Switched Up Costumes

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18Th Birthday

Authors Note: As most of you who frequent my stories can guess, these entries are typical length for me. Lots of story development and of course LOTS of good titillating action. I hope you all enjoy them and of course VOTE (Preferably with 5 starts)! Enjoy! M.


When I got married I had no idea that my sister in law came along as a packaged deal. I don’t mean that to sound mean. I care a lot for my sister-in-law Amanda. She and my wife Julia could easily be twins, even though they’re two years apart in age. Amanda is over frequently. And by frequently I mean sometimes as much as every other day. She’s pleasant and I have become fond of her over the last ten years. We’ve joked around that she’s my second wife, but we all know that it’s only in jest and that she’s actively seeking what she calls a “reasonable facsimile to what my sister captured”.

Yeah, I’m pretty handy around the house, I make a decent amount of money, I’m reasonably attentive to my wife’s needs and oh yeah, my wife has apparently expounded to her sister on my virtues in the bedroom. Needless to say both Amanda and Julia share all their secrets. I kind of wish I had a sibling I was that close to. I rarely talk to my brothers and see them even less frequently.

Amanda is a sweet woman. Like my wife, she’s kind, funny, good looking, even at thirty seven, and to be honest if I hadn’t met Julia first there’s a good chance that I would have been attracted to Amanda. But all things being equal I’m more than happy with my life with Julia and wouldn’t trade her for anything, and I do mean ANYTHING!

My wife enjoys socializing and going to and throwing parties, which is generally fine with me, except for one rather nagging issue; my work schedule is far from fixed. My wife can count on her regular Monday through Friday eight to five schedule, but mine is rarely that nice. I can get sent off at a moment’s notice to go fly across the country to solve a problem, or get scheduled to go to a customer site for a routine upgrade. Most times I don’t know what my schedule will be more than a few days ahead. Even weekends aren’t sacred. I have been sent out on Friday afternoon and not made it back until the next week.

Obviously this schedule issue has been a difficult one for my wife’s planning of parties and social events. On more than one occasion I’ve missed parties she has planned at our own home because at the last minute my schedule changed. In general the best I could do is to “intend” to go, but I rarely commit to show up on a weeknight. So when Amanda came to convince us to go to a Halloween party in the middle of the week I wasn’t particularly enthused. Don’t get me wrong, I think I’d enjoy a good costume party, but planning almost three weeks ahead? I couldn’t guarantee that I’d make it.

It took a whole week for Amanda and Julia to convince me to go to this particular party, not because I was averse to going, but because I doubted that if I carried out all the required planning, getting a costume and everything, something wouldn’t come up and make it impossible for me to attend.

A full week before the party, Amanda, Julia and I went shopping for costumes. In my case I quickly settled on Captain America, a selection neither of the ladies seemed to appreciate for some reason. Both of them were pushing me toward much more revealing costumes.

Being women I wasn’t surprised in the least when they had trouble deciding on a costume. I saw oh so many costumes being tried on, some traditional, some rather revealing and a few in Amanda’s case, rather sexy. I suggested that they go as twin lady Godiva’s but of course that got slapped down rather quickly with more than a scowl from my wife. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t exactly like my wife being ogled that way, but I wouldn’t at all mind getting some good long views of Amanda’s body. I’d seen some flashes over the last few years, but long looks have been quite missing. Oh well…

In the end it seemed that my wife was leaning toward Cleopatra and Amanda seemed to find a scanty fairy costume pleasing, although each had two other selections they were toying with. With my costume reserved and a promise from the girls to call the next day and confirm which they wanted, there was little left to do but wait for the appointed date.

Three days before the party it happened. I knew it would. I’ve had too many birthdays, anniversaries and other special family events side tracked because some customer’s equipment went down and the more local field service technicians couldn’t resolve the issues. So instead of going to the party I’d be sitting in Pittsburg thinking about my wife dressed as Cleopatra, at the party, wishing I was there to take advantage of it. My wife let me know she was very disappointed, but she understood and I encouraged her to go anyway.

As it turned out, I got things going quicker than expected and was flying home in time to be at the party, well mostly. I was going to be late, by a long shot! My wife büyükçekmece escort phoned me while I waited for my flight to board that Amanda had picked up my costume and it would be waiting for me at home. All I had to do was change and come to the party.

To be honest I was tired. When I walked into the bedroom at home well past eight, the last thing I felt like doing was going to a party. I wanted to drop into bed and take a nap, for like three days! But the suit bag on the bed had a note from my wife attached. “See you at the party. Come find me!”

Yeah, you guessed it, I was going to go to the party and skip the nap. I opened the bag and to my surprise found not a captain America costume, but roman soldier uniform!

“There was a mix-up at the costume shop. America was gone, welcome Roman Centurion! A. PS. Julia said you’d never wear it like a true Roman. They didn’t use briefs back then.”

I looked at the costume. It looked more like a short dress than a soldier suit. I stripped off my shirt and pants and picked up the costume. I slipped the short dress on, the bottom of the cream colored linen skirt only coming down to mid-thigh. I pulled on the plastic breast plate to my chest and buckled the leather straps in place. I shook my head at what I must have looked like as I placed the plastic leggings on my shins and strapped them in place.

Almost all the way dressed, I strapped on the short sword and then lowered the helmet down over my head. I walked to my wife’s full length mirror and looked at myself. The costume really did look kind of like a roman soldier I’d seen in a lot of the movies. The helmet came down and covered more than half my face. I doubted anyone could really tell who I was. I walked back to the bed to pick up my car keys and looked down at the note again.

“PS. Julia said you’d never wear it like a true roman. They didn’t use briefs back then.”

No doubt it was a challenge by Amanda. The question was, would I take it? She knew I had a hard time resisting a challenge. I reached under my skirt and slid my briefs down and stepped out of them, tossing them on the bed next to the note before turning to head out of the bedroom.

It wasn’t a long drive to the party, a little less than fifteen minutes to the main building of the country club, but it was still past nine when I got there. Now all I had to do was find my wife.

I walked into the party wondering just what my wife was wearing. I suspected it was the Cleopatra costume, but it could have been the female Greek warrior outfit just as easily. I didn’t expect it would be too hard to find my wife, she was after all, my wife. If I couldn’t recognize her, who could?

I mingled into the crowd on the first floor of the absolutely huge two story building, hoping to find her in the first floor ballroom. If not it seemed there would still be a second floor above, a deck, a patio and of course miles of golf course to look for her in. How hard could it be?

I searched my way across the first floor ballroom without finding my wife. Along the way I realized why the ladies liked these parties so much. The anonymity that the costumes allowed obviously proved to be a great enticement to flirt and play. It was almost tempting to follow the sexy lady mafia boss when she suggested a private place to explore what neither of us were wearing under our costumes, one hand slipping up under my “skirt” teasing my half hard cock. She had on a form fitting pinstripe dress that showed a significant amount of cleavage and only went down to her mid-thigh. Her fishnet stockings were clipped directly to the white frilly hem of the dress. Unfortunately playing wasn’t quite on my list of things to do, even as tempting as this was.

I was beginning to understand the allure of this party for Amanda. It was a smorgasbord of potential sexual encounters, between the alcohol being consumed and the costumes, if the guys were as hot on the trail as the ladies as a few of the ladies seemed to be on the trail of guys, she had to be having a great time.

I was most of the way back across the ballroom, planning on heading up to the second floor when she stopped me. “Well, hello warrior.” The tall thin woman wearing a rather intriguing sorceress costume cooed as she practically materialized in front of me. She was easily half a head taller than I was, but then that could easily have been the knee high black spike boots. She wore a full length black dress with a high spiked collar. The black material fit tightly around her waist and stomach, clinging to her body as it flowed up and around her large full breasts. The tops of her breasts and the deep exposed cleft of cleavage were creamy white and visible nearly down to her nipples.

“Hello. Elvira I presume?”

“Oh, I’d never be so presumptuous as to impersonate a legend. No, I am but a humble temptress.” She said in a deep sultry voice, one foot stepping slightly fatih escort forward and about a foot to one side, splitting the long black dress practically to her navel. “Do you see something you like?” She asked, the jet black curls on her exposed mound matching the jet black hair cascading down her shoulders from under the black crown that covered her face above her nose.

“You are most certainly a temptress.” I answered with a gulp. “A most beautiful and alluring one at that.” I added, staring at the triangular shape of a light tan line encompassing the black curls and full round lips.

“I’m glad you think so. I do try to make an impression.” She cooed, stepping closer to me her arms reaching out to encircle my neck as the front of her dress closed across her exposed pussy again. “You’re making quite an impression as well. The bulge you wear so proudly bears witness to a prowess equal to those of your military exploits.”

“I’m not sure I’ve any military exploits to brag about.” I answered with a tilt of my head and a smile at her rather unique approach.

“Oh but you’re wrong. You see you’ve already conquered my heart, you’ve but to collect the spoils of war.” She said, pressing her body against mine, her full breasts pressing to my chest, my cloth covered cock pushing against the gap of her dress as if it wished to spread it and tease the treasures within.

“Unfortunately my heart is already captured by another.” I answered her as she lowered her face down in an attempt to kiss me.

“That is unfortunate. Maybe I should cast a spell upon you to that will entice you to fully embrace the power that is evident and thrust it to its full advantage, impaling me and driving us both to the pinnacle of victory.”

“It is unfortunately a trip that I am unable to make with you my temptress, though the offer is indeed tempting.” I said as her lips brushed mine.

“Are you sure? Just think how wonderful my soft silky confines would feel surrounding your large firm appendage, your powerful thrusts lifting up into me, making my unbridled mounds dance in unison with your deep advances. We would feel each of your strokes as you push us both along the path to that final victory, your surging seed forcing up into me and filling me as no other potion could do.”

“It is indeed tempting, and my firm appendage as you call it seems to be calling for release from its confines, but I believe I should save that for the temptress that stole my heart many years ago.”

“As you wish, however if you change your mind, I am but a spell away and ready to accept your advances.” She whispered as she let her arms fall from me and her body slide away from mine and into the crowd as silently as she had appeared.

I was just heading to the stairs to head up when an arm wrapped around my waist. “Hey big man. You got a date or you just cruising to find a young attractive and totally drunk babe to take advantage of?”

I turned around expecting maybe Amanda or my wife, but instead was face to face and chest to chest with a young lady in a seventies style tiedye dress. The mask covered a good portion of her face, but not enough to keep me from recognizing a young woman that lives down the street. I’d seen her lots of times jogging past while I mowed the lawn or worked on other yard stuff. She always looked pretty damn good in the spandex outfits she wore, some of them awfully damn revealing, but this…well this outfit was just plain spectacular. My cock almost immediately started to get even harder than the temptress had left it as my mind started undressing her. “I’m actually looking or my wife.” I answered truthfully, thinking that what I was thinking was already pretty badly out of bounds, let alone where I could feel her hands moving.

“Hmmmmm I think I saw her head this way.” She said, taking me by the hand and pulling me out of the ballroom and down a long hallway.

I followed willingly until she turned and pulled me into a small room lined with coat rails and hangers. “Now, how about we just find out if you’re really a true roman soldier? I hear they didn’t wear anything under those uniforms.” she cooed as she turned to face me, her hand reaching for the hem of my uniform skirt. She pushed the front of the uniform up and wrapped a hand around my mostly hard cock, grinning at me while reaching for one of my hands with her free one. She pulled it down to her own skirt, and then under it, pressing my fingers against her bare pussy. “I was hoping you were coming to this party.” She said huskily. “A little birdie told me you had an invitation.”

“Yeah, um… Mrs Jenkins, right?” I asked, wrapping one hand around her wrist and trying to pull it out from under my skirt while pulling mine back from under hers.

“Shhhhhh no names.” She whispered urgently. “Besides, its miss, not missus, but you can call me Darlene. I’ve been watching you for a long time. Seems like the perfect chance to esenyurt escort do a little exploring.” She said, just slightly above a whisper, her hand pulling mine back down to her pussy. “Can you feel how wet I am? How turned on I am for you? ” she whispered as she pressed our hands against her bare pussy and rocked her hips slightly to grind herself against them. “You know, this dress comes off awful easy and I’m completely totally naked under it. How bout it? Wanna go sneak off onto the golf course and see my hot naked body in the moonlight?”

“I think you’re drunk.” I whispered back, withdrawing my hand, somewhat reluctantly, from between her legs.

“Not so drunk I can’t enjoy a big cock, which is exactly what I’m feeling here. How about it Roger, wanna go fuck like bunnies on the eighteenth green?”

“I think I’d better not. I promised my wife I’d find her.”

“Oh phoo. We could have had so much fun.” She said with a sigh, “What’s she wearing?” Darlene asked with a very disappointed frown.

“I think she’s wearing a Cleopatra.”

“You don’t know? Didn’t you come together?” she asked curiously, stepping back toward me so her breasts pressed against my chest plate. “In that case, why don’t you let me give this big cock a little workout? Mmmmm yeah it’s big all right. Come on stud. Fuck me. I’ve been watching you working outside for so long. Every time I run by I feel my pussy get soaking wet, just like it is right now.” She said as she lifted one leg and pushed my cock down, closing her legs around it so it was trapped between her thighs and her definitely wet pussy lips.

“This isn’t a good idea.” I answered, thinking I needed to move, but my body objecting to the idea in strenuous terms.

“It’s a great idea.” She moaned, her hand gripping my arms tightly as she began bucked her hips, driving her pussy back and forth across the top of my cock. “God yes. I wish it was inside me. Wanna put it deep into me?” She moaned softly.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea at all.” I answered, my own hips seeming to stroke in time with her own at the sensation of her soft thighs and wet pussy lips caressing my rock hard shaft and head.

“I’ve been trying to tempt you, wearing oh so little when I run past you. Do you like seeing my tits bounce? Can you tell how wet my pussy is when I run by? You know, I never wear any panties, not ever. God I so often want to stop and just show you my pussy, pull my shorts down and bend over so you can put that cock into me.”

“Seriously?” I groaned, realizing that she was right, her tits were always bouncing pretty freely, she also often wore very short shorts, sometimes loose, sometimes skin tight.

“Ohhh shit. I’m gonna come!” She squeaked as her legs trembled and her body gave little jerks and spasms. “Ohhhhhhhh fuck. One of these days I’m gonna just stop by your yard, throw you down and fuck your brains out.” She panted as she stood there, my cock still stuffed between her thighs, both my shaft and her thighs coated with her cum.

“Maybe some day I’ll let you.” I groaned, pulling my cock back until it withdrew from the hot crevice it was nestled into, my mind screaming at me to just turn her around and stuff it deep into her pussy. She stepped toward me again, hanging onto me, not at all willing to let me go yet, looking down at the tent my “skirt” was making.

“You know, if you want I know exactly what it takes to make that smaller.” She said with a grin. “I can suck it or fuck it or stroke it or even let you slide it between my tits and squirt it all over me.” She said with a grin, reaching both hands down to close around my cock, neither hand able to close all the way around its girth.

“Maybe some other time.” I said, finally getting my brain back into control, pushing her hands away from my cock.

“Well, just let me know.” She said tight lipped, as she turned and hooked an arm though mine. “Now to find your wife. I did sorta promise, didn’t I?”

“Sorta, yeah.” I answered as she guided me out of the room and back toward the stairs,

I let her lead me up the stairs, her arm in mine until we reached the upstairs ballroom. It was filled with people milling around in all kinds of costumes. If anything it seemed that the group on the second floor contained even more sexy and skimpy styles of outfits. I saw a cave woman that had barely anything on except for a leopard print mini-skirt and animal print bikini top, several cheerleaders and a French maid with an off the shoulder mini-dress that seemed to be bursting at the seams. For a moment I thought I saw my wife wearing a pair of black fishnet stockings, a black leather bustier and a collar with a black bowtie. The white bunny ears and pom-pom tail completed the outfit. I couldn’t really make out her face behind the mask attached to the ears, but my wife wouldn’t wear that kind of outfit anyway. Amanda on the other hand would have no qualms about wearing an outfit that revealing.

I took another quick look, thinking that if it was Amanda, she was definitely attractive in that outfit, an outfit that was attracting quite a bit of attention from the guys. While she seemed to be rebuffing their advances, I had no doubt that before the night was out she would select one lucky guy to sample. “Not seeing her.” I finally said, turning to go back down the stairs.

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