Tease Me, Please Me Ch. 2

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When Kim arrived at the office she was surprised to find she was not the first there. The door was unlocked and the lights were all on, the computers were running and the air-conditioner was chilling the room. Heather was not due to arrive for another hour, so it had to be Tony who’d opened the office early. Perhaps he had something important he had to work on early, the law industry was not one that always ran from nine till five. The coffee was already hot, so she poured a cup and made her way into Tony’s office.

Tony was sitting behind his desk poring over bundles of files like she had expected him to be. She and Heather had been concerned that he would be just a little upset with them over the prank they had pulled on him last night, tying him to his office chair and making love on his desk in front of him, not allowing him to join in. It was a cruel thing to do, but Tony needed a lesson in teasing and not delivering the goods. Kim was relieved to see that he seemed fine this morning.

“Good morning Mr. Trent. I trust you slept well.” She set the coffee on his desk and he looked up, trying hard to maintain a stern gaze as he looked into her face.

“I slept just fine thank you.” Looking back to his papers, he continued working like nothing was wrong. That was until he heard her gasp and he could withhold his grin no longer. Hidden in the corner of the room, behind the door, was device she had never seen before, but she was sure it didn’t bode well. Getting up from behind his desk, Tony walked over to it.

“Quite a neat piece of equipment don’t you think Kim? I had a friend make it up for me.” He ran his hand over the smooth chrome surface, genuinely taken with it. It was a large cross made from two lengths of chrome plated steal, fixed together at right angles with a flat section in the center, and straps fixed to the ends of each bar. It was unusual, but not hard to distinguish what it was intended for. It was then that Kim made her first mistake. She laid her hand on the cold steal as she looked at its construction more closely.

Tony grabbed her wrist, snapping it into the handcuff fitting at the top of one of the bars, swinging her around and snapping her other hand into the other cuff. His smile was wicked as he looked at her restrained there, her arms spread wide above her head, wiggling and trying to free herself. She gave him a surrendering look.

“Ok Tony, fun is fun, now let me down.” Her expression changing a little as he walked back to his desk, leaning back against it and looking her up and down.

“It’s called the big kiss, I designed it myself. I’m thinking of marketing it, but it has to be tried out first, and who better to try it out on than a wicked secretary. Hum. Something’s missing from this picture, now let me see.” Walking back to her, his slid his hands up her skirt and reached for her panties, pulling them down and sliding them down her legs, then hanging then over the end of one of the bars near her hand. Reaching around behind her, he released the zipper and let her skirt fall to the floor, revealing her shapely hips, her slender thighs, and her clean shaved slit. Walking back to his desk, he sat in his chair and looked her over again. “Nope. Still something missing.” Slapping his hands on the desk, he rose and went back to her, reaching for the front of her blouse and undoing the buttons, leaving her white lace bra the only item of clothing she had left that covered anything. Unfortunately her bra did up at the back, but a sharp letter opener soon took care of that, cutting the straps and pulling it free of her delicious breasts. With her body exposed completely, he reached for her ankles and fastened them to the bottom corners of the cross; her legs spread wide before him.

Reaching between her legs, he ran his finger along her slit, slipping it into her warm, moist hole, making it wet with her sweet aromatic juices. Wiggling it inside her a little, a soft moan escaped her lips and he smiled wickedly, bringing his finger to his lips and licking it clean. “Mmm, tasty.” With that, he turned and went back to his desk, this time settling back into his work, leaving her suspended, spread and naked in front of his desk.

Kim wiggled and looked at him disappointed. Being restrained like that was making her so hot, and he just walked away. It was driving her crazy. “Tony, don’t you dare leave me like this.” But Tony kept working, ignoring her pleas to be released. Kim didn’t know that Tony had called Heather, the other sectary, and told her not to come in for another couple of hours, and she was thinking that rescue would be here soon enough.

Tony worked for another half an hour, paying no attention to Kim or her pleas. Leaning back in his chair, he looked her over, much like a critic would appraise a work of art or a new car. Kim was no longer hot, she was annoyed, and he could tell the time had come for stage two of his payback plan. Opening İstanbul Escort his top draw, he took out a large hot pink vibrator, turning it on and playing with it a little, running it over his lips and holding it in his palm.

Kim’s eyes watched him intently, almost warning him not to come near her with that vibrating cock. What ever he had in mind, she didn’t want any part of it. Tony scoffed a little, like she had a choice anyway. Standing before her, he moved the buzzing toy over her nipples, leaning to lick and suck one of her dark points into his mouth while the vibrator tingled on the other one. She did her best to ignore him, to refrain from becoming aroused, but it was a physical impossibility. Lifting his head, he gave her a wicked look.

“So Kimmy thought she could deprive me of her pussy did she? Thought she could tease me till I came in my pants then run away? Well guess what Kimmy Baby, I am going to lick and suck your pussy until I have had my fill, and there is nothing you can do about it, your pussy is mine for as long as I want it. What do you say about this miss clever teaser?” Moving his hand to her clit he gave her a hard rub, then took his hand away again.

Kim gave him a hard look, but the fire of lust burned in her eyes. Being tied up was one of her favorite fantasies, she just wished Heather was here to enjoy it with her. “Shut up and eat me.” It was not a request, it was a demand, and one he was keen to oblige to, just as soon as she begged a little. Reaching between her legs with the vibrator, he pressed the head against her clit hard, rubbing it back and forward a little until she moaned softly.

“How much do you want it Kim? How much do you want my tongue in your slit, licking and sucking you? Tell me Kim, how much?”

She looked at him defiantly, saying nothing until he sucked her breast hard into his mouth, and even then she only moaned. Grabbing her other breast, he squeezed it hard, swapping over to such the other nipple until it was hard and dark. He didn’t bother with tenderness, or with taking his time, simply dropping to his knees and reaching out with his tongue, licking up the insides of her thighs, but taking care not to touch her pussy. Breathing deep her spicy aroma, he longed to taste her, but was not done yet, he wanted to hear her beg. Taking the vibrator, he ran it along her slit, taking it from her clit to her ass, and back again, watching as her perfect pink pussy lips parted and folded around the toy. She was wet, he could see her moisture glistening on her tender folds, and he wanted not just a taste, but a feast.

His licking on the inside of her thigh turned to nibbles, and then to soft bites, never venturing high enough to actually touch her pussy. Leaving one hand to squeeze and fondle her breast, he brought the other closer to his face, using his fingers to part her moist lips so that he could blow cool air over them, making her shiver. He slipped a finger quickly inside her, stroking her inner walls with his fingertip, delighting in the way her body responded to his manipulation. Taking his finger from her, he sucked it clean again, looking up into her eyes as he worked his finger in and out of his mouth.

“Tell me Kimmy. Tell me you want it.” He reached out with his tongue and gave her clit one quick stroke, making her moan and gyrate her hips, but her look was defiant, and still she said nothing. “Very well then, have it your way.” Picking up the vibrator, he walked back to his desk, opening the draw and putting the toy away. Sitting in his seat, he went back to his paper work, feeling her eyes burning into him from across the room.

Suspended from his metallic kiss, Kimmy had never felt so angry, or so aroused. There was something about bondage that made her hotter than hell, and being denied what she wanted was driving her crazy. She narrowed her eyes, staring at him as he worked. “Damn you Tony, get over here. Either fuck me, or let me down, one or the other.”

He looked up at her, raising his eyebrows. “I am sorry Kim, did you say something?” he wanted to hear her beg, and would settle for nothing less.

Kim could see he had the upper hand this time, and she had little choice, but there would always be opportunity for pay back later. “Ok, you win. Tony, please come over here eat me.”

Tony leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms, raising his eyebrows at her once again. “That hardly sounds convincing Kim, I am sure you can do better.”

Her face was starting to turn red with frustration. The fact that he didn’t jump to his feet and run to meet her demands was making her even hotter. Being a beautiful woman had always given her a certain amount of control over men, but she much preferred to be dominated. This time she smiles sweetly, giving him the puppy dog eyes approach. “Please Tony, come and lick my pussy for me. Pretty please.”

Getting out of his seat, he wondered back over Anadolu Yakası Escort to her, sliding his hand up the inside of her thigh, pushing his fingers hard against her throbbing clit, making her whimper just a little. Leaning in close to her body, pressing his mouth to her ear and breathing hot against her flesh. “Beg me Kim, beg me to fuck you, beg me to make you cum, beg me to push my cock deep into you, come on Kim, you know you want it.”

Kim was about ready to scream with frustration. “Yes. Yes I want it. Please Tony, please fuck me, I need it so bad, please, please, please Tony, I can’t take much more, I need to cum, please make me cum, please.”

That was what Tony had been waiting for. Dropping to his knees once more, forcing his tongue deep within her, tasting her sweet delights. She tasted every bit as good as he had thought she would, better in fact, and he intended to take his fill. Using his fingers, he opened her wide, pushing and probing with his tongue, exploring her inner depths with his taste buds. Forcing himself to leave her for just a moment, he returned to his desk to retrieve the vibrator, and one other item he kept hidden in his hand so she could not see it. Kneeling before her again, he sucked her hardened clit into his mouth, biting down on it with his lips and flicking it hard with the tip of his tongue. She moaned loudly, wiggling her hips and shaking her head from side to side.

Sliding his hand between her legs, he pushed his finger into her warm wet center once again. She could feel the cold touch of latex against her warm flesh, but knew it was not the vibrator. With the object covered in the slippery juices of her pussy, he moved it further back, teasing the tight rim of her ass. Slowly he worked it into her tight opening, never stopping his rhythmic licking of her clit as he pushed a little harder. Not until the butt plug was completely inserted did he take his finger away, leaving the plug inserted in her hot little ass, his tongue plunging deep into her hole once again and she cried out in pleasure.

Reaching for the vibrator, he turned it on high, rubbing it hard across her clit and sliding it hard into her smooth lubricated entrance, filling her hole with vibrating ribbed latex. Working it in and out of her, he licked and sucked at the toy as it immerged and vanished back into her silky depths.

Kim’s head tossed wildly as he continued to probe and push into her body, her hips gyrated, wiggling so hard that Tony had to grip her and hold her firm against his sucking lips. She was close to orgasm; he could taste it, his cock hard and throbbing in his pants. Standing before her, he unfastened the front of his trousers, releasing his cock in all of its pulsing glory. Looking down on him, Kim licked her lips, hungry for all that he had to offer her. Bending his knees a little, he moved between her milky white thighs, pushing his stiffened rod completely into her with one hard thrust.

Kim cried out, her pleasure building to heights she never thought possible, moving her hips against him as he drove himself almost savagely into her. With his face pressed almost to hers, he whispered hoarsely, “Tell me you want it Kimmy. Tell me how much you want my cock in you. You like it when I fuck you hard, don’t you Kimmy?”

Panting hard, Kimmy could deny nothing, “Yes, Oh fuck yes. Give it to me Tony, give it to me hard.” With that, Tony drove into her even harder, pressing his mouth against hers to smother the sounds of her climax, and fill her mouth with the taste of her own pussy juices. He could feel the inner walls of her pussy gripping and contracting around his shaft, no longer able to hold back himself, he pumped her full of his hot seed, pushing deep into her until he was drained.

Stepping back from Kim’s panting form, Tony looked more than just a little pleased with himself. “I’m not letting you down just yet Kim, there is still Heather’s punishment to be dealt with. She should be here any moment and I think you will like what I have planned for her.” Reaching for a towel, Tony cleaned himself off and refastened the front of his pants.

When Heather arrived at work, all seemed to be in order except for the fact the Kim was not as her desk as she should have been. Presuming that Kim mush have been in Tony’s office, she entered and headed towards her boss’s desk. Tony looked up from his papers as he had done with Kim, and smiled wickedly. Kim moaned softly from her fixture in the corner and Heather spun around to see what had happened. She was not sure if she should be appalled, or jealous of his treatment of her best friend and work mate. Without a word to Tony, she went to Kim, looking for a way to release her from the cuffs that held her in bondage. Behind her she could hear the tinkling of keys, and glanced over to see Tony dangling a set of keys on his little finger.

Approaching the two women, he slipped the Üsküdar Escort keys back into his pocket and leaned against the wall. “Now, now Heather, you don’t really think I would make it that easy for you, do you? Kim has been punished for teasing me, and her punishment was to get it all. She has been thoroughly lick, sucked and fucked, teased and pleased, now I have to find an adequate way of punishing you in kind.” Sliding his fingers up the inside of Kim’s thigh, he scooped up a little of the combined spunk that was making trails down her legs. Holding his fingers out to Heather, he motioned for her to suck them clean.

Glancing up at the pleasure dazed Kim, than back at Tony, heather stepped forward to suck the love juices from his fingers, clearly tasting the combination. It tingled on her tongue, sending a rush of pure delight racing through her body and down between her thighs. Tony watched as she sucked, seeing the hunger building in her eyes. “I had planned to punish you by giving you nothing. By denying you all of the pleasures I derived from Kim, but how could I deny you? Suck my cock and I will think of giving you a little more of what sweet Kimmy there has to offer.”

Settling to her knees before him, she opened his trousers and pulled free his still sticky cock. She could smell Kim’s sweet sex all over him, and when she sucked him deep into her mouth, she could taste them both. She was already hot, thoughts of yesterday’s events running through her mind all morning making her hotter and wetter by the moment, and now she was more than ready for anything he would offer. Tony dug his fingers deep into her hair, holding her head steady as he slid his cock in and out of her cute little mouth. “That’s it Heather, suck my cock like the bad girl you are. Suck it hard.”

Heather needed no prompting, the spicy scent of sex filled the office, and her senses were going wild. Harder and faster she sucked, drawing the full length of his shaft down the back of her throat, poking out her tongue and licking his balls as she consumed his entire length. Releasing her for a moment, Tony retrieved a chair, turning it backwards in front of Kim and leaning heather over it. “Lick her clean Heather. Lick all of my spunk off her thighs and out of her hole while I fuck you from behind.”

She hesitated at first, leaning in to take her first lick while he watched her with smoldering eyes. With each additional lick, her body came to life, his hands on her hips, ripping the sides of her panties and dropping them to the floor. With a sudden thrust, he was inside her completely, holding himself there for a moment before thrusting into her again. After a few hard and sudden thrusts, Tony pulled himself from her pussy and rubbed his swollen knob over her puckered dark back entrance. She lifted her head to protest, but he simply pushed her back down, telling her to keep licking.

Covering his fingers in her slippery pussy juices, he began teasing her ass, working her opening until it yield to a second finger, then a third. Taking his fingers away, he pushed the head of his cock into her tight little hole, thrilled by the sound of her pleasure filled cries, and the sight of her arching back. Slowly, steadily, his pushed the full length of his shaft onto her ass, feeling her tight hot hole gripping him. Reaching beneath herself, Heather found her throbbing clit and stroked it roughly as he began reaming her ass. He tried to be tender, but she waned it hard, pushing back against him, making him pound harder and harder into her. Her face was covered in cum as she licked and sucked all the she could from Kim’s dripping hole.

Kim was the first to cum again, a fresh warm trickle of juices running out to cover Heather’s tongue. Tony was holding back, pounding into Heather’s ass with all the force he could muster, his balls slapping hard against her dripping pussy. All of a sudden, she was there, her tight ass almost strangling his cock as it pulsed and contracted in her release, his load spilling forth into her dark cavity, a deep moan escaping his throat as he collapsed to his knees behind her. Quickly he buried his face between her legs, pushing his tongue into her pussy and drinking deep of all the juices she had just released.

Reaching deep in his pocket, he retrieved the keys, standing and releasing Kim from her bonds. She and Heather fell to the floor together, kissing tenderly and holding each other close, reaching out to Tony and inviting him to join them as the caught their breath and recovers from the most intense sexual experience of their lives. Rubbing her wrists, Kim gave Tony a satisfied look. “You should market that kiss of yours, you’ll make a fortune.” Tony just laughed, considering the idea.

“It seems I owe you ladies some underwear. What say you take a long lunch, and my credit card, then meet me back here to discuss plans for the weekend. I have a few other toys I could use a hand testing.”

Straightening their clothing and fixing their hair, the girls headed back to the outer office and began calling back all the calls they had missed that morning. One thing was for sure, never again would any of them tease, without intending to please.

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