Tawny Ch. 04

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“Patient’s name: Hall, Tawny. Age: 19. Week: 20.” Tawny’s file indicated only the relevant medical information. It didn’t mention her long black hair or the fact that her breasts had gone from tear-shaped C cups to a more convex D cup. She had gained fifteen pounds since the original confirmation of pregnancy.

I told her, “In a few weeks we should be able to get a good view and find out what you’re having, if you’d like.”

“Sure,” she said. “I want as few surprises as possible. The fact that I’m your patient now instead of my regular doctor’s is enough of a surprise.”

“Your history doesn’t mention the Pill or an IUD. Condom failure?”

“No, I just thought I was on the safe part of my cycle.”

“Tracking your cycle’s a great idea if you’re trying to get pregnant,” I told her. “Not a great idea if you’re trying not to. That’s true at any age, but most girls’ cycles don’t stabilize till they’re twenty or so.” I turned my back and picked up my iPad. “Let’s go ahead and schedule that. We have an opening on Wednesday right after New Year’s. Is that good for you?”

“Sure. Classes don’t start up again till the day after MLK Day.”

“Will anyone be joining you?” It wasn’t technically necessary to ask the question, of course.

“Whoever drives me,” she said. “Probably my friend Lucie.” She ran her heel up my thigh. When I turned around, she told me, “The dad’s not in the picture. Is that what you wanted to know?”

“Yeah, you got me,” I said sheepishly.

“Good, ’cause it’s been months since I had a good ‘examination,'” she said, making air quotes with her fingers. She started hiking the exam gown up.

“Argh! This isn’t working,” I said. I wished I were writing by hand, because wadding the paper up would have been so much more satisfying than just closing the word-processing file.

“What?” Jeff asked excitedly. “It was just getting interesting!”

“Train wrecks are interesting too,” I told him. “That doesn’t mean I want one. I’ve written stories about my mechanic, my friend’s dad, my dad’s friend, my former teacher and the college tour guide. But doing my OB is just-ugh.”

“Is it because you’re pregnant?” he asked. I glared at him. “In the story, I mean.” He paused. “You’re not pregnant in real life, are you?”

“No, Jeff, you’re not gonna be a dad any time soon. I could write a good story where I’m pregnant. Maybe I will sometime. Even a doctor might make a good story. But pregnant, with the OB? And I’m nineteen? I’m not buying it myself, and if I’m not, the audience won’t either.”

“Okay, take out the pregnant part. I still like the doctor idea. Maybe you’re terminally ill, and you just want to show him a good time before you die.”

“That’s not a terrible idea. I might write it sometime, but with a new character.”

“Just fishing for ideas here. All these stories are about older guys except the tour guide, and even he’s a little older. Was your first time with an older guy?”

“There’s no one who is or ought to be a registered sex offender on my account,” I told him indignantly. “But …”

“Yeah?” I didn’t answer. “What is it, Tawny?”

“The ‘friend’s dad’ story? I really did have a crush on my friend’s dad when I was fifteen. I never acted on it, thank God.”


“So, I also had a boyfriend whose dad was kinda hot. I may even have caught him looking at me.”

“Now we’re talkin’,” Jeff exclaimed.

I was sure Geoff and I had a date, but his car wasn’t there. I could think of a couple realistic explanations that wouldn’t make me mad, so I walked up to his door anyway and knocked. Geoff’s dad answered. His dad used to be a stunt man. Geoff says he punched James Bond, Batman and Jackie Chan at one time or another. He also got thrown against a wall by the Hulk. He greeted me. “Hi, Tawny! Geoff’s at a jacks tournament. I thought he told you.”

Jeff interrupted me. “Jacks? I get that you’re trying to make me look like a wuss to build my dad up, but come on. Make it believable!”

“Who says this is your dad?”

“You named your boyfriend Geoff!”

“Yeah, but you spell it with a ‘J,’ and my fictional guy spells it with a ‘G.'”

“I could let that slide, but my parents are still together. None of the other guys you wrote about were married. You’d break up a family just to satisfy your urges?”

“It’s also the first story where I’m cheating on someone,” I pointed out. “That doesn’t mean I’d do it in real life. I’m going beyond my comfort zone.” That seemed to satisfy him for the moment.

“Let Kartal escort me see if he left me a message on Facebook,” I said. I opened up the app.


“It’s worse than that. He’s at the Fifth Street Jacks Club.”

“Well, at least he was telling the truth.”

“Yeah, but he also posted that it’s a great place to pick up girls.”

“What kind of sick fuck are you making me out to be?” Jeff asked. I continued typing.

“Oh, wait, he just posted again. ‘Damn, I got shot down.'”

Geoff’s dad asked, “You mean he lost, or he got turned down for a date?”

I waited. “Someone else must have asked him the same question. Apparently, both.”

“That’s my son. He can’t even beat an eight-year-old at jacks.”

“He didn’t say how old she is,” I reminded him.

“No, but I think he told me his first opponent was the champion of the eight-year-old bracket.”

“Well, it started two hours ago, according to this. Maybe he beat her and he’s talking to someone else. Yeah, that’s it. Geoff wouldn’t hit on an actual eight-year-old, but I could see him coming onto an eighteen-year-old who has a mental age of eight.”

“So now you think I’d fuck retarded girls?” He paused. “Hah! I think you just dissed yourself with that one.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” I said. I deleted everything back to where his location was confirmed.

“Hmm. It gives his location as Vera’s Wang. That’s out by the shipyard. And now he posted that there are lots of tops around!”

“Vera’s Wang?” Jeff asked. “First of all, they wouldn’t last a week with that name before they got sued. Second, there’s a huge difference between being gay and cross-dressing.”

“Good point,” I said.

Geoff’s dad said, “I’m surprised they haven’t been sued.”

I explained, “They did, and they changed it to Isaac’s Shaft. The software just hasn’t updated the name yet.”

“Well that just sounds like a gay club, not what you said before. In fact, my brother really is gay, and our dad’s okay with it.”

“I didn’t know either, Tawny. I’m sorry you had to find out like this.”

I cried, “I would have been a top for him if I knew that’s what he wanted.”

“It wouldn’t have worked, Tawny. You’re an innie, and he obviously needs an outie. Besides, why waste a pair of tits like that on someone who just wishes he had ’em?”

“Hold on,” Jeff said. “All the other guys either were just blind to you or at least resisted. How come my dad is the one you decided is a creep? And he’s married, too!”

“Good point about holding back. As far as being married, I would never break up a guy’s family. I wouldn’t even break up a happy marriage, and the only time I cheated on a boyfriend, I knew he was already cheating on me. But, hypothetically, if my boyfriend did something bad enough that the relationship couldn’t be saved, and his hypothetical stepmom was a real bitch and made things hard for me, I don’t rule out the possibility that I’d seize the opportunity to get revenge on both of ’em.”

“Now that I can get behind,” Jeff said.

“Really?” I was surprised at how easily he accepted that scenario.

“Let’s just say that disapproving parents are not a new thing to me.”

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“Shoot, I said that out loud, didn’t I?”

I nodded indignantly. “Yes!”

He must have read something into my expression. “Why, what does Geoff say?”

“Nothing. I just realized that Geoff’s complimented me on my hair and make-up, but he’s never actually called me sexy or complimented me on my butt or anything else that’s distinctively female.”

“Well, at least now we know why,” he laughed.

I shook my head and brushed my hair off my shoulder. “What do you say, Mr. Bennett?”

“Call me Josh.”

“That’s not my dad’s name,” Jeff said.

“I know that,” I told him. “But I think I’ll switch the names.” Jeff smiled at that prospect.

“Call me Geoff. I already told you what I think. Tits like that are wasted on Josh. Your ass, too. Why waste it on a guy who’d rather put a dick in his than put his in yours?” Geoff paused. “Too many pronouns?”

“Yeah, but I know what you meant. Hey, speaking of that, did you really do that prison shower scene with Stallone?” I didn’t tell him, but after I watched that scene with Josh, I imagined Geoff taking me in the shower.

“That was me. That wasn’t a stunt so much as just being a body double. Actually, it wasn’t Stallone either. I got a friend of mine a job being Stallone’s butt.”

I remembered the Kurtköy Escort image. “Then you’ve got a pretty nice ass, too!”

“Is that a come-on?” Geoff asked.

“You mean I said that out loud too?”

“Yeah,” he said, but he didn’t seem the least bit unhappy about it.

“Is it working?” I asked. He didn’t answer. “My come-on.”

Geoff picked me up and put my head on his shoulder. As soon as we were inside, he kicked the door shut behind us. He carried me upstairs to the master bedroom and threw me down. “Yeah, it’s working!”

“But, Geoff, what about your wife?”

“That bitch? She used to be Josh’s babysitter, after his mom died. She only seduced me so she could spend my money.”

“How young are we talking?” I asked.

Jeff interrupted. “Say I was four, and I had a four-year-old’s crush on her.”

“I’ve got something better in mind.” I deleted the part about his mom dying and continued.

“Jeff was a year old. His mom left for her doctor.”

“Dammit,” I said. “She’s seen him naked and I haven’t.”

“I’ll make up for it,” Geoff said. “But you first.”

“First what?” I asked. I sat up. His answer was to hop on the bed, landing next to me.

He tore my blouse from top to bottom, sending buttons across the room. He pushed me onto my back and kissed me on the lips. He moved down and kissed the area of my breasts not covered by my lace bra. “Where’s the clasp?” he asked.

“There isn’t one,” I told him.

“Even better!” He pulled on the left strap and tore it with his bare hands, then did the same on the right. He pulled was oft off my tits, down across my stomach, and feasted on my tits.

“Oh, Geoff,” I gushed. “So this is what a stud feels like.”

Jeff pulled my chair away from the computer. He picked me up and carried me to my bed. “Let me save the story!” I pleaded.

“I’ll take care of it,” he said. He threw me on top of the bed, and I rolled onto my back in anticipation. He walked back to the desk. “Save as ‘Tawny Finds Herself a Real Man,'” he said. After he’d done that, he returned his attention to me. I couldn’t have planned it this well, but I’d already decided that this would be the last time wearing the T-shirt I had on. It wasn’t even a concert T-shirt. It was a shirt promoting one of those made-for-basic-cable bands that I liked when I was fourteen. I’d already made enough jokes about Geoff’s taste in young girls, so I passed on making one about the show’s target age group. He tore the collar, saying, “Pop! Pop! Pop!” until the shirt was more like a vest.

“There went my buttons,” I said. I lifted my back so Jeff could remove the T-shirt.

I pulled my arms through my bra straps. Jeff reached behind me and unhooked it. “Now I’ll tear your bra off! Rip, rip.”

In a high voice, I said, “Tinkle-tinkle-tinkle!” Jeff looked at me quizzically, and I explained, “You just destroyed the diamond-encrusted bra that I was wearing to entice your son.” He picked up the real left bra strap in his teeth and tossed the bra out of reach like a beast.

Jeff looked at my tits and said, “Now for the attention that these deserve!” He sucked each one into his mouth briefly, then a second time, a little longer. “Oh, my God, these are gorgeous. Too bad they’re wasted on my wimpy son!” He moved his right hand under my shorts, and it brushed the part of my bush that covered the lower half of my cunt lips.

“Oh, yes, Geoff! I’ve never been with a real man before. Show me what it’s like!”

Jeff loved this. He pulled my shorts off, and then he tore my underwear off for real. I made a note that for his next birthday, I was buying both of us edible underwear. He moved up beside me and kissed me while he slid two fingers into my pussy. I was so excited by now that I started panting. I reached for his belt and unbuckled it. We went from that to a naked 69 so fast, it was like one of those dreams that skips over the middle part. His dick didn’t look different from the other guys I’d been with, but in my imagination, I took some tone away from the shaft and gave him salt-and-pepper pubes. He was fucking my mouth so fast that I felt his balls slapping more clearly than I felt his shaft. I slowed him down so I could savor the touch of his head near my throat. He was also able to concentrate on my pussy and clit more. His moustache grazed the lower corner of my pussy at the same moment he touched a special spot on the side wall of my cunt, and it sent me over the edge. That sent him over, and with me underneath, I almost Maltepe Escort felt like I was going to drown in his cum. I gathered the strength to push his hips up. I still swallowed, but now I could breathe.

When Jeff finished licking my cum off my crotch, he rolled off and moved around. “Time to give me a grandson!” he declared.

“Grandson?” I asked in disbelief.

“Well you want me to make a woman out of you, don’t you?”

“Of course,” I laughed. We both laughed, partly because I’ve been on the Pill since I was fifteen, and partly because he’s heard me say how disgusting I think the people are who think that having kids is a woman’s only purpose in life.

“Well, we can’t let Josh or his bitch of a stepmom find out. So, after I knock you up, you can go fuck him. Question his manhood if you have to. He won’t be as good as his old man-“

“That’s for damn sure,” I said.

“As far as anyone else knows, it’ll be Josh’s kid, but we’ll know better.”

“Take me now, you magnificent bastard!” I shouted.

I started to spread my legs, but Jeff flipped me over. I spread them again, and he slammed his cock into me from behind. “My dipshit son doesn’t deserve you. He doesn’t know what a great piece of ass he’s got.”

“Maybe I should get him to seduce that worthless wife of yours. Get ’em both out of our way,” I said. Jeff pulled my hair briefly, and then he fucked me even harder than before. I could feel the top of his shaft rubbing my pubic bone while the head ran along the back wall of my cunt. If the vibrations reminded me of the dryer before, now they reminded me of a jackhammer.

“Holy shit, that’s hot!” Jeff managed to blurt out.

“Come inside me, Daddy!” I shouted. “Cuckold your son!”

Jeff pulled my hips to his and gave me the biggest load of cum he’d given me since we started dating. He pulled my chest so I was upright on my knees and pinched my nipples. “I don’t know if we can ever top that,” he said.

“I know how. Do to me what you did to Stallone,” I begged. I got on my back and waited.

Since Geoff’s dad was fictional, so was the movie, and Jeff had to make up the scene. He led me to the wall, then stepped back and yelled, “Action!” I remembered it was a shower scene, and I used my hands to imitate the water pouring over my shoulders from above. I was facing the side when Jeff mimed opening the door. “All the other stalls are full. Looks like we’ll have to share this one. You got a problem with that?”

I tried to sound like Stallone while also sounding subdued. “No, not at all.” Jeff turned me so my hands were against the wall. He pushed the backs of my knees forward so they buckled just a little. I felt his cock at my asshole. I pretended not to want it and said, “Hey, what are you doing?”

“What does it look like? I’m making you my wife,” he answered. He pushed his dick in hard. Then he traced the edge where his dick met my anus with his finger. “Do you like the ring?”

He thrust a few times and I answered, “Oh, yes! Yes! It’s such a great diamond. So hard!”

Jeff pushed me against the wall, and I knew what was going to happen. He came in my ass and said, “Take it all, bitch!”

“Oh, yes, yes, Number 5720293, I’m your bitch, now and forever!”

After he finished coming, he told me, “That was fantastic.”

“You were pretty good yourself,” I assured him.

“The part about getting my son and his stepmom together? So hot!”

“Don’t tell me you and your-“

“No, I was just thinking, though. If you ever get tired of pretending that you’re seducing older men, we could pretend you’re a cougar.”

“That could be fun, I guess.”

Our college football team’s game was on television. Jeff put his clothes back on. Instead of my regular clothes, I put my

7 jersey on, but I didn’t put anything on underneath. I’d bought refreshments for the two of us, and I heated up the dips and wings. With a few seconds left in the first half, I was sitting on Jeff’s lap. He had both index fingers inside my pussy. “No double-dipping,” I said. He pulled both hands out and licked the right one. I continued, “Unless you share,” and licked the left finger.

“Needs more salt,” he said, and the whistle blew to end the half.

I got up and took our paper plates to the trash. When I came back, Jeff was lying on the bed. I lay next to him. I did a better job imitating Bette Davis than I had with Stallone. “Hello, Joshua. Your father had to go out of town this weekend, but he said I should take care of you.” I rubbed his cock through his pants.

“That’s my dad, always looking out for me,” he said. He put his hand under my jersey and felt my bare ass.

“I think you’re onto something,” I told him.

Jeff has almost as much imagination as I do. I think I’ll keep him.

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