The Bottom Tier Revisited

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*All characters are 18+*

Radon and Taylor ran, head down, through the thick filthy sleet. The icy rain had started out as clean white snow, but then it was stained by factory smoke and melted by the roads and buildings it passed. By the time snow got to the Bottom Tier, it was filthy mush that was more dangerous then snow. Snow was insulating, if you didn’t have a home you could make a nest in the snow lined with blankets and be fairly warm. The sleet penetrated clothes and made icy rivers in the streets and thousands in the Bottom Tier died of exposure, hypothermia, and pneumonia.

Radon and Taylor were soaked to the bone. Their shoes were icy puddles in which they could hear, but no longer feel, their toes squishing in. They were very close to the nook.

Someone had been waiting for them. As soon as the two drenched figures were close enough to see, the electrified metal grate lost it juice and it opened slowly. The two half-drowned men darted in and the door slammed shut.

Taylor could barely see, but he felt a pair of hands wrestling with his clothing, tearing off layer after layer of coats and sweaters and scarves, all soaking wet. The air was warm, and thick with steam.

Suddenly Taylor gasped as a hot wet cloth was pressed against his numb bare chest. The skinny bundled-up figure had run over to Radon and was now tearing his clothes off with a frightened intensity. Little piles of bedraggled clothing grew on the clean concrete floor.

Taylor wiped his eyes with the steaming cloth, melting the ice that had formed in his eyebrows and warming his numbed (but thankfully not frostbit) ears. He could finally see.

He saw the cave-like chamber of his home, filled with the shelves of wood-growing mushrooms that saved him and his kin from starvation and sickness. He saw the five big buckets of steaming water that his new ward must’ve tended relentlessly, waiting for them to get home.

Then he saw his ward. Dressed warmly in tatty (but clean) sweater and corduroy pants, the young boy darted around them with a quick birdlike efficiency. He looked like a normal, if slightly feminine, boy, but he was not. Not quite.

“Warm up guys!” He said in an anxious voice. “It’s freezing out there, so warm up and get to bed. I’ll put these away and clean the guns and warm up some soup.”

Taylor let out a chuckle that turned midway into a wheezing cough. A week ago the frail boy wouldn’t have said shit if he had a mouthful, now he was bossing them around, and he sounded so damn cute when he did.

Taylor and Radon swabbed their shivering naked bodies with hot cloths and ran up the spiral staircase to get to the shared bed.

Kip had only been in the nook for eight days, and already the warehouse was showing his influence. The floors were swept, all of their blankets and clothing had been washed (a monumental chore, all the water had to be heated by hand and all of the clothes had to be scrubbed by hand). Kip had fixed the wobbling table with a chunk of wood and everything had a clean homier feel. His cooking was a lot better too.

The father and son dived under the clean covers to find another welcome surprise. Kip had seeded the covers with rubber pouches of hot water. The covers were nice and toasty suriyeli porno already.

Radon looked at his father with his brows raised ironically. “Say it Dad.”

It had become a joke. A thing they said so often about Kip that it was almost a motto.

Taylor sighed theatrically. “I *love* that Ladyboy. Happy?”

Radon chucked. “Always happy Dad; why didn’t we bring him home the first time?”

The two men shivered back to warmth as the slender Ladyboy came up the stairs with two chipped bowls of stew. The stew had mushrooms (of course) chicken flavoring, rehydrated onions and carrots, and a liberal dosage of spicing. Kip had thickened the broth with flour, and the stew was making their mouths water.

Kip handed them their bowls and casually stripped down to his underwear so he could slip under the covers between them. He kept an ace bandage wrapped around his chest during the day to stop his breasts from jiggling, and he wore a pair of tatty briefs.

The two men devoured the soup, and Kip snuggled with them. The change in him was drastic, and fantastic. He had barely a shadow of his old bruises anymore, and he had managed to put on a little weight. His muscles and body had filled out, and he was no longer the fragile frame of skin and bone that he had been.

His hair had grown long enough so that you couldn’t see his scalp, and he had confessed that he wanted to grow it out, but he had cut it short because of lice.

Soon the mismatched spoons were scraping the bottom of mismatched bowls. Radon put his down on the floor near the bed with a sigh of contentment and he began wrestling playfully with Kip. Kip giggled and whammed him in the face with a pillow. Radon did the same and the force was enough to knock the giggling Ladyboy onto Taylor’s lap.

Taylor picked him up and nuzzled the side of his neck, where he knew the Ladyboy was sensitive and ticklish. Kip laughed helplessly, squirming as Radon joined the onslaught. He had never laughed so hard or so long in his entire life. When they stopped he went limp, still giggling breathlessly, gasping for air and suddenly so happy that he started to cry a little.

“Taylor? Radon?”

Both men were a little startled by the tearful note in his voice.

“Yeah Kip?”

“What’s wrong Kip?”

Kip let out another weak tearful chuckle. “N-Nuthin’s wrong… I just want to thank you guys again. I’m being such a b-baby right n-now aren’t I?”

Tears were streaming down a face that was nearly split in two by his goofy sheepish grin. Both men were a little relieved. Radon leaned in to kiss Kip’s cheek and Taylor gave him a little squeeze.

The two men looked at each other in a silent battle of wills. Taylor lost. He groaned softly and got up, putting on slippers (holey canvas shoes) and wrapping a blanket around his naked body.

“I’ll be downstairs,” he said in a faux-grumpy voice.

As soon as his father was out of sight Radon grabbed the Ladyboy by the waist and rolled so Kip was on top, straddling his hips.

“Love you Sweetheart.” Radon murmured. “Now can you give me some lovin’?”

Kip smiled and wiped the tears from his face. He unwound the ace bandage from his chest and Radon twitter porno moaned greedily when the stretchy cloth fell away and those little pink nipples grew hard points in the chill air.

“I think I’m ready… for real this time.”

Kip had been saying that over and over for the last eight days. Taylor had insisted that they give him some time to heal.

“I know it will be a little sore, but you wont hurt me, and I wont mind if it hurts a little.”


He looked so miserable. He leaned down to kiss Radon and the older man groaned softly at the feel of those hard little nipples against his chest. Kip’s mouth was soft and wet and yielding. Radon was human, and he couldn’t resist the urge behind those beautiful dark eyes.

“Alright.” He conceded. “But if it hurts at all, I’m pulling out…’Kay?”

“Yeah.” The Ladyboy whispered before plunging back into the kiss.

Taylor was downstairs, sponging his body clean with the hot water Kip had heated up when he heard a thin wavering cry. His head jerked up immediately. Normally Kip was so quiet, but that sound had been audible two stories away, and it sounded like he was in pain.

He swore softly and wrapped the blanket around his shoulders, marching upstairs.

When he walked into the room and turned on the light he froze.

He was presented with a view of Kip’s slender sweaty back as he knelt on Radon’s cock and was thrashing his body up and down, his head tilted towards the ceiling and screaming with pleasure. Radon’s hips were moving in a brutal rhythm and the Ladyboy was enjoying it immensely. They both looked at him with wide shocked eyes but the Ladyboy kept moving, he was too close to stop.

“DAD!” Radon bellowed. “OUT!!”

Taylor leapt down into the staircase, embarrassed, and aroused.

When a sweet breathless voice timidly asked him to come in, Taylor walked in with his eyebrow raised and his arms crossed. The two were both naked under the covers and both were blushing a bright furious red. Kip had shared their beds, but it had always been very private.

“Radon, out.” Taylor’s tone was very dry.

“Yes Dad.” He muttered quietly. He put on a pair of pants and wrapped a blanket around his shoulders and nearly ran to the staircase.

Taylor slipped in with Kip and wrapped his arms around the boy. Kip huddled into his chest, kissing him softly. His slender body was damp with clean sweat.

“I take it you’re ready?”

Kip blushed and nodded wordlessly.

“Catch your breath for a minute or two, then we can start.”

After a few minutes of Kip’s heavy breathing, the young Ladyboy stretched and lay on his stomach. “I’m ready Taylor.” He said meekly, looking up at him with those pretty grateful eyes.

“Damn, I guess you are.”

Taylor gently massaged those sleek sweaty shoulders for about a minute, relaxing the Ladyboy further. Only then did he reach around his slim torso to grope himself a handful of those firm little breasts. The nipple pressed incessantly into his palm like a bead. Kip groaned softly, spent, but still ready for more.

Taylor leaned down and started sucking on the boy’s slender throat. Taylor and Radon had different travesti porno ways of seducing the Ladyboy. Taylor was slower, and gentler. Radon was rougher, but he knew all of Kip’s tender areas, and loved the boy very much. Both styles were different, and Kip loved them both.

Taylor had always spent more time on foreplay, so it was good that he was going second. Kip had a chance to get hard again. Kip moaned softly and frantically with lust when Taylor began to grind his hips up and down on the young Ladyboy’s ass. Taylor’s weight on top of him felt good. It felt right.

Taylor, in turn, loved the Ladyboy under him. Taylor had always loved men and women, and Kip was like a find from heaven. Whenever the boy was on his stomach it was so easy to pretend he was having sex with a woman, and when the boy was on his back, he was a lovely young man who just happened to have breasts.

Kip squealed softly when he felt Taylor’s clever fingers teasing his opening. Kip had tried to clean himself out as well as he could, and Taylor’s fingers were wet with saliva. His asshole was so tender and sensitive. The little pink bud opened like a flower to Taylor’s slick fingers.

Taylor swore softly. The little bud was not virginal and tight, but the muscles clamped and rippled on his fingers in a way that he knew would feel amazing on his cock. His dick throbbed eagerly, and he was so aroused. He would finally get to make love to the precious young man who had changed their lives so thoroughly in the last week.

Taylor nibbled at Kip’s ear. “Are you ready, my pretty one?”

Tears briefly filled Kip’s eyes at the mention of that pet name. It was the name Taylor had used when he had bought Kip’s body two weeks ago. Back when Kip had been a cowering bruised shadow trembling with fear and ready to sell his body and soul for a mouthful of food and a kind touch. Taylor had called him ‘pretty one’ and fed him and was gentle to him when all he had ever come to expect was cruelty.

His voice was a little choked up when he answered. “Yes Taylor, please fuck me!”

Taylor was happy to oblige. He was gentle and slow when he pried Kip open. He was slower and more tender then Radon, and he moved carefully to make sure every stroke scraped the boy’s prostate. He held his weight up on his hands so he wouldn’t crush the boy and he fucked Kip until he was screaming with ecstasy. Kip gasped and moaned with every stroke of his thick powerful cock.

It took a little longer for the both of them to reach climax, but when they did they came together. As one they cried out; Taylor with a hoarse groan and Kip with a wailing scream. Taylor felt as if his entire body had been drained, and that he would never be able to come again. His groan ached slowly and hotly, the good kind of ache.

It was nighttime, and the three men were in bed together. They had bathed and eaten and were now dozing. Kip was already snoring softly.

“I *love* that Ladyboy.” Taylor murmured.

Radon laughed sleepily and snuggled closer.

Taylor rolled his eyes. He loved Kip, and he loved his son, but they both liked to hog the sheets.


*This was not one of my ‘sweeping epics’. This was just a story that was going to be one shot, but several comments and feedback changed my mind. The ‘Power of the People’ if you will. This just goes to show the effect you have on authors if you bother to share your opinion. Please slay this epilogue in the comments, I fuck up a lot, and I don’t always see what I do wrong. Thank you!*

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