Tease to Please Ch. 10

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NB: Welcome to Chapter 10 of Tease to Please. This series is primarily about two people; Elise, a petite college grad who accepts her mother Sylvia’s suggestion of a summer internship at a laboratory run by an old friend, really just to get away from home and despite learning the job will require her to wear (without her mother’s knowledge) unusually small uniforms to sate the fixations of a certain Dr. Yamamoto; and secondly Dr. Arthur Peters, the lab’s other key scientist and Sylvia’s ‘old friend’, who is divorced, possibly on the verge of significant wealth and who happens to have shared, 25 years before, a passionate first love and near-engagement with Sylvia. There is more, but that is the gist.

What could possibly be fun about all that, you ask? Well, a lot. Especially because Elise one squashing her right breast and the other attacking her crotch. His bearded face was latched to her neck, sucking and kissing the reddening flesh between her ear and shoulder.

Elise’s eyes shut with bliss. Her face lifted toward the ceiling. The big guy had finally given in. She had wanted this so badly.

The two senior partners, Doctor Peters and Doctor Yamamoto, remained at loggerheads over the propriety of using Elise to demonstrate the PVA tissue’s cosmetic application. But with their two largest investors and all four lab geeks on his side, Doctor Yamamoto appeared to have won that argument. In victory, as in almost everything, he was unyielding. He dismissed Arthur’s anguish over the impending procedure as childishly sentimental and, worse, a weak attempt at moral imperialism. Together, he told his two Japanese employees as they labored past midnight, these represented a uniquely American combination of faults.

A series of digital tones, arranged to approximate the most memorable bit of Mahler’s Ninth symphony, sounded from Doctor Yamamoto’s beltline. It was his cell phone. Mrs. Yamamoto was calling.

Downstairs, Elise’s phone vibrated inside her purse to announce the arrival of a text message. Its small screen brightened, pointlessly illuminating lipstick tubes and other sundries.

The text read: “Stop ignoring. Call me! –Mom”

At that moment Elise’s mind was supremely unconcerned with her mother. She felt only one person: a tall, very strong doctor with messy dark hair who was pressing her torso to the wall of his apartment.

Arthur’s fingers and mouth practiced an art older than any, carrying her young body toward that primeval eclipse of reason inhabited by ecstasy.

“Yeah…” she panted. “Right there, right — Ah AHH!”

Arthur’s hand was inside her stretchy yoga pants, tangled around her thin underwear. For the last five minutes he had played her torus-adorned clitoris like the frets of a fragile guitar.

Elise’s voice produced an indecipherable melody, perfectly expressing her joy. Her long auburn hair dragged across the wall as she twisted her head to one side. Her left leg stood on tiptoe. Her right leg was pulled high, hooked over the crook of Arthur’s left arm. Delicate tendons fluttered beneath her neck’s pale skin. Her jaw flexed. She embraced his sturdy shoulders for support as her muscle coordination melted away.

Arthur lifted his face from her collar and kissed her full on the mouth. Their tongues wrestled within the vacuum of mating lips. Her petite, elastic body quaked within his arms.

“Mnnn… MMMM!” she moaned into the seal of his maw.

It had all happened so fast. After they had taken that photo in the hallway Tuesday afternoon, she and Doctor Peters had set to work; each doing everything possible to speed the complex preparations for Thursday’s demonstration. Arthur had abandoned his efforts to sway her against the procedure, instead concentrating on the many tasks at hand. But Elise could tell it still bothered him.

Just before 1:00AM, when the upstairs team announced it would be another few hours before they were ready to perform the liposuction phase, Arthur dismissed Alex and Jacob and sent Elise back to his apartment to get some sleep. He walked upstairs to see what he could do to help, but his feelings betrayed him. He found himself standing with his hands in his pockets, staring at the makeshift operating table with mounting dread.

He recognized they were at the brink of some gothic horror.

Knowing that Doctor Yamamoto was unpersuadable, Arthur thundered down the stairs to his apartment to try once more to talk Elise out of it.

He burst into his small living room just as Elise was changing into a pair of yoga capris to sleep in. She was topless. She spun around at the sound of his entry, crossing her arms to hide her small breasts.

Arthur strode to within reach of her and stopped. His mouth parted to speak, to reiterate every reason he hated ataşehir escort bayan the plan. No voice emerged. His eyes were fixed on Elise’s expectant face.

“What?” she said.

Pent-up desire, at last, avalanched through Arthur’s body. He closed the distance between them in a single step and hauled Elise into his arms. He lifted her up to conjoin their mouths and carried her to the wall as she wrapped her limbs around him.

It was their first real kiss. A deep, mutually intentional one, measured in minutes rather than seconds.

So it was that Elise found herself pinned to the wall in the arms of the man she wanted as her lover while her cell phone buzzed, unnoticed, with her mother’s demand. She still knew nothing of her mother’s intimacies with the same man those many years before. Even if she had, she lacked the willpower to deny herself this quenching. She relished it.

“Please,” Elise begged into his mouth. “Take me to bed.”

Arthur’s actions were no longer subject to his conscious mind’s control. Her countless episodes of teasing had built within him a great hoard of lust. He carried Elise down the hallway to his bedroom, kicking the door wide with the toe of his shoe. They landed across the covers of his bed in an almost noiseless crash, limbs tangling and untangling as they fought to remove all clothing.

Elise’s yoga pants and underwear were stripped away as a single item. The slender chain around her waist and the tiny clockwork torus around her clitoris were all that remained of her adornment. Arthur buried his square, bristly jaw between her thighs and tried his best to consume her.

His tongue dug between her petals. His nose shoved the bright ring of the Model O from side to side, stretching the swollen nub of her clit. He recognized her taste as sun-warmed peach.

Elise’s impatience did not allow him to remain there for long. The more rampant her pleasure became, the more she wanted him inside. She tightened her fingers through his thick hair and pulled his skull up from her sex. She urged him onto his back to more easily finish his disrobement. In frantic cooperation they got the job done in seconds.

Then Elise was astride his naked belly. Arthur grabbed her outer thighs. She collapsed onto him, pressing her lips to his in an eager kiss, cutting off his breath. Her mouth sucked at his lips and tongue with all the excitement of a teenager in love. Arthur kissed her in return, reacting with unfiltered instinct.

Her petite breasts dangled above his collarbones. Her thighs tightened around him.

Arthur’s hands went wild — caressing and squeezing every inch of her flesh.

Elise moaned into his mouth and slid her forearms behind his neck. She ground her lithe form against his ursine mass, hungrily pressing her soft parts to him.

Arthur could feel her inching downward. His cock felt like a maypole, poised inches from her naked sex. It was visibly beating at the pace of his heart.

Elise still kissed him, her slick tongue crawling inside his mouth. Her lips smeared and puckered against his.

“Oh God Doctor Peters,” she whispered. “I’ve wanted to kiss you for so long!”

Arthur wrapped his hands around her pelvis and gently eased her down until the tip of his penis touched her expectant labia.

Elise broke off their kiss with a sharp intake of breath. She sat up and looked back over her shoulder. With one hand, she gently touched his erection.

Arthur moaned, “Don’t tease me. No more.”

Elise smiled and leaned forward to kiss him again. She re-wrapped her arms around his neck and rocked her hips gently from side to side, taunting his impatient glans with her labia. A few moments later she lifted her face slightly above his and took a series of sultry breaths.

“Really?” she whispered, her wide hazel eyes staring into his across mere inches. “Are we doing this?”

“God, yes!” Arthur grunted. He raised his hips toward hers, desperate to begin that first inch of penetration he craved.

Elise toyed with him, tucking her pelvis in one moment, moving it sideways another, dodging his cock by mere millimeters. She raised herself higher and smiled playfully.

“I’ve wanted you since my first day,” she purred.

Arthur looked up at her. Her arms were extended straight down, squashing her little breasts together above him.

“My God,” he whispered, “you are beyond perfect.”

“So… you like me?” Elise goaded, still dodging the thrusts of his penis.

“Yes, Elise” Arthur moaned, “You’ve defeated me.”

With that, Elise lifted her hips off him and crawled backward. Wordlessly, she took hold of his shaft and ducked her face to meet it. Arthur arched up off the mattress with joy as his cockhead disappeared into her pretty escort kadıöy mouth. She sucked and slurped noisily, telegraphing her eagerness. He combed his fingers through her long auburn hair, pushing it back from her face. He was mesmerized by the view of Elise sucking his penis. Her moist lips dragged over the wide beret of his glans, making it gleam under the lights. She had one thumb and forefinger wrapped around the very base of his shaft. Her other hand was between her own legs, fluttering side-to-side on her clitoris.

Arthur could not resist the urge to pump his hips up toward her. He bounced the fat head of his cock against the soft hole at the back of her mouth. A reflexive cough fluttered out between her stretched lips. Rivulets of saliva leaked down his cock’s trunk. He held her head still and moaned as pleasure radiated through his body.

Elise allowed him as deeply as she could and began twisting her head in gentle orbits, caressing his glans with the top of her throat. Her tongue and inner cheeks clung to him as she sucked.

“Ohhhh… God that’s nice,” Arthur groaned.

“Hmmmm,” was Elise’s muffled response.

Arthur relaxed his grip. Elise’s face began to bob up and down in earnest, making the top third of his penis disappear and reappear. Drool began to stream down the rest of his shaft, overrunning her fingers and thumb. A rhythmic, squishing noise emanated from within the seal of her mouth.

Elise picked up her pace and began to pant through her freckled nose. Her other hand was very busy at her crotch. Arthur moaned again, twisting his head against his pillow. His fantasy had come true.

The toroid device on Elise’s clit began to chime. Her brow instantly furrowed and a series of muffled squeals fought free from her crowded mouth as the Model O’s resonant “Ting’s…” worked their steady magic. Had her mouth been empty she would have cried out with pleasure, but she could not bring herself to relinquish his warm organ. It felt too good. Instead she bobbed her head harder, stretching her mouth and unconsciously keeping time with the Model O. A chain of falsetto grunts evinced her delight in both sensations at once.

Arthur’s eyes rolled back. He could not believe how good it felt to be inside the vacuum of her energetic mouth.

Elise sensed the inexorable approach of her orgasm. She lifted her face from his cock. Tendrils of saliva hung from her puffy lips as she looked up at him. Her eyelids were heavy. Her pupils had dilated.

“n’Kay,” she whispered.

Her left hand wiped the saliva off her chin and reached between her legs to smear it across the entrance of her young pussy. She crawled quickly up onto his torso and began kissing him again. Arthur reached between their bodies and grabbed the base of his erection. Elise raised her slender hips, blindly searching for him.

“Go slow,” she whispered as the very tip of his penis began to immerse itself within her slippery and denuded entrance.

Arthur let out a groan as Elise backed her pussy down, incrementally enfolding the head of his cock between her delicate petals.

“Oh Guh-HOD!” Elise squealed in a high voice as her labia caved inward, stretched wide by the circumference of Arthur’s glans.

“Jesus you are fucking tiny!” Arthur cried. He was having a near meltdown. It felt like a jellied fingertrap had been squeezed onto his cockhead. Ecstasy coursed through his entire groin. His testicles bunched up, newly tight and tingly.

A need to get deeper became Arthur’s sole awareness. He wrapped his hands around Elise’s girlish hips pressed down. She whimpered at first and then called out, alarmed as he thrust his pelvis upward and buried half his cock into her in one greasy plunge.

“FAAH—Wait!” she squealed. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders. A shiver ran through her body. “God just… please, slower. T’so much.”

“Okay,” Arthur managed to grunt. He was happy just to be halfway inside her. Her vagina was so incredible that he was willing to wait there forever. In fact, he began to worry that once she adjusted to him and they started moving again he would cum instantly.

Arthur let go of her hips and instead pulled her shoulders down for another kiss. Elise pressed her chest onto his. As they kissed she gently moved her pelvis in small circles, letting his big cock stir her insides. Her collared clit pressed against the skin above his pubic hair.

“God you feel good!” Arthur panted into her mouth between kisses.

“Yeah,” Elise replied in a shaky whisper, “Right there. Right there is nice.”

Arthur’s hands wandered Elise’s skinny torso until they found her breasts. He squeezed them tightly and ducked his head to suck her distended nipples each in turn. Elise grabbed the back of maltepe escort his neck with one hand and arched her chest toward his face, moaning loudly.

She was in heaven. Doctor Peters’ bearded face and wet mouth stimulated every pleasurable nerve in her nipples and chest.

His penis, meanwhile, was stretching her insides so tight that she could feel his heartbeat through her vagina. Its fat head had been shocking to accept through her narrow opening, but now that it was inside she never wanted it to leave. It seemed to fill her entirely. She could feel its prominent crown rubbing against the underside of her pubic bone, right where her favorite spot was. Farther back it felt like her rectum was being massaged. Her perineum was stretched so thin to accommodate his girth that her asshole could not even pucker. Her entire vulva was taut, on the edge of being painful but not quite. It felt wonderful.

A full minute passed, with Arthur kissing and caressing her chest while her body gradually stretched.

Eventually Elise breathed out another quiet, “Okay…”

Arthur took this as permission to move again. He lay back against the pillow and slowly started to thrust his hips, gently pumping his cock back and forth within Elise’s slender body… just moving an inch or so in each direction.

Elise felt her insides melting around him like hot butter. Her arousal ascended by the second. She began to whimper. She clawed at his shoulders.

Arthur looked up and saw that her brows were furrowed tightly together and her eyes were closed. She looked almost worried, except that her mouth was parted in an expression of pleasure.

“Do you like that?” he asked.

“Mmn-himm!” she moaned.

Arthur lowered his hands to her hips again and began to intensify his thrusts. Elise’s mouth widened. They both felt her insides clenching elastically around his shaft. He pulled back until only his glans remained within her and then thrust himself in aggressively, burying most of his length.

“Ahh!” Elise gasped. Her eyelids fluttered wide with surprise. A strand of drool descended from her lower lip. Then her brows re-furrowed and she tucked her chin, determined to accept his full measure.

Arthur could no longer restrain himself. He began pumping his hips, thrusting his cock back and forth within her narrow cunt. Elise huffed in synch with his penetrations, her mouth agape and eyes closed. Her hair became a bouncing waterfall of auburn, waving and shaking all around him.

“You can’t…” Elise whispered, clutching his shoulders for support, “You can’t cum inside me, okay?”

Arthur grunted an affirmative. Merely hearing the words ‘cum inside me’ from Elise’s cute mouth was almost enough to push him over the edge. His penis felt insanely hard and her vagina was too snug. He lowered his hands to her ass and grabbed each cheek, prying her wide open to make more room for his penis. Elise began to whimper each time his cock bottomed-out within her. Her collared clit was bouncing against his pubic bone.

Their collisions became audible; a wet, smacking drumbeat.

Arthur felt her secretions weeping steadily down his cock. They painted a thick, ticklish line down the middle of his scrotum.

A minute later Elise slapped her palm against Arthur’s chest and cried out. Her cunt tensed rapidly around him.

“YEHESS!” she wept. “Fuck!”

She was cumming. Arthur thrust his hips like a madman, bouncing his cock into her so hard that his balls slapped her perineum and anus, escalating the sound of their lust.

She was taking very nearly all of him, shaking with each impact of his long penis.

“Oh God! Oh God!” Elise chanted over and over.

Arthur gripped her ass with both hands and pounded in from below.

Elise threw her head back and yelled. Her little vagina gushed a bit, leaking onto Arthur’s crotch and the sheets below. Her voice made no sense.

Arthur was climbing to the verge of his own release. He thrust as deeply as he dared into her nubile body, relishing the way his cock made her shriek.

When he could barely contain himself another second, he arched his hips up off the mattress and froze. He held Elise there, aloft and impaled, and watched her ride out the orgasm. Then he hooked his right arm around her waist and flipped them both over so that she landed under him, on her back. He managed a final string of manic thrusts into her quivering pussy, then pulled out and came in the air above her stomach.

His semen shot forth and landed all the way up at Elise’s neck. Squirts followed in rapid succession, laying down a splatter of drops all across her chest and stomach.

“Yeah, yeah…” Elise panted, reaching down to stroke his cock as he came.

She wriggled down under him and pulled his spurting manhood closer. Her other hand surrounded his balls. Semen sprayed all over her lightly-freckled tits. Arthur grunted as his climax peaked. His eyes were riveted by the visuals unfolding beneath him. He raised a knee to get his pelvis closer her face.

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