The ABC Game Ch. 06

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Big Tits

Over the next couple days I was able to get some serious work done as Jennifer was very busy with a school project and Karen was busy with what ever it was that kept Karen busy. I have to admit I did get curious about Karen and wanted to make sure my little head wasn’t leading me into a problem. So I contacted an old friend and asked him to do some discrete investigation into her background. Everything had checked out. She was 28. Divorced for five years. She was also a certified interior designer. Nothing shocking in her professional background. Once I got information on her personal background things got interesting. It seems since her divorce she likes to enjoy the company of wealthy men. I have money, but not on the level of these gentlemen. I also found out that she did indeed love her games with a kinky twist. A couple of her companions actually needed medical care afterwards. It seems their eyes and tastes were more than their bodies could handle. Like I said, nothing shocking there. She wasn’t a future suburban mom of the year candidate, but I didn’t expect to find that.

I was almost finished with an email about an out of town trip to check out a couple investment opportunities when my phone rang. It was my wife Gabby. I answered it and she said she was just calling to remind me that she was going to be heading to an out of town seminar after work and would be back on Friday and that Becca would be gone on a school trip until the weekend. I had completely forgotten about her seminar. After we talked and I assured her I was going to be okay by myself. I approached the topic of increased trips for my business.

Gabby said. “Ken, I just don’t want you to return to the days where you traveled so much. I remember how stressed that made you. You are so much more relaxed now.”

Then I told her. “No. I’m not going back to those days. There will just be a couple trips, and I promise no extra stress. Who knows? Maybe I can arrange to take you on one or two of them.”

“That would be so nice.” Gabby said. “Maybe I could play your secretary on these trips, instead of Jennifer. I could wear a short skirt, and I definitely know how to turn you on.” Gabby laughed.

After a little more flirting back and forth I got off the phone with Gabby and sat there thinking. I could try to get Jennifer and see if she would meet me at the apartment, or maybe Karen. It was then that the choice was made for me. My other cell phone buzzed with a text. It was from Jennifer and it was short and sweet. “Your apartment now!!” Along with it was a photo and it was of a black skirt on the floor. Then another text with a photo of a white blouse. Then another one of panties, bra and stockings on the floor. Finally there was a photo of a tumbler with a couple cubes of ice and scotch in it. Needless to say by the time the last text came I was at the elevator.

The drive to the apartment took longer than I thought due to the traffic. I was about three blocks away when I received another text. This one said “Where are you?” and included a photo of her feet with some deep red polish on the nails. This text was followed by several more with just photos. It looked like Jennifer was working on a photography project on the human body. Each one was a different part. Her legs in one. A close up of a nipple in another. Then as the elevator reached my floor I received the last text a close up photo of her licking her full lips which were covered in a soft pink lipstick.

Once I opened the door I headed straight for the bedroom and once through the door I saw a very naked Jennifer on the bed, propped up on a stack of pillows.

“Thank God you’re here. I was about to start without you.” Jennifer said. “And that isn’t what I had in mind for tonight.”

Right then I started to unbutton my shirt when Jennifer said “No stop! Let me do that this time. I want to be the one to undress you.”

With that she slid off the bed and walked over to me and standing on her toes reached up and kissed me. Her arms snaked around my neck and pulled me to her. I just wrapped my arms around her and enjoyed the ride. her naked body felt so good against me, even through my clothes. Then Jen pulled away from me and looking up into my eyes she smiled as she brought her hands up to my chest and started unbuttoning the buttons on my shirt. When each button opened she would lean in and give a couple soft kisses to the exposed flesh. She did this all the way down to where my shirt was tucked into my pants. Then with my shirt open to my waist she slid her hands inside my shirt. Her fingers sliding over my chest. Brushing over my nipples and then sliding down to, and across my abs. Then she moved her fingers down to my belt and easily unbuckled that, before she slid her fingers inside the waistband of my pants and opened them. Then she untucked my shirt tail and opened the last button before bending down and giving me a wet kiss right where my underwear waistband met my body.

I thought Bycasino she would continue downward, but instead she straightened up and pulled me down for another deep kiss. While doing this she ran her hands inside my shirt and pushed it off my shoulders. Helping her out I slid the shirt off my arms and let it fell to the floor. Jennifer than began another trip south. Her fingers led the way as she slid them down my chest and across my nipples. Her mouth was right behind her fingers. Kissing and nibbling along the way. She used her tongue to make soft swipes across my nipples and down my midsection. Then she slid he fingers into my waistband and slowly slid my underwear down my legs. She did have some difficulty with this however. With her teasing I was once again rock hard, and it was a challenge to get my boxer briefs past my cock. She finally managed to do this and even giggled like the young woman she was when my cock sprang free and bounced up. once I was completely naked Jennifer took my hand in her’s and led me to the bed.

She crawled into bed still holding my hand as I followed her. Once both of us were laying down she gently touched my face and turned me to her and leaned over and started covering me with soft, sweet kisses. First my face, and then she moved down to my neck. As she moved down to my neck she made sure to use more of her tongue. Kissing, licking, and nibbling every spot she touched. One minute she was nibbling on my ear lobe and the next she she was licking and sucking on my neck. Her nibbles were soft enough not to leave any marks, but so very sensuous. I let my hands roam her body while she was doing this. Sliding over her hip, across her backside, and up to fondle one of her tits, and then back down again. Jennifer kept herself busy with my neck area for some time, and then she came back up and brought her lips to mine in a deep french kiss. While kissing me she managed to slide on top of me and I wrapped my arms around her pulling her body to mine. My hands sliding down her backside and dipping between her legs. My fingers grazed her pussy lips and as I slid a finger between them I got a muffled groan from Jennifer as she spread her legs to either side of mine. I could feel her dampness against my midsection as we continued to make out.

After some time Jennifer raised herself up into a kneeling position above me and with her hands on my chest she eased down my body so that her pussy was lined up with my cock. Then while she was staring into my eyes with those sexy green eyes she raised up and reached down between our bodies and directed my cock to her opening. With just the head of my cock in her she looked at me again and with that sexy smile she bit her lip as she slowly sank down on my cock. Once she bottomed out she placed her hands on my chest and slowly rose back up. We locked eyes and never looked away from each other as she slowly built up a rhythm. Ever so slowly she was sliding up and down my shaft. I know it was impossible, but with every stroke I felt like I was sliding deeper into Jennifer. As she slid up and down my cock I reached up and ran my hands over her breasts. My fingertips grazed across her nipples, followed by my fingers, and then my palms. Then I slid my hands under her breasts, and started the journey again. With each pass across her nipples I could feel her hips speed up just ever so slightly. Her juices were now flowing down over me.

Then Jennifer closed her eyes for a second and reaching up she took my hands from her breasts, and held them in her hands as our fingers interlocked. Her swaying hips sped up as she then bent over and our lips met in a passionate kiss. As we kissed I could feel my own orgasm building and then Jennifer moaned that she was close.

“I’m going to cum Mr Roberts!” Jennifer mumbled into my open mouth. Her hips now sliding up and down my cock with reckless abandon. Her juices pouring out around my shaft.

I wasn’t far behind as I felt that familiar tingling in my balls and my cock started shooting rope after rope of cum deep into her pussy. Each of my spurts was met by a tremor from Jennifer’s body. Her pussy walls milking my cock as if she was using her hands. As we both came down from our respective orgasm she laid her head on my chest and just laid there. My cock still buried in her pussy, but very well spent.

It took some doing on my part, but I was finally able to get the comforter over both of us. and we just lay there under the cover. I wasn’t about to move Jennifer off me, as I could tell this night meant so much to her. Everything that happened was going to be at Jennifer’s direction. As we lay there I pulled her hair off of her face and gave her a couple soft kisses on her forehead. This resulted in a smile and she also tightened her hold on me with her legs.

I smiled at her and said. “I’m not going anywhere Jen. This entire night is about you.” With that I gave her a couple more soft kisses and made sure my arms Bycasino giriş were wrapped around her as we drifted off to sleep.

About an hour later I awoke to Jennifer, still in my arms, but instead of her head being on my chest she was watching me sleep.

“Hello sleepy head.” Jennifer said with a smile as she met my lips with hers. “I was wondering if I was going to have to wake you up another way.” She said as she squeezed my cock with her hand.

I laughed and said “It’s all your fault. You keep wearing me out.” I said as I lifted my head and gave her a deep kiss.

“MMMMM, This is fun, but what do you say we get some dinner?” Jennifer said as she slid off me and laid beside me.

“By the way, how did you know I was available tonight?” I asked

Jennifer laughed and said “Don’t you remember. I updated your calendar at the office for you. I even put your wife’s schedule in there.” Jennifer buried her face in my shoulder and started laughing again. “I would ask where your head has been, but I think you have had other things on your mind.” She said as she ran her hand back and forth across my chest.

I ran my hand along her back until I reached her backside and then slid my hand between her legs and along her sex. My fingers dipping between her pussy lips.

Jennifer slid one of her legs over me allowing me easier access to her pussy. “Like I said, this is fun, but I think we should get something to eat. Then we can get back to the fun.” Jennifer said as my hand slid along her lips.

“I agree. I really want something to eat.” I said as I stared into her eyes and I curled one of my fingers to allow it to slide into her pussy.

This brought a slight gasp from her as she softly bit one of my nipples. “Don’t you ever get tired?” She asked as she suckled on the nipple.

After a couple thrusts of my finger deep inside Jennifer I slid my finger out and brought it up to her mouth and she ever so slowly licked it clean with her tongue, before taking it into her mouth and sucking it clean. Then with a wicked wink and a smile she went back to work on my nipple.

“Okay.” I finally said, “Where do you want to go for dinner?”

“You mean we’re going out for dinner?” She asked with a surprised look.

“Of course.” I replied. “You’re right. I’m starving, and we have all night. Now let’s get dressed.” I said as I lightly gave her bottom a smack.

“Hold on.” She said as she pulled me back to the bed. “I love that you want to take me out for dinner, and any other time I would jump at it. But tonight, I don’t want to share you with anyone. I don’t want to have to watch how I behave and who might see something. I know we could have a five star meal in a fancy restaurant, but I would rather split a pizza with my lover and stay in. Besides, I don’t think I could make it through dinner without trying to fuck you silly.” She said as she wrapped her arms around me and kissed.

“MMMM” I said between kisses.” I better order the pizza then.

“No need” she giggled. “Go check the heating drawer. It got here about two minutes before you did. Oh yeah, the beer is in the fridge.”

I threw on a soft terry cloth robe that Jen had bought earlier in the day, and headed to the kitchen and got a couple plates and pulled the pizza out. I opened the beer and was pouring the glasses when Jennifer came in with her silk robe flowing around her. She looked absolutely gorgeous. She walked up to the counter and leaned across it and kissed me deeply as she took the plates and headed for the sofa. After watching her all the way to the sofa I followed with the beers. We sat on the sofa and enjoyed our pizza and beer, and talked about how our day went. After the pizza and beer disappeared Jennifer suggested we go back to the bedroom and watch a movie in there. I reminded her that tonight was her night and we could do anything she wanted. With that she took my hand in her’s and headed back to the bedroom. She pulled the covers back and shed her robe as she hopped in the bed, and I followed suit. She pulled the covers up and holding an IPAD looking device she lowered the AC, started the fire in the gas fireplace, and turned the TV on.

Looking at me she said “I figured out the remote while I was waiting on you. This thing is incredible. Well, this whole place is actually.” With that she pulled up a movie guide and put on a movie of some sort, and cuddled up next to me.

We both watched the movie for a while. Jennifer, with her head on my chest, and running her fingers over my body. While I was running my hand up and down her backside.

After a while we both lost interest in the movie and found a recharged interest in each other. I rolled Jennifer off me and began exploring her body with my mouth. I began by taking one nipple into my mouth and pulling on it before gently biting down on it. Then I eased across her body and did the same to the other nipple. Sucking it into Bycasino deneme bonusu my mouth before letting my tongue slide over it. Then flicking at it when I softly bit down on it. My actions were having the desired effect on Jennifer as she began to squirm each time I gave her nipples a soft bite. Her hands were also letting me know she was enjoying it as she pulled me into her breast with each bite.

“Oh yeah Mr. Roberts. Keep doing that to my nipples. That feels so good.” She moaned.

I made sure to give her what she wanted as I kept moving from one nipple to the other. Making sure to give them the same amount of time. I could feel Jennifer’s body shiver each time I moved to the other breast, and sensing it was time I moved down her body. I stopped at her belly button, which she had a piercing in, and explored it with my tongue. This brought a giggle from Jennifer at first, but after she got use to it, it also brought more moans of desire. Then my tongue led the way down her body and between her legs. I started from the outside in this time. I slid my tongue up the outside edge of her pussy lips and down the outside edge of the other side. Then I probed her opening with my tongue. Each time I probed I managed to slide in deeper. After each probe I managed to open her lips and slide my tongue up between her lips to her clit, then it was back down to her opening. I kept up this plan of attack, and each stroke of my tongue was rewarded with spreading dampness. Jennifer was beginning to rock her hips as she was riding my face in slow motion. Each time my tongue reached her clit I knew her ass would be coming off the bed and she would be pressing her pussy into my face with a little more force than the last time. I kept this up for several minutes until I felt tremors spread down Jennifer’s body and I could tell that she had experienced a small orgasm. It was then that I eased up her body and as I got above her I leaned down and gave her a deep kiss.

Jen ran her hands down my back as I positioned myself above her and then I felt her fingers wrap around my shaft and direct me to her opening. As we stared at each other I slid my cock part way in, before pulling back. I kept this up until I was completely inside her. Once inside I began a slow fucking motion. I kept making slow, short strokes with my hips rising up off Jennifer and coming back down. As Jennifer lay underneath me she looked up at me with those sexy green eyes and licked her lips before she pulled me down to her for a deep kiss. Then I felt her wrap her legs around me and pull our bodies together. We were moving as one sexual entity. Her hips rising off the bed to meet mine with every stroke. Jennifer gets very wet during sex, but I think this was the wettest I have ever felt her get. On every down stroke I felt her moisture get pushed out. Then the same, every time I pulled back. The bed was soaked and we weren’t even finished.

Jennifer’s breathing was getting more and more ragged with each stroke. She was getting close and so was I. I wanted to make sure we came together so I sped up my thrusts. I was now pounding into her as she clutched at my shoulders moaning.

“OH FUCK KEN! I’M GOING TO CUMMMMM!” Jennifer half moaned and half gasped as she locked her legs around me.

Her body was moving with mine, and as she spasmed around my shaft I exploded deep within her. I don’t know how much cum I had left after our first time, but there was no doubt that Jennifer was making sure she milked everything that she could out of me. Her body was locked to mine and with each spurt from my shaft I could feel her pussy contract around my shaft. As my cum flow stopped I looked down and Jennifer’s eyes were closed and she was licking her lips. I smiled as I tried to pull out and roll off of Jennifer but she wouldn’t unlock her legs.

“No.” She whispered. “I want you to stay inside me. Just a little while longer. I love how you feel.”

“Okay sweetie.” I said. “I’m not going anywhere.” I said as I kissed her.

A few minutes later I felt her legs relax and allow me to slide off of her. As I pulled my soft cock out of her I laid down beside her and pulled her to me and just held her in my arms as we exchanged a couple soft kisses. After a short time I could tell that Jennifer had gone to sleep so I turned the lights off and drifted to sleep with her in my arms.

I awoke early in the morning with Jennifer still beside me. Her head on my shoulder and her arm and leg across my body. I decided to let her sleep and i just watched her sleep. She looked so peaceful and innocent. She was suddenly transformed back into my daughter’s best friend as I watched her sleep. I started feeling those pangs of guilt that came over me whenever I thought of her in this way. Then she started to stir and as she did her hand slid across my chest and she buried her face in my chest.

“MMMMM, this is the perfect way to wake up.” She mumbled as she gave one of my nipples a couple of soft kisses.

Then she propped herself up with her hand and looking at me said. “Good morning Mr. Roberts. I hope that you enjoyed yourself last night.” With that she leaned down and sucked my nipple into her mouth and gave it a long hard suck, before releasing it with a loud pop.

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