The Chalet Girls’ Challenges

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Everyone had said they’d love it. But it was better than that.

A season in a ski resort, well to be fair, the best ski resort in the world with some of the richest and most famous frequenting it: Courchevel, in the French 3 Valleys. The sort of place where private school educated girls like them went after they’d finished at uni.

Okay, the hours as a chalet maid could be harsh – really early morning starts sometimes. A few of the guests could be very demanding and rude, but they seemed to be the ones who gave the biggest tips – and those tips could be massive. Most guests, however, were kind and sweet, probably remembering what life was like when they were the girls’ ages. And if you got organised there was plenty of time for skiing.

Partying was sensational. Loads of other seasonaires to hang out with, and a constant turnaround of skiers and boarders just rocking up for a week’s hedonism.

Katie and Steph couldn’t believe their luck. Yet it was all coming to an end. It might be scorching hot right now in the spring sun and there might be an abundance of snow, but with only two weeks to go before the end of the season it was getting really close to reality time. The regular lifestyle that every girl seems to go through. Getting a sensible job, settling down with a boyfriend, renting a flat, working your butt off to get promotion, having a baby or two or three.

This needs to be the time. Out of the glare of protective parents, really free to make your own choices and do things you’ll never get a chance to repeat. Creating memories that future partners needn’t know about.

And so here they were swigging back a few beers in the infamous Folie Douce bar in the Meribel valley. The terrace was packed and the DJs made sure the place was rocking. As the tunes pounded out Katie had a great urge to jump on the table and dance. “Come on Steph, let’s go” she shouted as she pulled her mate up with her. They weren’t alone. Virtually every table had dancers on them, including one table which obviously had professionals performing in t-shirts and hotpants.

A couple of good looking lads came over to them. “What can we get you to drink?” asked a posh well-educated voice. Katie took control “We’d love some champagne.” A few minutes later they returned, not just with a couple of glasses but with a bottle for the girls and a couple of beers for themselves. It must have cost them well over 100 Euros.

The girls took full advantage and quaffed the champagne with abandon. “Guys, we’re really sorry, but we’ve got to race to catch the last lift to get back to our valley. And that means leaving now.”

“That’s okay. We’ve got to grab that as well, otherwise we won’t get back to where we’re staying in Le Praz.”

The four of them gathered their skis and rushed to the halfway station of the Saulire Express telecabine. And it was true, they very nearly missed it. In they jumped, spreading themselves across the eight-seater cabin.

The boys introduced themselves as Darren and Tom. Two holidaymakers with only two days left to go.

As the lift set off, Steph looked across to Katie. “I think we can safely say that’s another one of our Challenges completed.”

“What’s the Challenges?” asked Darren.

“Well it was something we set ourselves when we first arrived here. One beery night in a bar we set ourselves the Big Five Challenges to be completed while we’re here. To be honest, we kind of forgot about them until the last week or two, but now we’ve done three of them.”

“Tell us more.”

“Well the first was to ski the Grand Couloir. We did that last week.”

“Christ, that’s tough isn’t it? Isn’t that the black run where you have to ski over a knife edge to get to it and it goes down at nearly 90 percent slope gradient in some places. Not sure you’d get me doing that! What’s the second?”

“Probably a lot easier. We both wanted to ski in a slalom competition against the locals. Katie came twelfth and I came fifteenth, but we’re pretty pleased about that.”

Katie took over: “And thanks to you boys we’ve just achieved number three which was to drink champagne while dancing on the tables at Folie Douce.”

Tom butted in “All pretty good so far but it sounds like numbers four and five haven’t been done yet.”

“That’s true. But you’ve got to bear in mind we’d had a few beers, a few wines and far too many shots by now. So… number four is to ski down naked from the top of the mountain.”

Silence fell among the boys as they both mentally undressed the girls and tried to picture the scene.

“How, the hell are you going to do that?”

“Well, it’s all planned. First, we won’t be fully naked of course. We’ll both have our ski boots and socks on and we’ll both have our helmets on because we’ll want to have Go Pros recording each other coming down. The thinking is we’ll take the last lift and go to the toilets at the top of the Pas du Lac lift because that’s pretty quiet. Then we’ll strip off our salopettes küçükçekmece escort and pants and replace them with a pair of baggy shorts that’ll be easy to slip over our boots. We’ll still have a t-shirt on the top. At this time of year it’s so hot others are only wearing scanty clothes so nobody will bat an eyelid. The clothes will be stuffed into a bumbag.

Then we’ll stick around for about half an hour so all the skiers have gone. All we have to do then, is scoot round to the top of Creux and take off our t-shirts and shorts, then ski down. Job’s a good ‘un. We reckon the only people who might see us will be the pisteurs checking the slopes. And they wouldn’t give a monkey’s about two naked girls having fun.”

After a few quiet seconds all Tom could say was “Wow.”

Then the lift stopped. “Oh bugger. It was doing this yesterday. At least we’re on it so we know we’ll get back alright.”

“So, what’s number five?”

Steph felt collywobbles rising in her tummy. She knew what was coming. Her eyes scurried around to suss out the surroundings. The telecabine was certainly spacious enough and physically she could see it was possible. But it was a very modern lift and was glass almost from floor to ceiling. Anybody could look in and see what was going on and there’d be a piste full of skiers below them almost for the whole journey.

Okay, think positively: the glass was tinted a bit and why should anybody want to be looking up when they were skiing. Besides, even if someone did see them they wouldn’t recognise them. It was always going to be risky; otherwise it wouldn’t be a challenge. The aim was to have an experience they’d never forget.

The main thing was she’d never thought this was really going to happen. Certainly not with her and Katie, together, in the same telecabine.

Sharing a room for a season had obviously meant she’d seen Katie naked many a time, and vice-versa but nothing as intimate as what was going through her mind.

Except, of course, there had been THAT evening.

Steph had a flashback. The two of them had started to get ready for a night out. They’d both showered and Katie had sat in front of the only mirror in her bra and pants to put her make-up on. They’d shared a bottle of wine as a pre-loader. Katie came out of the shower room wearing her silk dressing gown and sat on her bed to look at some photos they’d been taking, through her camera viewfinder.

After a few minutes, Katie seemed to have got bored, or maybe she’d just got a bit mischievous, fuelled by the wine. She moved behind Step and started to take a few photos of the two of them via the mirror. Both of them posed with funny faces, each trying to outdo the other.

Then Katie pointed the camera down Steph’s ample cleavage and continued to click away. Seeing the funny yet naughty side of this, Steph pulled her elbows in to accentuate the gully. Katie took a few more snaps then pulled Steph’s bra straps from her shoulders to hang down her upper arms, revealing the tops of her nipples.

While Steph tried to take this in, Katie slipped out of her gown revealing she was just wearing a pair of black bikini pants and nothing else. She slipped a breast over Steph’s shoulder and continued snapping the two of them via the mirror’s reflection with her right hand. Meanwhile her left hand continued the mischief as with practiced dexterity she unclipped Steph’s bra and launched it to one side.

Steph’s instinct was to cover her boobs with her hands, but then as Katie started to push her breast into Steph’s ear, she saw the funny side and joined in wholeheartedly. Both girls now posed brazenly as Katie continued to take photos using the mirror.

Steph decided it was time to turn the tide. She whipped round and grabbed the camera from Katie and started to take her own shots. Katie played along with gusto. She arched her body to provoke her sexiest poses that flaunted her assets to best effect. And her body was perfect. She had an athletic slim frame with sensationally shaped smallish breasts with firm pert, reddish nipples. As the photos increased in number, so did Katie’s raunchiness.

She raised a leg onto the make-up stool and lowered her hand into the top of her white lacy knickers. There was no doubt what her fingers were doing. Then, slowly, she eased her pants down, revealing her tightly trimmed red pubic hair. Steph didn’t miss a thing.

At the back of Katie’s mind was the thought she’d always wanted to photograph her genitalia, just to keep it on record before she had children and its ‘innocence’ would be marred and scarred. She’d even mentioned it to Steph one evening over a couple of beers. Of course she’d tried to take selfies and had even tried to set the camera on timer, but neither of these had been fully satisfactory. Now she had the opportunity to get her best mate to help.

Having shed her knickers, Katie went over to her bed and posed on all fours, şişli escort the ‘downward dog’. As the camera clicked, she opened her legs a little to allow vaginal exposure. Then she rolled over and encouraged Steph to ignore her blatant lack of modesty. Steph didn’t disappoint. The first pictures were of her whole naked body, ensuring the best angles were employed to give beautiful photos of her excited breasts. But then she got closer and closer to her crutch as Katie spread her legs wider and wider and her fingers went down to part her puffy lips. The pictures were sensational. Katie would be able to review her most intimate parts in detail, with her glistening lips exposing hitherto hidden secrets.

Katie looked shattered. She had nothing left to hide. Steph pulled her gently to her feet and gave her the camera.

“My turn”.

She went to the patio door and opened it onto the balcony. A blast of cold wind hit them. This was her favourite place. It was reasonably secluded and offered the most amazing views in the mountains. In front of her was a small forest of pine trees that came almost up to the balcony. Each of them was straining under the weight of the freshly fallen spring snow.

Steph removed her pants and stood naked in front of them, holding her arms and legs in the shape of the tree in front of her. Katie took a string of photos of her shapely, sensual back and bottom against this backdrop. Then Steph moved into side-on allowing the camera a titillating view of her side breast and thatch of black pubic hair which contrasted majestically with the pure white snow. Lastly Steph turned to offer full frontal shots while she held her arms across the balustrade. Her body was more curved than Katie’s, with more defined hips and considerably larger breasts. But she certainly wasn’t fat, and these were definitely firm breasts. They were full and rounded without the sag that would doubtless follow in her later life. Youth was being kind. These were breasts to die for and Katie seemed to relish in capturing them on film.

Then Steph moved to the side of the balcony to wallow in the view that she loved; the profile of the mountains. As she looked out towards them she realised she was capturing a magical time of the day. Sunset. Nothing made her feel more at one with the world and with the beauty of nature. She found the mountains awe inspiring and wondered at the secrets held by the mountain range in the background. Nobody went up there, they probably couldn’t. Being untouched gave them a mystique that almost sent her into a trance-like state. Her head felt light and dreamy. And being naked in front of their power and majesty felt so right. Nature meeting nature.

The orange globe of the sun was hovering just above the mountains creating a wide warm hue that spread across the range. Katie was quick to capture this on camera, with Steph’s beautiful hour-glass body in the foreground.

Steph held this position for a minute or so. Silent and still. Just breathing in the beauty of the mountains coupled with the naughtiness of her nudity. In the meantime Katie brought out her tripod and rested her camera on it.

The naked dreamer turned her body and lent backwards over the balustrade, her two arms gripping its top and her body fully arched so her head stretched over backwards. Her breasts were pointing perfectly towards the sky, like two magnificent mountain peaks. Katie read her mind. She positioned the camera lower so the nipples were just slightly higher that the mountains in the background, and away she snapped.

Then Katie moved the camera to sit alongside Steph’s tummy and focused the shot onto just one of her breasts. She took great care to ensure the breast was the hero in the viewfinder, but the setting sun wrapped it around equally on all sides to create a silhouette. This was the most arty picture Katie had ever taken. Every detail was captured, from the goosebumps all around the breast, to the swollen, puckered, brown areola, to the chilled and massively erect nipple pointing to the sky. The sun had created a halo around the breast and the nipple just outstretched the peaks of the mountain range behind. Katie took great care to take a flurry of photos, each time making minor adjustments to the focus and zoom. Then she repeated this in black and white.

Steph came out of the pose and looked at the pictures on her friend’s viewfinder. A wave of euphoria swept through her. These photos were outstanding and deserved a special place in her life. She determined she would blow up and frame the best colour photo to show the electricity of the moment, and the best black and white one to show the sultry contrast. Both would hang in her bedroom at home with pride. People who were special in her future life and were granted to enter her bedroom could observe them and no doubt suspect who had posed for them, but they wouldn’t know for sure.

The girls were laughing at what şirinevler escort had just happened as they moved back into the bedroom and jumped into the nearest bed to warm up. Katie moved to her side and allowed Steph to move beside and spoon her. Slowly and lightly, Steph spontaneously started to gently rub her hand up and down Katie’s arm in a friendly manner to bring the circulation back. As warmth started to return, Katie moved her body up the bed a little and turned her back so that Steph’s hand slipped onto her ribs. Steph continued her light strokes up and down Katie’s tummy and ribs but found her upward stoke was halted by the barrier of Katie’s breast. Without thinking, Steph found herself running her fingers around the base of her contours, tracing the well-defined arc. There was no resistance.

Spontaneously her hand travelled upwards to cup her friend’s beautifully contoured breast. The curvature was enticing, and slowly and gently she slid her fingers to taper and then encircle Katie’s nipple. She sucked breathe as she realised how strong and erect it was, probably a combination of the extreme cold and sexual excitement. Katie’s breathing became quicker as she emitted short pants to reflect the tension and pleasure. The hand lingered for a few seconds, but then returned to the body stroking that had started this action. But now each stroke continued its path to include the breast, ignoring its special place within society’s demarcation.

Again Katie moved her body, this time shifting it a little higher and rolling her back so her buttocks were against the bed. At the same time she parted her legs.

Steph knew what she wanted but wasn’t sure she could deliver. This was all new to her. Before a few seconds ago she never even touched another woman’s breasts and now she was being invited to go further. She allowed her fingers to drift to the top of Katie’s pubic hairs and even rifled the top of them a little with her nails. But there it stopped. Until she felt Katie’s hand holding hers and guiding her fingers lower.

Everything changed. As Steph started to explore her friend’s forbidden fruit there was a distinct increase in warmth and a definite, enticing, lubricating moistness. Steph gently tickled her fingers around the outside of Katie’s vaginal lips. She covered the full circuit before stroking her pronounced clitoris. This was repeated. Again. And again. And again. Then she concentrated on the inside of her lips stroking them lightly as if they were a delicate flower. The tenderness was exquisite. Each time Katie emitted a groan, and each time this was a little louder.

And then, just as a thumb twitched around her clit, Katie felt two fingers inserted into her vaginal passage. The orgasm was immediate. Her legs gripped the fingers and hand as her buttocks rose from the bed as a wave of sensation rippled through her body. It was intense.

For minutes there was no movement as the two girls’ breaths reverted to normality.

Then Katie rolled onto her side pushing Steph’s hips as she went.

“Your turn”

Steph spread her legs as she felt Katie’s hand envelope her vulva. As her fingers started to explore, Steph immediately realised this was very different from how she normally pleasured herself. Katie’s fingers had little subtlety. They knew where they wanted to go and what they wanted to do. They were much rougher than Steph was used to, even when she allowed boys to have a go. Yes, this was different, very different. Yet it brought new excitement levels to Katie and brought her panting at a new extreme level. She didn’t last long!

Needless to say they didn’t go out that night.

Next morning Steph woke up to find her mate had already left to get breakfast started for the guests. She walked over to the dressing table to find a computer chip and a note which read: “A copy of all the photos for the enjoyment of your eyes. Thank you xxx.” She slipped both into her suitcase ready to take home.

Neither Steph nor Katie ever mentioned THAT evening again.

Steph snapped out of her flashback to hear Katie saying: “Do you know what, Steph? I think we’ll never have a better opportunity than now to get the fifth Challenge to bed. What do you reckon?”

Steph swallowed and looked a little coy. “I can’t argue with that. And I don’t know about you, but I think these boys are cute.”

“Okay. Challenge number five is to have sex in a telecabine. Sooooo, are you boys up for it?”

The excitement in the boys’ eyes was enough of an answer.

“The only problem I’ve got, Steph, is I like the look of both of them so I wouldn’t want to choose.”

Darren’s mind worked overtime. “We both think you’re both cute too. So why don’t we swap at half time? And I’ve got an idea. Look we haven’t got much time; I reckon this lift takes about seven minutes from here, plus the time we’ve got now while it’s stopped. So, let’s have two quickies and make it a competition. In our couples, both of us have to come before swapping over. The winner is the one who comes and gets their partners to come quickest. Girls, we’re trusting you here. No faking it, ok?”

Before any more time could be lost the girls pulled their sweatshirts over their heads and unleashed their bras. Then, quick as you like, they pulled their salopettes and pants round to their ski boot-covered ankles.

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