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He watched her stroll on to the tennis court. Long, slim, tanned legs stretched to unimaginable heights and disappeared beneath a very short white tennis skirt. It barely covered the twin globes of her trim rump. He swallowed and hoped that he wouldn’t get a hard on right then and there before they’d even tossed the first serve.

She stepped forward and stooped to pick up a wayward ball and he flushed as the tender flesh of her inner thigh was exposed from beneath the skirt. She rose, concentrating on bouncing the tennis ball and he noted with admiration her slim but well toned arms as she held her racket casually.

Her long, golden-blonde hair was tied up neatly in a ponytail that flipped around as she moved. She was constantly pushing back strands that flitted about her face. Now holding the ball in one hand, she looked up and smiled at him.

“Ready?” She asked.

He could only nod weakly, dazzled by that smile and those luminous dark eyes on a heart-shaped face, high cheekbones and a pretty pink mouth. His pulse was beating hard and he knew it wasn’t the thrill of a tennis competition.

The air was warm, buzzing with summer noise; people in a pool nearby, kids playing basketball, distant traffic. The smell of jasmine was everywhere, intoxicating, wrapping him in a haze of pleasure. He stretched his taut muscles and tried to loosen up, tried to focus on the game at hand. Pulling his mind away from his distracting fantasies about this girl.

She hit the ball with a smooth stroke and it bounced easily in front of him. He lined it up and hit it back. They had a short rally to warm up then played for serve. He watched her twenty-one year old, athletic body maneuver around the court. Shapely calf muscles and slim thighs flexing as she planted her feet then shifted quickly to a new position. Her concentration and athletic skill was evident as she hit a cross-court forehand that whizzed by him.

He flashed her a smile. “Nice one. Your serve.”

“Thanks,” she replied with a small smile.

She set up for her serve on the baseline and threw the ball high in the air. As she bought her racket back and moved forward over the ball her small but nicely rounded breasts pressed up against the white sleeveless top she was wearing. He couldn’t help but notice that her nipples were slightly hard poking obviously through the fabric. With barely a second to spare he wrenched his concentration back but lucky for him her first serve hit the net. He shook his head wondering how he could ever get through this game being as distracted as he was.

Her second serve sailed across the net and hit the service court. He returned it with ease, winning the first point.

“Love-Fifteen,” she called.

The game played out and she raced around the court winning her service game by a point. He realized they were in for some good tennis, they were both breathing a little harder. He watched her position her body to receive his serve, a small furrow of concentration on her brow.

After the first set, which he had barely won, they took a quick break for a drink and perched on the concrete bench at the side of the court. She was so close now, he could smell her sweat; it was fragrant and musky; perfume and woman. He breathed her into his nostrils and tried to keep his eyes off her legs stretched out in front of her, her left thigh barely inches from his right hand. She raised the drink bottle to her lips and he noted the pleasing lines of her neck and throat and longed to plant his lips in that tiny crevice that pulsed at the base of her throat.

He licked his lips and looked up at the splendid blue of the sky, cloudless and azure. When he looked down again, he caught her looking at him. Her dark eyes were shining and he thought for a moment that there was something in their depths that looked familiar. He glanced at her again. He knew that look! His throat went dry and he started to panic. He’d seen that look before but he’d never dreamed it would appear on the face of this girl who sat beside him. He cleared his throat and wiped the sweat from his brow once again. He must be mistaken. Combing his fingers nervously through his short but unruly hair, he glanced at her again.

“You really do play great tennis,” he murmured, more to try and calm himself than to make conversation. She looked away then, leaning over to put down the drink bottle.

“Thanks,” she said with a pleased smile. “It’s been a long time since I’ve played. My dad taught me to return his serve, it’s how I learned to hit.” Her voice, accented and unusual to his ears, was like music; soft and breathy.

“He taught you well.”

“Not well enough. You’re very good.”

She was grinning at him and he noticed her appreciative look. Ridiculously, he felt himself flush with pleasure at her compliment. He noticed her body was turned more towards him, the side of her knee almost touching his thigh. The body language, he thought, I know that body language.

He felt an icy chill of excitement as he dared to believe that this girl was actually sending him signals. But no, it couldn’t be. Everything Şerifali Escort inside him told him it was wrong, that it was never going to happen. He was virtually her boss, although not directly he reasoned with himself. He’d been watching her for awhile at work, admiring the shape of her. The way she moved her body was liquid and sensual. He had even struck up a conversation with her, pleasantly surprised that she was interesting and intelligent. He couldn’t believe his luck when she’d consented to play tennis with him. Now she was here, her body mere inches from him. He itched to reach out and run his hand along the length of her thigh and up inside that white skirt.

She caught him looking at her legs and he watched her expression change. There was hesitation, fear, and then a glint of knowing. Had he blown it? He saw her shift on the seat but to his astonishment it was towards him till her leg was touching his. He felt the contact immediately, her warm, slightly damp skin on his. A curl of excitement erupted inside his guts and wormed its way down between his legs. His cock responded instantly. It moved in his pants and he gritted his teeth hoping she didn’t notice. But she was staring at him now and the look on her face left him in little doubt.

The atmosphere around them was electrically charged, he could feel it prickling his skin like he was being touched by air-sprites. He caught her eye with difficulty and licked his lips. It was make or break right now but he was going to go for it. His hand moved as if through molasses and without taking his eyes from her face he gently laid a finger on her exposed knee. Her expression did not change and he lay his whole hand on her thigh. Her large, oval brown eyes gazing into his were doe-like. They seemed to shimmer with unspoken words: I want you?

This first contact was intensely pleasurable and he felt his mouth go dry. Her skin was damp and tight. He could feel the tone of her muscle beneath his fingertips as he pressed gently. Her lips parted slightly; her chest was rising and falling more rapidly now. Tentatively, with questioning eyes, he slipped his hand gradually along her thigh till it rested just below the hem of the short tennis skirt.

She leaned into him, continuing to hold him enthralled with her eyes. Their arms touched and then he watched in amazement as she lifted her hand and touched his face. Her caress was soft like a butterfly. She drew her fingertips across the contours of his cheek and brow and then traced the line of his lips. His skin burned where she touched him and he closed his eyes, too overwhelmed to speak, knowing her touch to be an invitation.

When he opened his eyes her dreamy pink lips were inches from his, all he had to do was move his head just slightly, then … there it was. His lips contacted hers and he could smell her sweet breath and feel the soft fullness of her lips against his. He moved his mouth against hers and incredibly she responded, the lips moved apart slightly and carefully. Fatefully he tasted them with his tongue. As if on cue, her tongue darted out to meet his. The kiss deepened.

His response was immediate and his pants moved inexorably as all the feelings inside him flooded directly to his cock. It was straining against his tennis shorts now; he shifted uncomfortably and they pulled apart, both breathing a little unsteadily.

She was smiling at him, all hesitation seemingly gone from her expression now. A stray strand of blonde hair escaped from the ponytail and blew across her face. He suppressed the urge to catch it between two fingers, wind the silky stuff around his hand, and pull her face to his for another kiss.

“You look stunned.” He heard her say gently, with that smile playing at the corners of her mouth, her eyes dancing with amusement.

“Well, let’s say… well, yes, I am,” he stammered feeling like a fool.

“I’ve been watching you at work, hearing your voice in the hallways. You have beautiful blue eyes,” she whispered at him huskily and she seemed to be surveying his features. He wondered what she must think. He had been told he was handsome by quite a few women in his life, but middle-age starts to add lines where there had only been firm skin, add fat layers where there had only been muscle. He kept in very good shape though and he was proud of his body. Her eyes wandered back to meet his again and they were dark and serious.

“Will you kiss me again please?” She asked him as if she were ordering a loaf of bread.

Like a man finding water after a long walk in the desert he raised his hand to the back of her neck and drew her head closer. This time he kissed her firmly. Pressing his tongue between her lips he teased open her mouth. It yielded gracefully and she took his tongue, tasting him with equal passion. He was breathless and disbelieving. Thoughts and doubts whirled until he felt her hand connect to the skin of his thigh. Her hand moved slowly higher till it rested on the zipper of his shorts and he knew he could not hide the reality of his wanting her any longer.

When her hand passed over the front İstanbul Escort of his shorts and found his erection, he pulled away from their kiss leaning his forehead against hers. He gasped and let out a low chuckle. He glanced up at her, her face so close to his. He wore a sheepish expression from being found out but the look in her eyes told him all he needed to know. They were glazed over with desire and she was letting him read everything in their amber depths. It was true! He felt a deep thrill as he let himself accept that this woman wanted him.

He kissed her again as she continued to rub his cock gently and insistently through his shorts. He felt ready to explode right beneath her hand. With difficulty he kept control, feeling his whole body shudder. His hand slid along her thigh, invading the confines of her white skirt, until he pressed his fingertips against the soft cotton of her panties and felt the hillock of her mound. Her thighs opened slightly for him, encouraging him. He pulled away from their kiss to catch her eye. Finding only invitation, his hand snaked beneath the rim of her panties and slid into her silky curls. His finger pushed down into the warm fleshy slit between her thighs.

Her eyes closed and then opened in wide-eyed pleasure when he found her firm, hooded nodule and rubbed it. He heard a tiny moan escape from her lips and the sound somehow dragged him back from the delirium of his feelings. She was curled against him, clinging desperately to his arm, her face buried against his shoulder while his fingers were doing their job in her panties. He remembered they were in a public place and distantly he took in their surroundings.

A high fence covered in thick, green gauze that was designed to shield players from the wind and to keep in the balls surrounded the single tennis court. It offered some privacy from passersby but anyone could unlock the gate if they wanted to use the court. He was about to withdraw his hand and suggest that they return to his apartment, but she must have felt him move and she grabbed his arm staying his fingers.

“Don’t you think we should go back to my place?” He whispered.

She caught his eye with an enigmatic expression and a warm gleam in her eye. “No. I like it right here.”

He raised an eyebrow and smiled, loving her style. He could still hear the people in the pool not three or four hundred feet away over a slight rise and the distant zoom of traffic. But the park they were in was unusually empty for a weekend. The smells of nature and the warm air were irresistible accompaniments to this unexpected afternoon pleasure. To have this woman anywhere was more than he could have dreamed, and he had dreamed of it often lately. To have her out here under the bluest of summer skies was ecstasy.

She allowed him to remove his hand from her panties and he surveyed the concrete bench they were sitting on. He pushed the tennis rackets and a tube of balls off the bench to the ground to make space. He turned to her then and he was suddenly lost in the dark brown depths of her eyes. He faltered a moment, but there was no argument in her eyes.

“Lie down,” he ordered her gently, loving what was to come next as he imagined what her taste would be like on his tongue. Silently, she lay back against the bench and he kneeled on the soft grass surface of the court. Her skirt was hitched up even further now and he took in the sight of her thighs spread apart for him. They tapered down to the silky edges of her underwear. He hooked his fingers underneath the band and pulled. A trim patch of fluffy brown hair covered her pubis. She raised her hips slightly and he slid her panties over her buttocks and down her thighs, discarding them on the ground.

He slid the palm of his hand along the luscious length of her legs then pulled her towards him till her knees were over his shoulders. His groin pulsed with his delight in being surrounded by her incredible legs. A warm, musky scent drifted up to him from that delectable place between her thighs and he paused a moment taking in the sight of her; a glint of moisture told him she was ready. He longed to taste her, to lick up that moisture.

He kissed the soft skin of her inner thighs on his way down. He smelled the warm aroma of her and then parted the folds with gentle fingertips. She arched her back when his tongue delicately contacted her sensitive skin and he got his first taste of her rich, sweet honey. Her thighs tightened slightly around his head when he discovered the hardening button in her center and pushed against it, and then licked and sucked until he heard her make mewing, gasping sounds of pleasure. He grasped her firm, rounded bottom in his hands raising her to him so he could taste her more deeply. Exploring her smooth, responsive flesh, his tongue tasted every crevice with delight. It thrust into the tight slit that contained that canal of muscle he longed to dive into, if only she would allow it, and as long as he could hold on that long.

As he pushed his tongue into her he looked up at her. Her head was flung back revealing her long Ümraniye Escort neck and throat. One arm covered her face and she was biting the back of her hand as she writhed against his mouth. Oblivious to her surroundings, lost completely in the sensations he was provoking in her. He loved this position for the pleasure he knew he was bringing her.

Her breasts were heaving under the tight top, her prominent nipples almost tearing through the fabric in their excited state. He could hardly wait to get his mouth around them, but there were even more delectable treats waiting for him and he returned to the business at hand.

Copious juices were escaping from her and he lapped them up, reveling in the salty sweet mix. He kept lapping, opening her soft folds wider and making contact on her clitoris again and again until suddenly her thighs went rigid around his neck. Her body bucked against his mouth and she was crying out, trying to muffle the sound with her arm as the orgasm ravaged her body. He kept on, licking up the thick juices that she had released when she came, until she gripped his head with her thighs trying to get him to stop.

She lay limply as he enjoyed the sight of her and he started to become aware of his own aching need. He wanted her badly and he felt his erection rear insistently inside his shorts. He wondered if she would allow that to happen. There were still doubts in his mind that it would. They barely knew each other and he was afraid he was taking advantage of her youth. But she was making her wants very clear.

Glancing around he was relieved to see they were still alone. He perched on the edge of the bench feeling torn; his feelings were in a tumult. After a moment she raised herself on her elbows and fixed him with deep brown eyes. She was smiling and looking a little shamefaced. She sat up curling those legs underneath her on the bench and tried to pull down her skirt to hide herself. Her ponytail was askew, more blonde hair had escaped and her cheeks were flushed.

“My god, that was incredible.” She breathed softly. “But now it’s my turn,” she said fixing him with a meaningful look.

He swallowed and found it hard to breathe. She slid her hand across his shorts, feeling the hard shaft and his doubts began to recede. He felt her fumble to unzip his shorts, releasing his eager rod. She took him in her fist and he closed his eyes, aching with desire, feeling completely unable to call any shots now.

He could never have predicted this could happen when they had first arrived on the court barely an hour ago. He had never been this disarmed by a woman or a situation. He tried not to focus on the idea of being out here in the open, in a public place with this girl he had wanted for too long now. Instead, he concentrated on his flesh in her hands.

On her knees for him now, between his thighs, she was stroking him expertly. She leaned over and he felt her lick the head of his cock. Her tongue on him was excruciatingly good and he heard himself groan. His eyes squeezed shut as she took him wholly into the hot wetness of her mouth and began sucking him hard and fast.

It was all he could do to hold off shooting his load down her throat right then. He thought of baseball, standing in the outfield counting the gulls on their stadium roosts. He looked down at her kneeling between his legs, blonde ponytail bobbing as she pumped his cock in and out between pretty pink lips. He caught a glimpse of her long tan legs that had just been around his shoulders, and counted his lucky stars.

She stopped for breath, licked her lips and held his aching member tightly in her hand. She looked up at him with that lusting, innocent, doe-like expression that he could just about die for.

“I want you. I want this inside me now.”

The blurred expression that appeared on her face sent a shiver of uncontrolled lust through him and all practicality was swept aside. How could he refuse that look, he thought, realizing that what he wanted most, to sink into the hot, tight, smooth depths of her, was really going to happen. To hell with the fact that they were on a public tennis court in the middle of the day and anyone could catch them. To hell with the fact that she was only twenty-one and he was middle-aged. She wanted him and that was enough for him. He would live this out now and analyze it later.

She stood up and her supple body moved over him. He sat on the bench feeling shaken with excitement. She pressed her breasts against his chest and he scooted back from the edge of the concrete bench. She stood over him, a long leg on either side of the narrow bench, and slowly, deliciously she lowered herself onto his rearing cock.

The wide head of his cock slipped inside her soaking pussy with ease. As she lowered herself to encapsulate the engorged length of him, he was astonished by how firm and tight her flesh was. She seemed to suck and pulsate all around him; submerging him in liquid bliss. Raising a hand to her heaving chest, he felt her breasts at last through the thin fabric of her top. His hand slipped underneath and lightly squeezed first one of her tantalizingly erect nipples then the other, yearning to throw off her tennis top and bra and hold her pert, round breasts in his hands. He heard her sigh and squeeze him harder inside her. He groaned when her muscles clenched him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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