Taken By Tiffany

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The original conversations between my new roommate and me on the topic of sex were pretty much the standard girl talk. We were both into guys though we had both experimented with bisexual behavior in college. Neither of us considered ourselves “bi;” as if that word in itself had some negative connotation. No, we were just exploring our sexuality a time in our lives when such exploration was not all together uncommon. In my case it was with a roommate in my junior year. In her case it was with a few friends during the two years she spent in college. We were both open and frank about the things that turned us on, and the things that turned us off. It was great to have female confidant again.

I should state from the beginning that both Tiffany and I are about the same age. I’m 25, five feet five inches tall, with dark red hair that trails to just below shoulder level. I do have the matching green eyes to accentuate the red hair, though I was MOSTLY spared the freckles that accompany girls like me of Irish descent. I would describe my features as attractive. I have a 34C cup size with a 22″ waist and 36″ hips. I work out and keep myself in pretty good shape, so my 125 pounds are well carried. Tiffany is 23 years old and slightly smaller; barely five foot two with shoulder length blonde hair and mischievous steel blue eyes. She also is a 34C, but since she is barely 105 pounds her breasts seem comparatively larger.

We met through work. I’m an office manager for a large marketing company and she works in the accounting department. I enjoy my privacy, so when times were better I rented a small two bedroom home with a fenced yard and a privacy fence. When the economy tightened up, I couldn’t get any more overtime. Since my boyfriend and I had split up months earlier, I began looking for a roommate to help out with the bills. Tiffany, as it turns out, was looking for a place so I invited her to move in with me. We agreed to share expenses, and ended up sharing more; much more.

About two weeks after she moved in, I had a date come to the house. It was a guy I’d gone out with a couple of times and had a certain attraction to, though it was certainly not a major love connection. We ended up having sex in my room. It wasn’t the most earth shattering experience of my life, but it was okay. He left immediately afterward, since he had to get up in the morning. He told me not to get up, which was good because I really didn’t want to. I was actually lying in my bed with a towel between my legs when Tiffany walked into the room.

“Hey, Nic,” she said when she walked in. I was under the covers, so even though I was naked I didn’t think anything of it. True, the guy and I had been having sex, but it wasn’t like Mom walked in on us. Tiffany was in a good mood. “Talk about just cumming and going huh? That’s got to be frustrating.”

I was a little embarrassed by the comment. She had obviously been listening. When my eyes met hers it was clear to me that she knew I hadn’t actually achieved orgasm, and that my date hadn’t made that a particular goal of his. I didn’t know that to say, but as it turns out I didn’t have to say anything. Tiffany leaned down and kissed me, then slowly pulled the blanket back to expose my nakedness. I should have protested, but I didn’t.

I was a little shocked when she pulled the towel away, but I barely had time to think before she moved my legs apart and began to lick my hot flesh. I knew it had to be sticky with cum but Tiffany let out a contented, “Mmmmmm. gay porno I love cum, don’t you? I was too aroused to lie, so I agreed. After a few moments of some extremely talented tongue work she kissed me again and gave me a taste of my own cum sodden pussy. It felt incredibly erotic. She then returned between my legs and once again explored my pussy and clit with her tongue. I came in three minutes. There was no faking it this time. I came so hard I thought I was going to explode.

Tiffany just kissed me and said, “Goodnight, Pet.” It was the first time she’d called me something other than Nic, or Nikky. She never called me Nicole. My face was flushed after the climax and I asked her, “Don’t you want me to repay you? She smiled in her somewhat mischievous way and said, “Later, Pet.”

“Later” came the next evening. I was in my room doing some work on my computer when she brought a date home. I think she was intentionally loud, because I heard everything. I finally had to shut off the computer, slide out of my panties and reach up under my nightshirt to rub myself. She was obviously riding his dick like a bull rider. I seriously worried that they were going to break the bed. I came just from listening to them and slowly rubbing my engorged clit. I knew Tiffany was putting on a show for my benefit.

When she said to him, “Wait right here,” I knew she was coming in to my room. Sure enough, she stepped out of her room, turned right, and walked into my room with her right hand pressed between her legs. “Take the shirt off and get on your knees,” she said. As hot as I was, I couldn’t refuse. I slid out of bed, pulled the shirt off and before I gave any thought as to why I was obeying her I was on my knees with my rump on my heels. Tiffany straddled my face, lightly gripped my hair and pressed her cum filled pussy to my mouth. Of course, I lapped it up as eagerly as she had licked me. It was the first time I had tasted another woman’s pussy since college. I reached my hands up to her hips but she commanded, “No, put your hands behind your back!” I hesitated and she added, “It’s sexier that way.”

I never thought about how incriminating it could have been to have had a picture snapped just then. All I thought about was licking the cum out of Tiffany’s pussy, and making her cum in the process. I slid my tongue over her clit and felt her body respond with a shudder. Back I went to slide my tongue as deep inside her as I could, and then to drag it along her opening to the top and over her clit. Each time I repeated the action I got a stronger response until at last Tiffany came again. I kept my mouth against her as she gripped my hair and moaned, “Drink it, Pet.” I certainly had no intention of stopping.

We were jarred back to reality by a voice from the doorway. “That’s sexy as hell,” her date said. Tiffany backed away from me and said, “Don’t move.” I have no clue why I didn’t get back into bed, but I didn’t. I stayed just as I was. She said goodbye to her date and more or less shoved him out the door, then returned to the bedroom. I could see her face light up when she saw I was still in the same position. She knew right then that she was in control, even if I didn’t. Something about the way she spoke to me brought out a submissive side to me that I didn’t even know I had. She ran her fingers gently through my hair and said softly, “I’ll just be a moment.”

With that she was gone. I got up off my heels because my feet were going to sleep and I waited. fetiş porno I didn’t have long to wait. She returned a moment later wearing a loosely tied robe. Our eyes met as Tiffany knelt down on her knees. She put her arms around me and asked, “Do you trust me, Pet?” Her face was inches from mine. I could feel the moisture on my upper thighs and we both knew I was incredibly turned on. “Yes, Tiffany. I trust you,” I told her. I was a bit nervous as to what was about to happen, but not nervous enough to stop it.

She took something out of the pocket of her robe put her arms back around me. I felt her putting a set of Velcro cuffs on my wrists. I felt a shiver of fear and apprehension as well as the excitement of anticipation. “Stand up, Pet,” she said. Standing up with my hands cuffed behind my back wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but she slipped her hands under my arms and lifted, which helped. She pressed against me and backed me up until my legs were against the bed. I could feel the bulging of a strap on pressing into me on the other side of the robe. I’ve never been a big fan of toys, but now Tiffany was about to fuck me with one. Her hands went to my shoulders and she helped me lay down. She followed immediately, pushing my legs apart with her knees and entering me before I had any chance to change my mind. As if I would.

I let out a soft moan as I felt the jellied dong slide into me. Tiffany was above me, missionary style. Her hands were on either side of me and my green eyes were locked on to her steel blues. There wasn’t any heistaion as she entered me and pushed the strap on into my wet confines. She claimed me with long, slow strokes. The veins of the simulated dick rubbed against my inner walls, sending jolts of ecstasy as she moved. The combination of the cuffs and the strap on were enough to send me over the top quickly. Tiffany leaned in and kissed me as my body climaxed against hers. I let out a somewhat guttural cry and pumped my hips wildly as the passion reached its peak. Tiffany stopped and held the dong completely inside me until my orgasm subsided. Then she began again.

We were on one side of the bed and I never even noticed when she dragged the other pillow against my hip. All I could think about was the erotic nature of what was going on. I was handcuffed and was being fucked by a smaller, younger girl who seemed to be slowly tightening her control over me. I didn’t want it to stop. Tiffany brought me to the edge of climax, and then pulled out. She waited for a moment and then rubbed the artificial veins of the dong over my clit until I nearly came, and then stopped. After reinserting for the fourth time she finally let me cum. I’ve never been one to squirt and I guess by most standards I didn’t, but it was the hardest, wettest climax of my life.

I felt her breasts against mine; her body pressed against me as she leaned in and kissed me. Her tongue sought out and tasted my tongue to make sure it was cool. “Do you trust me, Pet?” Her voice was soft, and yet had a bit of a hard edge to it. I could feel the warmth of my face and I knew it was flushed. My body seemed wet with a think sheen of perspiration. I knew that Tiffany had planned this all along.

“Yes, I trust you,” I answered. I looked up into her eyes. I had never considered myself submissive before, but there was no other way to describe me now.

“Call me Mistress,” she said.

“Yes, I trust you, Mistress,” I repeated. I hadn’t thought much about the implication hamile porno of the words, only that she was leading and I was following. She smiled and said, “Good, Pet.” Her hands slid to my left leg which was closest to the edge of the bed. She lifted that leg up and slowly rolled me over onto my stomach. My hips were on the pillow. I felt her sit back on the bed. Her knees held my legs apart. I knew she was doing something, but I wasn’t sure what. As she leaned back down, I felt the cool sensation of jellied lubricant against my puckered opening. Before I could protest, Tiffany added her weight to the strap on and it pushed into my ass.

“Owww! No! Get it out!” I cried out. I was NOT into anal at ALL. I started to say something else when I felt a stinging slap against my right buttock. “Behave!” Tiffany said. She lowered her body over mine and put her weight on me as she slid the dong into my virgin ass. I tensed; she spanked. I reacted; she pushed. Her hands went to my shoulders and she whispered, “Relax, Pet. This will feel good soon.”

I should have cussed her out and tried to throw her off me, but there I was whimpering, “But it hurts.” Her voice was in my ear, soothing. “Shhhhhhhh. Just relax, Pet.”

The pain of the intrusion began to wane as my anal muscles adjusted to the rude intrusion. Her hands on my shoulders held me down as she began to slowly move that strap on in my formerly virgin ass. I held my legs wide and tried to relax, since I knew Tiffany was going to fuck me up the ass whether I liked it or not. The lube made the dong slide back and forth in my ass without too much difficulty. It took me a while to get to where it didn’t feel like the dong was ripping tissue with every moment, but in time my moans of pain faded and my moans of pleasure increased. The sensation of being totally filled and stretched by the strap on dong was definitely unique.

After a few moments I felt her left hand slide under me and begin to rub my clit. Tiffany spoke slowly, and in a very authoritarian tone. “I want you to say, ‘Fuck me, Mistress. ” She was in total control and she knew it. I could feel my wetness slicking her fingertips.

“Fuck me, Mistress,” I moaned.

Her right hand moved to my hair. Slender fingers gripped a generous handful of my crimson mane and she pulled my head back. “Harder, Mistress,” she commanded. I let out a small whimper and complied.

“Harder, Mistress.” I said to her.

She began to pump into my ass harder now, bringing a whimper with each hard thrust. My ass stung from being spanked, and I knew I had several hand prints burned into my otherwise creamy flesh. Her fingertips gently massaged my clit even though nothing else was about what she was doing with me was gentle. She was absolutely DRILLING me with the strap on. I don’t know exactly how long it went on. It seemed like hours, though I’m sure it was probably less than 45 minutes. When I came, I came even harder than before. I wasn’t sure if I gushed some or if I peed, but I soaked the pillow. When it ended, I lay on my stomach gasping as my ass throbbed.

She slid out of me slowly, uncuffed my hands and went to get me a warm towel to clean up with. She was very gentle as she washed me, telling me what a good job I did and what a wonderful pet I was going to be. We both knew this wasn’t a onetime thing. We both knew that from this moment on, she was the Mistress and I was the Pet. I rubbed my arms to get the circulation back into them as I lay on my throbbing, burning ass.

“Sleep in my bed, Pet?” It was a question, but her questions now seemed like commands.

“Yes, Mistress,” I answered. I slid out of bed and walked back to her room without putting the sleep shirt on. I knew I would be sleeping naked from here on out.

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