Tammi’s Big Day Ch. 01

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Amateur Milf

He saw her standing near the door leading outside. She had not seen him yet, but that was okay. He liked watching her, the way she stood, sat, walked, and run. She could tie him in knots in ten seconds of less. He wanted her, needed her, but still he waited. As he looked around the room he saw her mother and father over near the preacher.

As the party neared the end he saw that the preacher had pulled her to a quite spot, and was talking to her. He watched the shock look come across her face then she looked angry, stood up and walked away stopping in front of her mother and slap her across the face.

“You will never, never lie about me to anyone ever again or you will be very sorry. I have never had sex and you had no business telling the preacher that you saw me naked with some man between my legs. It was you that daddy caught in bed with Mr. Band. Your the whore not me. I hate you!” she yelled at her mother.

He hurry’s to catch up with her as she runs outside. gaziantep escort bayan Putting a hand on her arm as she opens a car door.

“Are you all right Tammi?” he asks her.

She turns and see’s her Uncle, her dad’s brother, and her favorite Uncle of the three bothers, and the only one not married yet. Even at 40 something he is still sexy looking and his bright green eyes can make you melt you when he gives you a certain look.

“Yes, and no I’m not Uncle Tommy.” she said.

He pulls her into his arms and whispers in her ear, that he’s sorry about what her mother did. Suddenly the tears come and she could not stop them. He holds her tighter, pressing her body against him. Slowly she became aware of his body. First his fast beating heart beat, then his breathing, then she felt his growing hard cock. She looked around figure out that her back was to the house, her hand slowly moved down his chest stopping at his zipper.

“Oh gaziantep escort ilanları God, don’t stop. Touch me.” he groan softly.

Her hand continued to slide down, slowly she rubbed his Jean covered cock. She heard the air rusting from his lungs. Pressing into her hand harder.

“As much as I want you to keep playing you better stop before we both get into trouble.” his harsh deep whisper in her ear.

They separated and she got into the car, he closed the door and leaned down to the window. She leaned over and place a soft kiss on his hand, smile at him and told him to call her in ten minutes.

He watched as she drove away. He turned and walked over to his brother and his wife. Looked at her and told her she was never welcome in his home ever again. Looked at his brother.

“I don’t know how you can put up with her crap, but don’t bring her to my home anymore, you and Tammi will gaziantep escort numaraları be welcome anytime, day or night, but not her.” he told his brother, turn away and got into his truck and left.

About five miles down the road he saw Tammi’s car park along the road. Stopping his truck, he walked over and asked id she was all right. The smile did him in, that and the fact that she asked him to follow her.

Another mile up the road she turned onto a dirt road that lead to what use to be a lovers lane, before his family brought the land ten years ago. As he turned the last corner he saw her standing by her car with her top off, and her naked tit’s jigging. He pulled to a stop, and watched as she walked over and got into his truck.

“Drive us up to the point.” she told him.

Parking in the grove of thick tree’s. Grabbing a blanket from behind the seat after watching her walk around the front of the truck. Spreading out the blanket, he stood on one side and she on the other. Slowly she took off her clothes, then walked over and kneeled in front of him.

Her hands slowly sliding up his legs, stopping at his upper thighs. His fingers went to his belt, and zipper. Quickly he undid them, and she moved her hands up the waist and pulled them down stopping when his cock pop out and slap her in the face.

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