Sweet Revenge Ch. 2

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This is my first erotic story. I’d suggest reading part one first. Any comments and criticisms are encouraged so I can improve the writing. Please do email me if you have any feedback. That said, enjoy…

* * * * *

John groaned and rolled off Karen’s limp body. Trying to catch his breath, he crawled up and slumped into the couch grimacing as he felt the wetness of Karen’s juices on the cushions. For what seemed like a long time neither of them spoke. Then Karen rolled over quietly unto her stomach and turned away from him.

“I don’t know who you are,” she began, “but please don’t hurt me. I’ve never had an experience like that…such intense orgasms. But I’m scared.” Her voice was muffled a little partly because she was facing the carpet instead of towards him, but John could hear her tone cracking a bit as her lips trembled. “Who are you?” she asked.

“What does it matter to you? All you rich folk are the same anyway. You only think of yourselves, driving around in your fancy cars in your thousand dollar shoes looking down on those of us that actually work for a living…”

“What makes you think I’m like that?” Karen asked, a hint of indignation creeping into her voice.

John felt his blood beginning to boil again. “What am I supposed to think? You only ran me into a ditch some miles down the road and didn’t even stop to see if I was okay. Hell, you probably didn’t even notice.”

“I’m sorry,” Karen flushed in embarrassment, “I didn’t notice. I’ve had a long week. Meetings with bankers and all for some small real estate purchase my family wants to make in the valley. I’m not even important enough to work on the ‘real deals’; they just send me on little errands here and there. I was drinking tonight. I shouldn’t have been driving.” She hung her head and sobbed quietly. “I’m so sorry, I can’t do anything right.”

“Well, I don’t know about that. You seem to be doing okay tonight.” John said quietly. He noticed that she blushed even redder and he smiled to himself. “I’m not done with you yet, Karen. You still have some making up to do.”

“Just don’t hurt me please.” Karen put her hand on his lap.

“I won’t hurt you, as long as you do what I say.” John shifted his legs and his cock sprang into view. Still glistening with their combined juices its turgid flesh throbbed slightly in the night air. “Take it in your mouth, gently.” She moved between his legs and began to lick his shaft slowly leaving trails of warm saliva. She grimaced briefly at the salty sweetness of the juices and realized that she could taste herself on him. Strangely, she found that this dirtiness only excited her more and she began to suck at him with renewed vigor. His head lolled back again as he savored the warmth of her mouth cradling her bobbing head gently in his hands.

Some minutes later, John stood and bent Karen over the couch. She moved at his touch, neither saying a word. Biting her lip in Bostancı Escort anticipation, she spread her legs a bit letting her knees settle in the thick carpet comfortably. She felt his large member brush against the backs of her thighs and reached back between her legs to guide him to her wet entrance. Still dripping with their love nectar she was slick and ready. John pushed in slowly and firmly sank his cock to its hilt on the first stroke.

“Mmmm.” Karen moaned as John took hold of her hips and began to pump long slow strokes into her depths. She felt filled to the brim each time he buried himself and then a longing emptiness as he pulled out. Her pussy lips stretched in and out with his thrusting shaft and soon they were both grunting in pre-orgasmic pleasure.

A few minutes later Karen lowered her head into the cushions, grabbed the couch back and began to scream in a wrenching orgasm. John slowed his pace to match each crashing wave of pleasure rippling through her body and each time he felt them begin to subside, he increased the tempo again to a feverish pace sending her over the brink again and again.

After a while, the screams began to falter. Her throat ragged and her breathing shallow, Karen lay limp on the couch, her breasts brushing back and forth over the soft cushions as John continued to pump in and out of her. Feeling entirely spent; Karen had little energy to mumble in pleasure as she sank into an orgasmic bliss. Still murmuring to herself, she almost didn’t notice John pull out completely. In fact, she was almost unaware of anything in her surroundings but jerked upright suddenly when she felt an intrusion of a different sort.

His fingers slippery with her cum, John inserted his index finger gradually into her tight ass. “It’s going to be a night of firsts, Karen.” He felt her tense in surprise and a muffled yelp told him that she hadn’t been expecting this new sensation. Her butt muscles clenched tightly around his finger. “You’d better relax or this is going to hurt,” John said in a matter of fact tone.

Karen had long ago resigned herself to her fate this night. She wasn’t sure if it was a good or bad thing happening anyway and she didn’t really have time to make up her mind because there was a twirling finger coated with her own cum buried deep in her ass. And like everything that had happened so far she found this provocative, intrusive and she hated to admit it but pleasurable at the same time. So instead of objecting as John expected, she whispered, “Please go slowly…I don’t know if I can do this.” At this he noticed that she relaxed a bit and his finger wasn’t in a death grip anymore.

John’s jaw dropped to the floor and blinked several times as he digested this. When his wits regrouped he realized that he must have looked pretty funny with a dazed look on his face and a finger stuck in her ass all the while his rampantly hard cock waving in the breeze. Erenköy Escort He looked at Karen again and saw the fear and excitement in her eyes. Without further hesitation he slipped his cock into her pussy a few more times to coat it with her slick juices and then brought the head to her puckered ass opening.

Karen felt a firm pressure at her virgin ass and cringed in fear. As John eased his enormous cock into her she felt like she’s was being ripped in two. There was a sharp pain at first and she gritted her teeth and grunted loudly trying to lose herself in the sensation without falling unconscious. She almost immediately became aware of a tingling pressure that steadily increased as the intruding cock plunged slowly deeper and deeper into her anus. Coated with her cum it wasn’t painful anymore but she felt overwhelmingly filled and her pelvic region practically vibrated with this new sensation.

Not stopping until his balls dangled against her wet pussy-lips, John sheathed himself completely in her incredibly tight ass. Waiting a few moments for her body to adjust to this re-plumbing, he slowly began to rock back and forth relishing the snug slippery walls of her rectum gripping his veined shaft.

“Oh my…..oh….ahhm…” Karen cried out as she reached down to her sopping pussy and twiddled her fingers over her swollen clitoris. “Oh yes, fuck my ass!!” she yelled in a lusty primal voice. And then she shuddered in yet another orgasm surrendering her last shred of dignity in favor of unbridled and unabashed carnal desire.

Enjoying the thought of this rich brat impaling herself on his cock, John took hold of her hips firmly and began to ram himself hungrily in and out. Unable to control himself, he felt a building climax and his movements took on a fevered pitch and he slammed his meat over and over into Karen’s butt, her muffled squeals of pleasure music to the beat of slap-slap sounds as his pelvis pounded her ass cheeks. Karen had lost count of orgasms and was barely conscious when she felt one last unbelievably deep thrust from behind and then a splurting hot sensation deep inside her as John emptied load after load of sperm before collapsing on top of her. From sheer exhaustion they both passed out and the only sound for a long time was their ragged breathing. Their sweaty bodies locked together half on and half off the couch, they slumbered blissfully through the rest of the night with streaks of cum dripping down both their thighs.


Sunlight began to tinge the clouds shades of orange and glint off dewdrops on the leaves of the tall pine trees that cradled the lonely cabin in their evergreen embrace. Birds began to call out to each other creating a twittering background to the hubbub sounds of police cars and assorted vehicles pulled along the side of the road outside. Red and blue lights flashed alternately illuminating the woods with their harsh colors. Police Göztepe Escort officers milled about, taping off the accident scene and looking over the edge shaking their heads at the smoking carnage below.

John bolted upright as a loud knock resounded in the small cabin. Karen mumbled sleepily and rolled off him curling up into a ball on the couch. He look down at his lap and grimaced at the cum trails dried on his legs. In fact, there was cum everywhere on the couch, on the floor, even on the coffee table. Knock, knock, knock the sound startled him out of his reverie. Confused, he tried to make up his mind about what to do. “What the hell am I going to say?” he wondered quietly. A third series of knocks ended abruptly with footsteps around the porch out front. Still not sure what to do, John lay back quietly and watched the silhouettes walk back and forth attempting to peer through the dust caked windows. He held his breath and a minute or so later, the footsteps began getting softer as they faded into the distance. Getting up from the couch, he padded over to the window and rubbed the dust off a small spot.

Over the next couple hours, he watched the police clean up the area and pack things up. After the last squad car had left and all the vans with their crime-lab equipment pulled away, he finally relaxed and the incredulity of the situation hit him. “What am I doing?” he thought to himself. “Now I’m kidnapping someone…” he groaned and held his head in his hands rocking back and forth slowly.

Karen woke and looked over at her captor. “I’m thirsty,” she said softly.

“I’m sorry…I think. I’ve never done anything like this before. It all happened so fast and I don’t know how one thing led to another…” he stopped abruptly. The sound of a car pulling into the driveway in front of the cabin arrested their attention. Dropping his voice he looked at Karen and asked, “Are you going to do anything stupid?” She shook her head emphatically. Satisfied that she wasn’t going to scream for help, he pointed out the small refrigerator in the kitchen and moved back to the window, watching out the corner of his eye as she wrapped herself in her jacket and limped over to get something to drink. Turning his attention back to the window, he watched as a late model, black Porsche came to a stop outside. The driver’s side door opened and an attractive young brunette stepped out. Looking up and down the road she shook her head before walking up the porch stairs and knocking on the door.

Karen and John locked gazes for a few seconds, he put a finger to his lips then moved over to the door and opened it a crack. The brunette looked him up and down before speaking. “Hi, my name is Brandi. There was an accident last night up the road and I was wondering if you knew anything about what happened. The driver was a friend of mine…they think…they think she’s dead.” This last part cracked up a little as the young woman began to sob. John looked at the porsche and noticed that she had driven up here alone. He opened the door wider.

“Come in,” he said smiling. The day had just taken on a whole new dimension.

**Please email any comments/critique, thank you!!**

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