Thai Phew

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It was Saturday evening, Carol and I were going to a newly opened Thai restaurant. We had been seeing each other for about a month and were still learning each other’s foibles. We had extremely torrid sex at every possible opportunity and seemed to be completely sexually compatible. We could make each other reach heights never previously attained. Tonight was to be a celebration of us and our relationship. We were both extremely happy and were looking forward to a romantic meal, some good wine and afterwards, who knows.

Carol is 5’6″, slim, with small shapely breasts and legs to die for. She was wearing an elegant emerald dress, narrow shoulder straps, mid-thigh length. She had sheer black stockings and black patent high heels. She looked absolutely stunning and I told her so.

Our waitress showed us to our quiet table towards the back of the restaurant. We chatted, ordered our food and a nice bottle of Chateau Neuf de Pape. We sat opposite each other and the longing in her eyes was palpable. She was deeply horny, a couple of days earlier we had, post coital, confessed our fantasies to each other. I had never been in a relationship before where I felt confident enough to do this. We trusted each other with our secret longings, boy that felt good.

Carol’s fantasies consisted of various versions of public liaisons and mild (very) submissiveness.

Our wine arrived and was poured for us. As we raised our glasses to our mouths a mischievous thought crossed my mind. I smiled as my right foot reached and stroked her legs. She smiled gently back and continued to sip her wine. The idea grew in my mind; I slipped my foot out of its shoe and returned it to her legs. I gently pushed them apart. Alarm crossed her mind briefly, replaced rapidly by lust.

I took hold of her left hand and squeezed it as my foot gently stole higher up her legs. When it reached her thighs she spread them obediently. Her eyes misted over and she was lost to her desire. I was so hard I thought I would burst. As my foot reached her groin our waitress arrived with our starters.

Carol let out a soft moan as I pressed against her sex. The waitress smiled and left almost immediately.

Carol was so embarrassed and yet so aflame. Her face was crimson as a result of both. My toes could feel the warmth from her cunt, I pushed harder against her. Her face was contorted in pleasure/ shame. Her wetness was seeping onto my foot.

I began to feed both of us. It was one of the most erotic experiences of my life, I fed her Satay which she was eating/ sucking in a most suggestive manner.

I had by this time a raging hard-on and a desperate need to be able to touch her more intimately. The need for pleasure overcame any embarrassment. So I stood up and moved our plates and cutlery so that we were sitting side by side. I looked around the room but nobody seemed to notice. Our Thai waitress merely smiled knowingly at us.

Carol regained some composure and we finished our starters. I placed my hand on her thigh and slid it up to the bare flesh above her stockings. I gently pulled her thighs apart. She gasped as I touched her mons. The waitress was removing our starters and smiled once more.

Was she aware what was happening? The thought obviously occurred to Carol as well as she flushed immediately. I didn’t however remove my hand. My hand discovered that Carol was wearing a ‘body’. I undid the poppers and felt the heat emanating from within. Carol was squirming, I gently touched her flesh. The reaction was instant, she pushed forward for more. I let my middle finger slide into her wetness…oh so wet.

She was trembling all over, I withdrew my finger and sucked it into my mouth. This time I slide two fingers inside her. My thumb was seeking her clit. When I found it she almost screamed; slowly, ever so slowly I started to push my fingers into her, rubbing her button at the same time. A rhythm began, a slow tormenting rhythm. In out in out. Carol grabbed her napkin and shoved it into her mouth. My hand was moving quicker now, I could feel it start. Her muscles were contracting, her whole body was trembling and shaking, her face a picture of pleasure / pain. The restaurant was quite busy and fortunately quite noisy. Carol’s orgasm overwhelmed her. She virtually screamed into her napkin.

Her cum was oozing out of her onto my hand, she kept cumming, it wouldn’t stop; as her eyes began to focus again, she caught our waitress’ eye. Her eyes were smiling still, but also filled with longing. They held eye contact for what seemed an age. The waves were subsiding but still they held eye contact. My fingers were still inside her, still making deep, slow penetrations. The waitress licked her lips and walked slowly over to our table. She leaned over us and said in a voice thick with desire

“That was wonderful, I’ve never been so aroused, but…….”, her voice trailed off.

Carol and I flushed, knowing we had been caught; I slowly withdrew my fingers from Carol. We both started to apologize; the air was suddenly filled acıbadem escort with the aroma of Carol from my fingers. We flushed again, unsure how to contain the scene that was unfolding, both deeply ashamed.

“Don’t apologize, please” said the waitress, ” I was only going to say that…..”, again her voice trailed away.

The relief we felt was palpable,

” say what?” we said in unison.

“That, I think the lady is very beautiful and I….” she whispered, again she stopped, going more crimson with every word.

It hit me like a bolt from the blue, she wanted Carol! It hadn’t yet dawned on Carol,

“and you what?” she said.

“Never mind”, I said.

I looked at our waitress properly for the first time. My god she was beautiful, she looked like Lucy Liu (From Ally Mc Beal). She was absolutely stunning. With long black hair, beautiful dark complexion, dark eyes, beautiful body.

I smiled at Carol and said as calmly as I could.

“She wants you”.

The waitress flushed but didn’t deny it. Carol who was still recovering from her orgasm was shocked. Deeply shocked.

” I….”


The waitress rushed away, flushed and ashamed. Carol was staggered. I replaced my hand on her thigh and said warmly

“…not your type then?” And laughed.

“I’m not gay,” she fumed.

“Who said anything about that?” I asked.

I started cupping her cunt again, rubbing her labia gently. I could see the anger dissipating , being replaced by the more familiar, lust. I stroked her, bringing her close again to the crashing waves. She half closed her eyes, being consumed once more by want/ need.

Our waitress was standing 20 feet away, eyeing Carol. Again they made eye contact. This time Carol broke the spell.

“I’m not gay” she thought and closed her eyes.

Everyone, apart from our waitress, was oblivious to our antics. Carol closed her eyes fast as she felt the onrush of pleasure, as her eyes closed she picture our waitress’ beautiful face close to her, she pictured her full lips parting to kiss Carol. Carol imagined her now between her thighs, those full lips now on her labia. Licking her long and slow. As she visualized her clit being sucked by this gorgeous Oriental she came. It was all consuming; wave after wave racked her body. It was the most intense orgasm of her life. The combination of public fucking and the shame of a lesbian desire had brought her right over the edge.

My fingers were again filled with her juices. As Carol recovered she opened her eyes, spotted the waitress and flushed red to the bone. Had she really fantasized about a lesbian experience?

I smiled at her and said, “Wow, that was even more wild than the first time, you really like being groped in public. Is the reality as good as the fantasy?”

“Stupid question” she sighed.

I withdrew my hand, my hardness making itself known to me as I considered going to the rest room to wash her aroma from my hand.

Carol noticed my awkwardness and placed her hand on my groin saying,

“Guess you’re stuck with my smell all over you; at least till we deal with this”.. She squeezed my cock, feeling its length. I gasped, but still she squeezed.

“What would you have done if I had been interested in her?” she nodded in the direction of our waitress.

“Cum on the spot, probably” I laughed.

She leaned in closer to me and whispered

“Seriously, would you be jealous?”

Again she tugged on my hardness. I groaned and said


She rubbed along my cock firmly and said

“I thought it was every man’s fantasy to fuck with two lesbians?”

She laughed and continued to stroke me, quicker now.

“Oh, I can play too? Then that’s easy, no way would I be jealous” I giggled.

“What did you think? I’ve just had the most amazing orgasms of my life at your hands and you thought I wanted someone else,… instead, …crazy man……as well, maybe..” and she blushed and laughed out loud.

“Big talk..” I said.

She began fumbling with my zip, undid it and pulled my manhood out. I gasped audibly. She began stroking me beneath the table. Her face was serene now, not a trace of the sub table activity. She was stroking me long and slow. I was in heaven. I was nearing ecstasy; before I could cum she slowed and eventually stopped. I moaned in frustration and looked pleadingly at her. She just smiled at me and removed her hand, I was bewildered.

“Soon ” she moaned quietly in my ear.

To my amazement Carol summoned the waitress. The waitress blushed deeply and was reluctant to move, but eventually she came to our table. Carol asked her to come between us.

“Do you really want me?” Carol asked.

The waitress ( and I) were dumbfounded. She flushed furiously.

“Well do you?” asked Carol impatiently.

“Y-y-y-e-s-s-” said the waitress timidly.

“John will have to join us, okay?”

I nearly choked.

“Y-y-y-e-s-s”. akbatı escort

“What time do you get off?”

“30 minutes”

“Is there somewhere we can go?” Carol asked.

“I live alone 2 blocks away, we can be there in 5 minutes” the emboldened waitress said.

She then proceeded to clear our plates and brought us coffee.

“Are you crazy?” I said, “I was only joking about the big talk thing”.

“Don’t you want to?” she teased. “It’s just I want you to fuck me from behind as she eats me”.

“You are serious aren’t you?” I said.

“Very! But only if you are ok about it” she breathed in my ear.

My cock was rampant at the idea, I couldn’t believe it. My mind was filled with images of the two of them, the three of us.

The next thirty minutes dragged, though. I was still hard as we paid the bill and left.

She met us as arranged outside. We walked the two blocks in almost complete silence, apart from introducing ourselves. She was Li.

We arrived at her apartment, which was on the 3rd floor. It was small, but neat and tastefully decorated. We went into the living room and as Carol and I sat rather nervously on the settee, Li fixed us some drinks.

She said she wanted to change, into the clichéd “something more comfortable” and disappeared for a couple of minutes.

Carol and I drank silently neither of us entirely sure what we were doing there. The courage seemed to be draining from Carol and she seemed to have resolved not to go through with it.

When Li returned, Carol was about to leave. The site of Li however caused her to hesitate. Li looked beautiful now, out of her waitress uniform. She was now wearing a long flowing red dress, perfectly highlighting her charms.

Carol stood up, perhaps to go, I held her, kissed her gently and told her to relax. Li looked equally nervous.

I stood behind Carol and held her arms behind her back…nuzzling her neck and whispering my love for her in her ear…she sighed.

I placed her hands behind her back, against my hardness and pushed against her. I cupped her breasts gently. Her nipples immediately stood to attention, and she moaned.

I motioned to Li to move to us. She seemed to float over, slowly…till she was standing in front of Carol.

Her whole body was shaking; I took one of her hands and placed it on Carol’s left breast.

“No” Carol moaned, as she closed her eyes.

Li could feel the nipple through the body and the dress, it was so hard. Emboldened she placed her other hand on the other breast, she began to rub and squeeze them.

Carol’s hands tightened on my cock as Li’s hands wove their magic on her breasts. I undid the back of Carol’s dress, slipped the shoulder straps off and let it slide to her hips.

Carol sighed aloud.

Li hungrily placed her mouth on Carol’s right breast, through the body material. She captured the nipple and sucked greedily. Carol was on the verge of cumming already.

I slide the dress completely off, and then started removing the body. Carol obediently raised her hands as I dragged the garment over her head.

She was completely naked now.

Li again attacked the right breast, sucking again. Her hands were roaming wildly over Carol’s skin. Li now knelt down at Carol’s feet.

“Nooooo” Carol groaned.

My hardness was throbbing against her.

Li placed her hands on Carol’s hips and pulled her forward. She began kissing Carol’s flat stomach, moving slowly down her body. She reached her mons and began licking slowly at her nether lips. Carol was writhing in ecstasy. My hardness was about to explode. Li slipped her tongue along Carol’s labia, slowly, gently, rhythmically.

Her hands moved to Carol’s ass, now Li could feel my hardness against her hands. Expertly she unzipped me, all the time her tongue never lost its place or rhythm on Carol’s cunt. She grabbed me and forced me into Carol’s now sopping cunt.

Carol gasped as I filled her. She tried to push further onto me. Li’s tongue was a blur now, flicking expertly at Carol’s bud. Her hands were back on Carol’s ass. Her fingers seeking the rose bud.

Carol’s whole being was aflame; the thunderous orgasm that swept over her was like nothing she had ever experienced before. Li had forced two fingers up her ass, at the very moment the orgasm began.

In the distance she could hear herself scream as her body exploded in the throes of total ecstasy, wave after wave of contractions filled her, still she screamed.

She could feel me still hard, still unfulfilled inside her and almost passed out at the thought of more pleasure. Her whole being was quaking, the waves were ebbing now. Li was still licking slowly, still two fingers in her ass and I’m still hard inside her…..

Carol recovered enough to realize that she had experienced the forbidden, the shame of this was nothing compared to the knowledge of the pleasure she had received.

“MMM”, aksaray escort she purred.

It occurred to Carol ten minutes after her orgasm had subsided that she was the only one who had received pleasure, but she would be wildly jealous if John fucked Li. It was also one thing to be eaten by a woman, quite another to eat her.

My hardness abated, and I held onto Carol, Li was also holding Carol. Carol looked completely sated, exhausted even. I kissed her neck from behind and told her I loved her.

Li took that as a cue to kiss Carol, full on the lips. She slipped her tongue deep into Carol’s mouth searching for Carol’s tongue.

Tentatively Carol responded. Soon they were kissing passionately, breathlessly.

I ushered us into the adjacent bedroom. Li and I practically threw Carol onto the bed. I quickly removed my clothes and undid Li’s dress and helped her out of it. Beneath she was completely naked.

I was taken aback by the beauty of her body and soon my hard-on returned, with a vengeance.

Her breasts were larger than Carol’s, firm. Her waist was perfect and her legs were flawless. But it was her ass and cunt that drew the eye.

I was feasting my eyes on her when I felt Carol tug at my leg. She too was staring wondrously at the beauty before us. I felt her place my hardness in her mouth, she sucked me deep inside. I groaned aloud and came almost immediately. Filling her mouth with great wodges of cum. She sucked and swallowed everything.

“I’m so sorry I came so fast” I said dejectedly.

“No problem, that was wonderful, boy you were excited” she said smiling.

I lay on the bed beside Carol and kissed her full on the mouth, tasting my saltiness. I held her and told her again I loved her.

I looked her deep in the eye and said

“Li’s turn”.

She looked slightly worried and made to move. I held her and told Li to straddle Carol at the hip. Carol lay flat on her back unsure of herself suddenly.

Li leaned forward and their breasts meshed together as they kissed. Their hard nipples sought each other out and sub-consciously they began rubbing against each other.

I touched Li’s perfect ass and pushed it up Carol’s body till her breasts were hanging invitingly over Carol’s mouth.

I pushed on Li’s back so that her breasts were crushed onto Carol’s mouth. Carol opened her mouth and began licking, sucking and even chewing on the Thai girls breasts.

Soon Li was panting. I placed my hands on her ass again and gently pushed her forward till her knees were straddling Carol’s head and her soaking gaping cunt was inches above Carol’s nervous mouth. This time Li began to lower herself onto the awaiting lips.

Carol could see, smell and touch another woman’s flower for the first time. The knowledge of what she was about to do filled her with shame and longing, Li’s cunt touched Carol’s lips and they both shuddered expectantly.

Shyly Carol allowed her tongue to snake out and ease into the honey pot that was Li’s pussy. It tasted sour, sweet, wonderful, and heady. Carol’s nostrils were filled with Li’s smell and she loved it. Her hands reached up and grabbed Li’s hips pulling her deeper onto her mouth. Her tongue started running the length of her cunt, from her ass hole to her clit. Carol was enjoying the effect it was having on Li.

Li was bucking like a wild thing, grinding her pussy into the face below. She could feel the ecstasy wash over her and screamed as it seemed to last forever, wave after wave.

Carol’s face was awash with Li’s essence but still she didn’t let her hips go, still she continued to lick the full length of her.

Li could feel it build up again. She was both amazed and overwhelmed as the second orgasm struck, even more powerful than the first.

Li collapsed beside Carol and muttered endearments in her ear. She lay there quivering. All three of us amazed at the intensity of what just happened.


Carol’s dreads.

Carol awoke, who knows how long later. The room was filled with the smells of passion. Carol and Li were lying draped around each other.

Carol was slowly coming round; assessing where she was and remembering all that had taken place in the room previously. She noticed that her arms were around Li’s body and her hands were cupping her breasts.

Immediately and instinctively she withdrew her hands and bolted for the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom the enormity of what had happened hit her. It left her feeling stunned; she wasn’t gay; she wasn’t even curious. Before tonight the idea of kissing another woman repelled her; and yet only hours earlier she had made love to Li and had had some of the most intense orgasms of her life. This was all wrong! She began to sob silently; what was happening to her? She loved John, really loved him and yet he had made this “dreadful” thing happen.

She couldn’t face what had happened and needed to shower to feel clean; somehow the lovemaking felt sordid. She didn’t want to be a lesbian or gay, she wanted to feel “normal” again.

Once under the water Carol began to feel better, she was sure that she didn’t want to have sex with another woman ever again, but she began to feel better about what had happened. She knew she loved John and she knew she was “straight”.

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