The Awakening of Christine

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This is a true story, although I’m fine if you don’t believe that. Either way, I hope you enjoy it.

My wife, Chris, and I live in an urban center on the east coast. We’re both successful lawyers who work downtown and have been married for 15 years; 14 of them in total monogamy. I am 50 years old and she is my second wife.

Chris, who is 38, stands 5’5″ tall, has short brunette hair, 116 lbs., beautiful legs with breasts in total proportion to her body; a lovely figure with a defined, European face…big eyes and soft lips. (Her parents came from Sweden.) We don’t have any children by choice. And though she dated a little in high school and as a freshman in college, I am the only man with whom she has been sexual since she was 19.

I love Chris very much and we have a wonderful relationship, helped by the open and honest communication between us since we met. That communication, though, took an interesting turn a few months ago, which eventually led us on an unexpected path concerning our love and sexuality.

We’ve always had a good sex life. Although a bit conservative and reserve, Chris was always in touch with her sensual side. She presents herself with class; wearing the best labels from the fashion world. For work she usually wears dark suit top, skirt, and sheer, light-tan pantyhose. (Remember she is a lawyer!) If you saw her downtown with the other lawyers, you would think she fit right in…think one of those DA Assistants on “Law and Order.” Got it?

Earlier this year we read an article on that stated 13 million women were checking out Internet porn sites at least once each month. This intrigued us, especially Chris. During our marriage we never really watched porn except for once in a hotel room. It was soft porn, with a pretty stupid plot, so we weren’t really into it. Because of the article, though, we started conversing about. Then the conversation faded away, replaced by other issues of day-to-day living.

Then, a month later, Chris brought the topic of porn up again over dinner and wine at our favorite French restaurant. She said she was still curious about watching pornography and she found the idea of doing so like going for the “forbidden fruit.” After some more wine and chatting, she surprised me when she asked if I had ever fantasized about sleeping with another woman. I said of course, sometimes, but I didn’t feel I could actually do it. I asked Chris the same question.

“Sometimes I think what it would be like,” she said. “Remember, I didn’t have any lovers before I met you. Anyway, I’m just curious.” I asked if there was anyone today who particularly attracted her. She laughed, a bit nervously, and said, “None of your business!” I’ve known Chris too long to not understand that, obviously, there was. But in a funny way that kind of turned me on!

All next week I couldn’t forget about our talk. And as I watched her dress for work in the morning, covering her smooth firm body with the soft nylon and silk lingerie she wears below her “all-business” outfits, I wondered what was in her mind. I also had to remember that although I’ve slowed down a bit in terms of my libido, she was entering the prime of desire.


We agreed to try and spice up our sex life a little. After work one day, I visited a “sex” retail store and came out with a DVD and vibrator Ataşehir Escort shaped like a penis. The video was, “Life, Love, Lust.”-which was produced by a woman for women.

That night we got cozy in front of the flat screen with some wine and started watching the film. As the video played, I could sense Chris’ arousal as the characters started making love. She particularly seemed to enjoy the men. Of course they were young studs; built with muscles and largely endowed. We didn’t touch much during the film…I think we both felt a little uncomfortable…but the DVD seemed to be doing its job-the love we made that night was as passionate as the first time we slept together. But there were some differences.

For one thing, we used a vibrator for the first time. It was pink (for whatever reason,) and perfectly mimicked an actual penis. Its thickness was average, like mine, but its length was about 8″ and, thus, larger than mine.

As I kissed Chris, I ran the vibrating object over the lips of her vagina. After a few minutes she surprised me when she took hold of the toy and started using it on herself, eventually inserting it and masturbating next to me until she hit orgasm. I had never seen her take control of her own sexuality as that night. It was amazing to witness.


We talked about our experience the next day over breakfast. It was clear by her words that she was very moved by what had happened. Chris said she felt “liberated” when she pleased herself next to me as I only watched. But she worried that I felt left out. I told her, on the contrary, it was one of the most sensual and erotic moments I had ever spent with her.

Over the next days, Chris seemed different. She was more relaxed, able to shed the stress of her work and life’s daily hassles. She was happier, lighter, carefree…and uninhibited.

I noticed one morning as she dressed and turned to me, that there was an absence of pubic hair. In its place was a pristine and smooth pussy between her legs. Chris also stopped wearing panties under her pantyhose. The mystique of her new, clean look was magnificent. She also began wearing very sheer thigh-high stockings to work and, on occasion when we went out at night, a garter and stockings. I felt fortunate to witness her sexual awakening and to make love to this beauty.


It was at a law convention that we sat next to each other in a booth having drinks. Chris talked about her new sexuality and felt “turned on” much of the time. She also talked about our video experience; how the visuals of young, gorgeous, hung men caused her to fantasize about being “fucked” by one of them. (I had never heard her use that term, other than something like: “The damn service manager fucked me over with this repair.”)

Then Chris asked, “Remember when you inquired if there was someone that I was attracted to?” I immediately prepared myself.

“And you’re asking me this because?” I answered.

“Because I want to be honest with you and totally open about what I’m feeling and thinking,” she said. I asked her to continue.

“I’m afraid I’ll say this the wrong way, so I just better come out with it,” Chris said. She told me of a younger, single man at work that she had gotten to know. “His name is Jon and he’s in his late 20’s,” she continued. Kadıköy Escort “We have not done anything wrong, but it’s quite evident he’s attracted to me. I can tell by the way he looks at me…all of me…and how charming his compliments are. But he knows I’m married and has been nothing of a gentleman.”

“The thing is,” she continued, “Is that when I’m with him, I feel turned on. He’s tall, has a great body, and is quite good looking. Once in a meeting we sat next to each other and I loved being near him. By the way, his name is Jon”

Chris looked at me and I at her. She waited for my reaction but I couldn’t think of anything to say. I had never met Jon so I had no reference to who he was. But I wasn’t jealous. I could understand why someone, even a man 10 years her junior, would desire her.

“Do you want to fuck him?” I asked, boldly.

“I don’t know,” Chris replied.

“Yes, you do,” I said. “Let’s be honest.”

She looked straight at me and quietly admitted, “Yes I do. I want him.”

“Then I want to be there when he fucks you,” I insisted.

“I promise,” she said.

Some might say that I acted weak in this situation; that I should have stood up to Chris and demanded her to stop right then and there. The truth is that, given our age difference, we have gone out of synch in our sexual desire, with my interest lessening. She, though, is at its height.

I want Chris to enjoy all areas of her life, which includes her sexual side. And at the same time I want our open and honest relationship to continue. This is why I agreed, and even somewhat encouraged, her to fulfill her needs.

The Meeting

The chance for the union came at another conference a couple of months later. Since we had talked, Jon had continued to take notice of Chris. And who wouldn’t? And I could also tell she was taking notice of him.

On the second day of the conference, Chris and I agreed to meet at the hotel bar after our sessions and workshops.

I arrive late and see Chris immediately. She does not notice me there. I stop in my tracks. Jon is with her. He is better looking than I had imagined: Tan, trim, and muscular, with a movie star-type face and about 6 feet tall. I stand and watch them for a while. They are standing at the bar, drinking, chatting and laughing in a nervous kind of way. Chris and Jon cannot take their eyes off each other.

A bar stool becomes free near them. Chris sits down, crosses her legs. Her skirt moves up just enough to show the edge her thigh-high stocking top. As they continue talking, Jon occasionally places his hand on Chris’ knee and slides it briefly up and back towards her body. She makes no effort to stop him.

I finally decide to join them. I introduce myself to Jon. He is charming, and very respectful of me. He seems to know the situation between Chris and I. We small talk about the conference, our jobs, anything to avoid the inevitable. Chris excuses herself to make a phone call.

In her absence, I confront Jon. I tell him I know of his desires for Chris. He nods and explains that Chris has told him about the agreement she and I have made. In fact, he says he’s relieved of how open her and my relationship is. I appreciate Jon’s sincerity and feel very comfortable with him. Jon is easy to like. I am convinced our arrangement Bostancı Escort will work.

Chris returns. We talk more. She looks stunning in her pinstriped business attire: Sheer dark gray chemise, knitted skirt, black heels. Anticipation takes a hold of me.

I suggest to Jon and Chris that we move to our suite and enjoy the bottle of red wine left by the hotel as a gift. Chris and Jon look at each other. She then turns to me and kisses me lightly on the lips, hugs me close, and whispers in my ear. “Thank you,” she says.

We-Jon, Chris, and I-are alone in the elevator as it rides to the sixth floor. His arm is around her. She reaches to stoke the back of his neck.

We enter the suite, open the bottle and pour three glasses. We sit on the couch in the living room, just outside the bedroom. Chris sits between us. We talk more. Jon places his hand on Chris’ thigh and lightly touches her. She starts to tremble. More wine. More talk.


Then Jon stands up. He takes Chris’ hand and raises her to stand in front of him, but facing me. The dimly lit bedroom forms a backdrop. She is looking straight into my eyes. She says nothing. Jon asks her to remove her shoes. She complies.

He begins to undress Chris. Her blouse and bra are removed; skirt is unzipped and drops to the floor around her feet. After a long moment, he hooks his thumbs under the waistband of her silk panties and releases them from her body’s anchor. She is standing nearly naked; only her flesh-colored thigh highs remain. Chris is the only one without clothes. She stands firm and without shame.

She continues to look at me, seemingly unaware of what is happening. Jon moves his left arm under her breasts and lightly caresses her right one in his hand; his right arm then slides down Chris’ soft belly headed for her shaved pussy. He takes his second and fourth finger, spreads her vulva, and exposes Chris’ clitoris. Jon then massages her clit with his middle finger, hardening the gland. He then slides the finger between Chris’ soft lips, inserting its full length inside her. She grabs hold of Jon’s firm arm as he explores her moist insides, in-and-out, side-to-side. She parts her mouth, closes her eyes, and moans as she raises her head to the side and rests it on Jon’s chest.

Jon removes his finger and again takes Chris by the hand. He motions her to turn around, picks her up, carries her into the bedroom, and lays her on the bed. I watch through the muted light. Jon removes his clothes. She watches in silence. His cock is already hard, large, and half-erect. His torso and abs are rigid. Jon looks at Chris. She looks at him, savoring his body. He lowers himself over the bed and kisses her again and again. He then moves down slowly to kiss her breasts, lightly bite her nipples, and kiss her tummy.

He finally reaches Chris’ pussy, spreads her nylon-clad legs and begins licking. I can see Jon nestled between Chris’ thighs, tongue thrusting forward and back. Her breathing becomes louder, faster. I listen to Chris’ sighs of ecstasy, culminating in a long, loud moan of orgasm.

Chris then rests, flush with warmth. Jon lies down beside her. He kisses her deeply and with purpose. Chris rises, moves down to take his cock. She licks, sucks, and fills her mouth with his well-endowed organ until it is straight and firm. Chris mounts Jon. She places his cock slowly into her vaginal tunnel. She begins: Up, down, rotate, and repeats the pattern. She is fucking him hard. Jon places his hands on Chris’ breast and kneads them. He finally climaxes in a pulsating spasm that shakes the bed.

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