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For me, a trip to the local adult book store was an infrequent one. It features live nude shows along with the customary movie arcade, hard-core magazines, lubes, condoms, blow up dolls and common sex toys. It’s there I met Tate and after I did my visits had a significant regularity to them.

Tate lie behind glass beneath a dim single bulb of not quite white light, her miniature stage covered in blankets. The ratty purple curtain behind her usually stood slightly ajar which allowed for brief glimpses of women passing by in partial dress.

Always at her side, an over sized blue cloth shoulder bag spilled various items. I can name the articles. Tonight it’s an orange spaghetti strap top, a pair of plain white panties, a pump bottle of Suave Cocoa Butter with Shea body lotion. Tissues, a red wallet, a black high heeled shoe, a pocket spiral note book with attached Zebra pen. A paperback novel, I can’t see the title. A silver lipstick case, a travel sized bottle of baby oil and a plastic cylinder of Wet Platinum premium lubricant.

Through the glass her voice muffled,

“Jake. How’s your night.”

“Fair. And you?”

“Just ok, it’s been slow.”

“Pick up the phone.” Tate directed me.

It is actually a two-way intercom with a hand set.

“You here to play, or just visit some?”

“Play and visit.” I said.

“Yum.” Tate mouthed.

I closed the door behind me and locked it. The floor was tacky from the actions of a previous customer. I had beaten the soap bucket man – I call him, to the spot I stood before he had a chance to mop the floor.

“Did he enjoy you?” I asked.

“Who? Oh, I guess yes. I think he shot his wad? I don’t study them.”

“He did, I’m standing in his stuff.”

“Sorry. Now let me see it. You know I like your sturdy cock.”

She ran her tongue along her plump upper lip then bit down hard on the lower one. I undid my zipper and freed myself. I was already solid. Tate took a peek, smiled then sat back against the side wall.

With her tight blue skirt hiked up and legs spread she opened her hole to me with both hands. Her long legs and shapely calves were accentuated by mid-high worn black boots. With her legs spread and dressed just so – she is my weakness and my present indulgence.

“I’m already damp. Pull your pants down more. I want to see all of you. Your pack too.”

When I was situated she moved against the glass that was always in our way and fogged it up with a warm breath leaving behind almost the shape of a kiss.

“You want me in your mouth, don’t you?” I said,

“Maybe, but you know I can’t.” She never put a name to him. I envied whom ever ‘him’ was.

I pulled my sweat shirt up further then arched back so that she had the better view she was seeking. I lazily stroked myself then rhythmically squeezed just beneath küçükçekmece escort the head.

“I like when you jerk off that way, just squeezing it. “You, I study.”

Tate touched herself with grace, delicately toying with her juices making tiny circles about her pink hood where her now swollen button couldn’t hide any longer. She preferred using her fingers rather than instruments.

The flow of glistening liquid sex that steadily poured freely down her thighs made me think her name should be Brooke. From her pretty fuckable mouth came erotic sighs which made me squeeze myself faster. Soon after we finished together.


I met Tate back early spring here in booth three, it’s now nearly a year later. She was sitting cross-legged staring without the slightest blink like the fortune telling Zoltar on Coney Island. I was taking steps past her open door to the video arcade. Bored, I was planning to just let one go then leave.

She tapped on the window with an index finger which then disappeared between dark burgundy tinted lips. A second finger joined the first and then a third. She brilliantly mimicked head. I stood still and applauded her exhibition silently to myself.

On occasion, curious, I had wandered into a private booth just to ask how much the “show” was, but always walked away even though the women tended to suddenly lower their prices.

“Forty for me nude 10 minutes and five bucks in the box for the house. But I can do twenty and still five for the house.”

I’d not seen many attractive women working the privates and when I say attractive I am being generous. The lot of them are marginally viewable to absolutely not at all. But Tate. Tate was crazy inviting. An alluring temptress.

“You just gonna stand there or come in?” I could barely hear her.

I went inside, picked up the phone and through the ear piece came,

“Close the door.”

By the time I turned back to her she had her right middle finger sliding in and out of her asshole.

“You should get off with me.”

In agreement, I grabbed at my cock and started to jerk it till a heavy stream of my cum found it’s way to dripping down the clear paned box that as far as I was concerned, she was imprisoned behind. Tate pretended to lick my sauce off the glass from her side. I pretended to smear it all over her face from my side.

“You need some tissue?”

“No I’m good.” I buckled up.

“I want to see you again. I’m Tate and my schedule is on the board by the door.”

“Jake. Yes, see you again.”

I passed a twenty through the small triangular cut out which was located at the upper left corner of the see through box.

“No, I invited you in.” She pushed the bill back to me.


The şişli escort words I would choose to describe Tate are classic, poised and polished. I didn’t see her as a woman scarcely clothed playing me sexually for cash, but rather a woman wearing a red carpet dress sewn by a well know designer.

Tate’s smile of ivory, high cheek bones, hazel eyes that are framed by thick long lashes, curly brown hair that falls on her shoulders, shoulders that coaxed one to bite them, creates tics in my loins.

Tate and I over time, became close. As close as the barrier between us would allow. Our sessions, I knew were much longer than she would spend with any other customer. Usually long enough for me to burst a second time.

Tate told me often that she genuinely enjoyed pleasing herself in my presence. She would only accept my money when she was behind on personal bills. I didn’t know if she afforded other men visitors the same courtesy? I always had to pay the house.

On occasion, I would try to convince Tate that it was time we stopped pretending to have sex.

“It’s time.” I’d say.

She’d politely dismiss me with a sidestepping,

“Yes.” And we’d move on.

“Aren’t you fucking a pretty girl. I know you must be. With that thick thing, you are.” She insisted.

“Not regularly.” I replied.

“I have a friend for you to meet then. Be here thursday night, I’ll make sure she is too.”


Her friend appeared at the break in the curtain. She wore a simple white blouse, nothing too sexual. She kissed Tate.

“I was thinking.” Tate spoke then addressed her friend instead of me.

“What do you think?” She smiled.

“I told you you’d like him. You’ll like his dick too.”

Tate went on,

“I can’t be with you, but Lilly can and I can be with Lilly. Being with other women is cheered at my house. I want to watch you two fuck. And.”

“And?” She never finished her thought.

“Lilly meet Jake.”

“We’re not working tomorrow night. Where’s your place?” I gave the directions.

“How’s ten?”

“Really” wanted to flee my mouth, but I ingested the word instead.

“Ten, yes.”

Tate arrived and stood relaxed in the open doorway of my home. Lilly stood behind and just off to her right. Lilly wore a tight red sweater, jeans and red pumps. Her dirty blonde curled hair was pulled back.

Tate had on a coffee colored sweater and jeans. She didn’t greet me with a physical touch, not even a simple hug, but Lilly wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me on the lips full. She smelled of vanilla.

I poured each of us a chilled red wine and asked if they liked to smoke. They did. After we finished a bowl, Tate raised her long stemmed phony crystal and in a soft voice said,

“To a perfect şirinevler escort night of lust.”

Lilly began to nibble at Tate’s neck which sent pleasant noises around the room. Lilly then moved to lay in my lap her warm breath passing through my pants enveloping my dick. Tate watched intently.

Lilly discovered me full and didn’t squander any time having me relocate her tonsils. Soon her spit thickly coated my cock. I was anticipating Tate to lend a tongue, she didn’t.

“I’m here to fuck Lilly and Lilly is here to fuck both of us. If you and I get in each other’s way, then what can I do?”

I reasoned, that was the ‘And’ she withheld from me. What an artful scheme to get around her relationship promises.

It wasn’t long before Lilly and Tate were occupied both minus denims and panties. It was chilly in the living area which is why

I suppose their sweaters remained on, at least for now.

Tate moved Lilly’s sweater aside to fondle her breasts. They were the same color as her name. Occasionally Tate paused to see that I was mesmerized by what I was seeing, my hand firmly holding my solid self, a bit of pre-cum glistening on its tip.

When Tate sat back on the couch with her legs parted proceeding to finger herself, Lilly pulled me toward her lair.

“Fuck me.”

“Fuck her.” Tate said pleadingly, but I think more adamantly.

“It’s what I’ve thought about every time you get off on my window.”

Soon Tate was cumming and I had to look away and tune her out so that I wouldn’t spill my load quick.

When Tate joined us she and I found ourselves in each other’s way often. Tate would be kissing Lilly and my dick would find her tongue on it’s way to Lilly’s mouth. I accidentally partially and briefly entered Tate when Lilly was giving me a hand job between Tate’s thighs.

At the same time Lilly was rimming Tate’s asshole, Tate on her knees and me on mine trying to find Lilly’s mouth from between Tate’s thighs, my hard-on rested up against Tate’s swelled labia. She moved me away like it wasn’t ok, but only after she used me to massage herself to delights.

When I split open Lilly’s pussy lips from behind, Tate could be found lying beneath us devouring Lilly’s insides. It required her to move and hold my balls out of her way.

When I tried to push through Lilly’s puckered space, Tate, I am assuming unintentionally, mistakenly? Was my guide after lubing me up with her spit filled hand.

Our night ended after my cum had spilled out of Lilly’s ass, pussy and mouth. Tate mixed my cum with Lilly’s and her own.

She explained that she had no control over where I left my sex.

“I always clean up Lilly’s pretty messes.”

We dressed, good nights were exchanged and they were gone. Tate, like when she arrived, did not physically touch me or embrace me in anyway before she left. Lilly though pressed against me hard and whispered that she’d make certain we fucked again.

My visits to booth three continued. Tate and I kept the soap bucket man busy. And getting in each other’s way again and again were the finest, almost fucks I have ever had. Lilly was incessantly happy to accommodate all of us.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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