The Awakening Ch. 02

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Great sex and an open, non-judgmental partner, what more could you ask for in a lover?

Sam and I continued to talk, explore and enjoy each other, but there was still an underlying issue that kept rearing it’s head at the oddest of times. Sam would share with me what he liked about me and I could not believe him. No matter how often we talked, when he told me he thought I was HOT or any other kind description, I assumed he was saying so just because he was nice. I kept telling him he would get lucky whether he said those things or not, but he just couldn’t understand why I didn’t believe him.

Sam would tell me how he was sure others saw me and I couldn’t believe that either. Sam told my that he knew there were men who were cumming on their bellies just at the thought of me. I certainly couldn’t buy that. For some, unknown reason, I had grown up with very low self esteem. (If you don’t know why that is, read The Awakening, Part 1 and it all may become clear to you.) I like to think Sam was just trying to be nice, but truth be told he was wise enough to know that if we were going to be able to act on any of the fantasies we were both interested in exploring, I was going to need to see myself in a different light. I now know that Sam also just wanted me to be happy with myself so that I could make my own dreams come true also.

So, what kind of image did I have of myself? I felt like I was one of those people that no one ever looked at. I wore big clothes to hide myself. I walked through life with my head down. And I never, never would have thought anyone would find me attractive. I am sure that you all know someone who fits this description and has the same poor body image. So, is this the time to tell you that I am 5’3″, weigh 108 pounds with long auburn hair and blue eyes and I wear a DD cup? How do you change this kind of image? Sam accepted this challange and took me on a journey of sorts; a journey of self discovery.

He began by reminding me of all of my past experiences and how those men (boys really) probably felt about me. That was a little difficult for me to buy. Then he shared with me what he thought the first time he saw me and how he wanted to fuck me from the moment he met me. While very exciting, I could explain this away as pure, unadulterated lust. Until we took a trip out of the country.

One day we were walking along the veranda of the hotel when the mood struck us and before I knew it, we were making out. Sam undid the tie of my bikini top and ran his hands over my tits gently caressing them and filling his hands to overflowing. Then he bent down and took my nipples in his mouth and sucked until I was so hot I couldn’t keep my hands out of his pants. He turnmed me around, placing my back against his chest and whispered in my ear to open my eyes and check out my fans. As I opened my eyes, I noticed a construction site in front of us. On this site were many men who could not be considered workers because they had stopped what they were doing and were watching Sam as he caessed my nipples and moved his hand slowly down along my stomach to my pussy, pulling down my bikini bottoms some as he did, showing my bald pussy and his fingers as they circled my clit. Sam continued to whisper encouraging words in my ear as he kissed and carressed me. I figured at this point that turn about was fair play…I turned around, pulled down Sam’s pants and took his cock in my mouth and sucked atakent escort and licked and stroked it until he came so hard he almost passed out.

Having so many admiring fans was definitely a confidence builder, but what man wouldn’t look at any naked woman standing there? Sam and I had discovered how much I really enjoyed having my body seen and receiving complimentary comments. So, we found another outlet for me to show myself off and to get comments to build my confidence. Sam and I took some pictures out in public one day as I slowly undressed for him. We put them on an internet site and allowed people to make comments about them. To my surprise, I received quite a few positive comments, ok in the interest of honesty I have to say I received all positive comments. Not only were the comments about how I looked, but many were of what those men and women would like to do to me. It was an eye opener for me and, damn, was it HOT. It also made Sam hot to read the comments and to receive some very special pictures all of his own.

I took some pictures of myself for Sam as I slowly stripped and as I pleasured myself and placed them on the website for him to view. Sam chose a few of these and put them in the albums for others to view. Damn if the positive comments didn’t continue. Sam kept pointing out that these people didn’t know me and didn’t have to say anything nice, but they were….I wonder why that is?

Next, Sam took me shopping. (Now, I tell you ladies, doesn’t he sound perfect? What girl doesn’t want to go shopping.) We talked about what type of clothes I felt good in and he shared what he felt I looked good in. We agreed on a short skirt (I apparently have long legs) and a semi-see thru blouse with no bra (playing up my assets you could say). As we window shopped, he would point out all of the men who were looking at me. He would point them out, but I would never look at them, again I still didn’t quite believe him and I was worried it would break my heart if I believed him and found him to be wrong. Finally, after many trips, I began to look at the men he pointed out and I started noticing he was right. In fact, I even found there were some women who were looking as well. Not those “what a slut” kind of looks I expected to see, but more admirable looks. Who woulda thought I would be interested in those looks also, but I have to say, that was very enlightening.

One day as we walked through the mall, Sam pointed out that a man was following us. As we walked into different stores, he would wait patiently outside and then follow us to our next destination. We walked into one store with a glass store front and I bent down low and picked up something from a low shelf looking back at my new “fan” as I did. Of course, he would have had a great show up under my very short skirt at the very small thong that run up between the cheeks of my ass. I caught him looking directly at me with a smile on his face.

Sam and I left that store and continued through the mall, all the while Sam was encouraging me to look at the guy and smile and maybe give him a little show. The next time I saw him standing outside the store, I walked toward him, safely from my side of the window, and I unzipped my sweater very slowly until the zipper reached my navel. I then gently reached in and rubbed my hand over my boobs, all the while pretending I was pondering akbatı escort purchasing the blankets in front of me. I looked up to see his reaction and he just turned and walked away really fast. Sam assured me that I had given him a hard on and he was escaping before I could recognize it. That day was quite an awakening for me.

What else could we do? Sam had lots of ideas. He and I would go for drives. Sam loves to have access to touch, nuzzle, caress and taste me as we are driving, so I sit in the car with shirt unbuttoned and my mini skirt pulled up high showing some very small panties which are usually pulled over to the side where Sam places them so that he can caress my clit and taste my nectar. One day as we were driving, Sam pulled up along a commercial truck and slowed down right next to the driver’s door, then he slowly pulled forward. We had talked about trying to catch a fan this way and I thought it would be HOT, but I didn’t really think it would happen. As we drove that day, I looked out the window to see that the truck we had just passed was speeding up and was driving along beside us again. Tom looked up at the driver and began opening my shirt wider to show him my tits as he pulled forward again. Again, the driver pulled up beside us.

I was scared to death, I couldn’t do anything but look at Sam as he reached down and stuck his hand inside my panties and rubbed my pussy. WIth Sam there I had this special kind of confidence so I just kept watching him and reaching over to rub his leg. Sam could probably see the fear of God in my eyes as he asked me to look at the driver and wave. I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t. So Sam pulled forward and accelerated away from the trucker. I have to admit, the thought that someone saw me and liked what they saw was such a turn on. To my surprise, when Sam reached down to rub my pussy he found that I was soaking wet. I was so wet, I was leaving nectar stains on the car seat. It had turned me on so much though I hadn’t realized it. And the best part turned out to be how much it turned Sam on. We had amazing and wild sex after that event.

The next time we found a fan driving a truck, I happened to be driving. The scenario was much the same except that I was required to do what Sam suggested. (We have this game that if I don’t do what I am told the first time, he will ask me to do something much more wild than he originally asked for, I have found it a good idea to follow his bidding on the first request.) On this day, Sam asked me to pull up next to the trucks and slowing down so that they could get a good view before slowly pulling away, and to give the drivers a chance to catch up for another view should they choose. This time our fan caught up with us several times and watched as Sam showed him my tits and pinched and rolled my nipples before showing him my pussy. As I sped up for the last time to pull away from him I looked over and waved. The driver looked at me and waved back as I drove off.

As we sped away, I looked over at Sam and the look on his face was priceless. He was completely amazed, probably as amazed as I was that I had waved to that driver. Again, I was so wet that I was just about floating off of my seat. Part of that wetness could be attributed to finding and playing with my fan, but a good part of it was because I knew that I had made Sam so hard he was close to exploding.

Though aksaray escort these driving experiences were fun, I had told Sam I was much more comfortable in a one-to-one type situation where I didn’t worry about offending someone. So, for lunch one day we decided to hit a local spot known to be a hang out for swingers. I was wearing my now usual outfit: mini skirt; tiny, see-thru panties; and see thru shirt with no bra. Before we went into the restaurant, we had shared a private moment of passion in the car. Sam was kissing me and I was doing everything possible to keep from climbing into his lap while he rubbed my clit, making me cum over and over and over again. Just when I thought I was going to rip his clothes off, Sam stopped and got out of the car stating we should have some lunch. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I told you that I was so HOT I thought my clothes were going to spontaneously cumbust. But, I knew I would be well rewarded by Sam if I went along without too much complaint.

Sam and I entered the restaurant and found just a few patrons at the bar. We took a seat at a high table just off the end of the bar; Sam choosing my seat to give me the best opportunity to be seen. As we ate, several more customers came in, mostly men and mostly senior. There was one guy though….this guy was sitting at the bar, reading his paper and waiting for his lunch to be delivered. Occasionally, I would see him glance in my direction. Each time, he looked, the glances got longer. As the glances got longer I got braver and before long I would stare at him for as long as he watched me. I caught his eye and smiled several times. Sam encouraged me to uncross my legs and spread them a little, giving this gentleman a hint of what was under my skirt.

I was sure that from his spot, it looked like I was all legs and there was a glimps of what mystery waited under my very short skirt. The gentleman’s lunch was delivered and it seemed to take for ever for him to finish his sandwhich and fries as he attempted to prolong his lunch at least until we were done.

Finally, Sam and I finished our lunch and we headed out of the restaurant, walking right past my new friend. As I walked past him, I made sure to meet his gaze. When we got back to the car, Sam opened my door for me and watched me as I climbed in. Of course, as I slid into my seat I opened my legs to give him a peek at my very wet pussy that was waiting for his touch. As Sam enjoyed his treat, he got a huge grin on his face that I couldn’t explain. When he could finally speak, Sam lifted my skirt and showed me what he had seen when I got in the car, and what the man at the bar was seeing also…apparently, while we played before lunch, Sam had slid my panties to the side to give him access to my very wet love box, and they had never been slid back. No wonder the guy at the bar was staring and smiling, he was staring directly into heaven while I assumed he was imagining what my pussy would look like.

The thought of this made Sam so hot we nearly climbed into the back seat of the car right there in the parking lot. I definitely wanted to! Thank goodness Sam was able to find some sense of reasoning and we decided to find a more remote spot to celebrate my new fan.

So, what did I learn from these experiences? I learned that I enjoyed exhibitionism and actually voyerism as well. I learned that watching me show off made Sam so hot he couldn’t keep his hands off of me. I learned that self-esteem was a personal thing that could be built. And finally, I learned that I had some very big interest in pursuing some fantasies with Sam. Fantasies that included sex in public places, and sex with multiple partners at the same time. I wonder what I will learn next? Keep reading to find out…

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