down out of the zipper opening.

“Oh yes, I was hoping you had a big long cock!”

My shaft started growing as soon as she wrapped her lipstick painted lips around the fat head. Within minutes she had both hands wrapped around my rock hard 10″ of meat. Her soft hands stroked the shaft as she serviced the head. I removed the ribbon in her blond hair, so it cascaded down her back. Her head bobbed faster on my cock as her hands worked the shaft feverishly. Then she looked up.

“I need a better position to service your long cock!”

She quickly walked over to the coffee table and laid on her back with her head hanging over the edge. I got on my knees and she engulfed half of my throbbing cock. I pulled her sweater up to release her big tits. My big hands started squeezing the firm mounds, when I squeezed them hard she took more of my hard shaft into her throat. I pinched her huge nipples and watched her mouth hide all of my blood engorged cock. Her head rocked faster as she mouth fucked my meat. Her hands moved down her stomach and raised the tiny skirt, soon her fingers were rubbing her clit hard. Her moaning grew louder and then she screamed as her body shuddered with an orgasm.

“Tit fuck me!” She screamed.

I straddled her and proceeded to slide the spit-covered shaft between her firm tits. My big hands mashed them around my pumping cock. I felt her wet tongue starting to probe my ass and that put me over the edge and I coated her stomach with hot cum. I milked it dry between her tits.

“Sweety, I’m going to shower and put on something. Why don’t you make yourself at home. There is a video in the VCR you might find interesting.” She bent over and ran her tongue up my soft shaft. “Maybe you will be ready for more when I return.”

After a few minutes I turned on the VCR. A picture popped on the screen of a woman in the same position that Cathy was just in with me. I noticed it was the same room and same coffee tables. I couldn’t see the woman’s face but I could see the guy was fucking her mouth really hard. Then I saw Jack walk in and proceed to ram his cock into her soaking pussy. These guys were whaling on this fine body babe. I thought Cathy must have a thing for that table, when I saw her walking into the room. She walked in and got on all fours in the center of the room. Then I saw my dad move in behind her and plunged his cock into her, he was slapping her ass and ramming her pussy hard. Jack was watching my dad fuck his wife as he drilled the lady on the table. He pulled his cock from her and shot a load on her stomach. Then he went over and Cathy started licking his cock, cleaning the pussy juice from it. Another man took his place at the table and started fucking the other lady. The man that was fucking her mouth pulled out and shot all over her tits. Then she raised her head into view and I couldn’t believe it. It was my mom that was getting fucked on the table. At the same time the man pulled out and covered her firm thighs with cum. My mom’s hands started rubbing all that cum like it was a lotion on her skin she was shining from her tits to her knees. Then the camera zoomed in as my dad covered Cathy’s ass with cum.

Then the screen changed, it showed my mom being led blindfolded into the room wearing that sexy red dress she wore the first Friday night I was home. Cathy walked in and sat on the couch beside me.

“Oh, I love this one! It is my favorite.”

I looked over at Cathy. She was wearing a tiny silk robe. Her hand went to my hard cock.

“I see you have been enjoying the show.” She giggled

We bahis siteleri kissed as her soft hand glided over my cock and balls.

“Your mom gets to meet Dawn’s hubby in this one.”

I looked at the screen and saw Dawn, it was the other lady from the gym. She was wearing thigh-highs and heels, nothing else. She walked to my mom and unzipped her red dress, it glided down her body to expose her wearing nothing but the black garters with thigh-highs and heels. Then she helped mom get down on her knees. They left the blindfold over her eyes. Then this black guy walked into view. This fucking guy had muscles on top of muscles. Then he turned in front of mom and I saw this huge fucking horse cock sticking at my mom’s mouth. Dawn guided my moms hands to his cock.

“Oh my god!” My mom screamed.

Mom started sucking that huge black cock with everything she had. Her head bobbed faster. Her long black hair waving. Then the screen switched, mom was on her hands and knees her face buried in Dawns pussy. The black man was behind her fucking her pussy with hard fast thrusts. I watched his ass clenching up as he slammed into her. His big black hands glided over moms firm thighs. Dawn was holding the back of her head, pushing it into her pussy. I could tell that mom had been in that position before. He started thrusting faster, it was perfect timing as they all started cuming. Then Cathy turned off the TV and went to the center of the room. She laid back and spread her silky legs.

“Fuck me stud!”

I felt her leg wrap around my body as I slowly slid my hard cock deep into her. We kissed as our bodies melted together. Her hips raised up and met my cock with every stroke as my pace quickened her moans grew louder.

“Cum in me.” She whispered.

I felt her pussy contract around my shaft and a soft moan escape her lips as I filled her with my hot cum.

On the way home I met Jack driving away from our house. We I walked in the house mom was sitting at the kitchen table drinking a glass of wine. Her long legs were exposed thru the opening of the long robe. I grabbed a glass and poured me some of the wine. I told her about my day with Cathy and the video’s she showed me. It didn’t seem to bother her that I had seen her like that.

“So tell me mom, how did you and dad get into wife swapping?”

She went and got another bottle of wine. Then she proceeded to tell me how it started. She told me that she met Cathy about a year ago and they became good friends at the gym. Then one time she went over to Cathy’s house. They had a couple of bottles of wine and ended up in bed together. It had been her first time with a female and it was the most erotic experience. It became a weekly thing with them for about a month. Then Jack walked in on one of their lovemaking sessions. He walked up behind her without saying a word and started fucking her pussy from behind as she was eating Cathy’s pussy. It was the first time in the 25 years of marriage that a different cock was in her. She said she felt guilty but wasn’t about to stop the rough fucking Jack was giving her. Then she knew it was a set up when dad walked into the room and proceeded to savagely fuck Cathy. After four bottles of wine and the whole afternoon in bed with them she said it had become a weekly thing. She said that slowly they had recruited four other couples and now every Friday night is a house party. She said every Friday was a theme party and this week it was a high school theme. She smiled and asked me if I would like to see the outfit she was going to wear. She gulped down the last of her wine and walked out of the room.

I moved to the front room and sat down in dads recliner. I caught a high heel white shoe dancing in the doorway, then a long white stocking leg emerged into view. Then she snaked around the door opening the front of her body grinding into the edge of the door frame. I stared at my mom dressed like a catholic school girl gone bad. The tiny plaid skirt just covered the cheeks of her ass and a lot of bare thigh was exposed between the skirt and white thigh high stocking. The white blouse was tied in a knot just below her big tits, showing her cleavage and flat stomach. She rode the door frame up and down squatting like she was fucking a huge cock. Then she strutted over to the stereo and turned on some music as she bahis şirketleri bent over slightly I got a view of her ass cheeks. The tiny white thong was straining over her pussy lips and then slid up between her firm ass cheeks. Girls half her age didn’t have a body like the one I was drooling over. Her hips swayed as she walked over to me. I stared at her tits as she bent over and grabbed my wine glass. Finishing my wine as she straddled me on the recliner. After setting the glass down her hands went to my zipper, her hips started grinding on me. I started to say something but she put her finger to my mouth.

“Don’t say anything.” She whispered.

She released my throbbing cock and quickly impaled herself on top of it. Her hand untied the blouse and her big tits sprung into view. Pressing the nipple to my mouth as she gyrated on my cock. My hands gripped her ass as I sucked the fat nipple into my mouth. I felt her hot juices running down on my balls as she started bouncing on my cock faster. She let out a squeal as I nibbled her tit.

“Oh yes, Cathy said you had a nice fat cock!” She yelled. “She told me on the phone as Jack pounded my pussy! That is why I kicked him out before you got home.”

Her tempo quickened as she rode my cock for all it was worth. Mom turned into a cock hungry slut as she bounced on my lap. Then she jumped up and laid on her stomach on the floor and looked back at me slutty.

“Cum in my ass, baby”

I was on her in a second guiding my juice covered shaft into her tight ass. I looked like I was doing push ups as I plowed into her tight ass and oh man was she a screamer. I knew why she laid flat on the floor. I couldn’t have kept my cock in her ass the way she was squirming. With one more hard thrust I shot my cum into her, as the hot fluid filled her ass I felt her body shudder under me.

Mom was still wearing the outfit when I came back into the room from a shower. Then the phone rang. I heard her saying “Oh, really” a couple of times before she hung up.

“That was your father, he told me he was going to stop by Jack and Cathy’s house on the way home from work. He asked if I wanted to meet him for some dinner fun.” She parted her long legs exposing the tiny thong. “Do I need to meet him or is that big meat of yours ready for more action?”

She smiled when I dropped the towel from my waist. We met in the center of the room, embracing in a passionate kiss. I explored her back and ass with my big hands. Hooking the thong in my fingers and ripping it away from her hot flesh. Her hand wrapped around my hard cock, she used it like a leash as I followed her to the bedroom. We got onto the bed in a 69 position. Mom straddled my face, she wiggled down as my tongue went into her sweet pussy. The plaid mini skirt formed a tent over my face as I started tongue fucking her. The sweet juices danced over my taste buds as I worked my tongue into her deeper. I could hear her muffled moans as her thighs enveloped the sides of my head. She screamed when I wrapped my lips around her hard clit and sucked it into my hot mouth. I sucked it like the sweet lollipop it was. Her head dove into my lap when I teased it between my teeth. I felt the wet mouth devourer half of my cock in one quick motion. My tongue went back to explore the inside of her pussy walls. The faster my tongue worked her pussy the more I felt my shaft slide into her hot mouth. My tongue was a blur as I felt the head of my cock pop into her awaiting throat. My chin was covered with her juices as she deep throated my cock harder. Her firm tits pressed into my stomach as she took all of my cock. Her moans of pleasure vibrated through the engorged shaft. I was grinding my chin into her clit as I licked her pussy faster. Her hips started moving, grinding her clit into my chin faster as her thighs tighten on my head. I started rubbing her budding asshole with my finger. When she started bucking her hips it caused my long finger to disappear into her ass. My thick cock stuffed in her mouth muffled her screams of pleasure. Then she quickly jumped up and impaled herself on my cock and started riding it like a bucking bronco. Her hands gripped her big bouncing tits as she fucked my cock faster. Her long black hair was flying all around as her luscious body hovered over me. My hands grabbed her tiny waist and held her pulling her down tight against me as I blew my huge load of cum into her soaking pussy.

When dad got home he asked why she didn’t meet him over at their house. She just smiled and said she had to make the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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