Taboo Times Two

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I had decided tonight was the night. My best friend Lisa was sleeping over, my parents were away and my brother, Jason, would be going out clubbing in a couple of hours. The plan was for us to get drunk and talk about men and sex but I had other ideas.

Lisa and I had been best friends ever since I could remember but there had always been something else there. When we were younger we used to practice our kissing techniques out on each other and I have to say I often preferred kissing her than the boys I was practicing for. Over the years my fondness for her had developed into a crush and, even though I had never had a lesbian affair, I wanted to find out if she felt the same way towards me. I was very nervous and had already started on the vodka that we had bought for later. By the time Lisa arrived I was already fairly tipsy but when I saw her all my nerves came back and I wondered whether I would be able to go through with it after all. My parents had already left for their weekend away but my brother was still in the front room watching TV.

Jason is just 2 years older than me and has never really been that popular with the girls. He is a very shy person and most of his friends are very confident around people so Jason always seemed to fade into the background. I told Lisa that I wanted to have a shower before we started drinking and she could go and watch TV with pendik escort Jason while she waited. Meanwhile I went upstairs and got into the shower. I couldn’t get the image of Lisa in hipster jeans and a tight t-shirt downstairs waiting for me and I began to fantasize about what I wanted to happen later. How I desperately wanted to feel her kiss again. I wanted to peel her panties off and taste her sweet pussy. The thought of it all got too much for me and I began to slide my fingers in and out of my dripping hole.

When I finally got out of the shower the sudden realization hit me that I had been in there for 40 minutes. So much for a quick shower eh! I rushed down the stairs with my long brown hair still wet and wrapped in just my small white towel and then I saw them. Lisa was lying on her back with Jason driving his cock into her for all he was worth. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My brother had stolen my Lisa from under my nose. I watched on. The sight of Lisa squirming around in ecstasy was a massive turn on. Her small tits were completely exposed and were bouncing up and down as Jason pumped her. I found myself staring at her face and then suddenly her eyes caught mine and a smile spread slowly across her beautiful face. I found myself compelled to go towards them and before I knew it I was next her. Jason continued to work himself into her as she grabbed hold of my escort pendik head and pulled my lips onto hers. Heaven.

I felt my pussy start to throb as her tongue snaked into my willing mouth. I wanted to feel her body against mine so, without releasing my lips from hers I lifted my leg over her stomach and undid my towel releasing my boobs and slowly I lowered my body, arching my back, so that our naked bodies were at last together. Lisa felt her way between my legs and began to stroke my clit faster and faster until I came with such a force I thought I was going to faint. I had completely forgotten that, while all this was going on Lisa was getting fucked by my older brother.

Completely forgot that is, until I felt his cock nudging against my dripping cunt. He waited for a second as if to give me a chance to pull away but when I didn’t he slowly inserted his tool into me. I was completely lost within my own orgasmic feelings. Lisa looked up at me with amazement and whispered, “Is he fucking you?”

“Oh yesssss. He’s fucking me so well.” Was all I could bring myself to reply. Lisa held me tight as my big brothers cock slid effortlessly into my dripping honey pot. Every so often I would remember that it was my brother who was inside me and I would get butterflies in my tummy but that only served to make me more and more excited. I decided now that I wanted to watch pendik escort bayan while Jason fucked Lisa doggy style. I maneuvered myself off Lisa and lay down next to her as she got up on all fours. I spread my legs wide and Jason looked me straight in the eye as he re-entered Lisa.

As we stared at each other I massaged my clit into another orgasm and I never took my eyes off Jason once. Without warning he pulled out of Lisa and moved himself on top of me. He entered me slowly at first and then he built up into an incredible pace. Lisa laid her head on my stomach and every now and then she would lick my brothers cock as it pistoned in and out of me.

“I’m Cumming!” roared Jason and I think he wanted to shoot his cum inside me but Lisa had other ideas. She quickly grabbed his throbbing tool and sucked him into her mouth. I couldn’t see but from the expression on Jason’s face and the noises coming from Lisa I knew that he had just shot his cum into her mouth. Lisa sat up and turned to face me with a glint in her eye. As she moved towards me I licked my lips in readiness for that final kiss and then I felt it.

As she pinned me onto the couch and pressed her lips to mine, I felt my brothers incestuous cum filling my mouth. For a split second I struggled against it but it tasted so good and just seemed like the right way to finish our wild night together. My tongue wrestled with Lisa’s in a lake of warm cum and then I took a big gulp and swallowed the whole lot of it. Jason must have felt guilty because he left the room straight away leaving me to fall asleep wrapped in Lisa’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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