The After Massage

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I have just come really hard. I have been looking at various pictures that could serve as inspiration for us for our next sexy photo shoot. Daniel has gone to the shops and I used the opportunity. He called me once he reached the supermarket. By then I was so horny and so so wet from all the hundreds of pictures I’ve seen imagining myself being the model.

I got his permission to pleasure myself. And it was so so hot, knowing he is in a supermarket with lots of people walking around being completely ignorant of what is going on on the other end of his phone call. He started talking dirty to me and that made me even hornier. I don’t think anyone could really hear him, but we will never know for sure.

I came so hard. No wonder I feel completely spent and tired now. Just lying there. Almost falling asleep. My body feels amazing, all relaxed and resting. I’m cuddling under the blanket as I always get cold very quickly after sex.

I feel a warm lips on my cheek and I am surprised that it actually wakes me up. I must have not even noticed when I drifted away into sleep. Daniel is back with a warm smile on his lips and his eyes. I try to get up but he softly insists that I continue resting. He gives me a sweet kiss. I’m wondering at it a bit. I thought he’d be really turned on and would want more action when he comes back. But the truth is I am really tired from my solo play before and I couldn’t do much right now.

He surprises me even more by taking the bracelet off my wrist. Now I’m wondering and worrying that may be I did something wrong or maybe I shouldn’t have asked before. Why does he want the game to be off? Why now? But before I can ask he leans in and kisses me softly again. I feel loved, I feel that all is well and there’s nothing to worry about.

“Just rest, sweetie”.

“Okay, I can do that”, – I smile and roll back onto my chest.

Next thing I know is the blanket is removed. I protest that I’m cold, but he says it’s not going to be cold for long. I hear him rubbing his hands and a moment later they are rubbing pendik escort oil onto my back. His hands are so warm and gentle. I sigh with pleasure. I can’t quite believe I’m getting a massage but everything says I am. What a treat.

His hands are slowly moving up to my shoulders, onto my arms then back down. He is now sitting on top of me and his crotch is keeping my bum warm. He continues to work on my muscles. They are now soft and relaxed so he has an easier time. It feels so good. I’m slightly drifting into sleep again. Though not really wanting to fall asleep and miss out on the wonderful sensations his hands are giving me.

He leans in and softly kisses my ear, his fingers tracing the lines of my neck. I moan a bit louder. God he knows my spots. As if reading my mind he sits up and moves to the side. His hands are applying more oil to my body, but now focusing attention on my bum. He spends some time there, but not too much, spreading the oil all over my legs. When all is covered his hands start sliding slowly up and down my legs, softly and lightly. Teasing my bum a little but never stopping there for too long. I moan every time he reaches it. I can’t help myself. I really want his fingers to play there. He doesn’t move anywhere close to my pussy, but if he did he would have known I’m already wet again. Even though I’m still quite tired after my orgasm my body tells me it wants more.

He moves away from my bum and starts to work on each leg. First the foot, then the calve and then on to the thigh. His fingers don’t brush over my pussy as they normally would in this scenario and it leaves me puzzled and longing for more. When he is done with both legs he comes back to my bum. I can’t help but put it up into the air. Just a bit but enough that he would notice. His hands push me down into the mattress, gently but firmly.

“Just rest, sweetie”.

I sigh and spread my thighs. He must see it but he doesn’t say anything. His hands are still avoiding any overtly sexual contact. Can’t he see I’ve wetted the sheet? maltepe escort He can’t be blind to that. Then why?

I sigh again. I don’t know why but I don’t feel like I can ask. As if asking would ruin the magic that his hands are doing to my body. I love massages and he knows that.

He asks me to roll over. Now I can look at him and see what his eyes tell me. But he doesn’t meet my gaze. His eyes are focused completely on getting more oil, warming it in his hands and then applying to my skin. This time he starts with my legs and moves up from there. Completely avoiding the pubic area again. I look at him intently but he seems totally engrossed into the process. He looks at me for a sec and blows me a kiss with a smile but that’s all I get.

I breathe deeply and close my eyes. Resolved to enjoy my massage and get everything I’m missing later. After all with the bracelet off I’m not his sub anymore.

His hands reach my breasts and kneed gently. I moan a bit louder this time. He knows I love this, and he knows I only get breast massage from him or myself. So every time it is so welcome. He is sitting on top of me again. His hands are still on my breasts, leaving them to shortly brush over my shoulders and neck but coming back soon enough.

He doesn’t touch my nipples nor does he brush circles around them. His hands move to my arms and back onto my chest.

He leans in and kisses me softly. But this time he doesn’t move away and stays close.

“How are you feeling, sweetie?”

“Mmmm,” I smile, “Good, but a little confused, too.”


“Why didn’t you touch my pussy at all?”

“Oh, the dessert is always served after the main, sweetie. I will be back in a second.”

I hear him go to the bathroom and wash his hands. He has a soft little towel in his hands and starts wiping excess oil off me.

“Your clit doesn’t really like oil, does it?”

“No, it doesn’t,” I smile.

As he finishes wiping off my legs he spreads them further apart. I moan in anticipation.

“Mmmm, kartal escort you’ve been waiting for me here, sweetie.”

“Uh huh.”

His lips plant soft kisses on my pussy lips. His breath is warm, almost hot. The long wait is rewarded and now I get his tongue feasting in my folds. Collecting all of the juice the massage oozed from my body. I moan softly. My hands now rest on his head. Keeping him between my legs. His fingers slowly enter my vagina and curl to find my sweet spot. His tongue and fingers now work together. His other hand managed to get hold of my ass and squeezed it in rhythm too. My moans get louder every minute. My hips are out of control and buckle into his face. I only hope I won’t hurt him. He manages to keep his rhythm and his tongue never lets go of my clit, neither do his fingers of my vagina. I don’t last long from here and come again. He keeps his tongue still on my clit, but now flat and soft, no licking just holds it there till my orgasm waves away. He slowly withdraws and asks if my bum still wants more.

I roll over and let him to it. He is taking his time. Playing with it, squeezing it in his hands, brushing with his fingers. Kissing, nibbling, his tongue licking up from my crack. I moan and lift my bum higher.

“Oh fuck me,” – I cry out, “I need your cock inside of me now.”

He doesn’t make me wait and in one move he’s deep inside of me. I meet him thrust for thrust. He feels so good inside of me. I love him inside after the orgasm, when my vagina is all so much more sensitive and aroused, squeezing her walls tightly around his penis.

“Oh, yes, sweetie, fuck me.”

“I am fucking you right now. Oh, you are so wet and tight for me.”

His hands are squeezing my bum then move to my thighs. He grabs me to get better control of the rhythm. I know he will come soon and I’m looking forward to it as if it was my own orgasm coming. It’s not long till I feel him stiffen and hear him groan as he shoots his load into me. A few more thrusts and he is spent too. He slowly lowers onto me and I turn my head to kiss him. He pulls out and I roll onto my back, my arms around him locking him onto me. We share one very long kiss. He wants to roll to the side but I protest that I need him on top of me to keep myself warm. We laugh and kiss again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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