Swim Ch. 01

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Suzie had been divorced for a few years. Its was tough being a single mom but her son Tom was 20 now and the “mother thing” was pretty much behind her. The “sex thing” was difficult without a hard cock readily handy, but she made do with her vibrator often thinking of Tom’s cock.

Tom was growing up to be a tall lean good looking boy. He was a sophomore at the local college and was on the swim team. He had a swimmers body.

Suzie liked going to the swim meets. The Speedos made every boy look like he had a perpetual boner. They were so small and tight it left nothing to the imagination. Watching Tom at the swim meets in his tiny skin tight Speedo got Suzie so horny she had to give her clit a rub while driving home from the meets.

She always made sure her vibrator was plugged in and charging before leaving for the meets. After every meet she would run the batteries dry cumming while dreaming of her son’s cock in his tight Speedo wishing it was sliding into her pussy.

After one meet Susie was in her bedroom going at it when Tom suddenly walked in on her. He said he heard noises from her room when he was walking down the hallway. There was no doubt he heard noises.

She was still wearing her panties and bra so thought she could get away with surreptitiously sliding the vibrator under the covers and mumbling something about “stretching.”

At breakfast the canlı bahis next morning Tom didn’t mention a word about what he had seen the night before.

The following Friday as Tom was getting to leave for his swim meet he stopped Suzie in the kitchen and asked her if he could watch her masturbate when he got home from the meet.

He told her he had known for months about her Friday night escapades with the vibrator. And that he looked forward to going through her laundry basket in the morning searching for her wet panties.

With some trepidation she told Tom he could watch if he would wear his Speedo.

Tom came right home after the meet instead of hanging out with his teammates. Suzie was nervous but when he pulled his shorts off and she saw him standing there in his small tight Speedo all inhibitions left her. She took her blouse and shorts off and got down on her bed. He sat down on the bed next to her and handed her the vibrator.

She didn’t take her panties or bra off. She liked the feel of the fabric rubbing her nipples and clitoris. And Tom had said he liked finding her wet panties in the hamper the next morning.

Suzie started slowly rubbing the vibrator up and down her pussy. She was getting wet and it didn’t take long before her hips were arching up to meet the vibrator like she was trying to get her pussy closer to the vibrator.

Tom reached bahis siteleri out and started running his fingers over her hard nipples. Suzie looked over at him and saw his cock was trying to escape from the top of his Speedo. She reached over and started stroking his cock through his Speedo.

As she neared climax she began rubbing his cock harder and faster as she rubbed the vibrator harder and faster on her clitoris. Cumming in one of the biggest orgasms of her life she felt Tom’s cock jerking and saw his cum leaking through the front of his Speedo.

It took a few moments before she moved. Getting up she took her wet panties off and handed them to Tom. He took his cum soaked swim suit off and handed it to her. Astonished, she watched him pull on her panties stuffing his monster cock in the silky fabric.

As he left her bedroom wearing her pussy soaked panties she brought his Speedo up to her face and began licking.

The next morning she told Tom she was going to sit out by the pool and asked him if he would trim her pubic hair. She wanted to wear her white string bikini and didn’t want any stray pubes sticking out. He jumped at the opportunity to see her pussy up close and personal.

Suzie stripped off her shorts and panties and got down on her bed spreading her legs. Tom proceeded to lather up her pussy. He shaved her legs down the sides of her pussy where bahis şirketleri the hair would show on the sides of her bikini. When he was cleaning up close to her pussy he “accidently” slid his fingers across her clit. She let out a small moan.

She told him that she wanted to stay “bushy” but didn’t want any pubic hair sticking out the top of her suit. Knowing how small her bikini bottom was he trimmed her pubic hair so it only went up about two inches from the top of her pussy.

Tom had his mom turn over and stick her butt up with her legs spread wide like she was going to get fucked doggie style. He needed to shave the area between her pussy and her ass.

Using a pair of scissors he cleaned up her bush so it was neat and even. Her pussy was looking good. He put some baby oil on his hands and started rubbing it into her pubic mound. Sliding his fingers over her clit he pushed them into her vagina and pumped them a couple times before he pulled them out. Suzie was dripping wet.

Getting up and putting her bikini bottoms on she turned around in front the mirror looking at Tom’s shaving job. She was happy with it and turned around and pulled his shorts down to his ankles. She took the tip of his massive cock into her mouth and started sucking. As he was about to cum she pulled down her bikini bottoms, stuck his cock up against her neatly trimmed pussy and watched him shoot his load into her bikini.

She felt the cum oozing as she pulled up the bikini. Putting on her bikini top she grabbed a towel and headed down to the pool as Tom stood there with cum still dribbling from his cock.

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