The Beach

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I drift endlessly through my dreams. A place no more real then any other in my imagination, but one that seems just as solid and real as the wold in which I spend my day to day life.

I wiggle my toes; the sand is soft and warm. I lift my face to the breeze and can feel the gentle kiss of the salt air. The scent of the ocean fills my senses, and I find myself absorbed in a wonderland of pure perfection.

I close my eyes, picturing in my mind the one who possesses my thoughts and dreams, and his face comes to life. His smile warming my heart and his eyes telling me of his need. I linger there. Not wanting to open my eyes and loose this vision I hold to my heart. But time is passing by, and I open them to find the greatest of wonders.

His smile is real as he reaches out to touch my cheek. His fingers solid and warm, sending a wondrous sensation over my cool flesh. He steps closer. I can feel the heat of his breath, the smell of his cologne and sweat combining to create an erotic odor, and I can sense the closeness of his body. The combination is electric and I feel my body coming to life in his presence. I have dreamed of him often, but never has a dream felt so real. Never has my need been so great.

His eyes look deeply into mine, embracing my soul, and I feel myself surrendering into his strong arms. His body pressing against mine. His hands are pulling me hard against him. His mouth finds mine in a hot and hungry kiss, smothering my lips, and sucking my tongue deep into his mouth. I feel his hands caressing the length of my back, venturing lower to grasp the cheeks of my backside and pull me to him. I can feel the hardness of him though his jeans and I slide my hand between our bodies to feel him against the stiff fabric.

My breath begins to quicken as his kisses find the side of my neck, and he gently bites and nibbles his way down my throat, finding their way down to the opening in my blouse. The touch of his hand on my breast through the fabric of my blouse makes my breath catch, and I become impatient to be free of the garment. I reach for the buttons, but his hand stops my progress. Putting barely a step between us, Pendik Escort he begins to undo the buttons with agonizing slowness. Savoring each new inch of my flesh becoming available to his eyes.

The blouse falls to the sand, and I feel his eyes on my breasts. My nipples growing hard under the attention of his hot gaze. His fingertips trace a path around the outsides of my already sensitive breasts, sending a shiver through my body. He touches and teases, making my hard nipples scream out for his attention, when at last he takes them between his fingers, and rubs them gently.

A soft moan escapes my lips and I fight to control the growing need within me. His hot lips take my nipples into their care, the tip of his tongue making them wet, and pulling back, he blows cool air on my already aching hard points. My body shudders a little. The tip of his tongue returns to its task once again, flicking quickly back and forward, tracing circles, tasting and teasing. I run my fingers through his hair, wanting to put his face harder against me, but controlling my need enough to let him continue. At last his hot mouth finds my breast, sucking me deep into his mouth. I can feel his tongue on my nipple and he sucks, and the tingling sensation between my legs begins to grow stronger.

He lifts his head and smiles up at me; there is no need for words in this time or place. He lifts me into arms, and carries me the to tree line. Laying me on a bed of soft grass, I can feel the moisture sticking to my naked back. The coolness is refreshing but does little to cool my aching need. He kneels beside me, his eyes devouring and exploring every inch of my body. Reaching over me, he begins to slide my skirt down over my legs, his hands pressing firmly against my legs and he pulls the fabric free from my body. Slowly his hands make their way back up the length of my legs; his mouth following in the trail mapped out by his fingers. Kissing, licking and nibbling his way to the tops of my thighs, sending shivers of expectation surging through my loins. The tips of his fingers brush lightly against the now moist fabric of my lace panties, the thrill Kurtköy Escort of the touch working like an electric shock, and taking my breath away. His fingers touch again, a little harder this time, while his mouth continues to tease and taste the tops of thighs.

He lifts his body from mine, and pulls his shirt off over his head. My desire grows at the sight of this mans magnificent form. Sliding his hands between my legs, he spreads them enough to step between them, and I open myself up to him willingly. His mouth returns to the tops of my thighs, while his fingers trace the edge of my panties, never quite touching the place I desire him most. He presses his nose hard against the wetness of the fabric, breathing in my scent and delighting in the effect his attentions were having on my body. His finger finds the edge of my panties and pulls the lace to one side, his nose once again finding its mark.

The tip of his tongue reaches out to taste me and I cry out from the thrill of the touch. His fingers work over the wetness of my pussy, his tongue seeking out and discovering the delicate point of my greatest pleasure. I can feel his fingers entering me, exploring me, teasing me to greater heights of passion, and I moan loudly. The sound of pleasure seems to encourage him even more as his mouth takes to my pussy with the hunger of a wild animal. My body wiggles and writhes under him and he grabs hold of my hips and holds me fast against his face, burying his tongue deep inside me. He can feel my pleasure building, my need for release growing stronger, and he pulls away from. I want to scream, to beg him to complete me as the climbs out from between my legs. He takes the sides of my panties in his strong hands and rips them, pulling them free, and leaving me naked and needing before him.

He stands, unbuckles his pants, and reveals to me the object of my greatest desire. The sight of him takes my breath way. He sits back naked on the grass beside me, beckoning me to come to him. I crawl to him on my hands and knees, taking him in my hand and worshiping his erect and hard masculinity. I kiss the swollen head of his Maltepe Escort erection, making it moist with my tongue and tasting the salty cream on the end of him. I slowly run the tip of my tongue up and down the length of his shaft, making him moist and taking pleasure in the immense size if him. The scent of him arouses me still further.

I take him in my mouth in one quick thrust and I hear his moan of pleasure. I want to please him more, pleasure and tease him as he has done to me. So I suck hard as I pull my mouth away, only to take him back again in another quick, hard suck. Squeezing his tightening balls gently in my hand, I take all of him into my mouth, feeling him against the back of my throat. I pull my head away once more, but this time his hands find my hair and forces me back onto his thickening shaft. I take him willingly. Sucking and teasing until he pulls my head away.

He lies back on the grass, pulling me on top of him. I spread my legs over him, taking all of him inside me in one quick thrust, sending a surge of pleasure cursing through me as my climax takes hold. He pulls me forward, grabbing my hips and driving himself into me with fast hard strokes. My head spins and I cry out with the exquisite pleasure now consuming my entire being. He continues to thrust, pushing himself deeper and deeper into my pulsing, wet pleasure zone. I want to pull away, my body screaming “enough” but he holds me hard against him and I can feel him beginning to swell deep inside me. He thrusts deep into me one more time and cries out with thrill of his release. I can feel his seed filling me, pumping deep inside me, filling me and mixing the sweet juices of our love with in me.

He pulls my body down against him and his mouth finds mine once more in a slow enduring kiss. He holds me to him as our racing hearts and quickened breaths slowly return to normal. The combined sweat of or bodies cooling us as the sea breeze sweeps over our still joined naked forms.

I relax heavily into his protective arms as sleep claims me, and I drift into a deeper, dreamless place.

I wake in my bed, my body still alive for the wonders of the experience. I can feel the dampness between my thighs, swell the sweet odor of his sweat, and feel the sensation of his body against mine. A dream? Perhaps not. Tonight I will sleep with my love in my thoughts once again, for there I can have him always and forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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