The Alcove

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Laughing, they ran into the nearest covered doorway to escape the summer evening downpour that had erupted. The door appeared to belong to the closed up building, not the apartments connected to it and the alcove was deep enough to fit them both and keep the heavy rain from reaching them.

Reece and Anna had gone out for dinner and were supposed to go see a movie, but had decided they just couldn’t keep their hands off each other long enough. All during the cannelloni dinner, at the Italian restaurant, they touched each other under the table, rubbing and groping like teenagers. They were on their way back to Anna’s apartment when the dark clouds covered the setting sun and torrents of water struck down upon the city.

Watching the rain come down, wondering how long it was going to last, Anna shivered in her light peasant shirt and short skirt, both of which were now soaked through and sticking to her like a second skin, forming around her lush, perky breasts and sliding over her slim waist to cling to her hips. Her white, bikini panties, now see through in patches, were just barely visible where the skirt now hugged the top of her thighs. Her long dark hair was dripping down her back in trickling streams, adding to the chilling of her skin.

Reece, feeling her shiver, pulled her into his embrace offering her his body heat and rubbing his hands briskly up and down her arms and back. He enjoyed the way Anna snuggled into him, her head tucked beneath his chin and her mouth just inches from his throat. The feel of her warm breath in the hollow of his neck and caressing down inside the top of his shirt was making him quite hard. He Kartal Escort wasn’t even noticing the rain anymore it was all about Anna.

Running his hand over the wetness of her shirt and pinching lightly at the hard nipple bulging from it, he began nuzzling her neck, gently biting at her ear and throat with little nips and tugs creating a slight redness where his mouth touched her. Oh man, he was on fire, he wanted her body, to be inside her, here, now.

“Fuck me.” Reece whispered in her ear as he brought his teeth around the lobe and his hands began a wandering decent down to the heat coming from her core under the coldness of the skirt. “I need you now.” He pushed her panties up into her hot sex, rubbing her juices on the material while using his thumb to rub the little nub of clit that protruded from her moist lips, attempting to convince her.

“Here?” Anna moaned in response to his hands and the excruciating waves of pleasure going through her body at his touch. “Where anyone can see us?”

Reese’s silent answer was to take her nipple, still covered with her shirt and bra, into his mouth and begin to suck, biting it gently. “Oh yeah.” Unbuckling his belt and popping the button fly of his jeans he released his hard swollen member, placing it at the hotness of her core and rubbing against her panties, the friction only exciting him more. “Feel me.”

Anna could only nod her agreement, loving the feel of the heat of his mouth and hands caressing her body and leaving her warm everywhere at once. She felt a rush of moisture at the junction of her thighs at the idea of having his hardness filling her, completing Pendik Escort her, making her feel things she’d never imagined possible. Moaning again, Anna pushed back against the pressure he created, wanting him inside her as much as he did now, all thoughts of where they were or who could see them gone from her mind. She could not resist him, as usual.

Using his finger he pulled the edge of her panties aside, dipping into her fleshy wet heat, rubbing in a circular motion around the edges and making her squirm. Reese replaced his finger with the tip of his manhood against the increased burning warmth emanating from her, adding the wetness that seeped from him to her own. Slipping slowly inside her with a groan he almost lost his balance as the wave of pleasure washed over him at the feel of her tightness clamping around him. Shit, he was so close to coming at the feel of her surrounding his engorged member.

With each thrust into her tight wetness he pinched her nipple tighter, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger, making her moan loudly at the intense burn that rushed into her core, causing her to tighten more around him and bringing on wave after wave of dizzying wetness as she came.

Pulling himself from her quickly, breathing heavily, Reece grabbed her wrists and turned her around facing her towards the wall as he lifted her skirt over her backside, baring her to his eyes.

He loved seeing her back arched, head thrown back towards him and her behind lifted in waiting. Still holding her wrists above her with one hand he manipulated his shaft, stroking it from base to tip, ensuring his Göztepe Escort complete hardness.

Spreading her ass cheeks then sliding his hand downward he found that wetness and followed his hand, entering her from behind. Sliding his hand around to cup her sex in his palm, he ran his forefinger over her swollen clit, rubbing the work-hardened pad of it over her with a roughness he knew she liked, his actions confirmed by the loud groan that escaped her.

Pumping in and out of her slowly, deeply, torturing both of them he released her wrists and moved his hands down to grab at her fleshy hips, pulling her deeper onto him. He needed more, needed to take her faster. He held her still as he felt his release coming and then plunged into her hard, making her take all of him to the hilt and leaning her into the wall, grinding her breasts against the brick.

With a quick ‘smack’ to her soft lily white behind, as she brought it up to meet his thrusts, he watched as the pinkness rose on the cheek. He placed his thumb at the entrance to her tight hole, applying a gentle pressure and feeling her sudden reaction as she contracted, her muscles clenching and releasing as she went weak in his arms.

Crushing her flat against the wall with his hips, pushing into her and punishing her with an energy and strength he didn’t know he possessed, Reece flooded her core with his seed, knowing he must be hurting her but he just couldn’t stop. He wanted her in a way he never had before, knew it had to do with them being outside and he liked the reaction they were both getting from his exploration of Anna’s body.

As the last of his intense orgasm filled her, with his heart feeling like it was coming out of his chest and his breath coming in short bursts he managed ask, “Are you ok? I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“Nah.” Anna breathed raggedly back at him. “I like it rough.”

Copyright ©2010 Gina Kincade

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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