The Bentons Ch. 4

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Ch. IV: Thanksgiving Fun

Ann and Mark, both naked, slipped quietly into their parents’ bedroom. It was almost 9:00 AM. Louise and Lynn were still asleep. They smiled and got on each side of the bed. Slowly they removed the covers. They stood there for a moment, admiring their parents’ naked bodies. Then they carefully climbed into bed. Ann gently picked up her father’s cock and began to kiss and lick it. It began to twitch and grow until she was able to put it in her mouth and suck on it. Mark carefully moved his mother’s legs and positioned himself between them. He lowered his head and began to lick up and down her bald slit. Louise moaned as her cunt became wet and puffy. For several minutes the two children performed oral sex on their parents. Both parents began to stir as they became more and more aroused. And then they were awake.

Lynn looked down and saw his daughter’s face looking up at him. She had his erection in her mouth and her eyes danced with lustful light. He smiled at her, put his hand on her head, and guided her in fucking her face on him. “Good morning, sweetheart.” he said, “What a wonderful way to wake up.”

Louise watched her son’s face as he continued to lick and suck at her hot pussy. She opened her legs to give him better access. “Lick mommy good, honey.” she said, “Now that you’ve gotten me so horny, you better not stop until you make me cum, you motherfucker you.”

Mark suddenly climbed up over his mother. In one swift motion he buried his hard, young cock in his mother’s hole. “Motherfucker, huh. I’ll show you what it is to be a motherfucker,” he growled. He began to drive his cock in and out of her hot cunt.

Taking Mark’s clue, Ann straddled her father’s hips, grasped his thick cock, centered it, and quickly sank down, burying it inside her little, wet twat. “If Mark is a motherfucker,” she said, “I’m a fatherfucker.” And she began bouncing up and down on his rigid member.

Lynn looked at his wife. “What are we going to do with these horny kids of ours?” he jokingly asked. “I guess we better fuck them good.” she replied. “Wait a minute here.” she continued. “Who are the parents around here? Them or us?” “We are,” he said. “Then we should be doing the fucking. We should be showing them how it is done.” she countered. And with that she began to tickle her son and push him off of her. When he fell on the bed, she quickly straddled him, drove her cunt down over his cock and began fucking him for all she was worth. Her pussy seemed to eat him alive. Mark groaned with the excitement of having his mother take the aggression in their lovemaking.

Lynn grabbed his daughter, pulled her off his cock and threw her on the bed. He bent her legs back against her chest and thrust himself into her wide open pussy. He began to ravage her as he pounded into her again and again. “Yes, yes, daddy.” Ann squealed. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Pound your cock into my hot pussy. Make me cum, daddy.”

With the fast, hard pace both couples were using it did not take long for all four of them to reach the point of no return. Louise ground her wet pussy down on her son’s hard cock as it spasmed, milking his prick with a sucking motion. Mark reached up, grabbed his mother’s hips, and held her down as he thrust up and emptied his cum into her hot twat. Lynn gave one last, deep thrust into his daughter’s cunt and blasted his seed into her hot depths. Feeling her father’s cum spurt into her womb sent Ann over the edge. Her pussy quivered as it clamped down around his shooting rod.

Slowly the couples came apart and rested on the bed. All were breathing hard. Lynn looked at the clock and said, “We better get going if we are going to get to the farm in time for Thanksgiving dinner.”

Mark looked at his parents. canlı bahis “Why can’t we just stay here and have our own Thanksgiving fuck party?” he asked.

“But then you would miss out on the fuck party at grandma’s.” Ann replied.

“Fuck party at grandma’s?” Mark was puzzled.

“Sure,” Louise said, “Your grandmother can be quite a hot piece of ass when she wants to be. Can’t she, honey?”

“She sure can,” replied Lynn. “And lately she has wanted to be a real hot piece of ass.”

“Dad, you’re fucking your mother?” Mark asked excitedly. “Since when?”

Then Lynn, Louise, and Ann filled Mark in on what had been going on around the Benton household over the last few weeks. How Millie caught them and then joined in. When Mark heard about it he said, “Well, what are we waiting for? Let get ready and go. I can’t wait to see just how hot grandma really is.” And with that they all headed to the bathrooms to clean up and get ready to go to grandma’s for Thanksgiving.

Mildred Benton met her son’s family at the door as they arrived. She greeted each with a hug and a kiss, just like normal, except the kiss now included a little tongue for each. When she drew Mark into her arms, she could feel the hard excitement between his legs. As she kissed him, she ground her mound against it. Mark moaned as he sucked on his grandmother’s tongue and felt her press against his hard cock. He reached down and cupped her ass, pulling her tighter against himself. When they broke the kiss, Millie smiled and said, “I see the family told you about me.”

Mark replied, “Yes, they did. And I can’t wait to get into your panties myself, grandma.”

Millie laughed, “That will be a little hard to do, Mark. I’m not wearing any panties. See.” And with that she raised the hem of her dress and revealed her naked pussy to her grandson. It still had a tuft of hair on her pubic mound. But the lips had been shaved clean for better eating.

“Wow!” Mark exclaimed, looking at her cunt with lust in his eyes. “It’s beautiful, grandma. I can’t wait to bury my cock in there.”

“After dinner, Mark, after dinner.” Millie said as she dropped her dress back into place. “Let’s finish getting dinner ready. Then we can eat. After that the fun will start.”

Together they set the table, finished up the last minute preparations, and set the food on the table. There was a lot of groping and touching going on during this time. It seemed that no one could keep their hands to themselves. Eventually dinner was served and they all ate a hearty Thanksgiving meal. During the meal, Louise filled Mildred in on what had been happening at their home, how she seduced Mark and how Lynn and Ann had joined in. She also told her how the kids had awakened them this morning. After dinner was over and the dishes were done, they all gathered in the living room.

Millie turned to her grandson, unbuttoned her dress, and let it fall to the floor. She stood naked before him. “Well, Mark,” she said. “Earlier you said you couldn’t wait to fuck me. What do you think of your old grandmother’s body? Do you still want to fuck this hot pussy?”

Mark began to take his clothes off as fast as he could. “Grandma, you’re not old. You look great! And yes, I still want to fuck your hot pussy.” he replied as he took her into his arms.

“Good,” she answered, as she grabbed his hard cock in her hand. “I’ve been looking forward to this ever since your father pumped his first load of cum in my hot pussy. I want both of you to fuck me. Father and son, son and grandson, both fucking my hot, wet pussy until I cum and cum.”

With that she pulled her grandson down onto the floor where they began to kiss and caress each other. Millie played with his young cock and balls as Mark kissed and bahis siteleri sucked her sagging tits. His hand reached down to finger her shaved twat. He found it wet and ready. Slowly he kissed his way down her belly and buried his face between her legs. As she shifted beneath him to take his cock in her mouth, he began to lick her twat, his tongue darting here and there, in and out, tasting her wet juices.

While they 69’d, the rest of the family undressed and got together to watch this grandmother-grandson coming together. Lynn sat where he could watch the action over his shoulder. Ann placed her young twat in her dad’s face, urging him to suck her hot juices. Louise bent down and took her husband’s cock in her mouth and began gently sucking on it. After a few minutes they switched places. Ann sucked her dad’s cock and Lynn ate out his wife’s dripping pussy.

Mark raised up and shifted around to lay on top of his grandmother. She spread her legs wide to accept him. She grabbed his cock in her hand and guided it into her hot hole. As he eased into her, she cried out, “Oh yes, Mark. Fuck me. Fuck your grandmother’s wet pussy. Let me feel that hard young cock of yours deep inside me.”

As his grandmother’s pussy sucked his cock into her depths, Mark groaned, “Grandma, your cunt is so hot! It’s burning my cock. I love your hot, wet pussy. Oh, fuck.” And with that he began to fuck his grandmother in earnest. In and out he pounded, trying to bury balls and all in her hot depths.

As Lynn watched his son fuck his cock into his mother he almost came. But remembering his mother’s words that she wanted both of them to fuck her, he held back. Instead, he pulled Ann up and began to suck her tits as he reached between her legs to finger her little cunt. He found it to be very wet as he slid two fingers up into her. “Yes, daddy, suck my tits. Finger my pussy. Play with your horny daughter and make me cum.” Ann cried out as she humped herself on her father’s hand.

Louise moved down and straddled her husband’s hips. She centered herself over his cock and lowered herself, taking it into her tight pussy. As she watched her son fuck her mother-in-law, she tried to match her movements to his. Up and down, in and out, she fucked her husband.

Mark was getting close to cumming. His grandmother’s pussy was getting hotter and hotter. She was thrusting up to meet him every time he drove his cock into her. Their pubic bones ground together. He looked down at her. Her head was bent back, her eyes closed, her mouth open. Her tits bounced on her chest with every thrust of his cock. She was moaning out his name. He had never seen her so beautiful, he thought. Then, suddenly, she stiffened under him. Her pussy went wild as it began to suck and quiver around his cock. As she came, she cried out, “Oh, yes. So goooddd! I’m cumming, Mark. Fuck me hard. Drive that hard cock into my pussy. I’m cumming sooo goooddd! Fill grandma’s cunt with your hot cum. Cum with grandma! Cum in my hot pussy!”

Hearing his grandmother beg for his cum sent Mark over the edge. With one last hard thrust he held himself deep in her twat as his cockhead swelled and burst, sending glob after glob of cum into her. Again and again he shot his load into her. “Cumming, grandma. I’m cumming in your hot pussy. Take it all. Take all of my hot seed. I’m cuuummminnng, grandma.” As the last of his cum poured into his grandmother’s twat, Mark collapsed on her chest. They lay together for a moment to regain their breath. Looking down at her Mark smiled. His grandmother smiled back. “You were wonderful, honey. You can fuck me anytime you want.” she said, and then she kissed him.

The combination of hearing her grandmother and brother cumming and the feel of her father’s fingers in her cunt bahis şirketleri while he sucked her tits sent Ann into her orgasm. She gasped and ground herself against him as her juices poured out over his hand. Louise also came as she listened to her son cum in her mother-in-law’s tight cunt. She ground her tender pussy down around Lynn’s cock and shuttered in orgasmic release. With both his wife and his daughter cumming on him, Lynn almost lost it and came himself. Somehow he gritted his teeth and held on. He still wanted to fuck his mother, adding his seed to that of his son in her hot hole.

Mark rolled off his grandmother. Louise eased herself off her husband’s cock. Ann sank to her knees as her legs would not hold her up. Lynn crawled over to his mother, his still hard cock swaying between his legs. He looked at her. She looked at him and smiled. Then she reached out her arms and opened her legs. Lynn looked at her pussy. It was wet with the results of her cum. Mark’s cum was beginning to seep out. Lynn bent down and kissed his mother’s wet pussy and then grabbed his cock, placed it at her opening, pushed forward, and slowly slid into her cum-filled cunt. She groaned as he filled her. He loved the feel of her sloppy, wet cunt. “I’m going to love sloppy seconds” he thought. Soon he and his mother were fucking away, enjoying the feeling their love-making gave them.

As Lynn fucked his mother, his wife moved over to her son. She took his slime-covered cock into her mouth and began to lick him clean. Ann joined them. She placed her little twat over her brother’s face and lowered herself down until it was right over his mouth. As his mother sucked him to aroused hardness, he captured his sister’s hard clit in his mouth and began sucking. Soon all five Bentons were lost in sexual heaven.

Because of all the earlier stimulation he received, Lynn felt he could not last too long. He began to drive his cock hard into his mother’s wet pussy. He would twist and grind against her clit. He pounded in and out, faster and faster. He wanted her to cum with him. But then it was too late. He felt his orgasm surge up inside him. His balls twitched. His cock expanded. He began to shoot his seed into her, joining his cum to that of his son inside his mother’s womb. He put his head down on her breasts and groaned as he poured himself into her.

Millie felt her son’s cum shoot into her hot twat. Knowing that she now held both her son’s and grandson’s seed in her body, she sighed and pulled her son close. She shook as she let her orgasm overtake her. Soon they calmed down. When Lynn moved away from his mother, Ann could see the double load of cum leaking from her grandmother’s pussy. She got off her brother’s face, knelt between her grandmother’s legs, and began to suck the cum from her twat. Mark watched his sister suck their grandmother. He realized that she was the only woman of the family he had not yet fucked that day. He eased his mother off his cock and crawled behind his sister. Lifting her ass a little, he sent his cock deep into her with one hard thrust. Ann’s face was pushed down into her grandmother’s pussy as her brother entered her. She groaned and thrust her butt back against him. “Fuck me, Mark,” she said. “Fuck me good while I eat grandma’s pussy.” Then she put her head back down and resumed her sucking. Millie moved around so she could watch her grandson fuck her granddaughter. She kissed and licked at their joining, adding pleasure to their coupling.

Louise needed a hard cock in her hot cunt. She went over to her husband and sucked his cock hard again. Then she sat on him, taking him deep into her hungry pussy. Watching her children fuck with their grandmother, she began bouncing up and down on Lynn’s cock. He reached up and began to squeeze her tits as she fucked him. He looked around. Yes, he was a normal man with an average family all right. An average family that just loved to fuck each other silly, that’s all. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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