Tales of Lustville Pt. 02 Ch. 01

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Here it is, the second part of Tales Of Lustville. It’s been sitting for over a year, untouched, so I figured, what the hell, let’s post it and see if it gets a better reaction than part one.

While there is an incest theme. there’s a love story too. Give it a read, and let me know what you think.


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Playin’ With The Big Boys

Chapter One

Closer Than You Think

Sarah West lay propped up on her bed, a stack of pillows behind her back. She was watching her favorite porn flick, a compilation of old John Holmes films that she had collected over the years. She had spent many happy hours searching the internet for the best quality copies she could find.

Just a few weeks shy of thirty-six, Sarah looked like she was in her late twenties. Her short brown hair was plastered to her forehead, and her firm, round thirty-five DD-cup tits were soaked with sweat as she writhed on the bed. The muscles in her long, shapely legs tensed up as she humped her girlish ass up higher, arching her pussy up at her probing fingers.

No one believed that she had a teenaged son about to graduate from high school. She was glad that she looked so much younger than she actually was. She knew it was because she was free to spend all her time exercising and playing with herself. Her husband had made her a wealthy woman when he died suddenly two years ago. She had actually been happy for him when she found out that he had had a massive heart attack while fucking his secretary. She liked the idea that he’d been having a good time when he went.

Her late husband had loved watching porn while they fucked, and Sarah hadn’t had the heart to tell him that she fantasized about the huge cocks in the movies pounding her pussy into a pulp while he humped his average sized dick into her once or twice a week. She also didn’t tell him that she watched his porno’s every day while he was at work, making herself cum for hour after happy hour as she dreamed of taking those huge cocks into every one of her eager holes over and over.

George had loved the hairy pussies of the actresses in the old movies, and would never let her shave her own abundant bush. But Sarah loved the way the starlets in the newer movies kept their cunts shaved bare. She had her own bush trimmed back to just a tiny vee now, the lips of her pretty pussy bare as a babies bottom. She loved the way her pussy juices made the soft, smooth skin feel so slick and slippery, so she waxed religiously at least once a week.

She got many offers for sex, every man in the neighborhood had hit on her at one time or another. But she wasn’t ready to date yet, she was happy with her fantasies and her toys. Besides, she knew from their wives what kinds of cocks they had. She wanted her first fuck after George to be with a huge, hanging horsecock that would choke her when she sucked on it, and rip her hungry little cunt to shreds.

“Fuck her, Johnny!” She grunted. “Shove that fat fucking cock in that little whore’s cunt and show her what it’s like to get fucked by a REAL cock!”

Her legs spread wider, her feet coming up, tucking in under the cheeks of her tight round ass as she pounded three fingers of one hand frantically in and out of her sopping wet cunt chute, the fingers of her other hand flashing over the stiff nubbin of her clit.

“Oooooohhhh. You’re gonna cum, aren’t you Johnny?” She whimpered, watching as the actor threw his head back, his face working in an exaggerated expression of passion. She thought it was so hot when he did that, and she felt a flood of girl cum pour out around her pistoning fingers. “Shoot it on her face! Pull it out and paste that bitch’s face, Johnny!”

She started to cum as Holmes wrapped his hand around the root of his fourteen-inch cock, letting it fall from the stretched out hole of the young whore he was fucking. Her eyes never left the screen as he crawled up over his partner, laying his massive member over her face, stroking it lazily as he pumped his load out over her cheeks and chin, moving it around before centering it over her open mouth and jerking the rest of his steaming man chowder out onto her tongue.

“Yeah, cum in her fucking mouth, Johnny. Feed that bitch your hot fucking cum you big dicked bastard.” She closed her eyes, her head rocking back and forth, her own mouth open, her tongue flashing all around as she imagined that it was her that he was drooling his sticky jizz on. She purred happily as she milked off her orgasm, her mind filled with images of enormous cocks spraying thick wads of spunk all over her face, milking it out into her mouth as she sucked on the huge, throbbing heads.

Outside her bedroom, her teenage son Bradley stood watching her through the partially open door. He knew that she masturbated every day at about the same time, so he made it a point of announcing that he was going out, giving her half an hour or so to get started, then coming back and watching her play with herself while he jerked off, fantasizing about fucking her while he bursa escort watched her pleasure herself.

He was jerking off right now, and was glad that she was making so much noise. He loved listening to her, and it would cover the sounds he would make when he shot his own wad. His hand was flying over his huge cock, and he could feel his balls tightening up as his fist pounded up and down over the length of his throbbing cockshaft.

He grunted deep in his throat, fighting to keep his eyes open so he could watch her. He felt his jizz burst from his balls, rushing up the pulsing pole of his prickshaft, erupting from his piss hole in jet after jet of steaming spunk.

Brad turned slightly, moving so his cock was pointed almost head on at the video camera as his fist stroked frantically up and down over the length of his humongous horse cock. Huge wads of jizz sprayed out into the towel he held in his other hand, soaking it as he dumped load after sticky load into it.

Leaning against the doorframe, he smacked his cockknob into the gooey puddle of jizz in the towel, throwing his head back, groaning as he stroked the sloppy mess along the underside of his swollen cockshaft. He eased down, milking out the last of his load into the towel, holding his cock so the camera caught the full length of it laid out on the dark blue towel. The long pink shaft of his cock continued to quiver and jerk as he moved his hand off of it, the fat knob swollen to the size of a small apple.

Panting for breath, he turned back, watching his mother cumming while she watched her porno’s, her fingers pumping madly in and out of her juiced soaked cunt slit. He moved back from the door quietly, picked up the camera on its tripod, and crept quietly down the hall to his bedroom.

Sarah pointed the remote at the media player, scrolling through the list of new videos she had found. She stopped when she saw the picture of a huge cock standing up stiffly, held by a fist. She highlighted it and hit play, gasping as the video started.

The screen filled with the image of a cock laying limply across a firm, well-muscled thigh. She stared as the video faded to a view from between his legs, showing the hairy sac of balls hanging under the limp length of cock meat. She guessed that the huge cock had to be over seven inches long soft.

Reaching across the bed, Sarah picked up her favorite toy, a fourteen-inch double-headed dildo, and started running it up and down between her cream coated cuntlips. She pressed the bulbous head against her throbbing pussy mound, dragging it slowly up and down the length of the juice soaked slit. She groaned as a hand came into view, wrapping around the root of the meaty cock muscle, lifting it, then squeezing and tugging on it lightly.

Watching wide eyed as the thick shaft started to stiffen slowly, the thick veins pulsing as they filled with blood, she pulled the thick dildo away from her spasming pussy and brought it to her mouth.

The man was running his hand slowly over the length of his cock now, his fingers clasped loosely around the enormous shaft. It was growing rapidly, swelling onto a full-blown hard-on in seconds. It stood up stiffly, the thick piss tube on the underside pulsating rhythmically. The view did a slow fade again, going to a topside view as he drizzled lube all over the swollen knob, then massaged it in with his palm and fingers.

Sarah sucked the head of her dildo into her mouth as his hips arched up, the thick shaft of his cock jerking and twitching as he rubbed his hand all around over the plum colored knob. She pumped the rubber cock in and out between her lips as she imagined what his huge prick would feel like filling her mouth. It looked like it was over twelve inches long, and as big around as a beer can. She drooled on her dildo as she fantasized what a cock like that would feel like in her mouth.

She watched as he tilted his cock back, the view changing to show the underside as he squirted lube up the length of his shaft. Groaning as he worked the slippery gel into the bloated piss tube, she stared wide eyed as his fingers wrapped around the rigid bulk of his donkey sized cock, his fingers not reaching all the way around it.

His hand started shuttling slowly up and down over the lube-coated stalk of his cock. He moved his fist up and down slowly, twisting it as he stroked it lazily from the root up to the throbbing tip, then back again, over and over. He picked up the pace, gradually increasing the speed of his strokes as he brought his other hand down, wrapping it around the top half of his cock.

Sarah jerked the dildo out of her mouth, scooting down, then slipping off the bed, pulling her chair over right in front of the television. She dropped down into the chair and propped her feet on the TV stand as she slid down, her ass hanging over the edge. She fit the fat wet head of her dildo into her cream soaked cunt hole, and started feeding it up into her cock hungry cunt channel, stroking it in time with the hands moving on the huge cock in front of bursa escort bayan her.

“Fuck me! Gimme that big fucking cock!” She moaned as she forced more of her fake cock up into her drooling pussy. “Oooooohhhh, that’s a nice fuckin’ dick you got there, baby! Momma wants some of that hot meat. Come on stud, show me what ya got.” She panted harshly as she started fucking herself with the dildo.

The hands were moving faster now, flying over the length of his cock. One hand would glide over the swollen knob on the upstroke, making him jerk every time it did. Sarah could see that he was already getting close to cumming, and she started pounding the dildo roughly in and out of her spasming cunt chute, wanting to try to cum with him. She fucked herself in time with his strokes, imagining that the dildo was his huge cock filling her sloppy wet hole so wonderfully.

“Unngghhh! Fuck! You ready for it bitch!” She heard him grunt. “I’m gonna cum you fucking slut! Where you want it? Where do you want me to shoot my hot fuckin’ load, huh?”

“In my mouth!” She cried out. “Shoot your fucking jizz on my face, and in my mouth you beautiful, big dicked bastard.” She started cumming, slamming the huge dildo in and out of her cumming cunt hole frantically. “Shoot the first load in my cunt, then pull it out and stick it in my mouth! Make me eat your jizz! I’ll swallow it all! I promise!”

Her pussy tunnel clenched and spasmed around the driving length of her dildo as it flew in and out of her sopping wet cunt slit in a blur of motion. She writhed in the chair, leaning forward, her mouth opening as she saw the fat knob twitch and jerk, and a huge jet of jizz spit from the piss slit.

“Yessssssss!” she screamed as spurt after spurt of creamy white spunk erupted from his piss hole, shooting up in the air, then falling back onto his stomach and thighs. “Shoot it on me! Oh god, feed me all that hot cum! I want it! I neeeeddddd it!” She whimpered as she scrambled out of the chair and pressed her face to the screen, her tongue lashing all around, trying to licking the sticky cum clinging to his belly and thighs.

He was jerking on his cock wildly now, his body writhing and twisting on the bed, cum spraying up from his balls by the bucketful. “Uuuunnnnggghhhh! Eat it you fucking slut!” He groaned. “Suck my fucking cock! Worship it you cum hungry cunt! Suck the jizz out of my balls with that hot little mouth! Nnngggggghhhhhhnnnn!”

“Oh god yes! Feed it to me! I’ll eat it all!” Sarah groaned, falling back into her chair, her hand pounding the dildo in and out of her cunt as hard and as fast as she could. “Give me all that delicious cum! Please! I’ll be your slut! I’ll suck that huge fucking cock till you can’t get it hard again. You can fuck me anytime you want, any way you want! Just fuck me! Oh please, give it to meeeeeeee!”

She lost her balance and fell from the chair, landing on her knees in front of the TV. Kneeling there, her hands still ramming the dildo frantically in and out of her quivering cunt channel, she held her mouth open, her head tipped back, offering it as a receptacle for his steaming spunk. She stared wild eyed as he kept cumming, shooting out more cum than she had ever thought possible from a single pair of balls.

“Nooooooo! Don’t stop! I want more!” She cried as she was the flow of cum spewing from his piss slit finally ebb, then slow to a dribble from his winking piss hole. “Oh please. Please give me more of your hot cum. Oh god, I need it!”

Whimpering softly, she watched as he rubbed the thick, sticky goo into his prick meat, massaging it into his stone hard cock. She leaned forward as he tilted his cock toward the camera, working his hand slowly up the length of his mighty prickstalk, milking the last of his load out, letting it drool slowly from his piss slit.

“Oh, thank you.” She moaned as she pressed her mouth to the screen, her tongue lapping at the sticky glob as it dripped down his shaft. “Thank you so much. I love your cum. I want it. Oh god, it’s so good!”

She was leaning back as the screen went dark, and froze when she saw what came up on the screen next.

In simple white text on a black background it said:

For more of my videos, go to hungmale-dot-com. Look for BigBrad.

If you like my cock, let me know. I want to meet hot MILF’s with

short brown hair, big tits, and shaved beavers with a little bush.

You want it in you. You can have it. All you have to do is ask.

Sarah stared at the screen, then scrambled up off the floor, the dildo hanging from her pussy as she grabbed the remote off the bed, frantically searching for the pause button. She pointed the remote at the media player, then backed the video up till the ad was back on the screen. She pulled the drawer on her nightstand open and got a pen and a pad of paper, then carefully wrote down the information on the screen.

Smiling happily, she eased the dildo from her dripping wet cunt hole and flopped back on the bed. She would go look for more of his videos later escort bursa she thought as she dropped off to sleep.

* * * * *

Later that afternoon, she got her laptop out and went to the website. She was glad to see that it was free, and she signed up, picking ‘SexySarah’ as her user name. She filled out the profile with her age, stats, and location, then hesitated when it asked for preferences.

She leaned back at the kitchen table, idly running the mouse pointer back and forth across the screen as she considered what to write. She just wanted to get pictures and videos, and she doubted that she’d ever actually meet anyone off the site, so she decided to have some fun.

Opening a notepad, she began composing quickly. Several minutes later, she sat back, trying not to laugh as she read through what she had written.

Lonely MILF looking for the big man to fill my horny little holes. I’m tired of the tiny dicks I’ve been getting, and I want a huge cock for a change. If you’re less than ten inches, don’t bother, I want the real meat, the horsecocks to stretch my hot little holes.

I like young men, eighteen to twenty-five that can keep it up all night, and dump load after load in, and on me. I’ll suck your dick for hours, take your huge cock in my tight little pussy, or up my hot little asshole. I want to get fucked, hard and fast, for as long as you can give it to me. Cum in my mouth, my pussy, or on my face, I don’t care. I love it all.

She cut and pasted it into the preferences section, then clicked the submit button. A small box popped up telling her to check her email, so she opened another window, went to her email, and clicked on the mail from the site. There was a link, so she clicked on it, and was re-directed back to the site. She put in her user name and password, and was finally in.

Scrolling down the screen, she saw BigBrad near the bottom of the first page and clicked on his name. His page was filled with pictures and videos, so she started clicking on them, saving them to her hard drive instead of opening them. It only took her ten minutes to save everything, and she opened his profile to read about him.



WeightOne eighty-five


Endowment Thirteen and a half inches

She stared at the last entry, unable to believe what she was seeing.

Oh my god! She thought. Thirteen fucking inches. Was it possible for a woman to even take a cock like that? She wondered. She squirmed in her chair, feeling her pussy flutter and drool as she thought about how a cock that size would feel. She knew that she could take most of her double-headed dildo, but it wasn’t nearly as thick as the cock in the video had been.

She went to her desktop and opened the folder that she’d downloaded the pictures and videos into, and began going through them. She browsed through the pictures slowly, and was disappointed that he didn’t show his face. He was careful to only show himself from shoulders to knees, and the pictures were cropped so they didn’t give away anything about the room he was in either.

Looking at the clock, she closed the pictures, fearing that her son might come home and catch her. She smiled as she copied the videos over onto the media server, putting them in the locked directory she kept on it. She was just finishing as Brad came in the back door.

“Hi mom.” He grinned, pulling his shirt off over his head, then running it over his tightly muscled chest. “It’s freekin’ hot out there! Tommy wanted to play basketball, but it’s just too hot out there right now.”

“I know, honey. I was out earlier.” She grinned as she closed the laptop. “Why don’t you hop in the shower and cool off. I don’t want you sweating all over my nice clean furniture!”

“Okay, that sounds like a good idea.” He said as she walked over and kissed her lightly on the cheek. “I need to throw in a load of towels first though. I’m starting to run low.”

“Just sit them in the hall, honey. I’m going to do laundry in a little while. I can take care of it.” She said as she stood up. She went to hug him, then stepped back, thinking better of it. “Um, do you mind if I hug you later, baby? You’re all sweaty…and to be honest, you stink!”

“Well thanks alot mom!” He laughed. “I thought women liked sweaty young studs. That’s all Mrs. Talbert ever talks about, how hot she thinks I am. Maybe I should go shower over at her house. She might even help if I asked her nice.”

“What kind of thing is that to say to your own mother Bradley West?” She said, flushing brightly. “You stay away from that woman! She’s nothing but a whore! I…I…you just stay away from her! Now go get those towels, then take a shower. I was thinking about going out to dinner tonight.”

“Okay, relax mom. I was just kidding!” Brad laughed. “She’s too fat for me, and I like brunettes anyway.” He was still laughing as he walked by her heading for his bedroom.

Sarah watched him walk away, realizing that her son wasn’t a little boy anymore. He’d be graduating from high school in a few weeks, and he had a seemingly never-ending stream of girls chasing him. His phone rang almost non-stop in the evenings, and he was constantly sending off text messages at all hours.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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