The Bad Husbands’ Club Ch. 01

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Kate sighed and tossed the teatowel onto the worktop. Late again. She’d done everything that needed doing. The dinner was cooked and just needed heating up. The kitchen had been cleaned, washing up done, house cleaned. The laundry was drying and the ironing had been done.

Jon hadn’t even had the grace to let her know he’d be back late. Not that it was so unusual; these days he seemed happier to be down at the local than with her, regardless of who his drinking buddies were. She did her absolute best – she’d sent him a text telling him she’d cooked his favourite, and he still made no effort to return. She flopped down in front of the television.

Two hours later the back door banged and he stumbled slightly on the kitchen step. “Alright,” he grunted. She tried to smile sweetly. He’d never notice the difference. “I made your favourite,” she said quietly, “did you get my message?”

“S’just a couple of pints.. Don’t start.”

“I’m not… I just thought…”

“Can it, Kate. I’m goin’ ter bed.” And with that, he stomped up the stairs. She still had no idea what was going on. Or why she’d pissed him off. Or what the hell she was supposed to do about it. They’d only been married eight months, what on earth would people say if they knew? Her friends would laugh… Not that she saw them much these days. She sniffed back tears as she flipped on the kettle. Yeah, it was late, but she was past caring. She was trying so hard to make this work, but it was like since the ring had gone onto her finger, he’d taken it as a licence to lie back and let things slide. When they’d first started going out he was kind, gentle, generous. Cooked meals for them. Indulged in nights in, early nights too. But now? Now he’d got her, he didn’t need to try. He’d landed his wife – cook, cleaner, washerwoman, bank account all rolled into one.

Holding down a full-time job and keeping the house on her own was beginning to wear her down. At least she got a bit of peace at the weekends – he’d be out all of saturday afternoon, getting slowly trollied and swiftly belligerent, watching the match with more than a few pints. All bankrolled by herself of course.

She plonked her mug down on the desk and cosied herself in front of the computer. This was her greatest vice; she liked the feeling of being in touch with the wider world. She spent much of her online hours chatting on an advice messageboard. She’d made some online friends, and was good at helping others with their problems. If only she could sort out her own with a few wise words!

She started a new thread and titled it “men…!”. She started in on a rant, knowing that her online friends would wade in with sympathy and offers of imaginary tea, chocolate, and wine. She smiled to herself. At least this helped her wind down a bit. She browsed the threads, spotting one or two she might be able to help with, and rattled off a few helpful posts. She checked back to her own thread to find the predicted commiserations. And there was a PM, too, from one of her trusted buddies.


SUBJECT: Men have to learn

FROM: JezCaJess

MESSAGE: Hey hun. Look, I kno what ur going thru. U need The Bad Husbands Club. Ill give em ur email addy OK? Trust me on it. It will work. U will thank me xx


Bloody hell, what did that mean? What was the Bad Husbands Club? Probably just another forum. She welcomed the chance to vent, but she liked the ones she’d already found – and why did Jess want to pass her email address on to them? Perhaps it was invite-only.


SUBJECT: Re: Men have to learn

FROM: KittyKate

MESSAGE: Erm, sure Jess. Thanks for thinking of me. I guess I need all the support I can get! I don’t quite know what I am doing wrong. I thought I could make him happy, and all I do is make him mad. You guys here keep me sane! I guess I will figure it out eventually.


She wasn’t quite sure what Jess had been banging on about – the text speak didn’t help, but that was just Jess’s way – but it didn’t matter much. She knew her friend meant well. She needed her friends – there was a real mix on the forums, men and women, all ages. That was what made the advice board so useful – so many perspectives and all so varied. She felt old anyway. Old, unattractive, lonely. He didn’t even flinch when she climbed into bed. The faint smell of old cider wafted up. He rolled over. Kate stared at the ceiling and waited for sleep.

Saturday was just as she’d expected it. She had her lie in, reaching for Jon sleepily that morning. He tolerated her cuddling up against his back for a little while, then sat up blearily.

“Right.. shower and then the match is on. I should have eaten last night, I feel woeful!” He smiled Escort bayan ruefully at her. She could almost forgive at times like this, when he seemed genuinely contrite – except she knew that the old pattern would just repeat itself. She slumped back against the pillow and after the last night’s late chat session, she was soon asleep again.

She woke to an empty house, Jon’s breakfast dishes plonked in the sink, wet towels on the bathroom floor and last night’s clothes ditched on his side of the bed, stinking of stale fags and cider. Mechanically she tidied, then fixed herself a cup of coffee and wearily dragged the computer chair out.

She’d got mail. Spam, probably – she’d had the same email address for donkeys’ years and saw no reason to change it, but it did mean she had to be on every nigerian spammer’s mailing list! She looked closer. The subject line didn’t look like spam. Wasn’t this what Jess had been banging on about last night? She pushed her untidy hair off her face and clicked.


TO: [email protected]

FROM: [email protected]

SUBJECT: Bad Husband’s Club


You don’t know me.

But I can help you. I know how tough things are right now. I know Jon’s not pulling his weight. I know you are shattered. I know you feel lonely, and not wanted. I know just how you feel, and I can put things right.




Well, what on earth was that all about? How could anyone know how she felt? And why would anyone care? More to the point who was this person, why did they know her husband’s name, and how… how could anyone fix things? No one could fix things with her and Jon. She sighed, feeling resigned to being a good little wife. A flicker of rebellion stirred her. Good little wife? She clicked on a favourite website, wondering what Jon would think if he saw THAT… Not what good little wives should be thinking about! Her tastes had always been somewhat.. hardcore, she supposed. She shifted in the seat, feeling aroused all of a sudden. Watching porn was all right, she supposed, but god didn’t she miss the physical presence of a man. And the attention. Fuck it.


TO: [email protected]

FROM: [email protected]

SUBJECT: Re: Bad Husband’s Club

Erm, I’m sorry, but I don’t know you. And I don’t know how you know my situation – though my friend Jess knows and I suppose she must have passed it on.

So, you must be a friend of Jess’s. It’s a great wind-up, and I know she’ll be having a laugh at my expense! Fancy a chat? 😉


She wouldn’t mind a bit of a flirt online. Harmless fun. Jon needn’t know – he never went near the PC except for checking football scores. It’d be a turn-on – perhaps some sexy emails, a few photos; probably not even of him! Oh who cares? May as well. No one else was paying her any attention. Her computer beeped. Another email – that was fast!


TO: [email protected]

FROM: [email protected]

SUBJECT: Bad Husband’s Club

It’s not a wind up. I can fix it. You would just have to trust me.

I can make him see the error of his ways, Kate. You’re a beautiful woman, and you are both too young to be so jaded. You’d be surprised how often it happens, but it can be solved.

I can show him what a remarkable young woman you are. I know what you’ve been looking at online – I know what you like. I could show him. Show Jon just what he’s missing out on.

I know you need attention. You need to feel good – to feel wanted, desired, beautiful. I can make you feel amazing, Kate. Trust me.


Oh, he moved fast! He wanted to make her feel good? Well, that all sounded like honourable words for a fucking. A fucking from another man. Cheating, in other words. She was so tempted, so aching for a tender touch, but she wouldn’t cheat. Been there, done that, and now she was too old for such nonsense. A flirtation online was one thing, but to suggest it in real life was pushing it a bit far. And what was all this Bad Husbands business?


TO: [email protected]

FROM: [email protected]

SUBJECT: Re: Bad Husband’s Club

Yeah, right.

What’s Bad Husband’s Club anyway? And what makes you think you can fix it?


TO: [email protected]

FROM: [email protected]

SUBJECT: Bad Husband’s Club

Yes, I can fix it. I’ve fixed it before, for other people, Bayan escort just like you. I was there once, and someone fixed it for me. That’s what BHC is about.

I was one, once. Now I help other people out. There’s a few of us – it’s not well known, but those of us who have needed the assistance keep our ears to the ground for others that might. Jess knew you needed my – our – help.

It’s a little bit left of field, Kate, but I can help. Just let me come round to see you. One day, when he’s out, getting sodden in some bar, I’ll come to see you and I’ll begin correcting the wrongs. No charge, no fee, no debt owed. Just pass it on to a friend one day, if you ever have one that needs it.

Let’s say, tomorrow night. No time like the present, right?

Leo x


Leo – if that’s your name – I don’t even know you! What makes you think I would have you here in my home? And what can you possibly do to fix things? And pass what on? None of this makes sense, though I must say I am intrigued. Maybe it’s some kind of therapy. In that case, I will try anything to save my marriage. I don’t know what else to do, and Jess is my friend. I trust her more than I can trust you – I don’t know you!



Yes, I’m some kind of a therapist, although the technique is somewhat unorthodox.

I’ll see you tomorrow at around six.



Kate pushed the chair back and sighed in frustration. She couldn’t get much out of this mystery character. It was probably just some practical joke – maybe Jess would rock up tomorrow night, bottle of plonk in hand, going “gotcha!”. She smiled. There were worse ways to spend a night. Jon wouldn’t get in til gone 8 – hungry and grouchy as usual after another afternoon down the local. By that time her and Jess would be giggly anyway, and they wouldn’t care – they’d just tease him. It’d be good to have someone on her side for once. She was warming to the idea, and by the time Jon got back, she was looking forward to the next evening. He wolfed down the spag bol she’d whipped up and grabbed both their plates. It was too much to hope for, for him to wash up, but at the least he had taken her plate, and grabbed them a couple of beers from the fridge. He flicked the TV onto a raucous wrestling channel and settled himself in. She didn’t mind that – the wrestling was unintentionally funny, and they laughed together for once until they both went to bed.

Sunday afternoon and Kate took a long bubble bath. In the middle of the day too – such largesse! She ran her hands down her body, luxuriating in the bubbles – made a change from washing up – and sank below the warm water, her knees and nipples poking above the surface. She daydreamed about her visitor later. She knew full well it’d be Jess, but she fantasised about the mysterious “Leo”. Maybe he’d turn up, all smouldery and sexy at the front door. She shook herself mentally and laughed – he was a therapist, so he’d probably be 50 if he was a day, with a stained beard and wire rimmed glasses. If he even existed.

She got on with her bath, then wandered to the bedroom looking for something appropriate to wear. No point dressing up for a girls’ night in, but it wasn’t often she got to wear nice things anymore. At least, that’s what she told herself, pushing all wistful daydreams of a handsome stranger to the back of her mind.

She sat downstairs at ten to six, waiting to hear Jess’s barely subdued giggles from behind the front door. When the knock came, she smiled to herself. “Knew it!” she yelled, so Jess could hear her. She opened the door, laughing – and shut her mouth abruptly.

He smiled slowly and proffered a bottle of wine.

“Hello, Kate. I’m Leo.”

“Erm.. well.. I wasn’t really expecting…”

“I said I’d come at six, didn’t I? So of course you were expecting me. May I come in? We have a lot to talk about.”

His eyes took her in, top to toe and back up again. She caught the movement of his eyes, and thought she detected appreciation. She put her head to one side (that’d be the couple of glasses she’d sank before Jess arrived – Jess? Ha!) and looked at him herself. Only fair. He was tallish, 6’2″ perhaps, and dressed in soft jeans, boots and a black t shirt. Not snug, but not baggy on him. The arm holding the wine out to her was browned and not heavily muscled – more sinewy, as if he did a lot of work with his hands. He was dark haired, and dark eyed, with an almost angular face and a hint of stubble. He was confident, cocky almost. She couldn’t say he was cute, but he was certainly appealing.

Wordlessly she stepped back from the door and gestured for him to enter. He passed her and moved to the sofa, and she caught a hint of some tantalising scent – nothing heavy, like a teenager that had OD’d on the Lynx, just a mere hint of.. spice, Escort citrus and something else less tangible.

She sat at the opposite end of the sofa and refilled her own glass – she was going to need it – and raised her eyebrows at him, offering him a drink with a movement of the bottle against the glass she’d laid out for Jess.

“Yes, please, Kate. Only.. you haven’t said a word since I walked in. I’m a stranger.” He smiled over the rim of his glass. “A stranger in your home, drinking with you, and you don’t have all kinds of questions?”

She did. She had a million. But she was too distracted, head slighly fuzzy from the wine and that scent. She realised she was staring at his jean-clad legs, stretched out from where he sat, leaning back, seemingly quite relaxed and at ease. She dragged her eyes up to meet his face. There didn’t seem like much point asking things like who, where, what and how.

“You said you can fix it.”

“I can. You should feel better about yourself. It’s not your fault, you know. He’s just lost sight of things, lost sight of you. I can make him see how good you are. Make him appreciate you more.”

“How?” she drained her glass. Leo uncorked the bottle he’d brought and poured her a refill. It was red – deep, rich and not at all harsh like the cheap stuff she sometimes picked up for cooking with. She held his gaze.

“I’ll fuck you.”

She almost spat the wine over the sofa. Funny how it always came down to this, with men. All the same.

“Ha! Yeah. Cos that’ll make him love me so much! I really need the added complication of a roll in the hay with a dark stranger. I don’t cheat, and I don’t know why you turned up here if that’s all you want. I’m sure you can get whatever girl you like in a nightclub somewhere, so why don’t you just go and do that?”

“Because that’s not what you need, and it helps no-one. I’ll make you feel desired and wanted, and it won’t be cheating, because he’ll know all about it. He’ll be watching – and after I’m finished showing him how amazing you are, he’ll treat you very differently. It works, believe me, Kate.

“I know you need it. I can tell you need to be touched in a different way – and the way you’ve been looking at me tells me you wouldn’t mind at all if I was to do it. Kate, you are gorgeous, and you deserve to feel like that. Let me make you feel good.”

She flushed. She felt her cheeks burn – damn, he’d caught her looking, and the cockiness she’d felt from the wine was leaving her now. She wasn’t going to deny it though – he was achingly sexy, and inches from her on the sofa now. Her pulse raced and she wasn’t at all sure what to do. He was a total stranger, in her house! But god, his low voice was hypnotic, and that smell…

Wait a minute! “He’d know”? What was Leo going on about? Jon would know about them screwing because he’d watch?! That was madness. As if Jon would agree to that – it was all a bit too kinky for Jon. He was plain vanilla all the way, didn’t know about the porn sites she frequented, and looked on people that swung, or did dogging, or wife swapping, as some kind of distasteful habit. Like chewing, or spitting. He’d never approve of watching other people “at it” – certainly not when one of those people was his own wife! He couldn’t be serious. Bloody Jess…

“I think it’s time you left, Leo, or whatever the hell your name is. Jess has had her fun. I’m sure it’s a big joke for you both, but I don’t like a joke at my expense.” She stood as she spoke, and looked directly at him, cocking an eyebrow, inviting a challenge.

“Look, I know you find it hard to believe. But I’m here, I brought you something good to drink, and you don’t often get nights to yourself, do you? I’ve spoken to Jess. We.. are acquainted, that’s true. She told me about Jon and about how he’s let things slide. The pub, the cheap cider, the laziness, the bad habits. About how since he got that ring on your finger, you’ve been little more than a drudge, a housekeeper. Jess, you’re more than that. I’ve only been here for a few minutes and I can tell that you’re intelligent, quick witted, daring, exciting, a challenge… You just don’t get the chance to explore that side of you. And if you stay like this, you’ll stick in that rut and things will never change,” He sipped his wine, a half smile on his face.

“What do you want, Kate?”

She couldn’t answer. For a moment she was struggling, trying hard not to give herself away totally to this strange, hypnotic man sitting on her sofa. I am not crying, she repeated to herself. No way. Not in front of him.

He slid closer, almost imperceptibly – she was too occupied with her thoughts to notice his movement.

“If it makes you feel better, give Jess a call. She’ll vouch for me. I’m not some madman, Kate, I swear.”

He pushed his mobile phone into her field of vision. “Kate? Call her, if you’re worried,”. She focused on it, remembering what they were discussing.

“Sorry, I was just… Um.. Yeah. Look, I don’t.. It’s okay. I don’t really know what to do here,” she fumbled. Suddenly she was off guard. She’d been thinking of Jon; of how what Leo had said was right, as soon as that damned ring was on her finger it was like he’d won a trophy, and now it could sit on a shelf and just… sit there. She sighed.

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