Take Me!

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Never would Shawn have believed he would be able to get sweet, shy little Carrie to accompany him up to his apartment. Especially with it being just the two of them him this late at night. He was blown away when with her eyes downcast she shook her head yes and followed him up the stairs that lead to his apartment on the fifth floor.

Once inside Shawn knew if he wanted this girl he would have to take the lead. She stood in the middle of his living room floor looking at nothing else but the floor. Shawn walked up behind her and ran his hands up and down her arms.

“Are you cold, Sweetie?” He gently asked her.

Some of his buddies might know him as a big cold black man when it came to members of his own sex, but he sure knew how to handle the members of the opposite sex. His social calendar was never empty. He usually didn’t even have to approach females, they normally came to him. His buddies still had problems believing what they themselves had witnessed many times. Although he knew if he wanted Carrie he would have to go to her. There was something just so sweet and pure to her. She smelled lightly of flower and clean like a fresh bar of soap.

He nuzzled her neck and she seemed to freeze, “Relax baby. I’m going take good care of you now.We both know why you agreed to come up.”

Carrie shyly smiled and a becoming blush spread across her cheeks, but she knew he was right. She wanted a man, if even just for one night, who knew how to take control. She was tired of the normal men she went out with that seemed to never know what to say or even what to do. Tired of the few men she had let bed her in her short 21 years who didn’t seem to know the first thing about fucking. For once she wanted to let her passions loose and be a real woman. A sensual, sexy being capable of giving and receiving intense pleasure. Wanted to be able to scream out her pleasure without scaring her mate away. Tonight she wanted just to FUCK and not make love. Something told her that Shawn could bring out that woman who was somewhere inside her trying desperately to get out.

Shawn slowly turned her to face him, “Don’t be scared baby.”

He leaned in for a soft kiss. His full lips seemed to caress her mouth. Slowly she opened up her mouth for his probing tongue. She could feel the heat spreading through out her body as his tongue lapped at hers. His hands searching for her through her clothes. He couldn’t get enough contact so he started to unbutton her blouse. In one fluid move he had her shirt and bra off and was kneading her tits with his hands. A small moan escaped from her when he replaced his hands with his warm mouth. Pulling and sucking her nipples with his mouth bringing them to two raised peeks begging for attention.

“I wont break.” She softly told him fearing he would disappoint her treating her like a fragile doll as the others had in the past.

“Tell me baby. Tell me how you want things to go. She started to open her mouth to speak but he put his finger on her lips. “No tell me with your body.”

“I…..I don’t know how.” She said barely above a whisper.

“Yes you do. Just let it out. Tonight be who you want to be. If you want to be loved like a princess then go slow and gentle.” He looked her straight in the eyes,”If you want to be loved like a whore speed things up, get rougher. Bite instead of kiss, spank instead of caressing. Take what you want.”

Hesitantly she reached for his hands bringing them to her tits he closed them tightly over her soft mounds making him pinch her nipples hard. “Oh Yes!” She cried. “Use your mouth bite on my..my nipples.”

Never one to let a lady down he crushed his mouth on her tits and began biting them leaving love marks on her smooth white skin as he went.

“So she wants to be a whore.” He thought to himself and smiled. Erenköy Escort This evening was getting better and better. “Sit down.” He ordered. She jumped at the command in his voice, but obeyed quickly sitting down on the couch behind her.

“Spread your legs. Tonight you are going to be my little white slut. You’re going to leave here knowing how to please a man. And knowing how you need to be pleased.”

Spreading her legs she blushed as he seen her panties. “Cotton panties with little flowers.” He laughed. “If you want to be my whore you need to learn to dress like one. Crotchless panties in only silk satin or lace are my personal favorite. Or even none at all.” He ripped the cotton from her body exposing her neatly trimmed bush. “MMMMM I love bush on a woman. Baby you must have a slut in there somewhere.”

He told her as he seen that although the front had bush, her cunt lips were smooth and bare. Running his hands over her lips he could feel that she was already wet.

“No, Stop!” She exclaimed. Fearing he had scared her off he stopped. Cussing under his breath he looked at her. She was clasping and unclasping her hands in her lap. ” I want to taste you.” She said it so low he had to strain to hear.

“Me or my black cock?”

“Both. I want to taste your skin and your….your cock.”

“Okay baby.” He helped her up from the couch. “Let’s go into the bedroom.”

Quickly and quietly she followed. Shawn was going around the room lighting candles. It was beautiful inside his bedroom, big king-size bed in the middle of the floor, glorious thick Persian rug under her feet.

“Look up” He told her and she did. The ceiling was a breath taking skylight.

“It’s gorgeous. Just like you my dark Knight.”

He looked amazed at her.” And you my lady, are my white princess who wants to be treated as my whore.”

“Yes….Yes I do. Please I need you.” She walked to where he stood and still looking him in the face went down on her knees and undid his pants. Freeing his cock she gasped.

“What’s wrong baby? Haven’t you seen one that big before?”

“No never.” she answered more to herself then to him.

He laughed knowing that as she held his cock she was also measuring it. “nine inches if you are wondering”

She didn’t want to just look at it any longer she had to have it inside her mouth. She had only given one blowjob in her life and that man was nothing compared to this beautiful black god that stood before her. She doubted she’d be able to fit it all inside her mouth, but she was sure as hell going to try. Opening up she licked the precum that had started to form around his slit. She slowly licked around his cock head loving how soft it was compared to the rest of his hard cock. She started to take it inch by inch into her mouth. She used her hand to jerk off the rest of his cock she couldn’t fit in, until her throat was more relaxed. She was determined to get all of it inside her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down on his cock and Shawn was glad he had such great control over his load, because if he didn’t it felt so good he was sure he would flood her mouth with his cum right then and there. She was getting more and more turned on watching his black cock going further and further inside her white mouth finally touching the back of her throat. He felt her gag and pulled out.

“No I want it all. I want your cock, all of it, down my throat. This is what I’m here for. For your big chocolate cock.”

“Okay baby, but if it gets too much, stop and I’ll understand.”

She opened her mouth again and in seconds had half of his cock back in her mouth. Going further she had about 3/4 of his cock in her mouth when she felt it once again hit the back of her throat.

“Breathe through your nose baby and relax your throat Acıbadem Escort it will go down more easy.” He told her.

Doing as he instructed she breathed out of her nose and relaxed her throat feeling another two inches go down her throat. Taking the plunge she surged forward taking all of his nine inches into her mouth and down her throat. She opened her eyes as she felt his prickly pubic hair tickling her nose. Reaching around him she grabbed his ass and began rubbing and kneading it getting herself more and more turned on as every minute ticked by. Watching his black cock driving deeper and deeper down her throat was making her so wet she could feel the stickiness between her thighs.

“Are ready for my cum? You ready to become my little cumslut, Carrie?”

“Please let me have it. Let me swallow my first ever load of cum.”

With that he let loose and she felt his thick fluids shooting down her throat. Gagging at first but remembering to breathe out of her nose and relax her throat she could feel his cum filling her belly. She loved how wonderful it tasted. Shawn didn’t think he had ever had an orgasm so hard or with so much cum in his life. Moaning and grabbing the back of her head to push her further down on his cock he fucked her mouth with wild abandon until she had milked every last bit of cum from his cock. He had to sit down he was so shaky.

“Did I do okay?” She asked her big blue eyes looking at him so innocent after what she had just done, about did him in for the second time.

“Baby I am going to be honest with you. That was the best blowjob I have ever had. I swear. Where have you been all of my life?”

She laughed,”Around I guess.”

“Well baby now it’s my turn to make you go out of your mind. Lay back on the bed and leave your legs dangling off the side of the bed”

“Are you going to do that to me??”

“Turn about is fair play right?”

“Yeah I guess, but no one has ever done that to me before.”

“Then you are in for a treat and hopefully a few orgasms.” He laughed.

Carrie laid back on the bed exactly as Shawn told her. “I have never had an orgasm.” She said to the ceiling too embarrassed to look him in the face and say it.

“Well then what I want you to do is lay back on relax. Don’t fight the feelings okay? When they get intense bite your lip or whatever you need to do just don’t freeze up or stop me. This can be very intense.”

“Okay I’ll try.”

He positioned himself between her legs and spread them. She was laying there in all her womanly glory in front of his face. He could see the sexy way her cunt lips were made. He opened her up and admired the pink core of her body. Her perfect tiny cunt hole, even her tiny puckered asshole was perfect. He first licked the outside of her lips teasing her clit with his tongue. She moaned and he then started eating her pussy like it was desert. Sucking her clit inside his mouth while fingering her with first one and then once she stretched a little two fingers. Shawn was sure his neighbors could hear her moans and screams. He watched her face as she lifted up enough to watch what he was doing to her pussy. Sweat was beading on her face and she was almost gasping for air. He was then able to fit three of his large fingers inside her pussy while still licking every inch of her core, and paying special attention to her clit. The intense feelings started for Carrie and for a few seconds she thought she was going to faint. Tearing the sheets off the bed, moaning and screaming her pleasure as wave after wave hit. But Shawn didn’t stop at one. He knew how to please a woman, before he was done eating her pussy she has had 3 orgasms back to back. Finally he moved up on the bed after removing the rest of his clothes. Carrie still had her skirt on but it was out Göztepe Escort of the way and pushed up over her hips. She looked damn sexy and damn naughty spread open like she was with her face flushed from her first time getting her pussy ate.

“Woman you have one tasty pussy.” He told her as he began running his hands over her body.”Eating your pussy has made me hungry for the rest of you.”

He rolled her on top of him. She could feel his erection between her legs on the outside of her pussy. “You ready for me to claim you as mine?” He asked her knowing that he couldn’t let this vision of beauty and passion out of his life.

Feeling her primitive urges kick in her lifted slightly and guided his cock inside of her wet pussy. She started to move down slowly only getting about five inches inside her. She had to wait for the pain from being so stretched open to fade, before she took all of him inside her. Seeing her discomfort and feeling the need to be totally inside her he turned her on her back and positioned his cock at the opening up her pussy. He started pushing it in her slowly and letting her get used to his big nine inch three inch thick cock. Her pussy was so tight it was as if he was fucking a virgin. She fit him like a glove. She could feel every vein on his cock. He was almost all the way inside her when he snapped, he plunged the rest of the way inside and started fucking her wild abandon. She was screaming in pure lust and pleasure scratching at his chest, back, and ass. The pain she was inflicting on him just fueled his passion more. He continued to fuck her furiously for another ten minutes before the pressure from her orgasms and the tight fit of her pussy proved to be too much, and he filled her with his seed. He collapsed on top of her trying to catch his breath. She was trying to slow her heart down, but even the feeling of his cum leaking slowly out of her pussy kept her turned on. She started moving her hips under him and rubbing his unbelievably still erect cock on her pussy lips. He growled as he kisses her hard on the lips pushing his tongue inside her mouth and tasting everything her mouth had to offer.

“Shawn I want you to do something for me.”She told him between kisses.

“Anything baby, anything!”

She wiggled out from under him stood up and leaned over the bed with her ass up in the air. “I have masturbated anally, but never had a cock in it. My past lovers wouldn’t do it. Please will you fuck my virgin asshole?” She almost begged him. She was a little embarrassed, but being so turned on she had to ask him.

“Baby, I will fuck you however and whenever you want me to.” He promised.

He got up and went to his dresser and got out some lubricating oil and spread it all over her asshole. First he pushed a finger inside to try and limber her asshole up some. When he was finally able to get three fingers inside her ass he felt she was ready. Her whimpering had turned into moans and sighs of pleasure. He got behind her and lined up his hard cock up to her asshole which was still a little gapped from the fingering that her ass had received. He gently started to fill her asshole.

“Just fuck me with that big cock of yours.FUUUUUUUUUUCK ME!!”

He plunged his cock deep in her bowels and she screamed from the pain and pleasure that was coming at her at the same time. She didn’t know whether to cry or tell him to fuck her harder. He fucked her asshole so hard it started to bleed slightly, but she didn’t care she was out of her mind with total lust and extreme pleasure. Shawn was as screaming and grunting as loud as she was. The bed under her threatened to break, the springs were bouncing her back on his cock with every thrust. She was saying words she never dreamed she’d say. Urging him to fuck her harder and harder. She screamed louder than before as her most intense orgasm yet hit her. Shawn couldn’t take much more and soon filled her asshole with his cum. Screaming as he cam. Once he was done cumming they both fell on the bed and laid like that with his cock still in her ass for a very, very long time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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