The Boss’s Motivation Ch. 01

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A little office fantasy…

She had butterflies in her tummy. Not the happy exciting kind. These were tearing up her insides with their razor wings. “Shit!” she muttered, as she simultaneously banged her knee on the side of her desk.

Absolutely nothing was going right today and now, she fucked up a major project because she had been so distracted. She knew she was going to be called into her boss’s office, and she was afraid she was going to be fired.

“Raven, I’d like to see you in here. We have a few things to go over.” Fuck! She knew it.

She already tried to avoid the man as much as possible. He was always serious. Kind, but work was his priority. She was the social butterfly of the office. Always planning events, helping her colleagues to the point of neglecting her own work. They had conversations about this in the past, and his stern look made her stomach twist.

Physically he was perfect. Taller than her, dark hair and eyes. His sleeves rolled up called attention to his strong hands. His lips were full and sensual, and he had a dimple and crinkles around his eyes that showed only when he genuinely smiled.

Jeans Friday was what made her form a crush in the first place. His ass was so sexy, but the bulge in the denim below his belt was enough to make her blush from hundreds of feet away.

It was Friday.

A mere desk in between them would give her Side escort away for sure.

Her heels clicked on the shiny white tile, reflecting the lights above. She wondered sometimes if the tile was reflective enough that you could see up her skirt. She didn’t wear denim often, and today was no different. A blue tartan skirt with a hint of green went perfectly with her lacy thigh high stockings and silky blouse.

Jewelry was minimal, but the real bling was the beautiful emerald green lace panties, bra, and garter she had on underneath. Twirling around in the mirror this morning, it went perfectly with her long black hair and dark eyes. That seemed so long ago now.

“Yes sir?” She figured she better be direct. He was a direct man and he expected it in return.

“Take a seat” his sexy hand pointing to one of the leather chairs. She was waiting for him to sit at his desk, but he took the other chair beside her, so close that she could feel the warmth from his body. Fuck, he was so gorgeous.

Her tummy twisted and she felt her face getting warmer as she told herself to not look at his crotch. It was futile. The man was sexy as hell and had a voice that could stir the dead. And he smelled amazing.

“Unfortunately you had a bad week. I know there’s a lot going on, but I was really counting on this project going off without a hitch. What happened?” She hesitated then Escort side delved into her recent breakup, pressure from kids, and various projects piling up. Telling it made her feel inadequate and she could feel herself getting pissed at how she let things slide.

“I’m sorry I’ve disappointed you. These aren’t good excuses, so I’ll understand if you let me go. I know I can do better, my head wasn’t in the game. I apologize.”

He took a minute and, was that a smile? No. Why would he be smiling?

He stood up and walked around to the back of his desk and asked her to close the blinds on his door. She was confused but did as she was told.

“I know you are upset with yourself. I’m not going to let you go. You are one of the few people that can actually bring this team together and you listen to my vision. But, I want you to stay on track.”

She nodded and looked directly at his cock. She couldn’t help it!

He flashed a smile and she wished the floor would swallow her. How was she going to get out of this?

But she didn’t have to. He walked back around from his desk with something shiny. It looked like a necklace. Until she realized what it was.

“Are those nipple clamps?” she stammered, eyes wide.

He nodded. “I want you to wear these until the project is fixed. Think of it as motivation to get it done…and done well.”

He walked Side escort bayan over to her and asked her to remove her blouse. Face completely bright red, she did, revealing her beautiful green lingerie. He ran a thumb over the lace, biting his lower lip. She had wished it was her doing the biting.

“Pull your bra down. I will place the clamps so that I know they are enough motivation.”

She revealed her bare breasts, pink areolas, and hardening in the center that gave her away. Her aching pussy clenched when his hands gently touched her skin.

“This won’t be too bad” he said as he looked right into her eyes. With a smile, the first clamp went on. It pinched but it just made her more aroused than anything. Then she felt it. The flicker of his tongue on her untouched nipple. The cool air touching her so differently from the warm softness of his mouth.

“Sorry. I needed it to stick out a bit more. I didn’t want to hurt you.” The second clamp was placed. Tracing her breasts with his fingers, he then pulled up the lace and buttoned her blouse.

She couldn’t help herself, and kissed his beautiful lips, mouths parting briefly for tongues to touch. He responded by reaching under her skirt, searching for her wetness.

Both moaning, he stopped. “When the project is done, come back to have the clamps removed.”

He leaned in so that his lips were just below her ear. He kissed her neck then said, “Do well, and I’ll take care of your aching nipples…and pussy.”

She got herself together, and left the office, loving the ache in her bra and between her legs. It was all the motivation she needed.

To be continued…

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