Tantra Love Ch. 02

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I sat up on him straddling him. His hands came to my thighs and he began stroking towards my cock. I took hold of his hands to keep them from exploring too far yet.

“Oh, feel my hard cock on your tummy.” I said as I rolled my hips working my cock back and forth on him.

“I want to feel it.” He whispered. I was till holding his wrists. “Let me touch you.”

“Not yet.” Is said, still moving. “Soon, but not yet. Trust me, you’re going to make love to my cock all night, but first I want you to explore everywhere else on me first; with the blindfold on.”

I moved his hands above his head and held them there, as I stroked my erection all of his stomach, chest and then his neck on both sides. He tried to turn and reach me with his mouth, but I stayed just out of reach.

“What baby? You want a taste?” I teased.

“Mmmmm yes I do.” He moaned sexily. I leaned down to kiss him again, still holding his hands above his head.

“Soon. Soon lover. You’ll get to taste me and feel my sweet hard cock in your mouth, soon enough. First I want you to touch me everywhere. Try and see me with your hands.” He moaned again. “Then I’ll let you enjoy the pleasure of my cock in your sexy mouth. Let you give me a beautiful blowjob; the first in your life. Your very first mouthful of sweet, hard cock. I loved yours in my mouth! Your beautiful big hard penis filling my mouth and then giving all that creamy delicious cum!”

I moved off him and he sat up on the edge of the bed. I turned and stood with my back right in front of him. His hands found my hips and began to stroke my butt first, then up over my back and shoulders. His touch was firm but gentle. He had nice smooth hands. He stroked down my legs and was coming up the fronts and heading for my cock when I stopped him.

“Not yet, lover.” I chided. “Soon enough. You have all night. My cock is here for you all night.” I stood there with my legs apart and let him explore further. I was describing how wonderful his hands felt, how turned on I was, how hard my penis was for him and because of him.

He slid one hand between my legs, caressed my balls for a moment, then slid out the length of my cock. He moaned loudly that I felt ‘so good’.

“Oh Mark! You are so naughty.” I told him. “But your hand feels so good.” His other hand found my hip and pulled me back against him. He began to kiss my lower back. He was gently stroking the full length of me with such a soft exploratory touch.

“Is mine the first penis you’ve ever touched?”

“Yes! You are! And you feel sooo good!” he hissed. “Oh my god! You are so hard!”

Just for you.” I whispered. “You are such a naughty boy though.” I teased. “Copping a feel of my big hard cock. Do you like that feel of me.

“Oh yes! I love it. You feel so good; so hard.

He turned me to face him.

“Oh baby, you feel so good. This is so wild! xnxx I am so turned on right now. I love touching you. Your cock feels so wonderful!”

“Oh yeah! You hands are heaven.” I whispered softly. “This is such a turn on, watching you all blindfolded. A sexy man exploring another man’s cock and my balls, for the very first time.”

“I wish I could see it. I want to see you.”

“Not yet.” I told him. “Soon.

“I would love to have a picture of this moment.”

He explored a little more then said.

“Would you take a picture of this moment for me? My phone has a camera in it.”

I left him sitting there in his darkness for a moment, as I went to get his phone. I then returned to my spot and let him have my cock to touch and stroke again. I took a dozen pictures of him and his hands on me.

“Oh yeah, Mark. Stroke that hard cock”. I said snapping pictures. “You have such a sexy mouth, baby. I cannot wait to see your lips taking my cock in.”

“Oh yes! I want to! I want you in my mouth. I want this hard, warm cock in my mouth.”

“But your mouth is a virgin, when it comes to giving a blowjob.”

“Yes it is.” He said smiling. “I want this cock to be my first. But my mouth is warm and wet and I want you to push this gorgeous penis into it, Take my mouth. Make me yours.”

“Oh, lover!” I moaned loudly. “Oh yes, Mark. Let me take a picture of your soft lips touching my cock for the very first time.”

He slowly, slowly moved forward, in his darkness, bringing his lips closer and closer, I just kept snapping pictures, The his lips touched me. My cock lurched hard in his hands form the intensity of the excitement. He kissed it so softly, again and again.

“How do I look?’ he asked, then snaked his tongue over the sensitive underside of the head of my cock.

“You look beautiful.” I whispered softly. “Oh yes, sweetie. That feels so good, lover. Lick me again.”

His tongue snaked slowly out again, taking his time as I took a picture of it.

“Oh, the taste of you is such a turn on!”

“Yeah, taste my salty pre-cum! You are so beautiful kissing my penis. That feels so good! I love it. I love it so much!”

“Mmmmmmmmm I do too.”

“Are you ready? Are you ready for me to take your sexy virgin mouth.?

“I am! I want you to take my mouth. Do it. Fuck my mouth so gently, so deep.”

“I am incredibly turned on. Your very first blowjob, baby. I get to be your first.”

Oh yeah! I wish I could see you. That camera will shoot video. Can you switch to video? I want to be able to watch this later. Sucking my first big cock!”

It took a moment to figure it out but I pushed the button and it began recording.

“Oh, there we go Mark. I’m recording you. Kiss my sweet cock some more.” He did, over and over. He kept up a stream of comments, more for the camera than for me.

“Oh bakire porno yeah! I love this sweet cock. It tastes so good. You are so hard. You feel so good in my hands. It felt incredible when you went down on me, too.”

“Oh yeah, Mark. I loved sucking your big beautiful cock. Taking you in my throat and drinking your delicious cum!” He moaned loudly. “Yeah! So much of your cum to drink. You cum in gallons, it felt like. I can still taste your sweet cream on my tongue, even now.” He was moaning again. “Oh yeah. That gorgeous big hard penis was my very first. You took the virginity of my mouth, just like I’m going to take yours. I want your big, hard penis in my mouth all night!”

“I want this big cock in my mouth too.” He said.

“Yeah? Are you ready for me to take your virgin mouth?” He moaned that he was. “Oh baby. Your very first blowjob. The first time ever that your warm, wet mouth will get fucked by a big, hard cock.”

“Take me lover.” He whispered to me in the dark. “Hold my head and fuck my mouth and flood me with your juicy cum. Fill me with that warm cum and then kiss me and taste yourself on my tongue. “

“Oh yes, Mark. Open your mouth and take my big cock in.” He tilted his head back slightly and formed a sexy “O” with his lips.

Holding the phone in my right hand, I combed the fingers of my left hand through his hair, holding the back of his head and pushed my hips forward nice and slow.

“Here you go lover. Your very first blowjob” My cock slid in so deeply. His lips were luscious as they pursed around my thick shaft. His tongue was working back and forth over me.

“Oh, Mark!” I moaned loudly, crying out. “Oh baby!” I yelled! It felt so incredible! “Oh fuck! You sweet, sweet cocksucker!” I drew it all the way out and pushed in again. “Look at your lips around me. Look at your gorgeous lips around my thick cock. Suck it baby! Suck my big cock! I love the way you suck my big cock!”

I continued to video myself thrusting in and out of his sexy mouth, keeping up a running dialogue the whole time.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum! Oh yeah! I know you want my cum, so I’m gonna give you all my cum.” He was moaning around me that he wanted it. “Yeah, take it! Take it all baby! I love fucking your mouth. Let me fuck that sweet mouth. Oh sweetie. You’re sucking cock. You’re sucking my big cock! Do you love sucking my big cock?”

“Oh yeah!” He gasped taking me out for just a second. “I love sucking this big beautiful cock!” he took me back in. “Feed me your cum, baby.” He said one last time before I began to pump him hard.

“Oh fuck! Oh FUCK!” I yelled at the top of the house. “YESSSSSSSS!” I groaned. “I’m shooting cum in your mouth right now!” I yelled for the video camera. Mark choked and coughed out a spurt of cum around my thick dick, but was swallowing and swallowing my huge load. I bedava porno could feel the sweet agony of cumming that hard; my balls were aching. I flooded his mouth heavily with thick cream.

The video camera was shaking in my hand but held a close up of him swallowing and taking my final thrusts.

“Oh, Mark! Show the camera that mouthful of sweet cum!” He withdrew the length of my cock from his mouth and opened wide so that I could video his tongue heavily coated with my cum. “Now swallow it down lover.” He did with a heavy, nodding gulp and then slurped my cock deeply into his mouth again. “Yes baby! Drink me down. Yeah lover. Drink me. Drink all that sweet cum. You look so sexy taking my cock lover.”

He was gasping for breath through his nostrils but wouldn’t release me. “Do I taste good?” He moaned loudly and passionately that I did. “Yeah? You like the taste of my sweet cum?”

“MMmmmmmmm hmmmmmm!” he moaned sexily around me.

“Don’t swallow it all, though. Save some in your mouth for my tongue. I want to suck it off your tongue. Let me taste my own sweet cream. Share my sweet cum with me. Baby”

I dropped down onto my knees and tried to hold the camera where it would catch us French kissing and trading cum together. I turned my head finally until we were both kind of facing the camera.

“Oh Mark, baby. You are such a sweet cocksucker. What an incredible blowjob, baby.”

“Oh,” he panted, “you can fuck my mouth any time you like.”

I turned to face the camera.

“We’re going to go shower together now. Wash each other, make out a bunch and probably suck each other again the shower. I love Mark’s big cock. It is such a thrill to suck on it!” I helped Mark to stand, shakily, but then held the camera so it would record my face. His huge cock was almost hard again.

“God! Look at this perfect, huge penis! Isn’t it the most gorgeous cock ever?” I asked the phone camera. “Watch me suck it.”

I held the camera in my right hand and took hold of his big balls in my left and began to bob up and down the thick shaft, slurping noisily on purpose.

“Oh it’s so big.” Slurp slurp. “So fucking big!” Slurp slurp. “Watch me try and swallow it.” There was no ‘try’. I gulped in all the way down into my throat on the first try. I don’t know that I had even been so turned on in my long life. It gagged me, but I paid no mind and I deep throated his length.

“I did it!” I said into the phone, proudly. “I deep throated Mark’s gorgeous, huge cock.” Looking up at him. “Oh baby! Oh Mark! I love your big fucking cock sweetie! I love it so much!” I shut off the video and went back to bobbing my tight lips up and down his penis, moaning excitedly the whole time.

Finally I pulled off him. He moaned a bit in disappointment.

“Don’t feel bad baby. There is more of that. All night long in fact.” I stood and moved him gently backwards to sit and then lay back on the bed. His mighty penis still bobbing and weaving.

“Let me set up the shower.” I whispered. “Then let’s get that mask off of you.”

“Mmmmmmm hmmm!” he moaned as we French kissed again heavily.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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