The Angry Wife Pt. 02

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Driving across town, Angela reviewed everything in her head. She’d learned as much as she could about these people from Jeff. The “boss” was a large man called Grigor. He’d intimidated Jeff with his physical bulk and his shaved head. But Angela was more confident. She’d handled “A types” before. And Grigor might be used to getting his own way, might be comfortable with deals worth tens of thousands of dollars. But Ange had learned to deal with tycoons and close deals worth tens of millions.

Their “office” was a dingy upstairs room in a shitty building next to a pub. All the better to do their business, Ange supposed. Grigor had known it would be Jeff’s wife who was coming to the meeting. All the same, he seemed a little surprised when he saw the small woman with the cute face climb to the top of the stairs.

Angela felt a stab of fear. But she’d had that experience once before and gone through with the plan. Angela always got what she wanted. Tonight would not be any different. She’d gone to the meeting without a bra. Just in case her pretty face wasn’t enough. If the guys noticed then they’d certainly pay attention to what she had to say.

Inside, Angela sized-up Grigor and his men. He was a bull of a man. Angela thought he looked rough. He was in his early forties but she found him surprisingly handsome with his shaven head and his large hands. He was probably used to dishing out violence. Ange wasn’t concerned about that. She was sure that man like Grigor would have a “code” that precluded hurting a woman. And besides, Angela knew that Grigor would have his own bosses and he’d be accountable to them. He needed her to get his money.

The other two weren’t of much interest. They were just henchmen. She didn’t even bother to listen to their names. In her mind they were Thug 1 and Thug 2.

Her fear was making her body react in a very pleasant way. Angela had been thinking about this moment for weeks. She got straight down to business, explaining that they didn’t have enough money to cover the extra payment. That wasn’t strictly true. But Ange was determined to make a deal on her terms.

Grigor was unmoved by her pleas of hardship but he seemed polite and reasonable. That gave Angela a little more room to maneuver. She was a little surprised to find that Grigor was a good negotiator in his own right. He’d done this before, that was obvious.

“My idiot husband made this deal,” Ange said quietly. “I need some time to arrange our finances. I am asking you to give me some more time. And I am asking you to consider giving me a small discount on the payment.”

The small woman felt a surge of excitement though her body as she uttered those words. She’d rehearsed them in her head so many times. No deal at the firm had ever made her turned-on. But what she was offering was not a normal deal. Thinking about it had made her aroused and eager.

Grigor knew none of that. The tough guy was not the sort to be harsh with a nice woman. He was prepared to listen to a reasonable offer. Angela was almost ready to make her big play.

“Well, I am trying to work with you on this,” she was saying. “I assure you that I’ve every intention of giving you what you need. What about a goodwill gesture from me?”

Angela could feel her heart thumping in her chest. This was a dangerous game and, yet, she was determined all the same. She knew her secret weapon would work. These were men, after all, and Angela knew the power she had over the other sex.

Grigor, too, perked up at the mention of something on top of the deal. Suddenly, this young woman had become a lot more interesting. She was a plucky sort. She had a cute little pixie face and a stunning little body underneath her sexy outfit.

“I am thinking about a special payment,” Angela offered with a sly grin.

“OK, I’m listening. You seem like a nice woman. What kind of payment are we talking about?”

“You know why I am here,” said Angela. “You know why the wife came and not the man who made the deal. You can see the way I am dressed. I know you and your men have enjoyed what you can see.”

Angela knew that she would never, ever feel like this with poor little Jeff. She could feel her cunt melting as she uttered those words. It was frightening and thrilling at the same time. Ange tried to keep her focus on Grigor. He was big and powerful. Just thinking about his cock was turning her on.

Grigor took a moment to get process everything. Was she really was offering a sexual favour? This little wife was being so upfront, so wanton, that he could scarcely believe it. She was offering sex as a way of getting her husband’s money back. That had never happened to him before. But his mind was still on business.

“That’s interesting,” he said cautiously. “But that doesn’t help my bosses.” The tough guy thought about it a bit more. “So this would be a personal deal. You suck me and my two guys. That’s worth one thousand dollars. I can’t afford more than that. You cannot afford any less.”

Grigor thought it a challenge to this little woman. He expected Escort bayan her to back down or run crying from the room. But he saw Angela move towards him.

“Lets do it,” she said with a grin. “I’ll suck you all and the deal will be done.”

Angela knew the deal was almost sealed. The gang leader had played along with her plan perfectly. What she could afford was her decision. The money was not the issue. She knew what she wanted from Grigor. Her offer was a reasonable one and she’d get what she wanted. She’d teach Jeff a lesson this night.

As she walked towards them, Angela tried to contain her excitement. Could they hear her heart racing? The fear she felt at being in front of these three men only made her feel hotter. She’d taken care of those three guys at the football club – so long ago. She had thought it could never happen again but this was even better. Grigor was a man of obvious power – the type she lusted after. She kept her eyes on him as she moved. Grigor was the boss and it seemed right to take him first.

“What a hot little bitch,” one of the thugs muttered.

Grigor heard and growled at his man.

“Enough,” he said. “Show some respect.”

Hearing that only fired Angela’s arousal higher. She liked his display of power. He had enormous physical strength. But he clearly was in charge and used his authority over his men easily. She’d long gotten excited by that sort of man. Grigor was the type of man that made her want to go to her knees.

Grigor was undoing his jeans. He was pulling his cock out. He thought it a final challenge. Maybe this time she’d flee.

But his easy confidence was making Angela even more determined. This was the moment she’d imagined for weeks. Feeling the gaze of those three bastards, she opened her shirt and bared her bra-less tits. Men always responded to that. She saw the look in their eyes. The excitement almost overwhelmed her. Her plan was flawless.

They crowded around her, their large bodies making her feel even tinier. She no longer felt fear. Even when dwarfed by these three large guys, Angela knew that her powers would work for her. She slipped to her knees and reached out for Grigor’s cock. All her nerves disappeared as she saw his beautiful meat.

Big! Nice and big! Even better was the fact to was not her husband’s penis. Now wonder she was so excited by it. Jeff’s cock had always been boring. But this new one was a real treat!

She stroked him, feeling him grow further and harden in her hand. Did all powerful men have such impressive cocks? And this one was such a beautiful specimen. She saw the way it curved slightly. She would take it now, the way she had taken other men who came to her with power and authority. Angela reached under it with her other hand. She cradled his balls and pulled the head of that wonderful cock to her lips.

“Oh, fuck. You’re game,” he muttered as Angela engulfed his cock.

All those wonderful memories came rushing back to Angela as she forced her mouth over Grigor’s meaty cock. She let herself think about her weapon that gave her control over men like this. Men and their cocks. She could barely fit half of the shaft into her mouth. The feeling of his power as Grigor throbbed between her lips only made Angela more excited. She was never this horny with her stupid husband.

Being on her knees for a cock was the best place for Angela. Sucking cocks was her life mission. Sometimes she did it for Jeff, too, but not tonight – this was a special performance that he’d never experience. It was thanks to Jeff that she was in the situation but the plan was not to reward him but punish him. Besides, Jeff had no chance of making Angela feel as good as this.

She let her drool lubricate the thick cock and stroked Grigor’s balls. She wanted him at his absolute best. And there was one other thing to take care of.

“Take a picture,” she said to Thug 1. “Then it will be your turn next.”

It was a thrill to see the flash of his phone as Thug 1 took the picture. There she was, on her knees and sucking a big cock. It was so easy, so natural. She had missed this more than she’d realised. Angela wanted more of Grigor before the night was out.

First, her plan was to take care of the other two. She knew it would be easy. Sucking cocks had been her life’s mission. Men and their cocks had responded to her from the very first time she’d taken one in her mouth. It was easy and natural to be on her knees for these three with their hard dicks.

She beckoned Thug 1 to her. His cock was not as impressive as that of his boss. But she liked the dark veins along his shaft. And what did size matter anyway? Jeff was smaller. And Angela had been thinking for days about performing oral sex on all three men. Sucking him deep, she fondled his balls, too. In between sucking the stranger, she stroked him expertly. Massaging her saliva up and down his pulsating shaft. She saw the way he was leaking semen. How amazing that made her feel. Angela knew her cunt was leaking.

“Cum for me,” she said to Bayan escort Thug 1, as she stroked his cock hard and fast.

Then, to make sure he knew what she wanted, Ange put his shaft back in her mouth. Angela had always been confident in her skills of pleasuring cocks. Her mouth felt exquisite and her hand stroked the base of the bastard’s shaft. She massaged his balls and moved her mouth lower onto his cock.

“I’m gonna cum,” he said, almost shocked.

Angela sucked harder and her reward came almost immediately. The cock in her mouth spurted hard and throbbed at the same time. Her mouth was flooded as the dirty bastard unleashed his seed and spewed his load into her soft, warm mouth.

“Oh, fuck,” cried Thug 1.

“Bravo,” was the comment from Grigor. He’d not figured on his men getting such a bonus. But it was plain to see that Angela was the star of the show.

Angela was in a frenzy. A stranger cumming in her mouth! How thrilling it was. She had never thought about herself as a captive to a good cock but it was true. This one tasted good and she greedily swallowed the lot. It was so long since she’d been treated like this. Three cocks and all for her. There was no stopping now.

Thug 2 was close by. The sight of Angela was almost too much and he was stroking his own cock.

“Don’t waste it,” she said aloud, beckoning to him.

In an instant, he was in front of her, thrusting his pole into her waiting mouth. What made it even better was Grigor, who moved behind her and grabbed her tits. The feeling of his strong hands on her tiny tits produced an involuntary moan. Oh yes, the dirty bastard wanted her. Why wait for her husband when these three men so obviously lusted after her tiny body?

Angela bobbed her head as the leader of the gang mashed her little boobs. Her nipples were long and hard and Grigor twisted and pulled on them. Angela imagined her cunt was dripping but never paused on the cock in her mouth. Squeezing tight with her lips, swirling her tongue around the shaft, stroking Thug 2 at the same time. She knew he’d not be far from his own explosion.

The plan called for her to drink three loads of cum and she was delighted when Thug 2 exploded and pumped his load into her throat. Angela held him for a few seconds, feeling the heat of his shaft and savouring the taste of his ejaculate. She loved to swallow a man’s cum. As she’d learned from the first, cum tasted better when it was a taboo.

Angela didn’t care what these men thought of her. She knew who was in charge and she was almost as thrilled by the success of her plan.

“Come on, boss man,” she said with a grin as she went to her knees.

She had saved the boss till last. Grigor had the biggest cock of them all. It bobbed slightly as he came in front of her. Ange gripped it gently and admired the bulk and the wonderful curve of the shaft. The head was large and soft. His hairy balls hung low.

“I saved the best till last,” she repeated, aloud.

This was even better than Mr Simpson. The cock in her mouth was every bit as impressive. But this man towered over her. He oozed physical power and Ange sensed it even through his marvelous cock. She sucked him hungrily.

Grigor was almost as excited as she was. He let the gorgeous slut stuff his cock into her mouth and felt the way she massaged his balls. She looked beautiful with her lips stretched around his heavy cock.

The camera flashed again as Ange worked Grigor deeper into her mouth. She’d never been photographed during a sex act but she liked it. The flashes added to the thrill of her disgraceful behavior. Angela loved being so slutty. And the photos were a key to her plan that night. Her husband would see them and know what she had done.

Grigor reached out and placed a hand on her head. He wanted to force himself deeper into that small, soft mouth. Angela heard herself groan as Grigor took control of her. How casually this man used her. Being taken by a powerful man had lost none of its excitement. Ange knew he could hurt her so easily, if he wished. But that was not why she sucked harder and faster on Grigor’s massive member.

“You’re a beautiful woman,” he muttered.

Angela hardly heard him. She was more interested in his cock – in extracting his tasty cum. looked up at him. She wanted the cum of the gang leader spewing down her throat. He did not let her down. He thrust harder, ramming into her sweet little mouth. Angela just had to hang on, knowing what was about to happen.

With a loud cry, the bastard gang leader blasted the first bolt of his semen into her mouth. It was like a jet. Ange almost choked. But there was no time as she felt him pulse again and another wad of cum splashed against the back of her mouth. He was cumming, using her mouth to empty his balls. It was her moment of triumph – she still had the talent to make three guys explode in her mouth. And this one, the boss, was the best of all as he pumped more and more semen into her mouth.

Angela neatly swallowed most of his cum. Escort But as he withdrew she displayed more of her skill, allowing a few drops to leak from the side of her mouth. Angela was proud of her cock-sucking ability. She felt still as if she had control over these men. A slutty display, letting some cum ooze over her lips, was guaranteed to make this night almost as memorable for them.

“So, remember that’s a thousand bucks of goodwill from me,” she said, trying not to sound too thrilled.

She had three loads of cum in her stomach and it was hard not to glow from the thought of what she’d just done. It had been crazy and dangerous. But no more than other times in her life. Giving oral sex to an older man, a man with authority, had been as thrilling as the professor or Mr Simpson.

“A thousand bucks to suck three guys,” agreed Grigor. “You did great by the way. But why do that so your husband earns a thousand bucks?”

“Its my deal now,” Angela reminded him. “I am running my end of things. So, the thousand bucks belongs to me.”

Buttoning her shirt, she set out another challenge for Grigor and his men.

“I think we should meet in two weeks. We can discuss some more goodwill gestures. It looks like you three can manage it.” She was on a roll. And her plan was working perfectly.

“Two weeks is fine. But it’ll take more than three headjobs,” Grigor said, trying to sound menacing. “Three headjobs doesn’t earn you another thousand.”

“I want the thousand.” Angela was trying not to grin. “If you want more from me, I can give you more.”

She was about to leave. But one last thing needed to be arranged.

“You can delete those photos in about an hour. But first, please make sure you send them to my idiot husband.”


Jeff was aghast when Angela told him what had happened.

“I made them promise to keep everything secret. But their leader, Grigor, made me suck him off or he threatened to expose us.”

Angela had no reason, yet, to tell Jeff she’d swallowed all three of them.

“I can’t believe it,” her husband was saying. The look on his face was priceless – terror and grief in equal measure. “I can’t believe I got you mixed up in this. Its like he raped you. We should go to the police so this doesn’t happen again.”

“No, Jeff, don’t you get it? I had to buy his silence. I’ve told you – we cannot afford for anyone to find out about this. It would be the end of my career.”

Jeff tried, again, to explain that he’d never meant to put Angela in danger. Her career was important to them both. But he wondered whether the price was too high. The police was the better option.

“Too late, Jeff” she shouted at him. “I told you at the start that this was a bad deal. And I told you they were dangerous men. And now you are stuck with this.”

Her anger was genuine. Despite the excitement of that night, she was still furious with Jeff for his stupidity. And for ignoring her advice.

Angela’s plan really kicked-in about twenty minutes later. That was the moment Grigor sent through two pictures to Jeff’s phone. She could hear his scream of anguish from the other end of the house. Two pictures of his beautiful, sweet wife being orally penetrated by the menacing figure of Grigor. He didn’t even notice that Grigor’s cock was so much bigger and harder. Nor did it occur to him that maybe Angela’s face showed how much she was enjoying the experience. Jeff repeated his demand that the police be involved – he didn’t want his wife being raped by the gang.

“Too late for that, Jeff. Way too late. You didn’t listen to me. And this is what’s happening as a result. You just have to suck it up.” She tried not to grin. “After all, I just did.”

She hardly slept that night. Jeff tossed and turned next to her. His mind kept turning with those fearful images and sleep eluded him for hours. Every so often he reached out to Angela, as if to comfort her. Or perhaps himself.

Angela rebuffed his advance each time. Her plan had worked so far. But it wasn’t completed, not by a long way. She wanted Jeff to understand that her anger had not dissipated. It was crucial that he learn the lesson she’d planned so carefully for him. Giving him comfort would undermine the humiliation she intended to deliver to her idiot husband.

For her part, Angela stayed on her side of the bed. His restlessness was not the only cause for her lack of sleep. Her mind and her body were still alive as she recounted over and over what she had done that evening. She’d sucked three guys and swallowed their loads. And Grigor, the boss of those dirty bastards, had turned her on. She’d gotten more excited than she’d expected. His physical size and his clear dominance over the other men fired her. And she recalled the thrill of feeling his thick cock in her mouth. It was a long time since Angela had enjoyed a cock that good. She thought about how Grigor would feel in her cunt.

Lying in bed, she needed badly to cum. But she refused to masturbate while her husband lay next to her. Angela had let other boys see her masturbate, but never Jeff. The one flaw in her plan was that sucking those three dirty bastards had left her horny and desperate. But there was no way to take care of that. It took hours until fatigue finally overcame her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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