The Aunts Ch. 01

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It had all started the night before. The night my Aunt KK had snuck into my room after getting drunk with my mom and my Aunt Cathy.

Aunt KK had crawled into my bed and pressed her big, soft ass up against me. It got even better from there.

Now I was awake and realizing Aunt KK had already gotten up and snuck out. I hadn’t expected her to still be there, pressing up against me, but I was disappointed she was gone. It all felt like a dream.

I got up and stumbled my way downstairs and into the kitchen. My mom was making herself some coffee when I got there. “Morning, sleepy head.”

“Morning,” I mumbled.

“Everyone’s been up but you.”

I grumbled my acknowledgement that I had slept in. I wasn’t a morning person.

“Where’s Aunt KK?” I asked.

“She loaded up the girls and left early. Kinda ran out of here. I was expecting her to stay all day. I guess that shit heel of a husband texted her and she’s gonna go running back. Girl will never learn.”

Yeah, maybe. Or maybe she couldn’t face her sister when she’d just let her nephew fuck her brains out. But of course, I kept that to myself.

My mom was a beautiful woman. She had long honey blond hair, playful green eyes, and a nice tan complexion. She was tall and what most people would have called thick. She wasn’t fat but she had some padding in some right places, mostly her ass and her breasts.

All of this was being brought to my attention by the fact that she was only wearing a thin white V-neck t-shirt that came down to just barely cover her butt cheeks, which were also being covered in light purple panties, and no bra. I could tell because I could see her large dark nipples through her shirt.

It dawned on me that my mother had always dressed this way, or not dressed this way, and I just hadn’t noticed. Ok, I really had. But I was noticing a lot more this morning after waking up with a raging boner and hoping I could have put that boner in my aunt. But my aunt had left. And now my attention was on the most beautiful woman that I knew, my own mother. The fact that I was eighteen and would have fucked anything with a hole factored in too I’m sure.

But eighteen or not, my mother was a beauty. And those dark nipples seemed to be staring straight at me.

Luckily, she didn’t notice me noticing her as she fixed her coffee and I ate a bowl of cereal.

“I just hope she doesn’t cancel on us and still goes on the cruise,” mom said.

“That’d be just like that creep to not let her go.”

I shrugged. I didn’t know what to say. We were all scheduled to go on a cruise together in a couple of weeks and of course I wanted Aunt KK to go. Being with her away from home would be a dream come true. I hoped. Or it would a nightmare if she never spoke to me again, or worse told my mom what had happened. I didn’t think she would do that, but I guess you never now.

“Well, we better get ready,” my mom said, still trying to make conversation with me.

“For what?”

“For everyone to come swimming, silly. Don’t you remember. Your Aunt Cathy is coming over with the girls.”

The truth was I hadn’t remembered much about much. I had been pretty focused on current events and completely forgotten that it was sort of a family day. Ugh. My Aunt Cathy brought her daughters over a few times in the summer to swim and hangout. Like we wouldn’t all get enough of each other in two weeks when we took a vacation. As much I was desperate for Aunt KK to go on the cruise, especially now that I hoped we could repeat our performance, I was just as desperate for Aunt Cathy and her daughters not to go.

They were all bitches.

Well, Lily wasn’t. But Aunt Cathy and Stephanie were.

Now it was midafternoon and the bitches, plus Lily were here. Plus my other cousin, Aunt Cathy’s son.

Everyone was swimming in our pool, eating our food, drinking our drinks, and having a grand old time. Everyone but me. I was miserable.

I had really hoped Aunt KK would come back, but she hadn’t. She’d apparently texted my mom and the only thing she’d said was that she’d see us later and she had some stuff to do and work out.

My mom and my Aunt Cathy had been talking about her ever since. I just wanted to be alone, but I knew my mom would be pissed if I didn’t participate. So I was sitting by the pool holding a book up, pretending to read and thinking about my Aunt KK and what we’d done. Or really replaying over and over the feel of her tight pussy wrapped gaziantep escort bayan around me. It had felt like a dream. One I wanted to have again.

But I wasn’t going to have that dream right now. So I was bored and pissed. I watched everyone swim in the pool and noticed my cousins.

Lily was the good one. She was about a year older than me, nineteen, with long dark hair and kind of chubby. She had inherited Aunt Cathy’s looks. She certainly wasn’t ugly. But she wasn’t that pretty either. She had no ass to speak of, but what she lacked in ass she made up for in boobs. My god they were huge. I watched her swim and play in her one-piece suit behind my sunglasses and wondered how the hell those things didn’t knock her out. They had to be 44 double d’s or something. I had heard my mom mention once that Aunt Cathy was thinking of getting her a breast reduction. I guess people did that but it seemed like a waste to me. Some guy was gonna lose his dick between those things one day and be glad for it and would be depressed one day when he saw a picture of those melons and he had never gotten to see them firsthand. I wondered what they even did with breasts they reduced anyway. Throw the extra away. Gross.

Lily was sweet and I liked her. I smiled at her when she smiled at me from the pool from time to time and politely told her I was good when she’d motioned for me to come in.

Stephanie was the terror. Stephanie was older, around twenty-one and hadn’t inherited Aunt Cathy’s looks, but had gotten more of the same genes that my mom and Aunt KK must have gotten. She was a knockout with long blond hair. And almost the perfect ass. It was big, there was no doubt. But not too big. And in her bikini it looked perfect. She had smooth flawless skin and looked like a model. The only thing that lacked was her breasts seemed a little small for her frame, but I had no doubt she’d get that corrected. I was pretty sure she wanted to have her pictures all over Instagram and crap like that. I was sure because I followed her and looked at them. Stephanie was beautiful. And she knew it. And she knew I knew it and tried to flaunt it at me, and every other guy she knew, all the while hating me at the same time.

But whatever. They couldn’t hold a candle to Aunt KK. She’d been the only thing on my mind other than a few glances at Stephanie and Lily. I couldn’t get her off my mind.

While deep in thought about all of that, my mom sat down beside me. She had on a bikini and it was struggling to hold her large breasts in. I noticed and shifted so she wouldn’t see that I had noticed.

“Hey, put this on my back will you?” she said and handed me a bottle of suntan oil.

I shifted so I could rub the lotion on without stabbing her in the back with my dick and squirted some in my hand.

“So what’s up?” she asked. “You’ve been quiet today.”

“Oh not much, just tired I guess.”

“Tired?” mom said. “You were in your room all night and slept late.”

I shrugged. “Video games.”

She rolled her eyes and bent her head down so I could get her neck.

Mom had the smoothies skin. It was golden brown and thought it was the perfect color. I made her hair and her green eyes stand out. She had a smattering of brown freckles on her shoulders and neck that were quite sexy.

I rubbed my hands on her shoulders and back and down to her lower back.

“Be careful,” she said with a small groan. “I might make you massage me if you keep that up.”

I didn’t say anything, because the only thing that popped into my mind to say was hell yeah, and I didn’t figure that would go over too well, so I rubbed up her back and then back down and pressed my thumbs into her lower back.

She pressed back into my hands so I put a little more lotion on and continued to rub her. I rubbed up her back and down again, this time pushing my hand under the strap of her bikini. I shifted on the chair and looked down her shoulder the mound that was her breast. It was large and looked like the softest thing I’d ever seen.

Maybe being with Aunt KK had me horny, but my mother was sexy woman I was more than happy to notice it.

I rubber her some more and then she stopped me. She turned to look at me and patted my hand.

“Thanks, babe. That felt amazing. I better go find you Aunt Cathy before she drinks all my liquor.” She winked and got up and went inside. I sat there in the chair still feeling my mom’s warm skin in my hands.

Damn. gaziantep eve gelen escort Those breasts. They were amazing. I sat there a while and pretended to read but all I could think about was my mom. I needed some release. I got up and went inside and headed toward my room. I stopped at my bathroom and went in without thinking.

My cousin Stephanie was sitting on the sink with nothing on holding her tits in one hand and her phone in the other.

It took us both a second to realize what was happening. But in that second I got a good look. She had an amazing body, and even though those tits were small, her ass was stupendous.

While I was in my reverie and looking at her smooth thighs and those small perky tits she screamed, “Get out, asshole! Don’t you knock.”

I couldn’t think to say anything other than, “It’s my fucking bathroom,” before she jumped off the sink, giving me a good view of her completely shaved pussy, and slammed the door in my face.

I stood there in shock and awe for a few seconds. Then decided I really needed a release.

I went to my bedroom and shut the door and laid on my bed. I pulled my cock out from my swim trunks and went to town stroking it.

My mind raced. My Aunt KK. My mom. Stephanie. Hell, even Lily and Aunt Cathy popped up for a few seconds here and there. They both had large tits and I wondered what it would be like to titty fuck them both.

I kept trying to think of Aunt KK or seeing Stephanie naked but my mom kept popping back up. Over and over all I could think about was her in her white t-shirt and purple panties with her nipples showing, or her in her bikini and the feel of her skin and the way her breasts had looked.

Over and over I kept imagining my mom sliding down those purple panties and showing me her pussy. Letting me put my face in her ass and lick her from behind. Or I imagined her pulling her bikini top off and putting her nipples in my mouth and stroking me while I sucked on them.

I had no idea how long I’d been stroking when suddenly my door popped opened and my mom was standing there in nothing but her bikini.

I guess because I had been imagining just that, I didn’t realize it was real. I didn’t make a move to put my cock away or anything. Just took in the shocked look on her face.

“Oh god,” she said and she stepped into my room and shut the door. We looked at each other for a second and I dawned on me that this was real. That this was really happening. My mother had just caught me jerking off. I panicked and threw my shorts over my cock just as she turned around.

“Oh god, baby, I’m sorry. I… Uh… didn’t mean to see that.” I stammered something like “Whaaaattttaaa…”

“I was just looking for you. You’ve been all alone all day and all night and I was worried.” She started to laugh. “But I guess I see what’s been up.”

I blushed as she turned around tentatively to see if it had dawned on me to put my cock away.

I really couldn’t tell if she was happy I had put it away or not.

“Just come down stairs when you can, ok,” she said. “No hurry.”

I took a few minutes and figured that I couldn’t finish the job. Not after my mom had seen me. It would be even more embarrassing if she thought I finished. I headed downstairs and hoped no one would notice me.

I pretty much sat on the couch and watched t.v. the rest of the day, making a point to be seen around. I didn’t want to see Stephanie or my mom or anyone, but they came and went throughout the afternoon. Occasionally, my mom would pass through in her bikini and give me a pat on my foot or something. I wanted to hide. After dinner Aunt Cathy left with the girls and it was just me and mom. I hoped she’d retire for the night and leave me alone. I’d been embarrassed enough. I went out to the patio and slipped into the hot tub. The warm water felt good and relaxed me. I needed to relax since my balls were aching from not finishing before I was busted earlier.

I put my head back and tried to relax when I felt someone get into the water next to me.

It was my mom.

Her honey colored hair was dark and floating on the water. Her large breasts looked like they were floating as well.

“How you doing?” she asked me.

“I’m good. Just tired. Ready for bed.” I hoped that would let her know that I didn’t want to talk.

“Listen,” she said. “I want to clear the air about earlier.”

“Mom, gaziantep evi olan escort please don’t.”

“No, I want to. I should have knocked. You’re a young man and deserve your privacy. You’ve just been so quiet lately. I’m worried. Is everything ok?”

“Yeah, it’s fine,” I said.

“Ok. I just didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

We sat in silence for a while and I closed my eyes so I wouldn’t have to look at her tits hovering on top of the water.

“You know it’s natural, right,” she said.

I wasn’t thinking. “What’s that?”


If I had been drinking something I would have spit it out.


“Well it is. Don’t be a prude. I know you saw Stephanie taking one of her Instagram pictures naked. Cathy says she does it day and night. Any new place and it’s bam naked pic time. Cathy was pissed. Not at you, but at Stephanie, for doing it here. I don’t care. I think it’s funny. She just want’s attention.”

I was sweating. “Yeah, she does.”

“Well, just know it’s ok. Even though she’s your cousin, you can like seeing her naked.”

“Mom. It wasn’t that, ok.”

She shrugged like she didn’t believe me and we sat in silence for a while listening the to the crickets and watching the last bit of sunset turn to darkness.

“Was it Lily?” she asked after a while. “Because I saw you looking at her tits.” If I could have died, I would have.

“Mom! Where is this coming from? You caught me jerking off, ok, fine. But it wasn’t them ok. Why would you say that.”

“Well I just saw you with a boner all day and then I caught you doing that. I guess I thought you were attracted to your cousins. Sorry for asking. Guess if it wasn’t them it was Aunt Cathy.”

She cackled like a she had said the funniest thing in the world. I tried to look mad.

“I mean the only other woman here was me. And I know you’re not looking at your old mother like that.”

I didn’t know if she was fishing for a compliment or not.

“You’re not old.”

She smiled. “Maybe it was putting lotion on me. It’s fine if it was. It’s natural. I just don’t want you to be embarrassed.”

I groaned. “This conversation is embarrassing. Please stop.”

We sat for a moment then she looked down. “He’s not too embarrassed.” She was pointing at my crotch. I was hard as a rock. I had been thinking of when I put the lotion on her, her smooth skin under my hands.

“Oh god.”

“Please don’t be embarrassed,” she said.

I was completely embarrassed.

She looked at me and said. “Tell me who you were thinking about in there.”

I was shocked. I was surprised she wanted to know.

“I can’t,” I said.

My mom moved over and got close to me. “Please. I won’t mind. Was it Stephanie?”

I shook my head. “Lily?”

I shook my head.

She smiled. “Aunt Cathy?”

I hesitated and she laughed.


I nodded slowly. We were touching now and I wasn’t sure when that had happened. She was right next to me, her body pressed against mine. I could feel her breasts pressing into me.

“Did you finish?”

I shook my head.

Slowly, she moved her hand under the water and onto my thigh. I could smell her suntan lotion and it smelled wonderful. She moved her hand under my trunks and up to my balls.

“You were thinking of your mother when you jacked off?”

I nodded.

She wrapped her light, delicate fingers around my shaft.

“Were you going to cum, thinking of your mother? Thinking of me?”

I nodded.

I wasn’t sure where this had come from. Where this was going. I had never seen my mother act like this.

“I notice you noticing me,” she said. “But you’re eighteen so I guess you notice women now.”

She moved her fingers up and down my shaft and I laid my head back. She put her mouth to my ear and I could feel her hair laying all over me.

“Cum for me, baby. Let me help you.”

I was close. She started stroking my cock up and down.

“Don’t say anything,” she whispered.

I hadn’t planned on it. She stroked faster and faster and with her whispering in my ear and her breasts pressed up against me I wasn’t going to last long.

“Think about putting that lotion on me. It got me so hot. I loved being rubbed.” I did think about it. About my hands all over her. While she stroked my cock. I tensed up and she knew we were getting there.

“Yes, baby. Cum.”

I did, too. I groaned and felt my balls let go and could feel the cum shoot out and into the water and into my trunks with her hand gripping me.

She pulled her hand from my shorts and looked at me. I couldn’t believe it. Then suddenly she got a strange look on her face and she stood up from the hot tub and got out. All I could see was her ass jiggling as she ran inside.

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