Texting Sexting

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I was so mad when I stomped into work. I tried to go about my business but it was bothering me, a lot! The more I thought about it the more it was driving me crazy. “Honey, what is eating on you today.” Sara said. Sara was a really good friend that I work with. She is in her mid to late fifties and just as sweet as can be. “Oh nothing” I replied and went about my business. But Sara kept an eye on me and I knew she would keep pestering me until I coughed up what was bothering me. Why could I not find a girl like Sara but my age.

I was working on stocking a shelf when Sara came up to me. “What is really bothering you? You should tell me.” Sara pleaded. “Well, this may seem weird, but I am eighteen now and I have never had a sext, no one has ever done sexting with me, and I am still a virgin and have never even been close to losing that.” That last part slipped out, TMI I am sure was what Sara was thinking. “You mean like sending dirty pictures back and forth? Good heavens why would you want to do that?” Sara said with concern. “And don’t worry about the virgin thing, that will happen when you least expect it. Getting worked up about these things are not going to fix them. When can I come over and play video games?” Sara quizzed in her southern voice. “I guess you are right, my parents are going out town over the weekend you can stop by then.”

Sara escort gaziantep bayan reklamları is a good friend and we click. She is married to an older man and they do not seem to do much together. She is a hippy chick, not bad looking for her age, she acts like a big kid and I have fun with her.

The next day I had off from work and I was hanging around the house when I got a text from Sara. I open it and it is picture of her pussy with a caption of “you like?” Her pussy was cute, some hair but not too much and she has pouty lips. I did not know what to think. I replied with a thumbs up and a smiley face. I guess if there was a boner emoji I would have used that. About an hour later I got another sext from Sara, this one was of her pussy but this time she was holding it open with her fingers showing all the pink and moist look around her hole. I responded the same. Then about twenty minutes later another Sext from Sara but this time she had two fingers stuck in her puss. This was captioned “Now its your turn.”

I was about to nut in my pants and wanted to keep this going. I had never thought of Sara being like this. I pulled up the picture of Sara holding open her pussy on my ipad and then stroked my rod till I came, I came right on her picture so it looked liked I came on her escort gaziantep resimleri pussy. Then I snapped a picture and sent it to her. Then I worried that I might have gone other the line. Then Sara replied with “that goes on the inside! LOL!” I could not believe that we sent each other pictures like that.

The next day at work Sara was more flirty than normal, but so was I. It was fun. We were having fun. Later Sara sent me a text, this time it was her tits. They were not large tits but they were real tits, and the smile on Sara’s face told me she was having fun with this “sexting”.

Friday came and Sara and I were able to leave work early. Sara gave me a ride to my house, my parents were gone for the weekend. We went to my room so we could play video games. But the minute we walked in there we started kissing each other and feeling each other up. I guess looking at Sara’s pussy pics for several days had me worked up in another way, and her too. We pulled each others clothes off and ended up on my bed. Sara straddled me, her pussy right over my cock, she held my cock with her one hand and spread her pussy lips with the other and slowly lowered her self down on me.

I was now balls deep in Sara and it was it even better than I had imagined. Sara started to slowly move her escort gaziantep bayan sitesi hips around. I wanted to cum but was holding back, I was enjoying this too much. The way she was moving and her breathing. Then we made eye contact and Sara licked her lips in a sultry way and I exploded. I came so hard Sara felt it which made her cum and her pussy clinch tight around my cock. I laid there catching my breath, my cock still inside Sara and cum leaking down around my balls and it dawned on me that I finally lost my virginity. “There you go, I fixed your problems, you have been sext and you you are not a virgin any more, I am a really good friend.” Sara said with a big smile. She was right. “I did not tell you that stuff so you would do this.” I said. “I know that but I have been wanting to do this for some time. Just did not know how to get here.” Sara said playfully. “But you are married.” I said. “That is a problem and that is why we need to keep all this to our selves.” Sara added.

Sara got up and walked to the bathroom. She is not a bad looking woman, she has salt and pepper hair, nice face, dark eyes, small but perky tits, nice hips, flat stomach, wide hips. About five foot one and not fat at all and I would say a earth muffin hippy chick. While Sara was in the bathroom I got a test from her, it was another picture of her pussy, but it was full of my spunk. It was captioned “needs more!” I replied that is fine but she should erase those photos.

We stayed friends with benefits for a long time after that. Even when I dated other girls. I guess you can say Sara help me over the hump, fucking her gave me the confidence I needed to go out with girls my own age. Plus I learned a lot form her and she is a pretty good video game player to boot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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