Sylvia Pt. 02

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There was a knock on the motel room door and a voice called out, “Room service.”

Mal recognized the voice as Steve’s and got up and answered the door still naked.

“I have some more towels for you both.” said Steve.

“Bring them inside and put them on the table,” said Mal.

Steve’s eyes lit up when he saw Sylvia lying on the bed naked with her fingers playing with her pussy.

Mal smiled. “Sylvia this is Steve the owner of the motel, Steve this is my cousin Sylvia.”

“It’s nice to meet you Sylvia; I guess you’re kissing cousins.” Steve said laughing.

Sylvia laughed. “It’s nice to meet you too and we do a lot more than kiss.”

“I can see that you do,” said Steve staring at her naked body.

“Do you want to join us? Mal’s taking ages to become hard again.”

Steve turned and looked at Mal who said, “Join us if you want… Sylvia’s a great fuck.”

Steve undressed as fast as he could and was soon standing beside the bed naked with a large hard cock.

He reached down and squeezed Sylvia’s breasts and said, “You have a lovely pair of breasts.”

Sylvia smiled and reached out and took hold of his cock and said, “You have a lovely big cock.”

They both laughed and as Sylvia stroked his cock she said, “Why don’t you fuck me and let me feel your big cock inside me.”

As Sylvia parted her legs Steve moved between them and lifted them onto his shoulders. He rubbed the fat knob of his cock up and down Sylvia’s wet slit a few times covering his knob with her juices. Once his cock was wet enough he pushed it into her cunt. Sylvia could feel her cunt being stretched by Steve’s large cock and she relaxed her cunt muscles to let his cock slide all the way inside her.

Mal stood there stroking his now hard cock as his friend fucked his cousin’s cunt. Sylvia had her eyes closed and was licking her lips as her fingers played with her clit. Mal moved close enough to rub his cock over his cousin’s mouth and she just opened her mouth and took his cock inside her mouth. Mal held her head as he began to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth.

Steve was now slamming his large cock into her cunt making her whole body shake. Both men watched each other fucking Sylvia and gave each other a smile.

“You weren’t joking when you said she was a great fuck,” said Steve.

“She has already fucked eight men earlier tonight,” said Mal.

Sylvia felt embarrassed hearing pendik escort her cousin telling Steve about what happened earlier but couldn’t say anything with Mal’s cock in her mouth.

“She is not only a great fuck she gives great head and loves the taste of cum.”

“Does she like having her ass fucked?” asked Steve as he continued slamming his cock into her cunt.

Sylvia tried to shake her head as Mal said, “I don’t know… we can find out later.”

Mal’s cock erupted and blasted his load into her mouth. Sylvia swallowed and gulped down each load he shot into her mouth. Once he had finished and had removed his cock from her mouth Mal started squeezing her breasts and began pinching and twisting and pulling on her nipples.

Her nipples had now grown to twice their normal size and looked fantastic and Mal lowered his mouth onto one of her breast and sucked her nipple into his mouth. When he softly bit the nipple Sylvia let out a soft moan and when he bit harder she moaned louder. He used his teeth to take turns pulling on her nipples making them stick out further.

“Oh fuck keep doing that I love having my nipples abused… Bite them harder.” Sylvia yelled.

Mal did as she asked and her moans of pain and pleasure grew louder and louder and she screamed, “I’m coming… I’m having another orgasm.”

Steve was also about to come and he said, “I’m ready to cum, where do you want me to come?”

Sylvia managed to tell him between moans, “Fill my cunt with your cum.”

Steve thrust his cock into her and held her tight as he blasted his massive load after load into her cunt. Sylvia felt her cunt being expanded as it was filled with his cum. Steve let Sylvia’s legs drop back onto the bed and his cock flopped out and his cum began running out of her love hole.

Steve opened the bar fridge and grabbed them a beer and the three of them sat on the bed having a drink as they all recovered.

Once Sylvia had finished drinking she started to fondle Steve and Mal’s cocks and as soon as their cocks were hard she said, “I think you’re ready to fuck me again.”

Sylvia rolled over and began licking all over and around the knob of Steve’s massive cock. She had to open her mouth wide to take his cock into her mouth. Steve held her head with both hands and began moving her head up and down on his cock. Sylvia could feel her mouth being stretched with each downward push and could feel the knob of Steve’s escort pendik cock hitting the back of her throat.

She had never had a cock this size in her mouth before and was struggling to breathe and catch her breath. Mal moved behind Sylvia and lifted her up onto her knees and pushed his fingers into her wet cunt and gave his fingers a few pumps before removing them and pushing one finger into her ass hole. Sylvia’s butt tightened as she felt Mal’s finger penetrate her ass hole and when she relaxed he began pushing his finger in and out and when Mal added another finger she let out a muffled scream.

Mal thrust his cock deep into her wet cunt and started fucking her at a rapid pace and when he felt her ass hole relax and release the grip on his fingers he quickly removed his fingers. He pulled his cock out her cunt and in one quick thrust entered her tight ass. Sylvia tried shaking her butt to get Mal’s cock out of her ass hole but all she was doing was letting his cock go deeper into her ass. With his cock all the way inside her Mal held her hips steady letting her get used to having his cock deep inside her butt.

When Steve started filling her mouth with his cum there was that much she had trouble swallowing everything and was starting to gag. She looked into Steve’s eyes begging and pleading with him to remove his cock from her mouth. He finally finished coming and pulled his soft but still large cock from her mouth.

Sylvia took deep breaths as she said, “Your cocks too big,” she then screamed, “FUCK!”

Mal had started fucking her ass and was pulling his cock out and thrusting it back inside her ass making his balls slap against her cheeks each time he thrust his cock into her.

“Your cock is stretching my ass… Oh fuck that feels good,” moaned Sylvia.

Sylvia was now starting to enjoy her ass being fucked and Mal kept thrusting in and out with a nice steady rhythm.

“I’m coming again oh fuck I’m having another orgasm getting my ass fucked,” screamed Sylvia.

Steve watched Mal fucking her ass, he loved how Sylvia’s hanging breasts swayed back and forth under her each time Mal thrust his cock into her ass. As Mal continued to fuck her ass he reached under her to finger her cunt and rub her clit sending her into another orgasm.

“I’m coming.” yelled Mal.

“Don’t come yet… I want you to keep fucking my ass. It feels wonderful having your cock inside my ass.”

She had pendik escort bayan gone from not wanting her ass fucked to love having a cock in her ass, and when Mal had come and shot his cum into her ass and had finished he pulled his cock out and lay on the bed. Sylvia rolled over and lay down beside him and they looked up to see that Steve had dressed.

“I have to get back to the office… I can come back later if you like?”

“Yes come back, I will be here waiting for you to fuck me.”

“I will try to come back tonight… Otherwise I will see you in the morning when I bring you breakfast,” he told them.

Steve smiled and left his friend Mal and his cousin Sylvia kissing each other. He turned and had another look at them in each other’s arms cuddling. He closed the motel room door behind him as he left.

As the morning sunshine tried to brighten the motel room, Sylvia was busy waking up Mal with her mouth wrapped around his shaft and her tongue licking all around his head and eye of his cock. Mal felt his cock throbbing and his balls beginning to tighten as he started to wake up from what he thought had been a dream. Mal realized that they must have fallen asleep last night and he reached out and held Sylvia’s head on his cock as he started to blow his morning load of cum into her mouth.

After she emptied and cleaned his cock she moved up beside Mal and kissed him. “Good morning, did you sleep well?”

“Yes I had a good sleep, and I loved how you woke me up.”

“Let’s have a shower together and clean ourselves up,” said Sylvia.

Mal and Sylvia stood in the shower letting the hot water run over their bodies as their hands roamed over each other. Mal cupped the cheeks of Sylvia’s ass in each hand and lifted her up and Sylvia reached behind herself and took hold of Mal’s cock and guided it into her cunt as he lowered her down onto his cock.

She wrapped her legs around his waist. He started thrusting in and out of her cunt as he leaned her against the shower cubicle wall. Five minutes later his cock erupted and shot several loads of cum into her cunt. When he had finished he lifted her off his now limp cock and down onto her feet.

After they washed and dried each other they returned to the bed and cuddled and kissed each other in a tight embrace.

“What would you like to do today?” asked Sylvia.

“I would be happy to stay in the motel room with you all day and fuck you again and again,” said Mal.

“That sounds wonderful to me, and maybe Steve and some of your friends could join us.”

I never knew my cousin loved sex as much as she does. This was going to be a long weekend for us both.

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