The Auburn Forest

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I have always liked travelling in a quite unplanned way – just moving around here the mood takes me and seeing what I find. It makes you a bit vulnerable, but if you’ve got self confidence and a belief that you’re going to be okay, surprises can be fun.

On this occasion I was in Canada, which is a great place if you like nature and natural, grizzly men, which I do. I had arrived in Toronto and taken a train outside the city to a small town, just to see what happened.

I checked into a motel in the middle of nowhere and helped myself to all the literature I could find, intending to do some sightseeing the next day. It was all lakes and hunting lodges and fishing trips.

Next door to the motel was a bar that sold food, so I went there and had a burger and a beer. There was no one else there, just the young waiter, Stuart, who was keen to get all my details – where I was from and so on – because, I presumed, there was so little action around there that meeting a stranger was an exciting event.

“There’s a party tonight,” he said eventually. “My uncle John, just up the road. He often has things on Friday nights. Would you like that?”

I felt honoured to be invited.

“Sure,” I said. “Should I get a bottle of wine?”

“Get some beers,” Stuart advised. “They don’t do anything fancy around here.”

Stuart closed the place at 10 and drove us to the party. John’s house was a large wooden shack up a long, rough track in the forest. It was autumn and the air was getting cool, but the house was warm enough, with a big wood-burner in the main room. I was introduced to the gathering – exclusively male and full of beer bellies and beards. It was the sort of atmosphere that sent tremors of slightly fearful desire through me. The guys were friendly but I was certainly a novelty to them and I could feel them sizing me up, this smooth skinned British guy with the fancy clothes. I wasn’t exactly lavishly dressed – just nice shirt and black jeans, but in comparison with most of them I suppose I looked a bit of a dandy.

Uncle John showed me around the house, introducing me to his friends, then took me into the back yard.

“Ben,” he yelled at a large man who was relieving himself against a fence. Ben turned round, shaking the drops off his cock and casually zipping himself up. He had a shock of red hair, bursting at random from his head and in need of cutting. I averted my eyes from his disappearing cock as we walked towards him.

“Like you to meet Luke. He’s visiting from England.”

“Long way to come,” Ben said.

“I like travelling,” I said. “No hurry, just getting around, seeing things, meeting people.”

“Pleased aldatma porno to meet you,” Ben said, shaking my hand with the one that had just put his cock back in its lair.”

Someone called Uncle John from the house and he excused himself and left us in the yard. Ben and I leaned against a tree and discussed the UK and Canada. He had been in London once for a month, visiting relatives, and was a bit of an anglophile with a good knowledge of football teams and rock bands.

“Got some CDs in my car,” he said. “Wanna have a look?”

His car was under some trees off to the side of the yard.

We sat in his big pickup – everybody had a big pickup around there – and he showed me his pride and joy: CDs by some British heavy metal bands. It wasn’t my kind of thing, but I made appreciative noises as he put one on.

Without ceremony Ben placed a large, hairy hand on my thigh and squeezed it.

“You gay?” he said.

I shook my head.

“Me neither,” he said with a smile. “But I do like to get a blow job now and then and as you can see, there ain’t too many women in these parts.” He looked into my eyes to see if the message was getting through.

“Me and some of the guys help each other out. When it’s your turn to give, you just do it. When you’re receiving, just close your eyes and enjoy.”

“Very civilized,” I found myself saying, and he slid his hand up to the bulge in my jeans.

“I bet you’d like to show me your cock,” Ben said, feeling my stirring member. I nodded feebly.

“Then show me,” Ben said. “Or do you want to see mine first?”

Again I nodded and he calmly unzipped his big, loose jeans and pulled out an enormous erection, with a pretty skirt of orange pubes.

“Your turn,” Ben said. I fumbled with my zip and my tight jeans and eventually pulled out my own penis, hard and eager even though I was scared shitless.

“Nice,” said Ben. “You want me to suck that?” Without waiting for a reply he put a big hairy hand on it and followed up with his round, ruddy face. He took my cock in his mouth and sucked it hard.

“You like that?” he asked. “Ever been sucked off in a pickup under the trees before?”

I sort of chuckled, but in a nervous way.

“Now I want you to suck my cock,” Ben said flatly. He wasn’t threatening, but I felt it might go that way if I didn’t comply with his wishes. I lowered my head into his lap and gently took that huge sexual organ in my mouth. It was so big I could hardly accommodate it.

“Fuck, you’re a big guy,” I said.

“Wait till you feel it in your ass,” he said happily. “You ensest porno do want it in your ass, don’t you?” This wasn’t a question, but a statement, put there for confirmation. I said nothing.

“I think we should go,” Ben said. “Only thing interesting about that party is you, and since you’re with me we might as well have the show at my place.”

He drove fast and confidently, occasionally touching my package as he slowed for junctions.

“I live with my brothers,” he told me. “Seth and Pat. They’re home right now. They’ll be pleased to have some company too.”

We pulled into the driveway of a modern house that sat on its own just off the main road.

The front room was sweltering, with a big log fire blazing. Seth and Pat looked just like Ben: big hairy guys, but while he was clean shaven, they each had a beard.

Ben introduced me and got us both a beer, then looked at me.

“Damn, too hot in here,” he said, gesturing towards the stairs. “Cooler up there.”

“Up there” were three bedrooms and a bathroom. He led me into the biggest room.

“They’re good boys, the twins,” he said, closing the door behind him and taking his shirt off. He had a broad, muscular chest covered with red hair, which was on his shoulders and back too. As he slipped his trousers down I saw that the hair continued down his body, tapering neatly around his loins in a symmetrical pattern. It was beautiful, fascinating and incredibly sexy. My eyes wandered down his body, past the cock I had already sucked and down his legs, which were also lush forests of ginger.

It occurred to me that, as I had already sucked his cock and he had sucked mine, he now presumed he could do whatever he liked.

“Take your clothes off,” he said authoritatively.

I undressed until my smooth white body stared at him. He climbed onto the high, king-size bed and lay on his side, his head up on one crooked hand.

“Come here, Luke”, he murmured. “Don’t be shy. You’re just going to suck my cock again and then we’ll get down to business.”

I moved obediently to the bed and abandoned myself to his solid, beautifully upholstered body and his sheer presence, his mastery. I ran my hands over his hairy back and chest and stomach and I took that big cock in my mouth and loved it as excitingly as I could. It was so hard, so powerful. He had said he was going to fuck me and I was filled with expectation and trepidation. I sucked his penis and felt his hairy balls and licked his sweaty crotch.

“Ben,” I said, trembling. “I want to lick your arse.”

“You want to lick my ass?” he repeated, enjoying the thought, escort porno the prospect and my adoration that made me want such a thing. “Okay, Luke,” he said slowly, turning onto his knees and presenting himself to me. “You may lick my ass.”

I gazed in wonderment at his muscular legs, his sculpted buttocks, his belly sagging slightly and his thrilling, animal male parts, his big hairy balls hanging like those of a huge dog, and the rapier-like angle of his erect penis.

I put my depraved face against his rump and I licked the man’s anus. The aroma, the feel of the crinkled, hidden skin, the taste of this most manly of men’s bottom: I was in heaven. I stayed there for what seemed like hours but was probably only minutes, lost in a world of lust and abject submission. My tongue and my nose and even my chin were involved in this, worshiping this insanely exciting creature’s arse.

“Fuck,” he said eventually. “You trying to eat me alive? I’ve heard of guys like you but I’ve never met one before. You in love with my asshole?”

“I am,” I said. “I love licking your arse.”

“Well you can do it some more another time,” he said kindly. “But right now I need to fuck you. Get on your back.”

I lay on my back and he lifted my legs, showing me how he wanted me. He spat into my exposed anus and worked his saliva into my hole, the found a sachet of lube and used that on me and his cock. Then he lay his big heavy powerful devilish angelic body on top of me. I could feel the brush of hair against my nipples, my stomach and the back of my legs. His mighty cock bobbed against my hole.

The funny thing was, I didn’t feel effeminate at all – until he kissed me. There, naked in his bed, adoring the feel of his body, I was suddenly kissed by this dominant man and as I kissed him back I felt like his mate, as though my body had been created for his pleasure, the fulfillment of his animal desires.

And then that powerful penis pushed at my entrance and my anus received it with delight. He pushed his enormous cock head and that long, stout shaft inside me. The feeling was incredible. This monster was inside me, invading my personal space, claiming every inch of me, inside and out, as his own. He felt huge in my cavity and I surrender every vestige of self to him as he thrilled me with his body. I was in the forest, being fucked by a wolf.

Ben’s titanic penis ploughed me until I was on the brink of madness. He pounded me, his wonderful balls flapping against me, faster and faster, harder and harder until suddenly he tensed, ground himself into me like a hammer drill in a wall and I felt him spasm as he shot his spunk inside me. His spunk, his semen, his cum, flooding into my arse and then, as he climbed off, leaking out of my crack to remind me what a slut I was. But I was proud of it. If having Ben’s sperm trickling out of my arse because he had squirted it in there made me a slut, then slut I would be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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