Teacher Appreciation Day

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It was her first year teaching in one of Chicago’s inner city high schools. Ms. Jones had expected a lot of challenges in her first year, but quickly found herself dealing with one she hadn’t expected or prepared for. At 5 feet tall and 160 pounds, she had always been considered a little “too curvy” for men of her own race. Worst of all, most of that weight was in her round, tight ass, and she’d always felt that it was too big. At least I have tits to spare, she thought. 38DDs, big, but still nice and perky. She had always felt they were her best feature. That, and her tiny waist.

So Ms. Jones was caught by surprise on her first day of school when she was met by leering faces at every turn. Looks like what was ‘too curvy’ where she came from was just right here. As she walked down the hallway, the boys stepped aside, eyeing her all over. She heard someone behind her say ‘damn, look at that ass,’ and ‘I’d bend her over in a hot second,’ but couldn’t identify who’d said it. When she finally got to her classroom she was flushed and felt a little telltale warmth and wetness between her legs. She’d never had so much attention before! But they are so young, she reminded herself.

Over the next few months, the students in her classroom learned to ‘behave appropriately and respectfully’ around Ms. Jones. Most of the boys in the class had stopped ogling her openly, although they never stopped stealing glances at her tits, and she still heard whispers of ‘dam, Ms. Jones,’ when she bent down to help a student. Her ample ass just happened to come right at desk height, so it was always in someone’s face.

Antwan though, never mastered “appropriate and respectful.” He wasn’t in school much, and was rowdy; always getting in trouble or suspended for this and that. He had been held back at least once or twice, so was older than the average sophomore; at least 18.

When he was in her class, he stared at her wolfishly, and always had some excuse to show off his lanky muscular body. He would yawn and stretch pulling his shirt up at the same time, and of course his pants sagged halfway down to his knees, so much so that she could see his boxer briefs and tight little ass. More than once she saw the tantalizing outline of his cock out of the corner of her eye.

Furthermore, his hands were always down his pants, ‘readjusting.’ She would feel the warmth between her legs coming on then. ‘That cock is way to big on a boy that young’ she would think to herself. She had tried to correct the behavior once or twice, telling him that ‘nobody wants to see that,’ but he knew better, ‘you know they do, Ms. Jones.’ And he was right, he probably had a different girl on that cock every night, and her attempts to control his behavior were as much an attempt to master her own desires.

Antwan’s biggest problem was that hey played too rough, with both boys and girls. He was always grabbing someone or another, and this often led to fights. All of the kids at this school ‘played too much,’ and short, but often vicious fights broke out frequently. The fight were often between the sexes; a result of an inappropriate grab here or there. Antwan was a major offender.

One day when Ms. Jones was walking her students down to the lab, a fight got too rough between Antwan and a cute Escort bayan girl named Raven. Raven was shrieking and scratching at him, and he had picked her up and was trying to get her off him. I tried to step in between, but only got a long scratch down my forearm. It was Security who eventually pulled them apart. I was furious! “Look at what you did!” I told them, showing them my scratch. “I do not get paid enough to be scratched by you!”

“I didn’t scratch you Ms. Jones!” Antwan insisted. I could see by the look in his eyes that he felt badly and wanted me to know that he hadn’t hurt me. He has such a soft side behind everything, I thought to myself.

“I know you didn’t, Raven is the one with the nails.” I snapped, “But you’ll still come see me after school! A man doesn’t act that way.”

“I’m not doing no teacher-time.” He grumbled.

“You’ll do it or I’ll take this incident all the way up the line.” I said. I was determined to get his behavior under control, before he got expelled for what he did.

Three o’clock came around and I honestly didn’t think he would come. He’d never attended any other teacher-times I had assigned. But soon he came wandering in, head down.

“Hey Ms. Jones,” he said quietly, not making eye contact.

“Hey, Antwan, have a seat.”

He came over and sat down across from me. His legs were too long for the desks we had for the students so he sat askew with his legs spread wide. Of course his pants were halfway down to his knees. I noticed the outline of his cock again through his boxer briefs, and quickly looked away. That’s not why he’s here, I reminded myself. This is serious.

I reached my arm over to him and set it gently on his knee, palm up, revealing the long scratch, I had gotten earlier in the day. “Look at what you did.” I said softly.

He drew his finger lightly across the scratch on my arm. I shivered, my nipples getting hard instantly. I took a deep and shaky breath. I never should have told him to come here, I thought.

“But I didn’t do that,” he said. “Raven did it. Look, she scratched me too.” He lifted his chin up and pulled his shirt down, revealing his muscular chest and a long scratch from neck to nipple.

“Ah,” I said, tracing the scratch with my finger, just as he had with mine. “But that doesn’t matter. Men need to learn when to de-escalate, she might have gone at you, but you can’t go at her back. That’s how people get hurt.”

At this point my hand had traced down to the bottom of the scratch on his chest, near the nipple. He grabbed my wrist suddenly. “Ms. Jones, you’re always talking about being appropriate.”

“Yes.” I said a little breathlessly. I knew he could see my nipples straining against my shirt, how my face was flushed, and how my breathing came in short little gasps. I was glad I was wearing a skirt today; at least he couldn’t see how wet I was.

“Well, I’m not appropriate, I don’t want to be appropriate.” He still had a tight grip on my wrist, and was giving me that hungry look again.

This had gone too far. I stood up abruptly. “Please let go.” I said. I pulled my arm away, but he held fast. “Let go, please.” I said in the most firm voice I had, staring back at him, trying to exude coldness.

He Bayan escort gave me one last searching look, and released my arm. I noticed that his other hand was down his pants, ‘adjusting.’

“And you shouldn’t do that either,” I said, feeling myself blush. My pussy was so wet by then that I was afraid my juices would start running down my leg. What I wanted to do was straddle him and take his cock into me, now. But I couldn’t, I knew I couldn’t.

“But Ms. Jones, it’s uncomfortable,” he said, hand still on his cock.

I sighed, “I know, but… look, you have ten minutes left of your teacher time to serve, let me get some work done, and then I’ll take you home. Just take your hands out of your pants.”

Antwan shrugged, giving me a wolfish grin. “Aight,” he said, and leaned back. I could see the full length of his hard cock through his boxers, and he knew it. It was so big the head looked like it was about to poke out the top at any moment. I looked away and tried to get some work done, knowing that I had closed one door, but opened another.

When it finally came time to leave, I was relieved that it was over, but excited, nervous, tense and apprehensive all at the same time. It had been so hard to sit there pretending to work with him staring at me like that the entire time. I knew he was playing over the 20 different ways he was going to fuck me.

“Let’s go, I said briskly.” He stood up and I saw his huge boner tenting up his pants. “You’re going to want to do something about that, we can’t walk out of here together with you looking like that.” Antwan reached down, to tuck his huge cock down the side of his boxer briefs. You could still see it, but it wasn’t nearly so bad. “That’ll do, let’s go.”

On our way to the car, Antwan was boisterous and playful; he knew he’d be getting what he wanted. Once in the car, his hands were on me, one draped around my shoulder, big hands lightly gripping the back of my neck; fingers straying down to the top of my breasts. His other hand went quickly under my skirt to the inside of my thigh. I felt too hot, my pussy and my nipples were throbbing to the same beat. “Not where people can see,” I whispered hoarsely.

He laughed, loud and beautiful, and leaned over so his mouth was on close to my neck. I could feel his warm breath. “Don’t worry, I gotchu.” He moved his hands away. I felt a tingling where they had been.

Antwan indicated that I should pull over to a broken down looking 3 flat apartment. Some of the windows were boarded up, but that was the norm here on the west side. “Come on in,” he said.

The inside of the house was dark and musty smelling. The only furnishings in the room were a big mattress with no sheet, lying askew in the front room. “This is where you stay at?” I asked incredulously.

“Naw,” he said, “this is where I hang.” Ah, I thought, a personal fuck pad for you and your friends. The shadiness of the place only heightened my excitement

He walked over to the mattress and sat down on the edge, legs splayed, grinning. I knew what to do. I came over and stood over him, the top of my skirt brushing against his face. He grabbed my ass and put his face in my crotch, breathing deep. “You smell like pussy Ms. Jones,” he said, laughing, grabbing Escort my ass tighter. “Come down here.”

I wanted to just grab him and plunge his cock into me there and then, riding him, bucking and moaning. But I knew it would be better to draw it out, so I slowly lowered myself down to his lap, resting my dripping pussy onto the top of his cock head. Two pieces of fabric were between us, but they were soaked through almost instantly.

My tits were in his face, and he moved his hands around to get to them, grabbing, tearing the fabric to get to my nipples, pulling my shirt and bra down; kissing, sucking, pinching and twisting my other nipple roughly. That little bit of pain paired with pleasure felt so good. I arched my back and threw my head back, moaning and rocking back and forth on his cock.

Still sucking hard on one nipple, flicking his tongue against the tip, he moved his other hand down to my ass, pushing me down while grinding his cock on my clit. I hardly knew where I was; his boxers were soaked through with my pussy juice, I was moaning, dizzy. He looked up, releasing my nipple from his mouth with a pop.

“Enough.” He said, and flipping me over in one motion, my back slamming against the mattress. I hadn’t been tossed around like that in some time. It was amazing. He looked into my eyes, his hunger intense. “I’m going to fuck you now, Ms. Jones,” he said softly, and leaned down to bite my lip, darting his tongue into my mouth. Not quite a kiss.

Rearing up over me, he reached under my skirt and pulled my panties down. I knew I wouldn’t be putting them back on, ripped and soaked as they were. I lay back, legs spread wide, watching. In one motion he pulled his boxers down. His cock jumped out, thick and hard, throbbing and dripping with pre-cum. In another motion, his shirt was off. Then he pounced.

His hands and mouth were everywhere all at once. I felt his cock shoving roughly inside me, I moaned as my pussy was forced to accommodate one of the biggest cocks I had ever taken. He thrust again, harder, I could feel his cock deep inside me, then back, then deeper still.

He was bent over me, sweating and grunting, fully concentrated on his own pleasure, just like the teenage boy he was. The wrongness of what I was doing washed over me again, turning me on more. I started meeting his thrusts with my own, bucking onto his cock, cumming. “Ahhh, ahh” I screamed, my pussy contracting onto his throbbing member, drawing him even deeper into my cunt. He glanced up at me, making eye contact.

“Whaa… Oh!” Then he arched back, eyes rolling back into his head, my pulsating cunt finally taking him over the edge. He came in a great shuddering wave, his cum bursting out of him, my pussy drinking it all up.

He collapsed onto me, then moaned and rolled off, his dick sliding out of me, his cum rushing out after it. I noticed he stayed hard, his dick bobbing up and down a little, unlike men my own age, who got soft right away.

We both laid back on the bed, breathing hard. He turned his face to me. “What was that, Ms. Jones?” he asked with awe, genuinely curious. I laughed a full laugh, the movement drying the sweat on my breasts, cooling them. “You’ve never made a girl cum before, Antwan?”

“I guess, not.” He said with a shrug.

“You’ll get even more pussy than your getting now if you know how to please a woman,” I said. I looked down at his cock, still hard, glistening with my cum and his. “Here, get the rest of those clothes off, I’ll show you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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