Tales of Dick Ch. 08

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***Everyone in this story is fiction and is at least 18 years old or older***


Chapter 8: Fast Loads at LA High

Jason and I spent the rest of the weekend watching movies. On Monday, he went to school and I went back to work. As I walked to work I thought about our experience at the pool, wondering if I would see Kyle again.


I left Dick’s house and went straight for school. I felt like ditching and staying home to spend time with him but I shrugged the idea.

The school day went as normal, sat through my first four periods of boring classes. Throughout my classes, I kept daydreaming about having sex with Dick. During my English class, I got an erection, but luckily I was able to hide it. I really wanted to have sex again.

I heard the lunch bell ring and ran out of class, lucky for me I brought my own food to school. I was sitting at one of the tables with a group of friends eating when out of the corner of my eye I saw Kyle walking towards me. He wore blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

Kyle sat before me, “Hey, can we talk?”

I nodded and told my friends I would be back. I threw my lunch back into the bag and we walked for a bit, moving away from the crowd of eating students.

“What’s up,” I asked.

“I didn’t get caught on Saturday.”

“That’s good.”

“I don’t know how to say this but, can I get…”

“A blowjob?”

“Yeah, sorry it’s weird thing to ask.”

Kyle must have really liked the blowjob he got on Saturday. I knew Dick would love to hear that I blew Kyle again.

“How about today after school?”

“I can’t, I have some stuff to do for the swim team.”

Kyle wanted it now, but it would be risky doing it at school.

“Alright, where then?”

“I know a place.”

Kyle lead me to the far end of the school to vacant buildings the school didn’t use anymore. There was “keep out” tape across the two doors, students weren’t allowed into this building but we snuck in. We entered the two-floor building and went to the second floor.

Before we started, we checked all the classrooms to see if it truly was empty. We remained on the second floor, standing over the entrance of the building. This location would be best for knowing if someone was coming in. I turned to Kyle and saw he was nervous, I put my hand on his chest and slowly pushed him against the wall. I dropped down to my knees and began rubbing his growing erection. My heart was beating fast from the danger of getting caught and the fact I was about to suck a cock during school hours. I unzipped his pants and slowly pulled them down, he was wearing blue checkered boxers. I pushed the foreplay due to time. I put my hand through the boxer’s hole to find out he was wearing brief like underwear.

I looked up at him, “Really?”

“Yeah, I like wearing these type of underwear just don’t like the guys in the locker room to give me shit.”

I didn’t really protest, he looked good in speedos. I pulled down his boxers exposing his lime green mesh speedos. I saw his erection bending into the fabric of the underwear. I tugged on the waistband and quickly pulled it out, we didn’t have much time honestly. Lunch was going to end soon.

I got to work on his dick, first sucking on the head, he moaned as I did. I continued going down his shaft. While blowing him my hands reached around and grasped his firm ass. As I did I moved his member deeper in my mouth causing him to moan more. I am glad that I was able to learn how to deep throat, I could tell that Kyle really enjoyed it. I felt his hands clamp my head as I bobbed my head, I knew he was close to cumming. Using my left hand, I moved it under his underwear to feel the smooth skin of his ass. Due to time, I began to suck him faster until he jerked and shot his load into my mouth. I used my right hand to jerk out every last drop from his dick and then swallowed his load.

Honestly, I didn’t want it to end. I continued to suck on his dick for a few seconds before jerking it with my left hand. I looked up at Kyle was looking down at me, “Wanna fuck me” I asked.

Kyle’s eyes widen, “Uh…not sure about that.”

“Come on, it will be fun. You can go another round”

“Will that make…”

“No, remember what Dick said. Trust me, you’ll like it.”

Kyle shrugged, “Alright.”

I grabbed my backpack and pulled out a tin. The tin contained a bottle a lube and a few condoms. I made this tin in the event Dick and I had sex somewhere since I usually carried my backpack with me everywhere.

I had seen this trick used in a porn once and I always wanted to try it. I placed the condom in my mouth, holding it with my lips. I moved porno izle my mouth over his dick and slowly put the condom on with my mouth. I gave him a few sucks before standing up next to the short wall of the stairs. I pulled down my pants and underwear just below my ass cheeks, then lubed my ass hole. I lubed up Kyle’s dick, then bent over and used the short wall of the stairs to hold myself up. This was also a great way for me to check if anyone was coming up.

“I just slide it in?”

“Oh, come on Kyle, you haven’t watched porn?”

“Yeah, sorry. This is new to me man.”

“Just put it in bro, slowly.”

Kyle did as ordered, he put his left hand on my waist, then slowly began to shove his member into me. I felt the tip of his dick enter me, I squinted. Although Dick and I had fucked a few times, I still wasn’t used to a dick entering my ass. Especially with Kyle’s dick having more girth.

Kyle let out a “woah” when he was fully in, he slowly began to thrust. I closed my eyes as I felt the pleasure coming from my rear. He began to enjoy more as he sped up. I wanted to moan loudly, but I knew I couldn’t. Instead, I held onto the railing as he plowed me. His stamina was amazing thanks to him being on the swim team.

I pulled down my pants further to jerk myself off. Enjoying every second of this, every inch of Kyle. He began to slow and he came, letting out soft moans with each pump. I didn’t stop jerking off until I finally came, shooting into the low wall of the building.

“Fuck,” I said pulling away from Kyle. I grabbed some paper from my backpack, using it to clean up the splat of cum sliding off the wall. I turned to see Kyle pulling off the used condom, I grabbed it and tied it up. “I’ll throw this away, we can’t throw it in the trash”

“Um okay, not weird at all,” Kyle said as he pulled up his underwear and pants.

I did the same and made sure we didn’t leave any evidence behind. We walked down the stairs to see no one down there. When we exited the building we saw two people jump out of the bushes, it was KJ and Sean.


Business at work was the same as usual, I only had one other employee with me, Leon. He had just returned to work this week after being away at college. He was now on break and I offered him his old job back. Leon was thin, with black frame glasses, short hair, with a small goatee.

It was noon already, to be honest, I wanted Jason to come walking through that door, but I knew it wouldn’t happen. Instead, I went to the back room to grab some things before I went out for lunch. While I was back there Leon walked in, “The last customer left, was wondering if you wanted to grab something to eat? My treat.”

I thought about it, “Sure,”

We locked up the store and walked to the taco restaurant down the street. Leon ordered fish tacos while I ordered tacos de al pastor. We ate and he caught me up on what he had been doing at college.

After we ate we went for a walk in the park. The park wasn’t that big, it was a small one with an indoor basketball court, a baseball field that was sometimes used as a soccer field. It was empty mostly, we walked on the outer fence of the park.

“So, anything exciting happened in college?” I turned to him.

“Like what?”

“I don’t know, crazy hazing or some crazy orgy.”

Leon laughed, “um nothing that exciting. I did…”


“Nah, it’s embarrassing.”

“I won’t tell.” I joked.

“Alright, only because you offered me my job back,” he put his hands together and rubbed them nervously. We passed by a bench and we sat down, “Uh, well I was at a party.”

“Oh, this sounds good.”

“Shut up,” we both laughed, “At the party, I got a bit too drunk, I passed out on one of the chairs in the small pavilion in the backyard. When I woke up, it was raining hard.”

Leon paused, “I woke up to a friend of mine sucking on my dick.”

“Nice!” I smiled, “Did you enjoy it?”

“Actually, I did.”

“Oh do tell.”

“Well, at first I was worried we’d get caught but he had pulled down the pavilion’s curtains for privacy. He turned on the fire so it wouldn’t get cold. At first, I wanted to shove him off and punch him in the face, but honestly, I was really enjoying it. So I decided to let him finish.”

“Dude, that sounds hot. Did anyone at the party find out?”

“No, my friend blew me and I came in his mouth, then we went back in.”

“Your friend is a lucky guy.”

“Really? Wait, I forgot you’re bisexual right?”

I answered with a nod.

“I’m not going to lie, he sucked me three more times later that semester. It was a nice stress relief, also I didn’t have amatör porno to jerk myself off.”

“Yeah, also you didn’t have to cum into a tissue.”

I never was attracted to Leon, honesty he was just cute to me, but I wouldn’t mind sucking his dick. “Hey,” I said turning to him, “why don’t you let me suck your dick?”

“I’m pretty sure employees shouldn’t have sex with each other.”

“We’re not at work,” I said as I slid my hand over his crotch. I felt him growing down there. “Clearly, someone else wants to.”


“Come on, it will be fun. I bet I suck better than your friend.”

Leon didn’t say yes right away, but the fact that he was hard and not pushing my hand away meant he wanted to.

Leon sighed, “Alright, where?”

I turned to look around the park only seeing a few people. I didn’t want to risk getting caught sucking a guy on a bench. It then hit me, when I was in high school I used to blow some guys around here. I knew a nice private area.

“Follow me,”

We walked around the basketball court building and found an area that had tall bushes. I moved to the end of the wall of bushes and there was a small space between the tall bush and the wall. I squeezed in and so did Leon. It was a small area, but no one would bother us back here. I checked for cameras and found none.

Leon stood before me, using my right hand I began to lightly rub my hand over his growing erection. I decided to pass on the foreplay with him, I dropped to my knees and began to unbuckle his maroon pants.

I pulled them down, he wore grey boxer briefs. I pulled them down slightly to pull out his dick. He wasn’t big or didn’t have any girth, it was a long 6-inch uncut dick. I loved that his foreskin pulled all the way back though. His balls hung a little lower than usual. I took the tip in first, then took him deeper into my mouth. My hands reached around him and began to caress his ass. I bobbed my head at a nice steady speed, taking every single inch of his dick into my mouth.

I sucked him for a few minutes before stopping, I used my left hand to lightly jerk him. I looked up to him, he was slightly out of breath. “You liking it?”

“Yeah, it’s awesome, keep going.”

I did as commanded. I took his dick back into my mouth, my hands clamped on his ass. Leon placed his hand on my head as I sped up, I heard him whisper “I’m going to cum”

That he did, I felt the spurts of cum shooting in my mouth. When he was done, I kept sucking on his dick for a few seconds before he pulled out. “Sorry, don’t like that. My head feels weird after cumming.”

I didn’t protest, I understood that some guys were like that. I stood up and he pulled his pants back up.

“What you think?” I said cleaning the saliva from my lip.

“It was pretty awesome, better than my friend.”


KJ shoved me against the wall, his fingers digging into my skin on my arm. “So, what were you and Kyle doing?”

“Nothing,” I said trying to sound calm. Honestly, I was a bit shaken up by the situation.

“Bullshit, Sean and I saw what you were doing.”


“Oh, we have our ways, Sean and I are back here a lot.”

“Oh yeah, Sean, your new fuck toy.”

KJ smiled and jabbed his finger into my chest, “Yeah, after you left me.”

I turned to Kyle and saw panic on his face, “Kyle, you can leave.”

KJ quickly turned to him, “No, you don’t get to leave punk.”

I grabbed KJ’s bulge, “Leave him,”

KJ smiled again and nodded to Kyle to leave. I knew Kyle wouldn’t say anything. With Kyle gone, KJ pressed into me his breath brushed against my face, I felt his bulge pressing against me. I knew what he wanted and I wanted it too.

I whispered to him, “Let’s go inside and I’ll show you what Kyle and I were doing.”

“Nah, let’s do it out here. Don’t worry about getting caught, I have the only security guard here paid off.”


“Yeah, he too enjoys a nice blowjob and a few bucks every once in a while.”

Before I could reply, he put his hands on my shoulder and pushed me down. I dropped to my knees with his bulge before me. I turned to see Sean rubbing his bulge, I ignored him as I began to unbuckle KJ’s pants. I pulled them down to reveal his black bikini briefs, I didn’t even know he wore these. His erection was pointing south, I began sucking on the head through the fabric. Sean moved beside us still rubbing his cock, I think he wanted me to do the same to him. I pulled down KJ’s bikini briefs and took in the girthy beast deep into my mouth, I nearly gagged at first.

My hands moved behind and began to caress his ass. Sean pulled anal porno my left hand away towards his erection. I knew KJ would force me to work on him too, so while I sucked on him I used my left hand to removed Sean’s pants. He slid them down, he too wore bikini briefs but they were baby blue. I pulled out his member and jerked him off with my left.

Although I didn’t like Sean and KJ was an asshole to me, I enjoyed this a lot, I wanted more of this. I loved the fear that I had of possibly getting caught. I knew KJ had “paid” off the security guard, but still, the fear was there.

After sucking on KJ for a few minutes I turned to Sean’s dick. Sean had a long slim cut dick. My hand reached out him and grabbed his ass, which turned out to be bare, he was wearing a jockstrap.

For the next few minutes I alternate between their dicks, to be honest, I sucked Sean at a faster speed so he would cum sooner. Unfortunately, Sean didn’t cum before we moved on to the next thing. KJ told me to stand up which I did, he smiled and pressed me against the wall. He unbuckled my pants and pulled them down to my knees. They both looked down at my underwear, which was black briefs that I got from Dick, they smirked. KJ pulled my underwear down to my knees with my pants, then pulled them both down to my ankles. He stepped between my legs, pulled up them up and held them up to his waist. I knew what he was going to do, “KJ in my bag…” before I could finish I felt him enter me. I grunted as he shoved his big headed member into me. He spits into his right hand to lube up his dick while he pressed into me. The pain receded and the pleasure arrived when KJ was fully in me.

KJ began to thrust, using both of his hands to hold my legs up with my back being held up by the wall.

Sean stood beside me, with his pants down to his ankles, I used my left hand to stroke his dick as KJ pounded me. I began to moan as KJ sped up. I wanted to moan as loud as I could, but couldn’t. I used this time to jerk Sean faster, hoping to make him cum before KJ. Thankfully my plan worked, Sean whispered that he was cumming. I felt him cum into my forearm, the semen slid down my arm onto to the dirt below.

He pulled away, “Fuck man, you give a nice handjob.”

I didn’t reply to him, instead, I turned to KJ who was looking down while he fucked me. I think he enjoyed looking at himself in action. He stopped when we heard the school bell ring, we looked at each other and without saying a word KJ continued. He was trying to finish so we can make it to class, we had the same class next.

He moved fast, I did my best to not moan loudly. After a few seconds, I felt him slow down and jerk as he came. I felt the squirts of semen hitting the walls of my rectum. When he was done, he pulled out. My legs fell to the ground, they were light due to my legs being held up but I was able to keep myself up. Sean opened his back and pulled out wipes, then handed them to KJ. He wiped my ass cleaning out the semen coming out of my rectum, it honestly felt weird, but I let him clean me. When he was done, we pulled up our pants, KJ kissed Sean on the lips and we departed. Sean went the other direction since he had a different class.

We walked to our classroom, walking in silence for the first minute. He then turned to me, “Look, Jason, I’m sorry if I came off as an asshole.”

I laughed, “KJ you’re always an asshole.”

“Yeah, but you’re my best friend.”

I was surprised he still considered me a best friend, “Really?”

“Yeah, I was jealous of what you and Dick have. I know Sean and I are dating, but honestly, it’s more like two assholes just having sex.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, but Sean has always been an asshole to people.”

He nodded and didn’t say anything. I honestly never thought about how KJ felt about Dick and I. I figured he was just being an asshole, but this whole time he was just jealous. I felt bad honestly like I had let him down, and I did. We didn’t have much time left since I was going to college soon and KJ was going to tech school. Maybe I would invite him over to Dick’s more often and have some fun before we end up leaving.

I stopped thinking about it as we arrived to class and sat in our chairs. It was government class and we were watching a movie that starred the late great John Wayne, it was a classic from what I saw. KJ, who was sitting next to me, had his head on his arms. I whispered to him, “I’m still a bit horny.”

He smiled, “Shut up, fool”

At that moment, there was a knock on the door, our teacher walked to it and opened it slightly. A few moments later, he fully opened the door and in walked the assistant principal and one of the security guards. He turned off the movie, my heart skipped a beat. Both of them meant one of two things, random student search or they came to pick up someone. The last thing I needed was to be searched and be caught with a tin of condoms, lube and a used condom.

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