Taking Control: By His Rules

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It’s amazing how easy it is to manipulate a woman. Sure, you can waste hours, days even, flattering a woman in the hope of getting her to do what you want. You can spend a fortune on flowers and jewellery, fancy dinners and vast amounts of alcohol but all that will ultimately lead to it her thinking you’ve done something wrong and are buying your guilt off with gifts. The trick to controlling women is simply to underestimate her. Tell her you really want her to do something but you honestly don’t think she will. Dare her, push her to prove you wrong.

Women love to think they are superior and nothing pisses them off more than being thought of as weak. They will literally do the most bizarre things just to prove they are better than you thought they were, better than you. Of course, they will eventually work out that they have been played, bested by a superior mind, but by then you’ve won.

They will rage, cry, slap and moan and it’s likely you’ll never get another chance with them but women are like buses, you only have to wait 5 minutes for the next one and it will always be more vacant than the last. If you want to keep the same woman around for a while, it gets trickier but the strategy is still the same. Tell them you don’t believe they have it in them and they will always prove you wrong.

Unlocking the hotel room door and stepping inside, I quickly sized up my surroundings. Perfect. As requested, the large suite played hosted to a Kingsize four poster bed. Directly facing it, a huge flat screen tv and two squashy armchairs. The ensuite bathroom housed a shower so roomy it was technically a wet room. So far so good. Dropping my holdall on the bed, I quickly set about setting up the room. Some candles on each of the bed side tables lent an air of sensuality which did nothing for me, but would be appreciated by my guest. The mood was set by the laptop I hooked up to the tv, my specially created iTunes mix would provide the soundtrack. Opening the table drawers I added a box of condoms, several bottles of flavoured lube and three vibrators. Same process in the bathroom cabinet.

Taking off my jacket and stashing it in the hidden wardrobe I was delighted to find the hotel favoured wooden coat hangers, one of the perks of upgrading from one of those awful chain hotels. Snagging two, I returned to the bed and took out the next batch of equipment. A quick glance around and I attached small cameras to the light fittings on the wall next to the tv, the bedside lamps and the headboard. A few keystrokes on my laptop and I was satisfied that I would be able to catch all of the forthcoming action.

The monster shower had one of those storage shelves built up into the tile so it was the perfect place to position the video camera. Another check on the laptop and I had the perfect bird’s eye view. The remaining items in my bag of tricks would wait so I slid it under one of the chairs and surveyed my handiwork. Not long to wait now.

The knock on the door was tentative. I checked my watch, she was exactly on time which disappointed me slightly. They were always so eager to please that I sometimes felt unchallenged. Knowing that the next few hours held cheered me somewhat and I smiled to myself. Another quick check proved the cameras were rolling and everything was set. She knocked again, slightly harder this time, a mixture of nerves and irritation.

Irritation was excellent, a pissed off woman is quicker to rattle. Walking to the door I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, I knew what I expected and I knew what I hoped for. I had every faith that by sunrise I would have achieved both. The woman on the other side of the door had no idea what she was capable of and I was definitely the one to show her.

She was shorter than I’d expected. A beige trenchcoat covered her from neck to knees, something of a cliché considering my “request” but it showed promise. Her dark brown hair was pulled back off her face in a high ponytail and her face was painted up like a war time pin up. I looked her up and down and stood aside to let her in. She seemed hesitant but one cock of my eyebrow and she entered the small corridor leading to the bedroom.

She’d told me she had never done this before but they all say that. As I watched her wide eyed appraisal of the room I thought she may actually have been telling the truth. I walked past her and sat in the chair directly facing the bed. She motioned to follow but I raised my hand and she stopped.

“Take it off”

She blinked at me like I’d slapped her. I was beginning to regret my choice.

“Take… it… off”

Her hands fumbled with the tie on the coat and once again I sensed her hesitation. Shifting in the chair I sat forward, my elbows resting on my knees, my eyes never leaving her face. I gave her a nod and glanced at my watch.

Tie loosened, she unbuttoned the coat and slowly opened it. She was biting her lower lip but to her credit, her eyes never left mine. She slid the coat off her shoulders and let it fall to the Escort bayan floor.

“Turn around”

She slowly stepped away from the coat at her feet and did as she was told. I took in every detail of her appearance, shiny black stilettos which I was certain were bought just for tonight, sheer black hold up stockings – I hated hold ups, suspenders were the way to go, that little snap as you undid each clasp – delicious.

A black thong pulled up so high on her hips I could see the lips of her cunt. As she turned I watched as the g string reappeared between her ass and was pleasantly surprised at her high round cheeks. I was glad I’d taken the wooden coat hangers, and even more glad that she’d given me a very good reason to use them. Her stomach was bare and her waist was a stark relief to the flare of her hips.

Her tits were squeezed into a black push up bra which bared more than it covered. I was gratified to see that she hadn’t lied about them, they were indeed her best feature. Her skin was pale and bare, no obvious piercings, no ink. Virgin skin. I held up my hand to stop her revolutions and saw the look of panic in her eyes. Virgin meat.

“Very nice”

She sagged slightly with relief

“Although it’s not what I’d asked you to wear, is it?”

She blinked again and opened her mouth to say something I would find meaningless. I wasn’t interested in what came out of her mouth, only what she’d let me put in it.

“My question is rhetorical. There is nothing to say. You were given very clear instructions which you chose not to follow. This is not what I expected from you and I’m more than a little disappointed.”

Her head dipped slightly and I knew she was dying to talk back. She was nervous and I’d bet there was a large part of her that wanted to flee but she’d come this far and was desperate to see how this evening would turn out. She knew I’d fuck her, she knew she’d submit to me but the details were not for her to know.

We’d met online at one of the numerous sites I used for this very purpose, to meet women I could fuck and fuck with. She was a newbie but her bio said she was looking for adventure, some no strings fun with someone more experienced than she. Her profile picture had been good and the emails we exchanged over the following days held just the right balance between friendly and flirty.

I’m usually upfront about what I’m looking for because I don’t want to waste my time on a woman looking for cuddles on the sofa. I’d sensed she was up for the challenge when our emails had wandered into sexual histories and she’d told me about her lacklustre sex life thus far. From there it had been easy to segue into fantasies and within days we’d arranged this meeting.

I had insisted this was for one night only unless we mutually agreed to meet again, no ties, no involvement, just sex. I’d told her it would easier for us both if we included an element of role play and we’d agreed on what the evening may include. She had said she was willing to try anything which I knew was bravado but I was intrigued. It had been a while since I’d had someone I had to talk through the process and I’d enjoyed writing those emails, I imagined she had blushed when I told her I wanted to taste her cunt.

“You told me you wanted me to fuck you. You said you wanted to play by my rules. You obviously haven’t changed your mind otherwise you wouldn’t be here. So, do you still want me to fuck you?”

Again she opened her mouth to speak and I silenced her with my raised hand. She nodded slowly

“You expect me to honour my promise to you when you haven’t honoured your promise to me? Does that seem fair to you?”

She shook her head and her ponytail swayed from side to side

“Do you know why I’m angry with you?”

She nodded but this time she lifted her gaze and looked me straight in the eyes

“I told you I wanted you to wear a peephole bra because I wanted your nipples to rub against your coat on your way here. I wanted you to feel like a naughty little slut, wearing nothing but underwear under your coat as you took the tube here to meet me. I imagined you standing there in rush hour, pressed up against all those bodies and no one knowing that you were almost naked. Your nipples would be so hard they’d hurt you and your cunt would be so wet you’d be dripping. “

She was trembling and I knew she was already there. I actually couldn’t care less about the peephole bra but I specified it from time to time for the simple reason that most women didn’t own one and it gave me an easy opener.

“I’m sad you don’t follow instructions. We could have had so much fun but I have to wonder that if you can’t follow a simple instruction, you won’t be able to do any of the other things I’d planned for us.”

This time her chin came up and I saw the fire in her gaze, so very easy indeed.

“I should really send you home and forget this ever happened. You aren’t up to what I had in store, which is such a shame as I was looking Bayan escort forward to tonight.”

I rose from my chair and stood directly in front of her,

“Do you want me to send you home?”

Her ponytail wagged from side to side like a dog’s tail

“Are you prepared to make it up to me?”

Her chin practically bounced off her chest

“While we’re in this room you can’t say no to me. Do you understand?”

Again she nodded with more enthusiasm that I would have believed her capable of 5 minutes earlier

“Turn around and brace your forearms on the bed. I want to watch that beautiful arse turn pink.”

She turned and did exactly as she was told. I picked up the coat hangers from underneath the chair and placed one in front of her hands and the other by her hip. My hands lightly gripped her waist and slowly stroked down to her cheeks rubbing them gently before moving down to the backs of her thighs.

I massaged back up moving closer to her pussy and gently separating her arse cheeks before repeating the journey a couple more times. She was pressing back against me, her breathing loud in the quiet of the room. She was relaxing nicely and I could smell her arousal in the air.

The first slap made her jump but she kept quiet. I ran my hand down her spine to settle her back into place and raised my other hand to slap her again. This one was harder than the first and I saw the faintest handprint on her arse. Her hands were now clenched around the coat hanger. Another minute of massaging and I slapped her again in quick succession, the breath hissing from my lungs. Her skin was turning pink now and I could feel the heat radiating from her.

I gripped the top of her thong and pulled it tight, watching the fabric disappear into her pussy, she moaned softly as it rubbed against her and I stopped immediately. She bent her head and tried to remain still,

“It’s okay if you want to make noise,” I leant over her back until my mouth was by her ear, I purposely pressed my semi against her, letting her feel the rough denim of my jeans against her tender skin. “You can make as much noise as you like. You just can’t tell me to stop.”

She gave a little sob then and I leant back, still pulling her thong tight against her cunt. She was rocking gently, obviously trying to use the tension to rub against her clit. I slapped her again and in one movement pulled her ponytail so her head was thrown back and I ripped the thong from her body. She moaned then, a combination of pleasure and pain and I felt myself harden. I pressed against her once more and tugged her hair, pulling her back against my cock.

“You like it when I spank you, don’t you?”

I felt her agreement in the slackening of her hair. I smiled to myself, they all did. A little light spanking did wonders for a woman, made her feel brave and kinky. Take a switch to their arses and it was a different story altogether.

“I wish you could see how beautiful you look. Your arse is almost as pink as your cunt.”

She pushed back against me again and I tugged her hair again pulling her head back as far as I could without hurting her. I leant over and licked the shell of her ear,

“I’m going to spank you again. But I’m not going to use my hands. If you’re a good little slut I’ll suck on your clit when I’m finished. Are you ready?”

She tried to nod but I had her head immobilised. I balled up her thong in my hand and pushed it gently between her opened lips,

“I want you to taste your pussy, and know that soon I will be as well.”

Her groan echoed in the room and I released my grip on her hair, gently pushing her head back down to rest on the bed. I ran my hands down her spine and held her hips, pressing my cock against her for a few seconds.

I urged her legs as wide as I needed and released her, stepping back to give the hidden cameras full access to her gleaming pussy. She was bare down there, another of my instructions and I crouched down to blow lightly of the exposed flesh. I saw her legs buckle slightly and straightened, reaching for the coat hanger.

“Soon. I’ll taste you soon.”

I lifted the hanger and brought it down hard on her left buttock. The smack of wood against skin was a dull counterpoint to her muffled shriek. I knew the shock would cause her to bite down and she was currently tasting her juices.

Counting to ten I raised the hanger and struck her right buttock, her cry was lesser this time as her body absorbed the blows. I struck her again, and again counted to 10 to allow the pain to transition into warmth. By the third round of blows she was arching up into the strokes, her buttocks now red with tension. She would bear the bruises for several days but the pain would take her mind off of the fact that her emails to me would go unanswered.

I had already decided I would have no more use for her after tonight but I had enough pride to make sure it was memorable for both of us. I placed the hanger back on the bed Escort and gripped her arse tightly making her yelp in pain. I massaged her cheeks with more pressure than before, using my thumbs to part her cheeks.

Had I felt benevolent I might have bent and licked the tiny pucker of her arsehole, which would have sent her into orbit. This wasn’t about her. I spread her arse cheeks as far as I could and thrust my denim clad erection against her, grinding against her wetness. I wore button fly jeans on purpose, knowing the cold metal would feel uncomfortable against her slit and loving that she was unable to tell me to stop.

Her moans were getting louder and she was close to orgasm. I pulled back and rearranged myself, feeling her wetness on the denim. I glanced at my watch and was surprised to see that I’d been playing with her for nearly 30 minutes. I leant over her again and pressed her body down into the mattress. Her hands still gripped the hanger and her breathing remained harsh. I shifted slightly and slid my hands underneath her stomach and up over her breasts, she sobbed as my hands rubbed over her nipples and I pulled the cups down roughly, baring them.

The weight of our combined bodies made it difficult for me to do more than pinch her nipples but judging from her sighs and the way she was trying to grind her pelvis against the foot of the bed, I figured it was enough.

“I think I’m ready to fuck you now.”

Standing up, I squeezed her tits one last time and slid my hand down to her cunt which was now dripping arousal down her thighs. With no preamble I thrust two fingers inside her and felt her muscles tighten around me. Her body bucked and I pushed deeper, twisting my fingers as I pulled out. Twice more I plunged knuckle deep into her pussy, scissoring my fingers as I thrust.

My hand was slick with her and I pulled free and clamped it over her cunt. I squeezed her, my thumb pushing inside her and my fingers rubbing circles on her clit, changing directions every few seconds. She was rocking forcefully against my hand and I could see her hands were cupping her tits, either for stimulus or to stop them rubbing against the starched sheets. I slipped my free hand between her body and the bed and pulled gently on her pussy, baring her nub to my fingers.

With my other hand I pushed three fingers inside her and began fucking her hard and fast. I felt the burst of cream coat my hand and absorbed the rhythmic sounds of my fingers pumping her slick cunt. She was sobbing now, so close to the edge I almost let her cum but she couldn’t. I could feel the pulsing of her pussy against my fingers and each time she got close I changed the pressure, easing off and drawing her back in.

Her slit was so tight that I had to use all my strength to withdraw my fingers and each time I stroked her clit her back arched. Her entire body glistened with sweat and her breathing hitched in her throat. I decided I’d let her cum and I told her so,

“Your cunt feels so good, so tight and juicy. You are such a greedy bitch I can’t wait to get my cock in you. I want to see if your pussy can take it all you’re so tight, I want to fuck you just like this, from behind like a whore.”

Her cries told me she wanted the same thing. I withdrew my hands and settled them on my fly.

“I’m going to fuck you raw and you’re going to cream all over my cock. And I’m going to keep fucking you till I’ve had enough of your tight greedy cunt and I’ll flip you over and cum all over your face.”

She arched her back and mewled in anticipation, begging me with her body to fuck her as hard as I’d promised. Wanting to be treated like the whore I’d called her and willing to do absolutely anything to make that happen. I flicked my finger over her clit and watched her shudder.

Right on time, there was a knock at the door.

It took her a moment to register the sound, she was so focused on bracing her body ready for my cock. Her thighs trembled and her slit glistened invitingly, her legs now spread so wide I could see just how open she was. I thought of the contents of the bag beneath the chair and smiled. She would be filled soon enough.

I knew the second she realised we were being interrupted, her head twitched towards the door and she took a deep breath before remembering she had to remain silent. Her hips rolled with the tension of remaining so close to the brink and I almost felt sorry for her, to want something so badly and not be able to have it was painful.

“I wonder who that could be… Did you tell anyone you were coming here?”

I purposely injected as much meaning as possible to the words coming. She shook her head vehemently and choked back a sob.

“Then we should see exactly who’s interrupting us so we can get back to business. I want to bury myself inside that pretty pink cunt and feel you gush all over my cock.”

She threw back her head and practically purred her desire. Her hips rocked and her entire body appeared to hum with need. I moved towards the door and turned to her,

“I want you to stay exactly as you are. Do… not.. move. I want whoever is at the door to see you braced against the bed, tits heavy, legs spread. You look so fuckin’ hot right now, I want them to see you too.”

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